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Chapter 416

There was nothing in front of strength.

This was one of the truths of the game. It was an undeniable law.

An extreme example of this law was applied in boss raids. Bosses that had millions of health If they suffered from tens of thousands of damage from dozens of players, they would eventually fall.

But what if the boss monster had the power to knock down the players in one go This truth was likely to be broken. In that sense, it wasn\'t impossible for Grid to wipe out 37 people from the allied teams alone.


South Korea vs the allies.

Despite the efforts of Yura and Peak Sword, South Korea went increasingly on the defensive because the numerical disadvantage was too much. All of the Korean players except for Yura and Peak Sword were logged out.

This was the end for South Korea! The moment that the people of the world were thinking the worst.

The protagonist appears.

After defeating Bondre and Bubat, Grid finally joined the battlefield. As always, he appeared with truly exquisite timing. Originally, the commentators and spectators would be thrilled to see him…

『 Grid\'s outfit is really unique.

『 Um… It is vague.

The commentators and spectators were embarrassed as they saw Grid. Black armor and cloak, golden leggings and helmet, and red gauntlets. Grid\'s appearance was ridiculous after he wore different armor.

He has no sense of aesthetics.

How can he go around looking like that Isn\'t it embarrassing

“My daughter is in elementary school and she has a better grasp of colors than Grid…

If they looked at Grid\'s armor individually, all the pieces were beautifully designed and nicely colored. But the harmony of colors together was a mess. The black armor and red gauntlets were okay, but the armor was the same color as the cloak, as well as the leggings and helmet…

The combination didn\'t look good. It was a funny outfit that comedians would wear when they played punishment games.

“Grid, what are you doing Are you aiming to kill us with laughter

How thick is the sheet of iron in front of your face that you can go around like that

“I would rather be naked.

The momentum of the allied teams rose. They laughed at Grid\'s state and lost their tension. In the first place, Grid had wasted a lot of skills and mana while dealing with Bondre and Bubat, so the allied teams believed that they could easily kill Grid if they worked together.

But the result They were all wiped out. Most of the team members had second advancement users and weren\'t able to penetrate Grid\'s defense.

Meanwhile, Grid\'s attack power shattered the defense of the allied teams.

Grid paid back every blow with 10 blows and slaughtered 37 people.

Hit, hit, hit, and hit. Grid\'s simple battle strategy caused the enemies to feel an enormous fear.

“If I can\'t reproduce the strongest attack power because of the patch then I will show the strongest defense.

He didn\'t keep this declaration. Unlike his declaration, he showed the strongest attack power and the strongest defense. It was truly an overwhelming display of items. It was a show of hope for millions of people dreaming of being overgeared.

『 A-Amazing… Amazing! 』

『 The current Grid can probably deal with two third advancement classes alone… 』

『 At the end of Grid\'s performance, the allied teams have been knocked out! 』

It was the moment when the commentators praised Grid for the annihilation of the allied teams.


Zibal was sitting down and resting to recover from the powerful damage dealt by Pon. He watched the scoreboard with bloodshot eyes.


South Korea – 83 points.


United States – 68 points.


Russia – 47 points.


Canada – 36 points.


The allied teams, those guys were useless. Not only did they not destroy the South Korean team, they couldn\'t even stop South Korean from hitting the targets. Lauel saw that Korea was ahead and said.

“I hoped that we could catch up while South Korea\'s scoring was slowed down.

Now that they can concentrate on the target processing, we\'ll be forced to defend second place.

“What if we hit South Korea

We have a chance.

South Korea is tired and we\'re all strong, except for you.

Lauel emphasized the \'except for you\' part. Zibal frowned at the words, causing Lauel to laugh.

But I can\'t say how long it will take to defeat Grid.

Currently, Grid has at least 3,100 defense and he seemed to have an extreme resistance to physical attacks.


The average defense of the third advancement tankers was at least 2,500.

Yet it was estimated that Grid had a defense that easily surpassed 3,000, despite being a blacksmith and not a tanker. He didn\'t even have any passive skills to increase his defense.

\'Damn items.\'

Zibal also had excellent items due to the 1st ranked blacksmith, Panmir.

It was why he wasn\'t killed by Pon\'s Rail Spear.

But somehow, it seemed shameful in front of Grid.

If we fight Korea, we\'ll be giving a chance to Russia and Canada.

It\'s better to be satisfied with second place.

