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Chapter 70

Status window.

Name: Grid

Level: 83 (331,400/2,298,000)

Class: Pagma\'s Descendant

* The probability of adding additional options when making items will increase.

* The probably of item enhancement will increase. 

* All equipment items can be worn unconditionally.

However, there is a penalty depending on the rating of the item. 

Title: One who Became a Legend

* Abnormal conditions don\'t work well on you.

* You won\'t die when health is at the minimum.

* Easily acknowledged.

Title: First Unique Item Maker

* Dexterity 200

Title: Only Legendary Item Maker

* Dexterity 350

Title: Knight Slayer

* Stamina 100. 

* Strength 30

Title: Apostle of Justice

* All stats 10.

* The Apostle of Justice\'s bravery is unmatched.

Health: 7,886/7,886     Mana: 522/522

Strength: 679   Stamina: 517   Agility: 202  Intelligence: 174 

Dexterity: 844  Persistence: 198

Composure: 149  Indomitable: 168   Dignity: 149 Insight: 149

Courage: 93

Stat Points: 0

Weight: 8,302/17,540 

After three days of struggle, I was able to grow rapidly by exterminating the frostlight orcs. I was level 45 when I first came here and now I was level 83.

3 days… level 83 in only 3 days…

In my days as a warrior, I spent a year trying to reach level 80. It was due to a lack of talent and financial power, but I had blamed the system. However, now I caught up with my level as a warrior in just three days.

It seemed impossible.

“In the past, I never really played the game… Or is it that I\'m too fraudulent now… I concluded that I didn\'t really play the game in the past. “If I think about it, people who buy one good item can reach level 100 in just a month.

It isn\'t so great that I gained 38 levels in three days.

I opened my inventory while once again realizing that money was the best. My inventory was filled with 40 frostlight orc leather, 60 old jewels, crude hand axes and bows, and three sylphid scales.

I have 580 gold… It isn\'t a bad income.

I whistled with satisfaction, when my spine suddenly felt cold.

Wait, I only have three sylphid scales

I had been so blinded by leveling up that I forgot for a moment, but why did I come here to hunt the orcs I meant to obtain 20 sylphid scales! But I only obtained three sylphid scales after three days of hunting

What is this Why are there only three sylphid scales I hunted over 80 orcs! 

This meant the probability of dropping sylphid scales was extremely low! Huroi reached me as I belatedly realized this fact.

Grid, hello.

Huroi had been observing me for a while.

I knew it, so I wasn\'t surprised by Huroi\'s appearance.

Ah, you came.

“Heok Grid! Did you perhaps hit your head”

What are you saying

“No, isn\'t this strange Normally you would be cursing at me and turning me away!

“Oh, that is true.

So Do you want me to swear everytime I see you

Huroi hurriedly shook his head. “No, I would never want something like that.

This is much better.

I\'m glad that you are acknowledging me.

Huroi scratched his head and laughed. Until recently, Huroi seemed like a crazy person, so I didn\'t want anything to do with him.

But now it was different. I got the title of Apostle of Justice from saving Huroi, and due to it, I became stronger and it was easier to hunt orcs.

I decided to stop ignoring Huroi and attempted a conversation.

“Huroi, I understand why you think of me as a savior.

I was the one to rescue you from prison.

But why would you want to serve me

Huroi\'s eyes widened as I expressed my intention to communicate, then he explained with a bright expression.

I wasn\'t simply stuck in prison.

I was doing a quest where I couldn\'t log out for 50 hours in real time.

I was stuck in solitary confinement for 200 hours in game time.

It was truly hell… But Grid was the one who saved me from that hell.

What No, what\'s with that absurd quest Being unable to log out and spending 50 hours of real time in solitary confinement Does it make sense that a quest like that exists

I didn\'t believe him, so Huroi explained.

It is a quest where the reward was a second class.

It was difficult.


Did I hear it wrong Right I doubted my ears and quietly approached Huroi.

Then I asked.

S-grade quest The reward was a second class Is that true

Huroi glanced at me with unwavering eyes and replied, That\'s correct.

I grabbed Huroi\'s shoulder with trembling hands.

Then I took a deep breath and asked, “Perhaps… the first person who obtained a second class was you

Huroi gave a refreshing laugh. “Yes, that’s right.

Hahahat! Are you surprised I\'m always amazed when I see my story on the news.

Hahahahat! This good luck is all thanks to Grid!

“… You should serve me always.


I inserted strength into the hand that was gripping Huroi\'s shoulder. I had invested most of the stat points acquired during my three days of levelling up into strength.

