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“This is really...” Yuras sweaty face was filled with pleasure.

“It is really too delicious.”

Yura sucked up the last of the noodles.

She didnt know that instant noodles could be so delicious.

Yura had never gotten the chance to experience it previously, so she didnt know ramyun could be this delicious despite having read about it.

Now that she tried it, she found it comparable to the chewy noodles and cool broth made by the chef of a five-star hotel.

The flavor of the slightly unfamiliar seasoning stimulated the tip of her tongue, and a chill went down her spine.

“Additionally, you dont need to wash ingredients and can cook it right away...

It is simple...”

Feeling impressed, Yura wiped at her mouth with a napkin.

It was a graceful gesture.

It didnt seem like she was eating Korean style Chinese food in a hotel but rather a fancy restaurant in France.

On the other hand, Grid had the atmosphere of a local Korean restaurant.

He buried his face in the bowl and was gulping down the soup.

“Kyah~ good.”

Grid truly admired the taste of the ramyun he made.

The amount of water had been just right, the eggs had been placed 1 minute and 45 seconds before turning off the fire, and the scallions had been placed eight seconds before turning off the fire.

The perfect trinity was fulfilled, and this was the ideal ramyun taste.

‘Isnt this steady progress

Certainly, he had grown.

He was confident that he wouldnt lose in a ramyun cooking competition against a Michelin three-star chef.

Grid was seriously distressed.

‘Once I go back to South Korea, shall I cook jjampong

Would it be more delicious than the jjampong ordered from a Chinese restaurant


Preparing food ingredients and investing time and energy in cooking—the original Grid wouldve been reluctant to do that.

Now, Grid watched Yuras face as she sat opposite him.

He watched a person precious to him eat his cooking () and thought it wouldnt be bad to take up cooking as a hobby in the future.

“Wait a moment.” Yura grabbed a new napkin and wiped at Grids mouth.

A flowery scent struck the tip of Grids nose.

“...” Grid was worried about blushing.

He was unable to calm his wild heart and sprang up from his seat.


“Yes... Yes!” Yura was startled because Grid suddenly got up and called her name.

She saw the red-faced Grid breathe out from his nose.


Yura swallowed her saliva.

This was the Ramyun Effect that she had often heard about in dating.

She had been hoping for this moment, but she had no experience with dating.

Thus, she couldnt help being afraid.

The moment Yura was trying to make a determined effort—

“I-Im going to the bathroom.”


Grid hurriedly left Yura alone and headed to the bathroom, then he checked the mirror right away.

He was worried that he had chili powder on his teeth.

However, Grids teeth were healthy and had no gaps.

Thus, it wasnt easy for foreign matter to get caught.

His white teeth were glistening.

‘Am I handsome Grid rinsed his mouth and carefully examined himself in the mirror.

It seemed there was no difference between his current appearance and his appearance in the extremely honorable painting.

He had treated the painting as a post-processed photo while Lauel, the Overgeared members, Irene, and Lord had been amazed by it without showing any resistance.

‘Certainly, I often think I look better than before.

He had been exercising steadily for four years.

Compared to the days when he didnt exercise, his facial features had filled out and he now looked good.

The biggest change was his smooth skin that didnt show any signs of acne.

He had sweated for four years without missing a single day, and his skin had improved from excreting all the waste.

Of course, sweating wasnt enough for everyone to have better skin.

“Um...” Grid tried all types of poses.

He tried a pose that showed off his wide shoulders, waist, and side.

‘...I look cool. A wide smile spread over Grids face.

His self-esteem rose sharply as he gained confidence in his appearance.

“Hum hum.” Grid washed his hands and touched his hair roughly.

Literally, he was being really rough.

He swiped through his hair three or four times.

Despite this, Grids hairstyle was wonderful like the hairdressers of a Cheongdamdong beauty salon had touched it.

It made his appearance even more brilliant.

It was the same reason why he made ramyun well.

This was the power of his dexterity.

From the moment he connected to the game, he had worked without resting, and his delicate finger movements were engrained into hismuscle memory.

These habits were partly expressed in reality.

Grid emerged from the bathroom and headed to the living room, only to let out an impressed sound, “Wow...”

This was because the sight of Yura sitting in the sunlight in the living room was as beautiful as a painting.

It had been a few years already, but he still couldnt adapt to her beauty and lost his soul for a moment.

‘She has become prettier.

By the way...

It seemed that she changed into a new attire He remembered that she was originally wearing jeans and a sweater, but she was now wearing a one-piece dress.

Looking like the main protagonist of a movie, Yuras long white legs caught Grids eyes.

“Are you going out” Grid asked as he sat across from her.

Yura shook her head with a red face.


“I see.”

She probably just wanted to relax in a comfortable outfit.

Grid thought it wasnt a big deal and checked her schedule, “When are you going back to South Korea”

“I wanted to match Youngwoo-ssis schedule.

Take my plane.”

“Oh, thats good.

A private plane is very comfortable.”

“Just tell me and Ill lend it to you at any time.”


In fact, Grid had worried about whether he should buy a private plane or not.

He thought it would be better to have one when considering the benefit of convenience for his family.

However, the prices of the planes varied depending on the model, model year, and interior design.

The one that Grid wanted was worth over 100 billion won.

