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Chapter 56

“I dont know.

I only met her when we competed in the game, so how could I know so much about her”

“Didnt you team up with your successor and participated in the fight He also didnt notice anything about Erina”


These guys couldnt even guess that I was Khans successor.

Maybe it was because I looked like a beginner, as no one would think that the successor of the prestigious blacksmith Khan would be a beginner.

“…Sheesh.” Whether it was because they were irritated at not gaining anything, or because he was an NPC, the men left without saying goodbye to Khan.

I pulled out salt from my inventory and sprinkled it in front of the smithy.

“Phew, unlucky bastards.

Dont come back again.”

Khan scratched his head as he looked at me.

“Shouldnt you be sprinkling coarse salt”

“…Ah, is that so Hum hum, lets go back to work.”

As I turned back to the furnace, Khan opened his mouth and asked, “Are you going to work today without resting”

“Of course.”

“The more I look, the more I feel admiration.

You already have excellent skills, but you arent satisfied and you keep working hard…”

Excellent skills… If my skills were really excellent, I wouldve created a unique and legendary rated item among the 73 items that I made.

But not only did a unique rating not emerge, I only made three epic rated items.

I was still lacking.

I needed to raise my skill level further.

I would make a lot of money and show my parents.

‘I need to be quickly recognized by my parents…

The fact that I had less time to play the game was a big problem.

Ttang! Ttang!

As I concentrated on making the items, Khan sat at the counter and sold the items I made to the customers.

It was a very desirable system; other users would go green in envy if they saw this.

Why There were three ways that ordinary users could sell items to other users:

Firstly – they could open up a street stall and sell them to users directly.

Secondly – they could sell items at the auction site.

Thirdly, they could post the items to be sold on a cash transaction site.

In the first case, a lot of time could be wasted waiting for customers to come.

In addition, bargaining with the customers was frequent and could be stressful.

The second and third options saved time but there were high fees involved.

In other words, it meant that a normal user had to take time and money to sell the items.

But I was different.

Khan sold the items on my behalf, saving me time.

He also didnt charge me a sales commission.

I just needed to make the items, while Khan sold them and gave the proceeds back to me.

If I steadily made money by producing more than two items a day, I would surely become rich someday…

“…Im still waiting! This is rotten.

No, **.

Does this make sense I am a legendary class so why cant I make a legendary item”

On that day, the S.A.

Group Headquaters operations team received an email.

Title: Look and you will see.

Contents: If you look at my information, you can see that Im a legendary blacksmith.

So why cant I make any legendary items If I am a legendary blacksmith, isnt it normal for me to be able to make a legendary item No, I didnt do anything else for a month and made 73 items, but there were no legendary items at all.

Yes I didnt create a single unique item and only made three epic items, so isnt this manipulation Yes You are probably manipulating this right Huh Right Ah, look.

This is really X.

Do you want me to snap Should I go there Eh The materials and production method are good, so isnt this manipulation, you #


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