Therefore, Huroi was unable to withstand my high strength and trembled with pain.


Ugh! Kuooh!

I couldn\'t speak because of my boiling anger. My jealousy was rising. The first one to acquire a second class was Huroi! In addition, I was the one who helped him acquire the second class!

“This is…I didn\'t realize I was so lucky that I gave you the perfect fortune! I grabbed Huroi\'s neck and shouted. You! Serve me for the rest of your life! I will be your master from this day onwards! You are my servant! This damn lucky bastard!

“K-Keeeok! U-Understood.

Haven\'t I already sworn it So let go of your hand.

I-I can\'t breathe…!

The moment I was making a fuss…

Kuuong! Kuuong!

Huge footsteps were approaching from the edge of the village. Huroi and I became alert as we felt the shaking of the earth, then we saw an orc that was over 4m tall.

What is that…

An orc that was reminiscent of a giant ogre! Huroi exclaimed with amazement.

“That is the chief of the frostlight orcs! He\'s a level 140 field boss.

He must\'ve come out after hearing that you exterminated the village.

Certainly, the name Frostlight Orc Chief appeared on top of the giant orc\'s head.

The boss monster\'s name shone a brilliant gold.

Behind him were 11 frostlight orcs. 

I ordered Huroi, Buy some time while I run away!”

Huroi had an obligation to make this sacrifice for me.

I planned to abandon Huroi and run away alone.

Then why was Huroi following after me instead of staying behind

##&! What are you doing You promised that I was your master! So why aren\'t you listening to me

Huroi chased after me and explained.

“There is no need! If we combine our abilities, we can hunt him!


I hesitated and Huroi explained.

The identity of my second class is the \'Apostle of Justice\'s Partner!\' When I am with the Apostle of Justice, all my stats will increase by 20% And I am currently level 138! You also overwhelmed the knights, so if we join forces, we can deal with a level 140 field boss!

Huroi was full of confidence.

I recalled the appearance of Huroi blocked a knight\'s sword with his body.

\'That\'s right.

This bastard is very strong.

And I am stronger than before!\'

In the first place, field bosses were much weaker than normal boss monsters in dungeons.

There were overwhelming field bosses like the Guardian of the Forest, but those were rare cases.

\'Speaking of which, don\'t rankers often take care of field bosses alone\'

If a legendary class and a person with a second class joined forces, wouldn\'t a 2-man raid on a level 140 field boss be possible 


I decided not to run away anymore.

Then I grabbed my dagger and warned Huroi. Hey! Didn\'t you say that you came here purely because of me Then all the items dropped from that boss are mine

“What are you saying…

What Didn\'t you promise to serve me Then are you planning to gobble up your master\'s items


I am glad just to be able to fight with you.

My second class is only noteworthy when I\'m with you.

Good, let\'s get started!

I set up the party item distribution as \'Party Leader Pickup\' and invited Huroi to the party.

[The party invitation has been accepted.]

As a party, we could confirm each other\'s level, but not our class. Huroi was shocked after checking my level.

G-Grid Is this true You\'re only level 83

“So what Do you have any complaints 

“No, I\'m just wondering how a level 83 user could overwhelm the knights and kill the frostlight orcs.

Ah! Perhaps you have a hidden class One of the epic classes that only three people have…!

An epic class I wasn\'t such a lowly thing. I had a legendary class. But I didn\'t feel the necessity to reveal it.

Well, something like that.

Hey, wouldn\'t it be better to handle the mobs before focusing on the boss

Huh Ah, yes.


Yes, okay.

I will handle the mobs while you draw the boss\' aggro.

M-Me Ah, yes! I understand! Of course I should do such a thing!”

Huroi moved towards the 11 frostlight orcs and shouted towards the chief. “Hey, you !#! Your opponent is me! You @.$*)%!

It was the first time I saw it. Someone who swore worse than me!


The frostlight orc chief became furious at the words and changed his target to Huroi.

I faced the 11 frostlight orcs while the chief chased after Huroi and immediately cast my skills.

Blacksmith’s Rage! Unbreakable Justice!


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 71



Blacksmith’s Rage increased my attack power by 10%, and Unbreakable Justice dealt damage that was 300% of my attack power, so the 11 orcs suffered great damage simultaneously.

Wind Blast!

The sharp wind cause the orcs further pain and they became confused, not knowing what to do. I used Quick Movements to take advantage of the gap.

My rise in speed and the wounded orcs meant I easily dealt the final blows.

[You have defeated a frostlight orc.]

[You have defeated a frostlight orc.]

