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Chapter 64

My family was relieved of the immediate crisis because of the money I earned.

I was able to avoid the worst situation, where our assets wouldve been seized by paying the overdue interest caused by my fathers friend running away.

“Hum hum hum~”

My mother hummed to herself with a bright expression.

Sehee also felt good as she held hands with my mother.

As I watched the warm sight of my mother and daughter walking together, my father spoke next to me.

“Im indebted to my son.

Im sorry.”

“No, indebted Why are you saying that to me”

“…Hey, this is a matter of a mans pride.”


Somehow, I felt like I could understand my father.

I shut my mouth as my father placed an arm over my shoulders.

“The rush is gone, so dont worry about the future.

Your mother and I will work hard and pay off the remaining debt within three years.

I will also repay the 240 million won that I borrowed from you.

Your mother and I are capable of at least that much.

So dont worry about it anymore, and just do what you want to do.

Youre 26, one of the most important periods in your life.

I will make sure that your path is clear, so do your best.

If the path you decided to walk if playing a game… try to be the best there.

Im cheering you on.”

My father said so, but the remaining 600 million won was too much for my parents to pay back.

Even if my father didnt like it, I would be sure to help him.

This was atonement for being a bad son.

But before that, I had to clarify one thing.

“Father, I gave you 240,800,000 won, not 240 million.

Dont forget the 800,000 won.”


The sky was blue.

My heart was blue.

The useless son was transforming into someone dependable after obtaining a legendary class and making a legendary item.

I felt fulfilled as I grew as a person.

…Although I still didnt escape a debt.

‘Ill give up on going to the reunion this year.

The atmosphere in Winston was chaotic.

“Did you hear The Yatan Temple defeated the troops again.

Captain Phoenix was seriously injured…”

“No way Captain Phoenix is the strongest knight! He lost, even though he led the army himself”

“Its rumored that the opponent was one of the Seven Servants.”

“W-What Did Winston earn the wrath of the Seven Servants What will happen to Winston in the future”

“Ah… we barely escaped from the Mero Company, and now we have to go through something like this…”

Not long ago, a Yatan Temple was discovered in the outskirts of Winston.

Lady Irene dispatched troops three times to get rid of the temple, but all three times were a failure.

The opponent was one of the Seven Servants who could make a child start crying… Honestly, I didnt really care.

“That story has nothing to do with me.”

I left behind the anxious residents and entered Khans smithy.

Then I thought about my future as I touched the 20,000 gold I had left.

‘Ill get big profits when completing an item with a high rating.

On the other hand, I will receive big damage if the item has a low rating.

Thanks to the Legendary Blacksmiths Craftsmanship Skill and Legendary Blacksmiths Breath, the stats of an item could increase by 19%.

But I might not be able to obtain the original value if I made a level 160 normal rated item.

In other words, making an item with high usage conditions wasnt always profitable.

‘I should make an item that wont cause huge damages, even if it ends up being normal rated.

It was a reality that when I created items, the normal rating almost always popped up.

Taking this into consideration, I decided to make a level 140 item that would still earn me a profit even if it had a normal rating.

‘I need to pay off the debt quickly.

I had to work very hard to pay off the 600 million won debt and the interest each month.

I looked at my status window before starting work.

Name: Grid

Level: 45 (3,400/238,000)

Class: Pagmas Descendant

* The probability of adding additional options when making items will increase.

* The probably of item enhancement will increase.

* All equipment items can be worn unconditionally.

However, there is a penalty depending on the rating of the item.

Title: One who Became a Legend

* Abnormal conditions dont work well on you.

* You wont die when health is at the minimum.

* Easily acknowledged.

Title: First Unique Item Maker

* Dexterity 200

Title: Only Legendary Item Maker

* Dexterity 350

Title: Knight Slayer

* Stamina 100.

* Strength 30

Title: Apostle of Justice

* All stats 10.

* The Apostle of Justices bravery is unmatched.

Health: 5,682/5,682 Mana: 504/504

Strength: 393 Stamina: 411 Agility: 195 Intelligence: 168

Dexterity: 838 Persistence: 190

Composure: 143 Indomitable: 162 Dignity: 143 Insight: 143

Courage: 87

Stat Points: 0

Weight: 842/11,660

All my stats had risen tremendously after creating various epic items and the one legendary item.

