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‘Did he intentionally design this situation

Since the moment Grid was hit by Charging Shot, Jishuka had been filled with an anxiety that was difficult to express clearly.

The timing of the magic machines explosion was perfect.

Grid exposed a large gap in his defense, and the players didnt miss this opportunity.

Hundreds of scattered players gathered around Grid.

They fell into the trap.

From the moment that Charging Shot hit, Grid had this current development in mind.

“He is becoming sexier.” Jishuka shivered as she recalled the scene of five Grids in red armor.

Her beautiful face turned red, and a rough breath emerged from the gap in her lips.

She wanted to try dissecting Grids skull.

Even the folds in his brain seemed sexy.

Masquerading as the Demon King, Grid stared at Jishuka.

Jishukas blush thickened.

She trembled from extreme excitement.


Approximately 80 players had survived.

Most of the Overgeared members—including Chris and Peak Sword—mightve been killed, but there were still many strong players such as Damian and Zibal with his magic machine.

Despite this, Grid was looking at her, concentrating solely on her.

It meant she was the biggest threat to him.

Jishuka felt great joy at monopolizing Grids gaze.


Black arrows were fired soundlessly.

Jishuka was the only one who knew exactly how many there were.

Grid was facing her head on and wasnt aware of the arrows flying from different trajectories.

This wasnt an uncommon situation, but Grid was feeling rushed.

He didnt dwell on impossible defenses or avoidance.

Instead, he was like a bull.

He was attracted by the charming red cloth called Jishuka.

“Yes, Im coming!”

Jishukas excitement was getting out of control.

The arrows struck Grids body.

His philtrum, between his eyes, and in the middle of his forehead were hit.

This was a terrible feast of skills.

It was understandable why the people of Tzedakah used to compare Jishukas spirit to a wild beast and a hunter.

She showed no concept of mercy toward her target.

Logically, Grid should be shrinking back.

‘Pagmas Swordsmanship.

Grid was currently under the protection of Moving Fortress and was completely resistant to physical attacks.

The arrows inserted between his eyes and the blood flowing down didnt disturb him.


Grid broke through the arrows, reached Jishuka, and unleashed dozens of energy blades.

Jishuka moved in a half turn to widen her distance from Grid while drawing back her bowstring.

She dodged a few energy blades and fought back.

[You have suffered 8,930 damage!]

[You have suffered 7,590 damage!]

[You have suffered 13,580 damage!]

Her aim was also perfect.

Jishuka avoided the protective gear—such as armor and shoulder guards—that Grid was wearing and damaged him.

She often hit his weak points, but she couldnt evade his attacks forever.

Jishukas agility was high as the first ranked archer, but she wasnt faster than Grid.

This was because the movements of the sword linked together faster than the firing of the arrow.

[The target has received 29,300 damage.]

[The target has received 25,760 damage.]

Jishuka allowed only two blows yet she lost more than half her health.

She used her quiver and bow to stop a few energy blades, using the natural rebound to dodge a few more.

The distance between Grid and Jishuka increased again while a trap was installed at Grids feet.

Then the trap activated and wrapped around Grids ankles.

The trap lasted for five seconds, and anyone who tried to move from it might have their ankles torn.

However, Grid ignored it and ran forward.

Now Moving Fortress was activated.

A trap couldnt break the fortress at all.

“Too cool,” Jishukas voice thickened.

She was becoming more and more immersed in the dual charm of Grids sexy brain and his toughness.

Thus, she was sincerely sorry.

If only it wasnt for the debt...

If her relationship with Grid wasnt that of creditor and debtor, she would be able to communicate this boiling emotion.

‘I will just seem like a snake if I communicate my feelings. Jishuka smiled bitterly and drew her bow with all her power.

Grid was someone who couldnt be caught by traps.

She couldnt win.

Even so, she would cause some damage before she died.

This was her distinct pride—the last pride of a beast.

Jishuka concentrated all her resources and fired her last arrow at Grid who was chasing her.

Her point of aim was different from before.

The arrow was aimed at the center of the armor, not the seams of the armor.

She fired the arrow from a close range, and the arrow that touched his armor caused Grid to get the chills.

Valhalla of Infinite Affections current durability was 30, and it would last for one minute.

This was the penalty of Moving Fortress.

Wouldnt Valhalla of Infinite Affection turn into rags because of his arrow It couldnt last.

Grid decided that he should activate Freely Move, which had been left as a trump card.

However, the arrow was fired right in front of his nose.

Jishukas arrow pierced through Valhalla, and it shattered into thousands of fragments.

It was a result caused by Jishukas ability to read, judge, and act the moment she fired the arrow.

Unfortunately, Grid wasnt as fast-witted as her and didnt notice in time.

He wasnt a chosen human being, a genius like Kraugel.

The Enlightenment Sword, a weapon that was hard to determine if it was a spear or a sword, penetrated Jishukas waist.

It occurred almost simultaneously with Grids armor.

