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The growth type hidden class, Aura Master, brought the potential of aura to the extreme.

Hurents aura exceeded the level of merely strengthening weapons or amplifying the power of a skill.

He could freely convert aura into a certain weapon or release it as a dragons breath.

In fact, he could even leave an aura marker on all living creatures and summon aura at that point, causing all types of variables in combat.

Yes, there was no limit to an Aura Master.

Hurent was strong.

Several years before during the Reidan invasion, he had already been beyond the category of a player.

At the time, the S.A Group had assessed Hurents strength as the same level as Kraugels, which had been several times higher than the Grid of that time.

Thats right.

Hurent was one of the five people that Lim Cheolho called the Five Miracles.

However, Hurent later met Grid who had achieved rapid growth in the 1st National Competition.

Hurents Aura Master class hadnt been completed yet, and he was defeated in a futile manner.

After that, his reputation was low compared to his skills.

In fact, Hurents popularity had only been during the early days of Satisfy, and now he was no different from junk.

There were few people who remembered Hurent after he left the rankings a few years ago.

If they did remember him, it was often as thefive seconds person.

“You are the same as us....!”

Hurents strength remained intact.

No, he was a few times stronger than before.

Hastersus referred to himself, Grid, Kraugel, Agnus, and the other top players.

“Who isus Aura Snake!”

Years ago, Hurent fought Piaro and was forced to join the field work.

Now, he carried grain and worked the hoe under the scorching sun, causing him to go through an extreme growth.

His muscle strength was like Grids, his improvisation was like Kraugels, and the ability to control his aura like it was a living creature was like Agnus.

Hurents aura took the form of a snake, flew from his fingertips, and moved through the fields.

The path that the aura snake took in the abundant wheat field was difficult to see and predict.

It was a form of attack which couldnt be evaded or defended against.

However, Hasters great hearing ability led him to using Ice Curtain and accurately blocking the snake.

“You arent trash.”

Hurent didnt just do field work.

As soon as the days work ended, he ran to the hunting grounds and steadily raised the level of his aura skills.

He marveled at the solidity of the ice barrier when faced with the aura that dealt 9,900 fixed damage and ignored the targets defense.

Now Hurent paid attention to Hasters name and face.

“You were a professional golfer”

“Gamer!” It was a lowly provocation, but Haster couldnt help falling for it.

His excessively high pride was the problem.

Haster, the idol of many youngsters and the myth who had never lost, couldnt help falling for the cheap taunts.

He was unfamiliar with the rough handling and couldnt overlook this.

Thus, he used Dance of Redemption and missed something.

It was the black mark on the ice barrier that was still being maintained!

“...!” Haster was trying to create a stone pillar with Dance of Redemption when his face wrinkled like a piece of paper.

There was a slight cracking sound from the ice barrier on his side.

Aura that was as sharp as a knife protruded from it.

“Keuk...!” Haster managed to avoid it but had to stop Dance of Redemption.

It was a missed opportunity to take the lead in this fight.

Haster was urgently moving when new aura entered his vision.

“Oh, I forgot to warn you in advance.

My aura leaves a mark, so you should be careful.

The entire land that you are stepping on is filled with my marks.”

Dozens of threads of aura spread out from Hurent like a spider web.

The grey-haired man had a pleasant expression that didnt match his age.

Of course, it wasnt pleasant for Haster who was trapped in the spider web.

“Why are you under Grid”

From Hasters point of view, Hurent was an unexpected variable.

He never dreamed that there would be a monster like Hurent under Grid, who already had many famous people.

Haster also couldnt understand why Hurent was interfering with him.

“No way...!” Hasters movements became increasingly agile as he blocked the aura threads with a shield and struck with his sword.

His response speed was becoming faster as he heard the unique sounds of aura in his ears.

“This is Grids will!”

Haster was reminded that there were some things he shouldnt overlook.

It was that Asmophel was Grids subordinate and Kraugel was Grids friend.

‘Grid knows about me!

It was for certain.

Grid had found out about Hasters existence through Asmophel and Kraugel.

‘He judged that in order to maintain his top spot, he needs to keep me in check! Thats why he ordered Hurent to interfere with me!

Haster smiled as he grasped the situation.

He felt proud that the Overgeared King was worried about him and acted to keep him in check.

“It feels good! I finally feel that I am in the right place!”

Rivals were needed.

The greater the rival, the more his desires and talents would be stimulated.

Haster was burning with motivation when an aura spear aimed toward his side.

It was a spear that emerged from a mark on the ground.

