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[Name: Singuled

Age: 39 Gender: Male

Race: Human

Title: Successor of a Half Killing Energy Method

*When attacking, there is a 22% chance that the opponent cant resist theinternal injury state.

*When dealing a counterattack, there is a 9% chance that the opponent cant resist theinternal injury state.

The enemy will suffer terrible pain, and all stats will fall dramatically.

It is accompanied by bleeding (severe) and reduced resources recovery.

Title: Knight of Destruction

*Increases physical attack by 20% and attack power of wide area skills by 40%.

The lower the health, the greater the attack power increase.

When attacking an enemy with internal injuries, 2,400–4,400 additional fixed damage will be inflicted.

Level: 455

Strength: 4,001 Stamina: 1,760

Agility: 1,008 Intelligence: 209

Skill: Empire\'s Swordsmanship (B), Penance (A), Frenzy (SS), Half Killing Energy Destruction Method (SS)

-The Third Knight of the former Red Knights.

He inherited his familys vision and sometimes feels sad about his power, which kills the enemy in a terrible manner.]

‘Amazing. Grid felt in awe of Singuled as he confirmed Singuleds information through Character Observation.

It was the first time he had met a named NPC with these biased stats.

‘Most knights have evenly developed their stats, while this...

Killing energy destruction method—did Singuled have to develop strength in order to unleash the power of this skill that had a frightening name

‘I think I can understand why Mercedes evaluated him as being stronger than Asmophel.

Killing Energy Destruction Method and Frenzy were both top-rated skills.

As the users health decreased, attack power and agility increased greatly.

A high percentage of their blood would also be restored through the blood-sucking method.

There was the disadvantage of being weak to magic attacks, but Asmophel wasnt a magician.

‘Apart from Piaro, there will be few Red Knights who can fight one on one with Singuled.

However, he will be a meal for a magician.

Grid smiled gently as he saw Singuled bowing in front of him.

“Welcome to the Overgeared Kingdom.

I know about your situation.

I will help you get revenge along with Piaro and Asmophel.

Until then, I hope that you will support me together with Piaro.”

“Yes.” There was no enthusiasm in Singuleds answer.

It was unavoidable.

Singuled had only come to the Overgeared Kingdom for revenge and had no reason to be loyal to Grid.

‘The spar shall be postponed until next time.

There was a high possibility that his affinity with Singuled would decline if he asked for a duel.

Grid had to be careful until he gained a certain amount of loyalty from Singuled.

Grid whispered into Piaros ears, “I want to know more about the killing energy.

Find a clue to open up Singuleds heart.”

“I will do my best.”


‘We need talent.

Lauel had been obsessed with building up the workforce ever since he decided to help Grid build the kingdom.

This obsession hadnt changed despite transcendent NPCs like Piaro, Asmophel, and Mercedes serving Grid.

The Saharan Empire, the Hwan Kingdom on the East Continent, hell, and so on—the opponents who would be hostile to the Overgeared Kingdom in the future were several times stronger.

As such, Lauel was nervous.

He thought he should gather more people and develop the kingdom quickly.

Lauel saw that there would be no future for the Overgeared Kingdom if they couldnt break down the empire in front of them.

The reality of the situation wasnt that easy.

‘So far, there is no talent.

After the founding of the Overgeared Kingdom, Lauel had used the authority of the prime ministers to gather talented people using all sorts of methods.

He offered the Grid set, gave tax exemptions, and created extensive quests that jeopardized the treasury.

Lauel used all types of benefits and temptations to lure people to the Overgeared Kingdom and then tried to screen them strictly.

However, there were few talents who caught his eyes.

It was difficult to meet anyone better than the existing Overgeared members.

‘I dont want geniuses.

I just want to detect people with the appropriate potential for their field.

Lauel sighed as his anxiety deepened day by day.

He felt more desperate because he knew why it was hard to gather talents.

‘It is a phenomenon created by a backlash.

There was still a large number of players—especially those who believed themselves to be superior to others—who were hostile to the Overgeared Kingdom.

They chose to take a different path from the Overgeared Kingdom, thinking it was enough to get them ahead.

This path was naturally to side with the empire.

Many rankers—apart from some top rankers—knocked on the door of the empire due to the offered benefits and fame.

They wanted to keep the Overgeared Kingdom in check under the illusion of justice.

‘Stupid humans...

It is about time that this false sense of pride of fairness is ended.

Satisfy offered an open field similar to Earth and had an infinite degree of freedom.

At this very moment, numerous players were making or experiencing their own stories.

Thus, many people overlooked Satisfys main storyline.

Why At this moment, there was no connection between the main story and their gameplay content.

‘Satisfy is huge.

The Saharan Empire is a prime example.

The starting point for all players was the West Continent.

Right now, the West Continent was under the control of the Saharan Empire.

The Saharan Empire dreamed of a complete conquest over the West Continent, and all kingdoms were afraid of the empire.

It meant that war was approaching inevitably.

‘The Saharan Empire will unleash a unification war on the continent.

Lauel interpreted this war as the first main story of Satisfy.

The lives of the two billion players could change depending on the outcome of the war.