The top of the mountain. Lauel handled the targets while looking down  at the Russian team. It was honestly surprising.

Despite Kraugel not being present, the six people were handling the targets quickly while confronting the Italian team.

\'The four third advancement class rankers have better skills than rumored.

Is Kraugel raising their morale\'

『 Sofia has been logged out! The Hungary team is eliminated! 』

…A monster.

After crossing the forest and mountains, Kraugel assassinated famous ranged damage dealers.

His destructive power was beyond common sense.

It was unrealistic.

Lauel questioned if even Grid could withstand Kraugel\'s onslaught.


Looking at the situation, Kraugel was the most active person on the battlefield. Maybe he was aiming for gold Lauel had overlooked Russia\'s power and realized it late.

\'If that\'s the case…!\'

Kraugel\'s next target would be…

\'Yura of South Korea.\'

Would the biggest match of Grid vs Kraugel occur in the opening event Before being Lauel of Overgeared or Lauel of the United States, Lauel was a player of Satisfy. His honest desire as a pure player was to watch the confrontation between Grid and Kraugel.

It was the common wish among the hundreds of millions of people watching the National competition.



The Chinese and Japanese teams were facing each other on the lowest of the three mountains on Tira. Both teams believed themselves to be Asia\'s ambassadors, so they couldn\'t focus on target processing because they were busy interfering with each other.

However, there were three people who weren\'t tense. They were Japan\'s Damian and Katz, and China\'s Hao.

Indeed! Grid truly is great!

Damian. The strongest paladin who rose to become the first pope user was merely watching Grid\'s activities and feeling admiration.

“Bah, how boring.”

Katz. One of Japan\'s top rankers and an epic class user, he yawned without any hesitation. 

The sky above the sky…

Hao. The draconian and king of fighting was only conscious of Kraugel.

“…Hey guys.

What do we do now”

Yoshimura, who was once called one of the best rankers in Japan. He was strong against the weak and weak against the strong.

Then Katz stepped forward.

“Indeed, it\'s less boring to kill these uncivilized bastards than to stay still. 

The faces of the Chinese rankers reddened.

What Uncivilized

“This nasty brat is speaking nonsense!

I will kill you!

The Chinese rankers were hot-blooded. Once Katz provoked them, the rankers rushed forward at once.


Katz laughed and pulled out a sword from his waist. It was the moment when the might of the Blood Warrior, which absorbed the enemy\'s health with every attack and could use wide range skills using blood, was exposed. Hao saw Katz\' strength instantly and finally came forward.

The struggle between the two Asian countries started in earnest. The Chinese mainland and Japanese island simultaneously went wild. But Damian\'s remark poured cold water on them.

Korea will be the best anyway.


It was the moment when the \'Damian is Korean\' theory became stronger.


\'A 10 billion won neck.\'

Tarma was part of a dark gamers group, Blood Carnival, which committed all types of bad acts. He participated in the National Competition for Greece and his goal was to assassinate Kraugel. He was involved in all possible events that Kraugel would participate in, and he would aim for Kraugel\'s neck every time.

He didn\'t care about the gold medal.

\'I will gain additional benefits if I kill him three times in PvP… Killing other famous rankers will also gain me benefits.

Kukuk, I will make hundreds of millions of won and migrate to the US.\'

He would enjoy a luxurious life in a mansion with beauties every day! He dreamt of a brilliant future as he moved after Kraugel. Then a golden hand hovered around him It was Grid\'s famous God Hands.

\'This is very irritating.\'

Armed with a sword, it was flying alone and handling the targets. It didn\'t care about what was happening in the surroundings. Tarma was afraid he might be spotted by Kruagel because of the God Hand, so he nervously hit the hand with a dagger.


The hand was hit hard and stiffened.


He hit it hard enough for it to go flying, but it just stayed in place

Go away!

Jjang! Jjang! Jjang!

Tarma scowled and hit the God Hand several more times. Then all of the scattered God Hands gathered and headed towards Tarma. They recognized him as an enemy.


They not only moved by themselves, but had the ability to make decisions. There was a reason why Grid was famous for his items.

Tarma was feeling confused when he heard an unfamiliar voice.

What are you doing, assaulting someone else\'s item


Grid appeared in front of Tarma, who had promised to win against Kraugel.

Tarma snorted.


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Chapter 417


He was a legendary class, and the most famous one among the informal rankers. He was behind so many topics that even people indifferent to Satisfy knew Grid\'s name.

