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All roles had responsibilities. There were no unimportant responsibilities.

A king’s responsibilities for controlling a country were rather serious.

“Oppa, are you okay”

Before logging into Satisfy.

Sehee had breakfast with her family.


Youngwoo raised his head from where he had been eating eel for breakfast.

Sehee looked at him anxiously.

"I saw from the news that you’re very busy as the king.

You need to pay attention to areas such as politics, economics, diplomacy, education, arts, etc The experts were worried that an average person’s physical health...”

Sehee placed a piece of eel on rice as she spoke.

Their parents were worried.

"Youngwoo, you shouldn’t skip meals even if you’re busy.

Please sleep well and eat a lot of broccoli.”

“How can it not be tiring after taking responsibility for hundreds of thousands of lives But don’t forget that you’re someone’s precious family member and you should be careful about your health.”

“You don't have to worry.” Youngwoo ate a large spoonful of rice, eel, and broccoli and laughed.

“All the busy and complicated tasks are being done by Lauel.

My parent’s precious son isn’t having a hard time.



If Lauel was living close by, they would give him medication...

Youngwoo’s parents felt gratitude towards Lauel, while Sehee was worried for a different reason.

‘That cold-blooded person is abusing the people again’

There was no doubt that Lauel was suffering on behalf of her brother and she didn’t doubt his abilities.

But Sehee thought there was a problem with Lauel’s attitude towards the people.

‘I will protect the people in the name of the Saintess!’

Of course, as long as she didn’t hold back her brother.




Rebecca Temple (1).

The magnificent temple built right beside Reinhardt Palace gave a beautiful view when the morning sun came up.

The stone statue of Goddess Rebecca in the center of the temple seemed to smile more intensely, as the marble on the ground became waves of silver.

“...Goddess Rebecca.”

A young man bowed in front of the statue.

Blue eyes could be seen through silver hair.

"When I woke up, there were exactly 203 strands of hair on my pillow.

It took me seven minutes to count.

Is this really hair loss It can’t be restored with the power of the benevolent goddess...

Will this wound last for eternity”

One month after the kingdom was established. The Overgeared Kingdom was developing without much difficulty. Using the existing forces of Overgeared and Duke Steim’s troops, the Eternal territory was thoroughly defended and absorbed, accepting the Eternal people in the process. 

In addition, the domestic affairs of Reinhardt and Reidan were steadily developing.

Many facilities were built and as a result, player immigrants started to emerge. The Siren Kingdom was politically incorporated into the Overgeared Kingdom and formed a relationship with the Fold Kingdom.

This was all Lauel’s work.

Having suffered a great deal of fatigue and mental suffering during this hard work, Lauel felt that his hair was thinner than before.

"I wonder if I can appeal to Miss Ruby as I am now, an angel who lost his wings...”

Lauel still had a lot of hair, but it was a problem.

It seemed highly likely that he was actually losing hair.


Now my heart is like a stormy sea.

I need a guiding light...”

"What are you doing every morning"


Lauel stood up from where he was praying in front of the statue.

He looked back and saw Grid.

Grid wore his newly made crown and showed the elegance of a king.

"You are here, my king.”

"I told you not to talk like that when there are no NPCs around...

What You...

Why are your eyes dead like that”

“Should I tell you honestly”

“Tell me.”

"It is too hard these days.”

“I see.”

"Please help me."


Grid was startled.

He never imagined that Lauel would ask for his help.

‘This person usually refuses any help...’

The burden on him must be too big right now.

The sorry Grid laid a hand on Lauel’s shoulder.

"Just say anything.

I won’t avoid my role.”

"If so, make the quests...”


Quest creation was a privilege of the nobles and king. The nobles and king could create quests as needed and announce them to the players. The utilization was infinite. It could be used to meet the needs of the nobles and the king, such as Great Magician Ashur’s quest for Pagma’s Rare Book, or could be used purely for the growth of the players and NPCs.

Was it difficult No, it was very simple. Thus, Grid was disappointed.

"It is just this...”

"Simple labor for the boss is the best.”


To be honest, it’s too much for you to do this daily.”

Lauel was a top class worker.

He wasn’t suitable for simple labor.

Grid accepted willingly.

"Okay, leave today’s quest quota to me.”

"You should consider the level of the players and NPCs when creating quests.

Our financial status as well.

We are quite poor.”

"Okay, okay.

Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

“Ah! Don’t share the work with Jude! Then the kingdom will be ruined!”

“I understand!”

Borrowing Jude’s hand Grid made an indignant sound.

After giving his morning greetings to Queen Irene and Prince Lord, he headed straight to the office.

“Quest Creation.”


[You can generate quests using the authority of the Overgeared King.]

[The national rating of the kingdom is F.

The total number of quests available per day is 8,000.



"It’s morning yet nearly half of them have already been created.”

It meant that the Overgeared members scattered all over were doing their best.

"I should do my part.”

Grid closely watched the system window.


[A king is not dependent on the territory.

You can announce quests throughout the kingdom.]

[A king is not dependent on the financial status.

You can create high level quests without restrictions.

However, please be cautious of going into debt.]


"Save money now...”

It would be better to create F~E rank quests that consumed around 10~20 gold.

Most of the players in the Overgeared Kingdom were low level.

"But this won’t satisfy mid to high level players, so I need to mix in an adequate amount of D-A grade quests.”

10 gold was 12,000 won in cash. It meant it would cost two bowls of jajangmyeon to create the lowest level F grade quest. He needed 100 gold to generate C grade quests. However, the Overgeared Kingdom created 8,000 quests a day. Was this financially feasible

Of course it was possible. If a player cleared a quest generated by a kingdom, the kingdom was also rewarded.

