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Chapter 51

The media in each country reported the news that the first second class had appeared.

South Korea.

The United States.

The United Kingdom.



Peoples interest in the second class was so high that the media from all over the world organized a special program for the first second class.

On the other hand, Shin Youngwoo sighed after escaping from the dungeon, leaving Rabbit and logging out.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he sat in front of the TV, boiled ramyun and trembled as he watched the news.

“Im really envious… Getting two more stat points with every level up, isnt that completely a scam What bastard got a second class Ah, damn.

Im sick from envy.”

Shin Youngwoo couldnt even imagine that he knew the first person who acquired the second class.


The whole family gathered for dinner.

I declared in front of my family, “I wont go to the labor office anymore.”

It was a bolt from the blue!

“My son Youngwoo.

You finally got a job Great, my son! I believed in you.”

“Wow, Oppa! Are you going to be an employee now Congratulations! What should I prepare as a celebration gift”

“Sob sob, Mother has been heartbroken in the meantime from all your suffering at the construction sites.

Havent you gone through a lot of trouble so far”

I expected such reactions from my family.

But reality was cruel.

Tak! There was a loud sound as my father placed the spoon down on the table.

“Are you going to start your life again”

My mother sighed.

“No matter how hard you work… How will you pay back the debt in the future and what will you do about marriage…”

Sehee clicked her tongue.

“How can an adult be so selfish Are you thinking about relying on our parents until youre old Oppa is terrible, how pathetic.”

Unbelievable… Was this my family

“Who is planning on playing around at home” I exclaimed.

“Why do you think that stopping the labor jobs is a sign of giving up Why dont you think that your son and your Oppa has found a new job”

Sehees eyes widened like she was really surprised.

“What Oppa got a new job There is a place that will accept Oppa”

My mother spoke to herself.

“Perhaps it is a job at a convenience store… A convenience store job is easy, but the hourly rate is less than the labor jobs…”

My father asked me with a serious face.

“Youngwoo, you havent been deceived by a friend and dragged into a multi-level company like last time”

“Hey! It isnt anything like that! I have an incredibly good job!”

“What is it”

“It is a professional gamer.

I will make money from the game! Dont you know that Im a blacksmith in the game This is a really good job and I can sell my items for an expensive price.

With a little more luck, I can earn the equivalent of a CEO salary someday.

A great merchant in the game has promised to support me.”


In the sudden silence, my father spoke in an angry voice.

“…So you want to stay home and play games”

What Why was he mad

“It is easy to say.

The more I play the game, the more money I can earn.

Maybe I should live in the capsule all day.




The spoon flew and hit my forehead.

My mother gave my father a new spoon and he threw it at my forehead again.

“Ack! Why Why all of a sudden”

“Tomorrow, go to the labor office.”

“No, why Didnt you hear my words I will make money from the game!”

My mother wiped at her tears.

“Gosh, your brother is really serious.

You shouldnt be like this, Sehee.”

What was my mother saying

Sehee bit her lip angrily and shouted, “Please grow up, Oppa! Youre going to make money from the game Havent you been playing for the past year And your debt has only increased! Face reality!”

“No… its different now.

I have a new fate now that Im a blacksmith… Ive gone through a lot of things and now the best merchant will help me…”

“Stop talking about the game! The game is a joke!”


I tried to explain the details but they didnt listen to me.

As I looked at the dark scene of chaos unfolding in front of me, I realized my family wouldnt believe me even if I explained it properly.

Then the next morning.

Due to my crying mother, I had to change clothes and go to the workplace.

I took a labor job and worked out the plan for the rest of my life.

I needed to level up and complete the class quest, but the most important thing was making money.

‘First, lets accept Rabbits proposal.

I didnt know yet how Rabbit would help me get rich.

But I was sure that it wasnt an exaggeration.

He was the second highest ranked person in the Mero Company, so he was obviously great.

It would be good to trust him as a business partner.

‘If I use Khans smithy as a base, I can be very comfortable… Well, I hope to have more time to play the game.

But first of all, I need to make money inside the game so that my parents will apologize.

Satisfy news could be found at any time when turning on the TV or Internet.

My parents shouldve come across people who became world famous or rich through Satisfy.

But nevertheless, they didnt think I could make money with Satisfy.

As Sehee said, it was because I spent one year… no, to be exact, I spent a year and a month already playing Satisfy.

‘It isnt unreasonable that they dont trust me… I need proof to persuade my parents.

That evening.

I came home from work and immediately connected to Satisfy.

Then I went to Khans smithy.

“Ohh, welcome Grid!”

Khan greeted me with an incredibly bright expression.

It wasnt just him.

The anxiety on all the faces of the residents that I passed by had disappeared.

‘Is Winston at peace It looks like Euphemina and Rabbit did a good job.

I asked Khan, “Has Rabbit came here”

Khans expression darkened.

“Um… this letter arrived for you.”

Khan handed me a letter.

I read it.



This is Rabbit.

Earl Steim couldnt excuse all the sins I committed against the people of Winston when I was still part of the Mero Company, so I couldnt receive a full pardon.

My business plan with you is in vain.

Mr Grid, with your abilities, you will become the richest person with your own strength.

Please ask for Khans advice and make wonderful items.

Khans artistic sense will be a great help to you.

I will watch your myth from a distance and sincerely pray for your success.]


What was this


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