But evaluations were split in two. He was either an inexperienced person lucky to obtain a legendary class, or he had the ability itself to acquire a legendary class.

And so on. A person who received both praise and criticism like Grid was rare.

However, those who praised Grid and those who criticized him came to a common consensus. Grid was strong.

But Tarma thought differently.

\'I\'m stronger than a blacksmith.\'

In fact, Tarma had seen Grid\'s battle video several times.

Grid was lacking a lot when seen from the viewpoint of a combat specialist. His combat skills were all aggressive and lacked any defense, but he had no control skills to cover for that lack of defense.

‘Well, he might seem good when looking at it from the level of the public.\'

Tarma ridiculed and made a shooing motion with his hand.

Get lost, small fry.

I don\'t have time to deal with you.

Before the National Competition started, the world predicted that Grid wouldn\'t play a big role, and it was the same for Tarma\'s client. Tarma\'s client didn\'t put a bounty on Grid\'s head. In other words, Tarma didn\'t target Grid.

It was a waste of energy to kill him. He intended on sending Grid away, but his tone was the problem.

Get lost, small fry Grid didn\'t like Tarma\'s attitude.

“What did you call me Get lost

What What are you saying”

Tarma didn\'t understand Grid\'s slang. Then Grid raised his middle finger.

“Eat this.

Grid was more welcoming towards the people around him, but his innate personality was still far from being gentle. The worst of his nature emerged when it came to people like Tarma.

You bastard…

Tarma\'s face distorted like he was a demon. The second reason for Grid\'s grudge was that Tarma was at the point where Grid expected Kraugel to be. Due to that, Grid missed the timing for a perfect surprise attack.

“This can’t be forgiven…”

Tarma growled out.

“Small fry, I will give you a chance to die under my glorious hands.

The world knew Faker as the strongest assassin. Faker was responsible for wiping out one of the seven guilds, the Ice Flower Guild. But those who knew Tarma evaluated Tarma as higher than Faker.

The unofficial ranker, Assassin Tarma. The activities he showed in the world of darkness were greater than Faker\'s achievements.

『 Tarma Who\'s that 』

『 Um, let\'s see… A third advancement assassin belonging to Greece.

His class is Shadow Master… He\'s an unofficial ranker because his level isn\'t disclosed.

There were currently hundreds of cameras installed on Tira Island, capturing the movements of the participants in real time. However, the videos that the broadcasting stations could show were limited, so the users who weren\'t famous weren\'t exposed to the viewers.

One of them was Tarma.

But at this moment. Grid destroyed the allied teams and came across Tarma, making Tarma subject to the attention of the world.

–Tarma He has a third advancement class, which means he\'s at a minimum, the same level as the 80th ranker.

–There seems to be little exposure about him. He\'s probably a person who only eats and hunts.

Most viewers didn\'t know Tarma.

It was the same for the international commentators. But those who knew the world of Satisfy more deeply were well aware of Tarma.

『 Tarma is a well known assassin.

『 There is a rumor that Tarma has assassinated over 100 rankers.

Even the 2nd ranked Zibal was assassinated by Tarma.

『 Have you heard about that dark gamer group called Blood Carnival Tarma is one of the monsters of that infamous group.

『 There\'s a saying that the true god of death is Tarma, not Faker.

The Internet was shocked by the comments from the experts. The real time search terms on Internet portal sites were dominated by Tarma and Blood Carnival.

–Wow… This is the first time I\'ve heard of Blood Carnival, but their power is huge.

–An unbelievably wicked group… Are they the Triads of Satisfy

–13 kingdoms have bounties on the Blood Carnival, but their base can\'t be found. 

–It seems like Tarma isn\'t a simple assassin;; Did Grid pick the wrong opponent Isn\'t it dangerous


Dozens of drones scattered through the forest started gathering around Grid and Tarma. It was proof that the world was paying attention to both people.

Hah, this is really…

Tarma scratched his head as he saw all the cameras. He was only in the National Competition to assassinate Kraugel, so he wanted to avoid people\'s attention to act more freely. However, this was ruined due to Grid.

“After I kill you, all the participating countries will be alert towards me.

I\'m being bothered by this little chick.


Tarma complained while pulling out the logo of the Lion Group. The Lion Group. One of the world\'s top 10 companies, they were the ones who sponsored Tarma.

“Since so much attention is being paid to a small fry, I might as well get money from it.