There was a 50% refund on the gold spent on the quest creation and additional rewards were obtained according to the quest rewards.

In addition, the goods acquired by players and NPCs as quest rewards would be returned as taxes.

 It was a good cycle.

The quest NPCs would also have their levels increased from the quest being cleared.

“Create a D-grade quest.”


[Please enter the details.

The contents of the quest must be feasible.]


It was natural that the contents of the quest should contribute to the development of the kingdom.

Grid remembered the basics and thought about the thieves that appeared near Reinhardt recently.

“The remnants of the noble forces...

Let’s fight them.”


[The specified targets are over level 200.

According to a report from a scout, they are made up of regular soldiers and knights.

It can’t be classified as a D-grade quest.]


“R-Really Then let’s make it C-grade.”


[The specified targets are over level 200.

According to a report from a scout, they are made up of regular soldiers and knights.

They are too strong to be classified as a C-grade quest.

Do you still want to proceed]


"Phew, barely made it.”

It was a relief that it could be classified as a C-grade quest.

It would’ve been a loss since a B-grade quest consumed 300 gold to make.

"It’s good from the start.


Grid smiled as he confirmed the quest creation.


[’Eliminate the Thieves Near Reinhardt’ quest will be announced in the square.]

[Eliminate the Thieves Near Reinhardt]

Difficulty: C.

Overgeared King Grid has commanded the brave people of Overgeared to head to the foothills in the north and defeat the thieves.

The security of Reinhardt is in your hands.

Quest Clear Reward: 500 gold.

3 million experience.

A Fallen Knight set item.



The rewards for a C-grade quest were too good Grid was bewildered before laughing.

"Is it because the king made the quest”

This was the king’s dignity!

“Okay! Let’s do this! Quest Creation! Quest Creation! Quest Creation!”

Grid continued making quests. 

On this day. Reinhardt fell into great confusion.




“What is this”

Reinhardt’s central square.

The users trying to receive quests before going to the hunting grounds doubted their eyes.

It was because the contents of the announced quests were unusual.

“Is this quest rating correct”

“Is it a bug”

The difficulty of the quests announced was much higher than general quests. F~E grade quests were suitable for players below level 50, D grade quests were for players below level 100, C grade quests were for players below level 150 and B grade quests were for players below level 250.

Of course, there were individual differences depending on the player’s class and their items. However, the contents of the quests announced today were ludicrous.

The D grade quests were almost the same as C grade quests, while the C grade quests were almost the same as B grade quests.

"This is...

A new method of torture’

"Is he trying to raise us in a Spartan way”

"Look! I told you! There are only crazy people in the Overgeared Guild and we should be careful about moving to the Overgeared Kingdom! We shouldn’t have been deceived by the tax benefits!”

The players trembled.

They questioned the created quests and looked around.

"It’s okay if we perform a quest with a lower rating than usual.”

“But the compensation...”

"The difficulty is almost B grade, but it is classified as a C grade and the quest reward is the highest level of the C grade compensation.”

"Oh, the Overgeared Kingdom sucks.”

"No, calm down guys." 

Amidst the rush of complaints and curses, one player stepped forward. His ID was Coke. He was a big shot among the second generation rookies. Several years ago, he was honored with the experience of dying by bones thrown by Piaro in Patrian.

Of course, only a small portion of this was known.

"The Overgeared Kingdom wouldn’t create these quests without thinking.

We must grasp what God Grid is thinking.”

"What God Grid nonsense...

He’s dirty.”

"The rumor that Coke is a Grid fan is real.”

The voices were small, as if they were whispering. None of the players spoke loudly enough for Coke to hear. The average level of the players who moved to the Overgeared Kingdom was in the mid-100s.

Meanwhile, Coke was level 230.

They couldn’t randomly mess with him.

Coke spoke his thoughts.

"Quests from a kingdom have special features.

We can receive support from the soldiers.

Understand God Grid set such a high level of difficulty because he wants us to cooperate with the soldiers to clear the quests.”

"Why do you think so”

“It’s obvious.

We will grow further by challenging difficult quests.

It will also raise the level of the soldiers and achieve a military growth.

Think about it.

This isn’t a loss for us.

We can get higher quest rewards than usual as well as an opportunity to build up favor with the soldiers.”

"Isn’t this interpretation too good Isn’t the number of soldiers that can be assigned per quest limited For example, a C grade quest can only receive the assistance of two soldiers.

You want to wipe out the remnants of the nobles with two soldiers Does this make sense’

"That's right.

The E~D grade quests can only receive the support of one soldier.

How can we wipe out 10 direwolves like that Won’t we just become dog food”

There was no way to refute the players’ complaints.

Their viewpoint was cold and realistic.

Coke was also sympathetic. But his pride was too strong to change his position after supporting Grid. This was the ego of a second generation rookie.


In the end.

"I believe in God Grid!”

Coke closed his eyes tightly before accepting the only B grade quest. The content of the ‘One Horned Griffin’ was to hunt five of them. It was impossible for the level 230 Coke to hunt one horned griffins which had a minimum level of 300.


“I believe in God Grid!” 

There was no turning back now. Coke felt half desperate as he turned towards the barracks.

He selected five soldiers and left for the griffin nest.

The players watched him.

They followed Coke to laugh at how the arrogant Coke would suffer alone.

Coke would soon be in tears from the humiliation he would suffer.


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