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[Nefelina is checking your condition.]

[Nefelina believes that your stats are insufficient.]


Dont tell me

What was the dragons blessing Grids expectations swelled even more.

The dragon was observing him seriously, and Grid thought she would make up for what he was lacking.

‘Will she increase my agility or intelligence

In fact, it was wrong to say that Grid was lacking power, especially among players of the same class.

No, Grids average stats were so high that there was almost no one among the two billion players who had higher stats than him.

Nevertheless, humans were animals who didnt know how to be satisfied.

Grid coveted more for his relatively scarce stats and hoped Nefelina would know his earnest heart.

He had faith it would be possible with a great dragon.

However, the result was different from what he expected.

Nefelina didnt raise Grids stats.

[Nefelina has given you a blessing so you can overcome your deficiencies!]

[10% more experience will be gained when hunting monsters in the future!]

[20% more experience will be gained when hunting boss monsters in the future!]


Thats right.

The blessing that Nefelina gave didnt mean immediate results, but it was a driving force to achieve better results.

Grids excitement was popped like a balloon.

“This is the blessing...”

He wanted to deny it but it was true.

The effect of the dragons blessing was already shown in Grids status window, and it could be described as an experience buff.

Nefelina looked at him with a grumpy expression.

“Is it a curse”


Maybe it was because his expectations were too high.

Grid had wanted a dramatic effect like the goddess blessing that strengthened a skill.

Thus, he felt greatly disappointed at the unexpected experience buff effect.

‘Ha, I cant believe that a dragons blessing only gave me an experience buff.

Once the buff duration ends...


Grid once again confirmed the effect of the blessing and looked like he had been hit in the back of the head with a hammer.

He was really shocked.

[Dragons Blessing]

[★ Growth Blessing ★

Additional 10% experience gain when hunting monsters.

Additional 20% experience gain when hunting boss monsters.]



There was noduration period mentioned anywhere.


‘Is it a buff that lasts indefinitely

Experience buffs were very rare and efficient.

The general public had few chances to receive an experience buff apart from the reward of the National Competition.

However, Grid had a huge amount of reputation points.

He could obtained experience buff potions by using the drawing machine of the Reputation Store.

This experience buff potion gave an extra 20% experience.

Therefore, he saw the dragons blessing and thought it was worthless.

Now he realized it was different.

The experience buff potion had a duration of three days while the dragons blessing was a permanent buff.

It meant Grid would always get more experience than others.

‘It is even 20% against boss monsters!

What if he hunted after taking experience buff potions in this state He would be able to enjoy a buff effect similar to the first place buff of the National Competition.

“...Gulp!” Grid gulped excitedly after realizing the value of the blessing.

Nefelinas tail moved as she said, “You finally realized that I have given you a great blessing.”

He had to admit it.

Grid was reminded of the structure of named NPCs.

It was practically impossible for a player to catch up with them since there was the players average level


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