[You have defeated a frost…]

[7 gold has been acquired.]

[6 gold has been acquired.]

[10 gold has been acqu….]

[Frostlight orc leather has been acquired.]

[Frostlight orc leather has been acquired.]

[Frostlight orc leather has been…]

[Crude Hand Axe has been acquired.]

[Crude Hand Axe has been acquired.]

[Crude Hand Axe has been…]

[A sylphid scale has been acquired.]

[A sylphid scale has been acquired.]

Blacksmith’s Rage -> Unbreakable Justice -> Wind Blast -> Quick Movements.

11 orcs were killed in an instant with this combination, and I was able to acquire two sylphid scales.

However, I didn\'t level up because I shared experience with Huroi.

‘I hunted 80 orcs and only three scales dropped, but now I found two\'

At that moment, I felt like I experienced a great fortune. I had a good feeling that I could get a large amount of sylphid scales if I killed the orc chieftain.

Okay! Hey, Huroi! Let\'s defeat him now!

I shouted towards Huroi, who was in charge of maintaining the orc chief\'s aggro. At that moment, the orc chief stopped attacking Huroi with a big axe and turned towards me.


I was baffled and Huroi shouted. “The duration of my taunt is over!



The orc chief suddenly appeared in front of me! The reason for his appearance was to get revenge for killing his fellow orcs. Then the orc chief roared and started to attack me.

Kuwang! Kuwang!

Every time the orc chief swung the big axe, wind pressure was generated and tore at the ground.

The ground of the frostlight orc village covered by snow was gradually revealed.

[You have suffered 104 damage.]

[You have suffered 97 damage.]

No way!

The heavy wind pressure hit every time the orc chief wielded his axe! I sustained damage just from the wind pressure.

What was this absurd strength


The orc chief became angry that I was avoiding his attacks and started striking quicker and sharper.

I focused and barely managed to avoid direct blows, while being constantly damaged by the wind.

But I couldn\'t get a chance for a counterattack.

‘I am intimidated.\'

This was the true dignity of a boss monster! The boss monsters I hunted as a warrior were all under level 100 and I always had dozens of users in my party. This was the first time I\'d ever faced a boss monster alone.

\'Can we really win\'

As I was feeling afraid, a notification window emerged in front of me.

[A legend doesn\'t feel fear easily.]

Then my mind calmed down. The characteristics of my composure, indomitable and courage stats allowed me to readjust my mind. I completely shook off the fear effect and shouted towards Huroi, who was waiting for a chance to approach the chief.

Huroi! Now!

He received my signal and Huroi stabbed his sword into the chief\'s thighs.

Unbreakable Justice!

Huroi used the same skill as me. The chief flinched at the deep thigh attack and fell to one knee.

I used Blacksmith\'s Rage and Quick Movements to move through this gap. Then I brandished the Ideal Dagger.

Unbreakable Justice! Wind Blast!

The two skills hit the the chief\'s side almost simultaneously.

Kwaang! Hwiririk!


The chief screamed from the shock and fell back.

As he landed on the ground, I stabbed the left Achilles tendon, while Huroi stabbed the right Achilles tendon. But our attacks didn\'t easily penetrate the chief\'s thick skin.


The chief rose while holding the axe in both hands.

Then he literally spun in place.



It was like a whirlpool. Rough winds started to rise like a storm from the spinning axe, while Huroi and I were defenseless in the aftermath. The chief\'s axe accurately struck our bodies.

[You have suffered 5,300 damage.]


Huroi\'s health, which was close to the maximum, fell to less than 10% in a flash, while mine also dropped to 20%. This was a massive crisis.


Huroi was stunned.


I had forgotten this fact after becoming Pagma\'s Descendant and developing a high resistance towards abnormal conditions, but users who lost 40% of their health in one attack would be stunned for three seconds.

In a stunned state, the person was completely defenseless.


After Huroi was stunned, the orc chief\'s gaze immediately moved to him.

He wanted to take care of the enemy who had no resistance first.

\'If Huroi dies, I won\'t be able to deal with this monster alone!\'

I had to choose. Flee or help the stunned Huroi. As I was thinking about it, the orc chief\'s axe fell towards Huroi.

Shit! This is the first time I\'ve lead a raid in Satisfy, so I can\'t give up!

In my life, I had always been a supporting actor.

It was the same with Satisfy. But now I was different.

At least in Satisfy, I could be a big star. The main actor shouldn\'t give up so easily. I threw myself into the air. Then I wrapped myself around Huroi.


I received the cruel blow unprotected.