Tarma attached the logo of the Lion Group to his chest. Then he started to emit a dark aura as he pulled out two yellow daggers. It was a PK only weapon that he acquired from quests in Gaya, the sandy kingdom on the East continent that most users hadn\'t even seen yet.

“This is the strongest weapon that makes those on the West Continent look stupid.

Overgeared Pffft! That\'s a word that describes me!”

Tarma shouted with confidence and shadows emerged from everywhere. The ground, bushes, trees, rocks, etc. Tarma\'s shadow spread all over the place and deceived the viewers.

The shadows are moving!

Tarma disappeared into a shadow. It was perfect. It was at a level that could be called the strongest hiding technique, so the comments, experts and viewers around the world admired it.

But Grid was different. In the past, Grid had experienced the shadow assassin called Kasim. He was able to grasp Tarma\'s identity the moment that Tarma\'s shadow started wriggling.

Based on this, he used Magic Detection (Enhanced) Lv.

2 in advance.

Magic Detection Lv.

2 had a long casting time and couldn\'t accurately detect the position of an assassin moving in real time.

However, Grid\'s Magic Detection was one developed by the legendary great magician, Braham. It transcended common sense. 

Furthermore, Grid had his high insight and the Slaughterer\'s Eye Patch. All the conditions were in place to make it a perfect disaster for Tarma.


Tarma emerged from the shadow of the tree next to Grid. He stared at Grid, intent on killing Grid before he was detected. But Grid\'s Greatsword was aiming towards the point where he appeared.

Linked Kill.


Puk! Puk! Puk.


An assassin\'s weaknesses were their low health and defense. They were proud of their excellent stealth and lethality, but their bodies were the weakest of all damage dealers. How could an assassin survive Linked Kill, which was superior to Linked Kill Wave when it came to just attack power It was only fortunate if they could avoid it.

Tarma couldn\'t even scream as he turned to grey.

『 Wow.

The commentators and experts took a deep breath. The 1st ranked real time topic on search portals was \'3 seconds.\' After logging out Hurent in 5 seconds and Bondre in 4 seconds in the last National Competition, now Grid had set a new record. It was very cliche, but the world was once again astonished.

From the first day of the National Competition, Grid was overturning the world several times.


\'A very strong guy.\'

Grid realized the moment he read where Tarma would emerge and used Linked Kill. Tarma didn\'t give up and fought back, cutting Grid\'s wrist.

\'I received 3,000 damage…\'

Grid resisted it, but the attack also caused poisoning and paralysis. The power was tremendous.

If he couldn\'t kill Tarma with one blow and if Linked Kill had only done three strikes, Grid thought it would have been dangerous.

That\'s right.

Grid had eyes that could measure an opponent\'s ability just by exchanging one blow. It was something he developed after numerous battles with enemies stronger than him. Now Grid was becoming a real powerhouse.

『 The US team has started catching up with the South Korean team! 』

『 Currently, there are only three survivors in the Korean team.

It\'s inevitable that their speed will slow down compared to other teams.

Isn\'t it possible for them to lose their first place to the United States 』


The words of the commentators alarmed Grid. After confirming the scoreboard, Grid used Fly and flew in the direction where targets were concentrated, unleashing Wave. Dozens of targets exploded.

However, there was a limit to his mana. Grid had the God Hands continue to handle the targets and dropped to the ground after his mana was depleted. The Korean viewers who saw it were frustrated. The targets were difficult to deal with from the ground and South Korea only had one ranged damage dealer, Yura, so the US team was able to catch up. Maybe Russia and Canada would also catch up. 

But who was Grid He was a legendary blacksmith that could use all weapons.

He had acquired the Weapons Mastery skill in the Behen Archipelago. The commentators and viewers were shocked as they saw him take out a bow.

『 Bow Why is he bringing out a bow 』

『 Don\'t tell me… Surely a blacksmith isn\'t trying to shoot a bow… 』

Pagma was a legendary blacksmith and great swordsman. Everyone could understand why Pagma\'s Descendant would use a sword, but they never imagined that he could shoot a bow.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 418

[Spiral Quick Fire Bow]

Rating: Epic

Attack Power: 215~249   Firing Speed: 17%

Accuracy: -30%

* Every time you shot an arrow, the firing speed will increase by 0.5%.

This effect will only be applied up to 50%.

* It is difficult to control the trajectory of the arrow.

* If you hit the \'desired target,\' you will gain additional Bow Mastery experience.