‘Once the Saharan Empire succeeds in the unification of the continent, it is natural for certain NPC forces—such as the empires nobles—to increase their status...

Players are likely to receive fewer benefits than they do now.

Discrimination would arise.

The NPCs had different mindsets from modern people and would infringe on thefreedom that players currently enjoyed.

‘Then they will cross over to the East Continent, and the players caught up in the empires ambitions will suffer.

This might be an extreme idea, but Lauel was convinced that it would be better in many ways if the ruler of the West Continent was a player rather than an NPC.

This fact had already been proven by the Overgeared Kingdom.

Most of the infrastructure built by the Overgeared Kingdom was for the convenience of the players.

However, many people thought that Grid and the Overgeared Kingdom werent good because the empire was their public enemy.

“...King Grid is too great.”

Wasnt he a person who could recruit monsters as subordinates every time he went on an adventure It was difficult to list each one, such as Piaro, Asmophel, Mercedes, Sticks, Sua, and so on.

“Of course, I am the smart one...

It would be better if I had the insight to read what the other person wanted...

What is this Is it the difference in charm Am I so perfect that people cant easily get close to me” Lauel deliberately made a foolish expression in front of the mirror.

“What are you doing Is there a game like this in the United States” Someone opened the office door without knocking.

Lauel looked back with surprise and saw Grid, but his gaze was focused on the person behind Grid.

“This is...”

“Dont you know him He is Hurent.

He joined the Overgeared Guild today.”


The person had a roughly grown beard and grayish hair.

Lauel confirmed the face and ID of the middle-aged man that Grid had brought with him several times.

It was definitely Hurent, the Aura Master.

He was the hero who had the expectations of the American people during the 1st National Competition.

Hurent was a competitor that Lauel acknowledged and a monster-level talent that Lauel had been so eager for.

“I thought you would be happy Why are you just standing there absentmindedly” Grid wondered.

“...Now youre just picking people up in the front yard” Lauel flopped down like he had lost all strength.


“Huh You arent joining the National Competition” Lauel asked, feeling startled.

He was baffled that Grid would be absent even though he had already played a major role and benefited greatly from the previous National Competitions.

“Why are you refusing when this is chance to get definite rewards You can rest assured if youre worried about the empty house being hit like last year.

Didnt I tell you that I have made thorough preparations this time”

“Oh, be sure to prepare for the empty house.

But Im not refusing to compete because of the kingdom.”

“Hrmm.” Lauel calmed down his agitation.

Grid was the best.

He could win three gold medals when he participated in the National Competition, and this was a chance that came once a year.

Wasnt he the king of greed There must be a reason why Grid wasnt joining.

Lauel thought about it and shrugged.

“I see.

Your Majesty has your own plan.”


Grid planned to have fun secretly playing the demon king.

He wanted to tell Lauel the truth and boast about his role in this years National Competition.

However, the S.A.Group had issued a contract clause stating that the demon king project couldnt be leaked outside, and Grid had signed it.

So, he couldnt boast about it.

“Hrmm…” Lauel saw Grids expression and was relieved.

“Well, Your Majesty isnt a person who likes receiving damages...

I believe that you will do well.”


Im sure you will do well in the National Competition.

Shouldnt the United States win at least once while the immigration is delayed”

“If Your Majesty doesnt join, the champion is already the United States.”

“You sure seem confident.

Doesnt South Korea have Yura and Peak Sword”

“They are certainly remarkable.

There is also Jokbal.

Still, can those three afford to go against the power of the United States”

“Um...” Grid frowned.

He recalled the talents of the US representatives and felt that only three people were lacking.

‘I dont mean to ignore Yura and Peak Sword but...

The players from the United States were too great.

Just Kraugel and Lauel were big threats, let alone the other powerhouses.

Hurent was also American.

‘I dont know if Zibal will be present.

Then what about South Korea

‘The difference is too big.

Grid was strong enough to guarantee at least two gold medals, but what about Yura and Peak Sword

‘They will lose the gold medal if they are in the same event as Kraugel... Grid noticed his mistake.

What if South Koreas ranking fell because he accepted the position of demon king for his own profit and fun

‘There might be a sudden surge in the number of anti-fan cafe members...

It was likely given the propensity of the Korean netizens.

The fact that Grid refused to represent the Korean team due to personal greed would arouse public indignation once it was revealed.

It wouldnt be strange if he were regarded as a person who sold out his country.


Grid wasnt an individual.

He was the king of the Overgeared Kingdom.

If he were criticized, the prestige of the kingdom would also naturally fall.

‘Do I have to refuse the demon king project

Did Lauel read Grids look of concern Lauel reassured Grid, “Your Majesty can do what you want.

I asked you to become king for our benefit, not to put shackles on you.

Dont be afraid of criticism, and just do what you want.”

“This person...”

Sometimes he was annoying, yet he was encouraging at other times.

Giving Lauel a warm smile, Grid rose from his seat.

“I know you have been concerned about your eyes these days, so look forward to it.

I think I can make convincing sunglasses at the end of the National Competition.”


“It is a pair of sunglasses that the evil eyes king can use.”


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