Red filled my vision and I couldn\'t stop myself from shaking.

However, I soon calmed down.

[You have been hit by a blow!]

[A legend doesn\'t die easily.

You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]

Dduk. Dduk.

Blood flowed from my body. Huroi\'s body in my arms was becoming wet with my blood.


After recovering from the stunned state, Huroi looked up at me with a trembling gaze. 

“Why… why do you keep sacrificing yourself for me

Huroi was about to burst into tears. I drank a potion and ordered him.

“Attract that bastard\'s attention and buy some time.

I will use it to recover my health.


Huroi gritted his teeth and got up.

Then he took all types of buff potions, including a potion to restore his health.

“I will surely hand his head to My Liege!

Once again, a scene resembling a historical drama began to unfold. He was thrilled by the fact that I protected him.

\'I didn\'t do it for you… Well, it wouldn\'t be bad to let him continue being mistaken.\'

I currently only had intermediate health potions, which restored 1,500 health every time I took them. I had a total of 7,886 health. I needed to take four potions before my health recovered to the maximum.

\'The potion reuse time is 20 seconds… Huroi, you need to somehow survive for 1 minute and 20 seconds.\'

I  needed Huroi to buy enough time. Huroi showed a surprising performance. He picked up the shield that had been blown away by the orc chief\'s whirlwind attack and used it to block the chief\'s attacks.

Then he used that gap to take out a glass bottle.

\'What is that\'

I felt it at that moment. Huroi threw the glass bottle at the orc chief, and flames emerged from the broken bottle that hit the chief.


The orc chief\'s eyes widened with fear as his shoulder caught on fire.

\'Firebomb! Yes.

Frostlight orcs are vulnerable to fire.\'

How did Huroi have a firebomb 

\'Did he prepare firebombs before coming here Isn\'t he quite good\'

As I marvelled at Huroi\'s preparedness, he pulled out new bottles in both hands and shouted.

“Take this! 49 firebomb bombardment!

… Did he become too excited after the firebomb hit the orc chief He called out a childish technique name and threw the firebombs continuously.

Pepeng! Pepepepeng!

The orc chief\'s massive body caught on fire.


The screams of the orc chief echoed in the sky, then Huroi armed himself with a sword again after all the firebombs were exhausted.

Then he attacked the burning orc chief.

Puuok! Puuok!

I formed a fist as I watched blue blood flow from the orc chief.

\'The raid, did it succeed\'

But was anything easy

“Kuruk! Kuruk! Kuruk!

The burning orc chieftain snorted as Huroi continuously attacked him.

Then he pulled out a small bead from his pocket.

He held the bead up to the sky.

What is he doing

As I was baffled by the unknown action, the blue skin of the orc chief gradually turned red.

Then dark clouds formed in the sky. Just the ambiance alone was remarkable.

He was probably using a tremendous skill.

Huroi also used a skill.

Strong Will!

At the same time,



Once the orc chief\'s whole body turned red, a red lightning bolt fell down from the sky and struck the orc chief\'s axe.

Then the orc chief aimed the red lightning covered axe down towards Huroi.

The momentum was so amazing that it seemed like even Winston\'s high walls would collapse from a blow of that lightning covered axe. I naturally predicted Huroi\'s death.




The orc chieftain spoke in the unknown language and I couldn\'t understand it. The moment that the orc chief\'s red-colored axe struck Huroi\'s forehead! The axe wasn\'t able to pierce Huroi\'s forehead.

I belatedly recalled Huroi\'s actions that I witnessed in Winston Dungeon.

\'He obviously… at that time, he clearly blocked the knight\'s attack with his body.\'

Huroi must have a tremendous defense skin. The orc chief\'s axe was pushed to the side and Huroi went on the defensive. 



Huroi stabbed again and again without taking a break.

Kuwek! Kieeeek!

Was this the aftermath of using a great technique Or maybe it was because the damage caused by the firebomb was too great The orc chief returned to his blue color and acted defensively without being able to resist. 

Then Huroi used the Unbreakable Justice skill after the cooldown time was over.



It struck the abdomen… The orc chief was hit by Unbreakable Justice and fell down. Afterwards, Huroi climbed onto the orc chief\'s body and continued to stab downwards, without caring about the damage to himself.

The orc chief was beaten for a while, then he swung his arms and threw Huroi away. Then the orc chief started to swing his axe in a wild manner.


Despite the firebomb bombardment and constant stabbing, the orc chief didn\'t show any signs of dying. At first, Huroi wanted to block the attacks with his shield, but then he eventually backed away. Huroi\'s shield was on the brink of being destroyed due to the damage.