In particular, my dexterity and persistence stat had increased significantly during the process of making items.

I had surpassed the stats of a level 80 warrior a long time ago.

Thanks to this, I wanted to run to the hunting grounds straight away.

‘With these stats and the Ideal Dagger… I can easily hunt level 100 monsters after making a few pieces of armor.

It was exciting to swing a sword at monsters.

I could acquire items and experience, eventually leveling up.

The excitement that could only be found when raising my level through hunting! It had been months since I felt that feeling!

‘…Forget it.

I have to earn money.

I held a hammer instead of a sword.

It was an old hammer that I had been using for many months now!

‘The durability is falling faster… Hrmm, should I make a new one

I didnt know how to make a hammer, but I could make a simple one with my capabilities.

I put iron in the furnace for the sake of making a hammer.

Khan asked from where he was watching on the sidelines.

“What type of work are you making this time”



“Im making a hammer.”

“Huh… Are you going to use the hammer youre making”


I nodded and Khan spoke with confusion.

“Youve been using that hammer for the last few months, so I thought there was a special story regarding that hammer…”

“Story There isnt anything like that.

This is the only hammer I have, so I just used it.

Theres no special meaning.”

“No, then why didnt you make a new hammer sooner”

“Ah, what a surprise! Why are you shouting all of a sudden”

Khan explained.

“There are four important things when making battle gear! First! Outstanding techniques.

Second! The materials.

Third! Patience and devotion.

Fourth! A hammer with a good performance.

But you have been using that garbage like hammer for no special reason! This is really ridiculous.”


I brought up the details of the hammer I used.

[Blacksmiths Hammer]

Durability: 50/70 Attack Power: 18~25

A hammer used by a blacksmith to make items, but it can also be used as a weapon.

Conditions of Use: None.

Weight: 60

I got this hammer from Bairan Village and there were no special features.

I always thought that all production hammers were the same.

But Khans response told me differently.

I tried appraising Khans hammer.

“Legendary Blacksmiths Appraisal.”

[The blacksmith who becomes a legend that appraises items with an excellent discerning eye.

If a hidden feature exists in the target item, it will be found.]

[Excellent Blacksmiths Hammer]

Rating: Rare

Durability: 166/250 Attack Power: 40~50

Odds of Making a Rare Rated Item: 10%

A blacksmith hammer that Khan inherited from his father.

It can still be used on a daily basis because he uses it carefully.

User Restriction: Level 80 or higher.

More than 60 strength.

Intermediate Blacksmith skill.

Weight: 80

[A hidden function doesnt exist.]

[You have grasped the materials that make up the Excellent Blacksmiths Hammer, the production method and the intentions of its creator.]

[Your understanding of the Excellent Blacksmiths Hammer is now at 100%.]

[You have learned how to make the Excellent Blacksmiths Hammer.]


It was true.

Hammers also had several ratings and options.

If I knew this, I wouldve thrown the crappy hammer away and made an epic rated hammer!

“I thought that all production hammers were the same.” I shouted towards the air, before looking at Khan.

“What Why Why didnt you tell me that hammers were so important How long were you going to watch while I used this old hammer”

Khan was embarrassed.

“Youre Pagmas Descendant, so I never imagined that you wouldnt even know the basics… As I said earlier, I thought you were using the old hammer because there was a special story…”


Now wasnt the time to blame Khan.

I hurriedly started making a hammer.

Normal rated hammers emerged, but I continued sweating and was able to make an epic rated hammer on the sixth attempt.

[Unknown Blacksmiths Hammer]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 350/350 Attack Power: 70~80

Odds of Making a Rare Rated Item: 17%

Odds of Making an Epic Rated Item: 7%

A blacksmiths hammer made by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but his experience and reputation is somewhat lacking.

This is a hammer produced by the craftsman himself, so it isnt suitable for other blacksmiths to use.

Conditions of Use: Pagmas Descendant

Weight: 80

Was it because I specifically designed it Only Pagmas Descendant could use it.

Out of two billion Satisfy users, it was an item only I could use.

But the options werent so great compared to the conditions of use.

‘If its only for Pagmas Descendant, it should increase the rate of making unique and legendary items… In any case, this is a stingy game.

Huh The item description changed


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