A bow made by the legendary blacksmith Grid.

The structure of the bow and arrow is unusual.

It is difficult to predict the trajectory of an arrow the user even hit rate is very poor.


Grid took out the bow that he made after much suffering. Then a notification window appeared in front of him.

[The effect of Beginner Weapons Mastery Lv.

8 is higher than the effect of Beginner Bow Mastery Lv.


[The passive Weapons Mastery skill is applied.]

Grid learned Bow Mastery much faster than Weapons Mastery. However, the level of Weapons Mastery was much higher than Bow Mastery because Grid\'s main weapon was a sword. Weapons Mastery accumulated experience with any type of weapon, while Bow Mastery only gained experience when using a bow.

\'When I use the bow, both Weapons Mastery and Bow Mastery increases.

If the level of the two masteries is similar someday, I will start to see the advantage of Bow Mastery.\'


Unless they were some combat specialized class, more ordinary users only learned one type of mastery. Blacksmiths didn\'t have any mastery skill at all. Grid was a blacksmith, yet he possessed Weapons Mastery, Bow Mastery, and Magic Mastery.

He had endless potential.

『 H-He is really shooting a bow! 』

One arrow left Grid\'s bowstring. The spectators looked on as it moved in a zigzag, the movements hard to predict. It was the moment that the dignity of the legendary Pagma\'s Descendant class was howed to the world.

Grid was confident.

‘I\'m no longer someone you can ignore.\'

Grid had lived a life where he wasn\'t acknowledged by people.

He had always been despised for his lack of talent. But now it was different.

Satisfy. In the end, it was a game where Grid broke the prejudices of the people who knew him and became the best.


『 Grid has accurately hit the target!!! 』

[Firing speed has increased by 1%.]

[The arrow has hit the desired target.

Additional Bow Mastery experienced has been acquired.]


Grid pulled the bowstring again with calm eyes. As the stagnant score of South Korea started moving again…

[Your arrow has missed.]

[Your arrow has missed.]

[Your arrow…]

“…This is rotten.

Indeed, his luck was bad. It happened when Grid saw that the arrows were flying in a different direction.

『 The situation is turned upside down! The United States has surpassed South Korea\'s score! 』

『 Russia and Canada are also close to South Korea\'s score! 』

『 The other countries are finally fully engaged in the target processing, but South Korea has only three survivors.

They will keep falling behind.

『 Hah… Regas and Seuron are still fighting.

I want to express my sympathies to the people of Britain and Argentina.

『 To the people of China and Japan… 』

\'Is there nothing I can do\'

Grid\'s heart weakened for the first time in a while. He had been trying so hard for the past year, so he felt frustrated because he couldn\'t achieve his desired result.

\'…No, it isn\'t over yet.\'

Grid bit his lip and firmed up his heart.

The bowstring was pulled close to his red lips. Grid was extremely focused when there was a new change on the battlefield. The scores of the US and Russia stopped.


{Shit! East cliff! Check it! }

{U-Uhh What Why isn\'t magic working}

{There\'s a reason.

Haven\'t you heard the rumor that it is impossible to hit him with non-targeted skills}

{I thought it was an exaggerated rumor.}

{An exaggeration There is never any exaggeration when describing him.

Rather, it\'s too lacking.}

Economies, industrial, science, culture, arts, military, academics, sports, etc. The United States had always been the leader in every field.

There was nothing comparable to the largest and strongest country in the world.

It was natural that the United States would hold the title of the strongest in Satisfy. But the strongest United States was currently in turmoil. It was due to only one person. The sky above the sky.


Lauel\'s face distorted as he clung to the top of the mountain and looked at the battlefield.

\'It\'s my mistake.\'

It happened the moment he was convinced that Kraugel would target South Korea\'s Yura.

\'We should\'ve adjusted the pace of our scoring until Kraugel had a direct conflict with South Korea.\'

But that didn\'t happen. The United States overtook South Korea\'s score before Yura was attacked, causing Kraugel to switch targets. Kraugel was only aiming for gold. From his point of view, it was natural for him to target the most threatening country.

Ugh… My health…

There were some rules in the 2nd National Competition\'s PvP field. First, damage was reduced by 50%. Second, various recovery potions and buff potions couldn\'t be taken. Third, pets couldn\'t be summoned.