\'The end.\'

Huroi was taking potions steadily, but his health was already at the bottom. I could see that Huroi wouldn\'t last much longer.

\'Shit, i thought we won when the firebombs were thrown… In the end, I have to go forward again.\'

I thought I could sit back and eat the profits, but that wasn\'t the case. As I prepared to move, I saw Huroi\'s bloody body running back towards the orc chieftain again.

Eh Hey, Huroi! Don\'t overdo it! Pass on the baton! While I fight, you stay behind and fill up your health again!

“Don\'t you know that we can\'t cause much damage to the orc chief this way

“But if you die, won\'t I be left alone Then the odds of winning will be gone!

I would rather fight the orc chief while Huroi retreated.

But I couldn\'t break Huroi\'s decision.

My Liege! I will see you later! Sacrifice for Justice!

Suddenly, Huroi\'s sword started to shine gold.

Huroi\'s health dropped until there was only 10,000 left.

What\'s this

As I was feeling confused, Huroi\'s shining gold sword struck the orc chief\'s chest.

At that moment, a strange thing happened.


The orc chief, who had been hit by firebombs and constantly stabbed, let out a dreadful scream of pain. I could see that the orc chief\'s health fell sharply due to the strike from the gold sword.

Huroi grinned, I will leave the rest to you.


The pain filled chief swung his axe at Huroi, who turned into a grey light.

[Your party member Huroi has died.]

I was left alone.


The orc chief roared and rushed at me.

But it couldn\'t be compared to before.

The orc chief was definitely hurt.

“… It can\'t be helped.

Blacksmith’s Rage.

Quick Movements.

[Blacksmith\'s Rage has been activated.

Your attack power and attack speed will increase significantly for 20 seconds.]

[Quick Movements has been activated.

Your agility and evasion rate will increase significantly for 1 minute.]

I temporarily elevated the abilities of my body and used Wind Blast to precisely hit the wound on the orc chief\'s chest.

[You have dealt 1,090 damage to the target.]



My attacks clearly dealt more damage to the orc chief, who was visibly distressed.

\'It is clear that Huroi\'s Sacrifice for Justice skill created this situation.

\'The Sacrifice for Justice skill… Is it a skill that consumes his health in order to deal great damage to the enemy, as well as decrease their defense\'

I drank a mana potion and started attacking more aggressively.

Unbreakable Justice!



[You have suffered 5,006 damage.]

The orc chief\'s resistance was fading.

His skin was turning red again as he swung his axe randomly.

He took out the bead to summon the red lightning bolt again. I needed to kill him before his whole body turned red and the lightning bolt was summoned.

[You have dealt 1,600 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 1,711 damage to the target.]

[You have suffered 2,203 damage.]

[You have dealt 1,509 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 1,830 damage to the target.]

[You have suffered 2,500 damage.]

I didn\'t back down. I stood there and attacked as much as possible.  I knew that if I retreated from here, I would be defeated by the summoned red lightning bolt. Now was the time to win!



Peng! Peng!

Puk! Puuok!

[You have suffered 2,154 damage.]

[The Apostle of Justice\'s bravery is unmatched.]

[The Apostle of Justice is in a crisis.

You won\'t easily collapse in front of the enemies.]

[All stats will increase by 30%.]

My health fell below 10% and my attack power increased from the passive effect.

[You have dealt 2,480 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 2,502 damage to the target.]

Kuock! Kuwoook!

The whole body of the orc chieftain was dyed in red. Then a red lightning bolt flashed across the sky. Would the axe covered with that lightning fall towards my head Or would the orc chief succumb first

I didn\'t know. Right now, the only thing I could do was attack.


The lightning bolt hit the orc chief\'s axe. At the same time, the cooldown of Unbreakable Justice ended. I gazed at the axe falling towards me head and used Unbreakable Justice.



Just before the orc chief\'s axe hit my forehead,


Unbreakable Justice hit the orc chief\'s chest, who screamed and coughed up blood.

He knelt down and disappeared into a grey light.

[You have defeated the frostlight orc chief.]

[750 gold has been acquired.]

[Blessed Weapon Enhancement Stones (2) has been acquired.]

[Blessed Armor Enhancement Stones (3) has been acquired.]

[Frostlight Orc Chief\'s Helmet has been acquired.]

[Red Lightning Summoning Bead has been acquired.]

[Sylphid scales (7) have been acquired.]

[3,554,000 experience has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

I received seven sylphid scales, various other items, a huge amount of gold and a huge amount of experience.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.


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