Of course, he could buy it if he wanted to, but it was psychologically burdensome to spend such a large amount of money at once.

“Then Im thankful.

I dont need it often, but Ill ask if I have to send my parents overseas.”

“Yes! Ill take care of it!” Yuras eyes brightened the moment Grid mentioned his parents.

Grid looked at her strangely ambitious figure and carefully brought up a topic, “Did your grandfather call”


He promised to no longer discuss the issue of inheriting the company.

It is all thanks to you.”

Yura had heard the details from her grandfather.

Once she learned that Grid had tried so hard for her, she was happy and grateful enough to weep.

Then a long conversation ensued.

Yura confided in Grid about what had happened between her parents and her grandfather.

She told him about how she wanted to fulfill her fathers wish and that she would do it through Satisfy.

“Youngwoo-ssi protected my dream.

Ill repay the favor, even if it takes the rest of my life.”

“Just stay by my side, and it will be enough.”

“By your side...”

“Lets work hard to grow the Overgeared Guild together.”


As expected, it would be hard to hear an answer today.

Yura knew his heart, but she still felt greatly disappointed upon hearing Grids response.

However, she couldnt rush peoples hearts.

She fully understood Grids position and vowed to wait.

It was at this moment that...

“Who is it”

There shouldnt be any guests, but Yura got up as the sound of the bell rang out.

It was then that she made a mistake.

Her grandfather had acknowledged her right to her own life, and she had confessed her heart to Grid.

She hadnt done much today, so why had a great deal of her energy been consumed The moment she got up from the couch, Yura felt dizzy and fell sideways.

“Are you okay” Grid hurried over and helped her up.

His big hands covered her waist and neck, and the expression in Yuras eyes changed.



Duguen! Duguen! Duguen! Grids heart thumped.

He felt like he was going crazy because Yuras face was right in front of him.

Grid couldnt repress his boiling desire, and he felt like the tightly pulled line was breaking.

Irenes appearance dimmed for a moment.

Grid lost control, and his eyes focused on Yuras lips.



Then the front door suddenly opened.

Feeling startled, Grid and Yura hurriedly pulled apart and turned toward the door.

Grid immediately recognized the uninvited guest.

His eyes were fixed on a certain part of the uninvited guest, and he hadnt even looked at the face yet.

Grid was astonished as he belatedly confirmed the identity of the uninvited guest.


“Hello What are the two of you doing”


T-That...” Grid tried to explain.

Meanwhile, Yura—who was still breathing hard—opened her mouth and asked, “By the way, how did you get in here”

Jishuka smiled and pulled something out of her pocket.

It was a knife.


“...Huh, this isnt it.” She put the knife away and pulled out a master key from her other side pocket.

“This hotel is part of a chain my father owns.

I used some of my connections.

Is there anybody who doesnt know about the relationship between Yura and me I was worried because I couldnt get in touch with my friend.

Thus, he handed me the key.”


“So, what were the two of you doing”

Was it possible to burn people with only a gaze As he faced Jishukas eagle eyes, Grid thought it was certainly possible.

There was an awkward silence before Jishuka suddenly brought up some news, “Oh, Im going to move to South Korea today.

There is a rat who is an eyesore.”

Jishuka stared at Yura like she was going to eat her.

The leopard-like spirit stretched out, but Yura didnt shrink back at all.

Instead, she said, “Welcome to South Korea.

Im looking forward to the National Competition next year.”

“There is nothing to expect.

I will participate in the same events as you, so the total amount of medals wont change.”

“Are you being affected by personal feelings It is an unprofessional attitude.”

“Unprofessional Im not getting paid to play the game.

Who is a pro I just do whatever I want.”

“It is about basic responsibility.

As the representative of our country, we have to distinguish between private and public matters.”

“You are talking about responsibility even though you acted so shamelessly.”

Sparks flew as Yura and Jishuka glared at each other.

Grid was in the middle and couldnt regain his reason.

‘When did their relationship become so bad


“It has been a while.”

It was after the end of the 4th National Competition.

Kraugel went straight to the best spearsman on the continent, Kirinus.

He was a person Kraugel had met during the course of his class quest.

Kirinus, who had been chopping firewood, recognized Kraugel and said, “It will be much easier and faster to become stronger if you chase Mullers shadow instead of taking this stubborn and slow path.”

Kraugel fell to his knees.

“Sword Saint Muller said there were times when even he relied on a spear.”

“I heard that the sword, not the spear, is the strongest weapon.”

“I still want to learn the spear.”

Sword Saint Kraugels class wasnt effective because of a single item—Blue Dragon Sword Breaker.

Now Kraugel realized that there wasnt only one road.

Just as Grid used a variety of weapons depending on the situation, Kraugel believed that he should be able to handle a variety of weapons.

He was also qualified.

“You have finally received enlightenment.

Yes, the process of training is different, but combat eventually boils down to one thing.

The process is just as important as the outcome.

I will honor the reputation of the Sword Saint and respect your will.”

[A hidden quest has been created!]

Three years...

It was a quest that required him to stay in one place for a whole three years.

The quest meant his level was likely to stagnate.

However, Kraugel accepted the quest without hesitation.

“Thank you very much.”

Kraugel didnt want to lose to his only competitor, Grid.

He wanted to maintain his relationship with Grid forever by constantly advancing and demonstrating his skills.


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