[You have been struck with a serious blow!]

“Im sorry, but Im a proud woman,” Jishuka apologized as she collapsed like a broken doll into Grids arms.

This wasnt an apology for her actions.

Although the armor might not be the real one, Jishuka apologized for destroying Khans work.

It was why she had hesitated and hadnt aimed for Valhalla the moment she saw its weakness.

Grid read her mind and stroked her red hair.

“I apologize for everything.”


Cough!” She slowly turned grey in Grids arms and soon ascended as a pillar.

It was a sign announcing Jishukas death.

Shortly after she left, the white giant managed to beat the vampire and rushed toward Grid again.


While Grid had been fighting Jishuka, the other biggest threat—Zibal—had been facing Tiramet.

‘Tiramet is already dead.

The magic machine was truly a monster.

Was it possible to obtain the materials to make a magic machine from the production rewards Grid thought this and opened the inventory.

The items he took out were the Dragon Harpoon and hammer.

Now that hed lost Valhalla, he had no intention of fighting Zibal head on.

“Spear Shot.” The giant harpoon, which had been created to raid the drake during the 2nd National Competition, was thrown like a javelin.

Raiders paused as the harpoon struck its chest.

“You dont intend to get out of there and fight” Grid attached the chain of the harpoon to the ground using a peg and immediately disappeared.

It was a spacious battlefield.

The faces of the players were still shocked from the aftermath of the huge explosion.

Grids next target was Pope Damian.

‘Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.

Rotating like a spinning top, Grid crossed the battlefield.

The Enlightenment Sword in his hand let out a terrible roar.

Damian used a healing skill to barely recover from the wounds he had sustained in the explosion and cast a shield.

However, his shield failed, just like Grids Valhalla.

“Scream,” the other name for Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle emerged from the mouth of the Demon King.

Damians shield couldnt even withstand the first strike and shattered.


Damian summoned a large golden circle behind his back as a last-ditch attempt.

[You have died.]

He was already dead.

“Griddddd!” Raiders was released from the bondage of the Dragon Harpoon and started chasing Grid again.

This time Grid didnt avoid Raiders.

The wind blew his ebony hair as he stood in place and stared at Raiders.

Zibals legs were soft from where he was sitting on the boarding seat.

Behind the half-mask, Grids eyes werent strained at all.

He was reminded that his explosion had destroyed Eat Spicy Jokbals fortress.

It was as he had expected.

The golden cannon accumulated a shell made of the Blue Dragons Breath and fired.


Then it happened just before Raiders reached the armorless Grid.

Raiders body was hit by the cannon and tilted heavily.

There was a magnetic field, and the surging currents shook Raiders movements, rendering it unable to move.

“Grid...!” Desperation filled Zibals face.

He screamed because he couldnt change the flow of the battlefield that was formed after he inadvertently distributed the wrong information.

Grids voice rang out, “You have shown a wonderful performance this year.”


Zibal was a simple person.

Two years ago, he had been badly defeated by Grid.

The person who looked down on Zibal like a bug was now expressing appreciation for him.

He didnt know if he should laugh or cry as Raiders was recalled.

Then he climbed onto the summoned pegasus and rushed toward Grid.

The other players followed behind Zibal.

80 surviving players descended on Grid.

The Demon King had lost his armor.

The physical body that he had trained for many years was now just as injured as the bodies of the players.

The players sensed that it was time to end this short yet long war.

It was the same for Grid.

He took a deep breath and quietly closed his eyes.

『 S-Surely, he isnt giving up 』

『 He has no choice.

His resources are at their limits, and he lost his armor.

It wont be strange if he decides that he cant endure anymore.

The commentators discussed the end of the Demon King, while the crowd and viewers cheered.

Then hundreds of stars appeared in the sky.

Underneath it were Demon King Grid and the players heading toward him.

Then there was a bombardment.

The 200 Magic Missiles Grid set up using the Alarm spell penetrated the players heads and backs, shattering the ground.

The players screamed at the surprise attack.

‘Noe, Randy, Can you Become the King of the Dead

A complete copy of the Demon King, a tiger surrounded by black flames, a lich, and a death knight appeared...

『 Ah...


In a few minutes, only two people remained on the battlefield.

One was badly injured and couldnt breathe properly while the other person had no wounds.

The person who opened his mouth first with a complicated expression was Sword Saint Kraugel.

“You have lost your immortality.”


Everyone was too strong.”


This wasnt a fair fight.

Kraugel judged this and was about to take off his armor to stab himself in the heart.

It was the Demon King who stopped him.

“Extremely honorable painting.”

Grid returned to the image from the painting.

The image of the Demon King blurred, and the figure of the most famous person in the world was revealed.

It was the Overgeared King—the Hero King.

『 G...rid 』

People who were still dubious over the identity of the Demon King were shocked.

The ratings of the Demon King Subjugation ran wild.

The 1st ranked real time search query for every portal site was replaced with Grids name.


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