Hurent looked at Haster, who heard the sound and blocked the aura with his shield.

Then Hurent asked, “What are you saying alone You believe that I am under Grid That isnt the case.”

“I already know the situation! You dont have to deny it!”

“Hey, Im not! A young person like you is already losing his hearing!” Hurent was furious due to Hasters misunderstanding.

He still remembered the humiliation of dying in five seconds.

From the standpoint of Hurent who was planning to repay his grudge against Grid someday, being called Grids subordinate was a huge shame.

“I just want to repay Piaro for his kindness!”

Snake, spear, sword, thread—the relatively simple forms of Hurents aura started to make a special change.

They gathered together like flames.

[Aura Impact is being used.]

[Accurately imagine the shape of the aura within 2 seconds.

If there is even a small error in the image, the skill will fail.]

Hurent never neglected image training in order to bring out the true power of an aura master! He shouted loudly, “Super! Dragons Roar!”

[You have pictured a dragons breath! By reproducing the power of a transcendent being, the power of your aura is greatly increased!]

[There is a limit to the power that a unique rated aura can exert.]


There was a big difference due to the restrictions of the aura rating, but it was a dragons breath.

The emission of aura flames was fast and widespread.

It was a form of attack that made Hasters sharp ears and agility obsolete.

‘He can stop it once or twice, but it is impossible for him to endure the pouring pressure forever.

The dragons breath had been upgraded from when Hurent used it in the past.

It was a multi-stage fire skill which could be maintained for five seconds.

There was a fixed minimum damage of 9,900, and the maximum damage could go as high as 306,900.

It didnt matter if the targets defense was 10,000 or 100 million.

For players with an average health of 100,000, they would die as soon as they were hit by a dragons breath.

[You have dealt 9,900 damage to the target!]

However, Haster didnt defend and allowed the breath to hit him.

Then an orange shield surrounded his body.

This was Heroic Story, one of the strongest passive defense skills which activated once all conditions were met.

[All resources have been restored by the effect of the passive skill,Heroic Story. For one minute, your defense will increase in proportion to the amount of resources used within the past two minutes.

Additionally, a shield that negates all types of skills and magic damage will be maintained for 10 seconds.]


Hurent had used the mid to long range of the aura to completely constrain Hasters movements and dominate the battle.

Yet, for the first time, Hurent was now losing his composure.

The dragons breath that he poured out was blocked by the original shield, and it felt like he was possessed by a ghost.

‘A skill that invalidates damage

No, such skills normally had a limit on how much they could defend against.

That alone was powerful enough to be a scam.

It could completely overturn the battle by blocking the enemys ultimate move in a timely manner.

‘However, his shield has no limit...!

A chill went down Hurents spine as he determined that Hasters orange shield was still standing against the dragons breath.

‘Is this an OP shield that invalidates all skill damage for a certain period of time

It was an unreasonable strength.

This was certainly...

“The seven malignant...!”

“Thats right.

You havent got one yet You are late.”

Satisfy was terribly fair.

Players had to give up one thing to gain another.

Haster saw that Hurent had met Piaro and missed the timing to obtain the seven malignant saints quest.

“The gap will widen in the future.”

Now was the time for payback.

Haster taunted Hurent before raising his shield and rushing to Hurent.

“Too shallow!” Hurent avoided Hasters shield by tilting his upper body and prepared to insert an aura thorn.

Still, the aura thorn developed with Aura Impact failed to penetrate Hasters orange shield.

“It is the end,” Piaro muttered while watching the fight with Singuled.

He saw Haster moving through Hurents aura thorn and swinging his sword.

At that moment...

“The reason why Hurent used farming tools was for the development of his swordsmanship,” Piaro said meaningful words.

Hurent dropped the sokuri and pulled out a sword to block.

“...!” Haster was baffled by the move.

‘What is this defensive posture

Such movements werent possible with just reflexes and control.

It was clear that there was a compensation effect from a high-level Sword Mastery skill.

‘How high is his Sword Mastery level

Haster was confused by this Hurent, who had turned into someone else, and forgot… Hurent had been a candidate for becoming a Sword Saint!

“Super sensitivity!”



Simultaneously, Grid was working in the smithy...

‘...Wait Is it possible to use the goddess blessing on Pagmas Swordsmanship itself instead of a specific sword dance

Grids blood pressure was rising from the triple casting, and he took a break.

Then he got a new idea.

His ears felt ticklish as he had the thought.

Swallowing down his curses was nothing new.


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