These were measures to ensure that the participants fought purely with their combat abilities, and to allow the viewers to watch entertaining scenes for a longer time. It was why Zibal still wasn\'t fully functional after receiving a large injury from Pon\'s Rail Spear.

Only two-thirds of his health had recovered.

How could they deal with the monster called Kraugel in this state It was a very regrettable thing for Zibal. But he couldn\'t stay still.

Lauel restrained him.

“You should try to recover a bit more.

If you rush it, you will just be hurt worse.

Healers were rare and precious in this game. He realized it again. Therefore, the value of Pope Damian and the Rebecca Church, which could train healers, was more important.

He needed to be turned into a perfect ally.

In this dire situation, Lauel was still thinking about Overgeared.

{Russia is approaching through the western path.

All personnel, except for Skull, should prepare to face the enemy.

I will stop Kraugel in the east with Skull.}

The United State\'s power was certainly unique.

They completely overwhelmed Spain. It should be relatively easy to deal with Russia if Kraugel\'s feet were tied up. Lauel believed so and used Dragon\'s Stretch to cause a landslide.

Kraugel confirmed that most of the US rankers moved away, used White Light Steps to avoid the 8th ranked Skull and came face to face with Lauel.


He always targets the head.\'

Smart people were always a target. Lauel predicted that Kraugel would aim for him. It was the reason why he made Zibal keep recovering here.

Zibal! Let\'s see if your hands can reach the sky!

I\'m ranked 2nd! I\'m the only person qualified to crack the sky!

Zibal received Lauel\'s provocation and jumped up to face Kraugel. He had shown excellent skills in hunting and boss raids, but nothing in PvP. He didn\'t participate in the 1st National Competition\'s PvP event, so he had to prove himself now. The reason he neglected PvP was because he wasn\'t interested, not because he was weak!


Zibal screamed and pulled out a grey rod. It was the emergence of the ego weapon made by the 1st ranked blacksmith, Panmir, who used the techniques learned from the dwarf city Talima.


The grey rod was 1m in length and soared into the sky.

The length quickly grew to 3m in an instant and aimed for Kraugel\'s chest.


The moment that Kraugel avoided it.


The end of the grey rod turned at a right angle and hit Kraugel\'s temple.

Kraugel couldn\'t overcome the shock and fell down.


“…This is items.

Lauel never imagined that Zibal could do this much. On the other hand, the world was in great disorder.

『 T-The sky above the sky…! The sky above the sky!!! 』 

『 He fell!!! 』

『 It\'s because of Zibal! 』

They were skeptical of his abilities since he was assassinated by Tarma who was logged out by Grid in 3 seconds, but he truly was the 2nd rank. The rumor that he had a close fight with the crazy farmer of Reidan wasn\'t a lie.


Zibal! Zibal! Zibal!

The Americans cheered and stomped their feet. A stir filled the Stade de France National Stadium.

I am Zibal! I am the most powerful American!

Zibal shouted excitedly.

Kraugel responded by slowly raising his body. His condition wasn\'t good. Was it due to the injury from Zibal No.

Kraugel\'s defense wasn\'t so poor that Zibal\'s blow would cause a big injury.

Kraugel was just tired. It had been 30 minutes since the target processing started and he had wiped out more than 10 countries alone. His stamina was low and as a result, his concentration dropped, and his movements became less stable.

“It\'s very unfortunate that it isn\'t Grid, but this is a chance to break down the sky in front of the whole world…

Lauel finished casting Dragon Stretch and reached out towards Kraugel. The 8th ranked Skull had climbed the cliff and was aiming for Kraugel\'s back.

Just rest.

Lauel proposed.


Dragon Stretch crumbled the floor around Kraugel.

“Open Arms!

Skull continuous hit Kruagel\'s back.

I will wash away the stain on my reputation today!

Zibal controlled the grey rod and aimed it at Kraugel\'s head.


Kraugel faced strong skills. He was sweating so much it was like raindrops, but he remembered his sick mother. A deep desire filled his black eyes. He struggled and endured because he only wished for his mother\'s recovery.

Super Sensitivity.


The strongest skill that only a person who obtained the title of great swordsman could use was activated and the owner moved between Zibal, Lauel, and Skull.




America\'s strongest players were shattered by the combination of a speed that couldn\'t be followed with the eyes, an attack that seemed beyond cognitive ability, and the hard to match destructive power.

At this moment, Kraugel was invincible. This was a truth that nobody in the world could argue against. The sky that Grid wanted to reach was endlessly high.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.


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