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Chapter 414

『 Bubat has been logged out! 』

Criticisms towards Bubat flooded in as he died.

The Turkish people were disappointed by his pathetic ability that allowed Grids attacks.

–There are a large number of allies, so its natural to tank while your allies deal damage to the enemies.

–What type of tanker challenges a person to a one-on-one battle

–Bubat lacks one-on-one experience.

Seriously the worst.

–Basically, Grid is the strongest.

How did such a monster appear in a small and weak Satisfy country like South Korea Im sick because we have been grabbed by South Korea two years in a row.

–This year, the one with the lowest ranking seems to be Turkey.

–Wont Bubat lose his sponsors soon


The logged out Bubat couldnt raise his head.

He was afraid to return to Turkey.

On the other hand, Grid remained on the battlefield and was still admiring it.

‘Its a huge passive skill.

Grid confirmed the damage of Pinnacle and decided that it was possible to finish off Bubat with Pinnacle Kill.

But he was wrong.

Pinnacle Kill did much less damage than expected.

It was presumed that Bubat had a passive skill whereonly a % of the maximum health was decreased by a strong blow.

‘If his armor was unsealed, it wouldve taken much longer.

Grid had the Blacksmiths Eyes skill.

He could check the information of an item if he looked at it for three seconds.

This could be a double-edged sword.

It was because the item information window interfered with his field of view.

Anyway, Grid learned one thing through the Blacksmiths Eyes.

Bubats armor was currently sealed and couldnt perform at its full capabilities.

‘The undefeated king.

Was he also one of the nine legends Grids expression wasnt good as he moved.

He spent longer than expected dealing with Bondre and Bubat.

‘I feel like my luck is really bad.

There was one reason why Grid used the Holy Light set instead of the newly created equipment, including Three Layers and Lantiers Cloak.

He was hoping to trigger the 5 Joint Attacks skill attached to the Holy Light Gloves.

If 5 Joint Attacks was activated, Grid would be able to deal with the enemy faster because he could deal five times as much damage.

However, the problem was that it wasnt activated.

Since he entered the Behen Archipelago until now, the number of times 5 Joint Attacks was activated had significantly decreased.

Grid felt like his odds when it came to games of luck was becoming worse.

‘I am angry.

He wanted to make an item that would increase his luck.

‘…Eh Isnt this good

It was better than the good luck state in many ways.

In an extreme example, if he wore items that increased luck, he could increase the chances of producing higher rated items.

Grid thought such things while moving to save the Korean team.

At this moment.

He didnt show any signs of nerves, despite the Korean team being in a crisis.


He believed in his companions.

The reason why Grid decided on this high risk operation, which was to immediately attack the targets and attract the aggro of the enemies, was because he trusted in Yura and Peak Swords abilities.


4 minutes after the commencement of the target processing.

While Grid was defeating Bondre and Bubat in succession, the Korean team was struggling against the allied teams.

“Fire Wall!”

“Multi Shot.”

The archer Jonghwa and the magician Sumin didnt consider their mana, trying their best to tie up the feet of the enemies while the tailor Jinhee did his best to set up a protective tent.

The tanker Kyunghoon used skills to slow down the enemies advance.

But they were weak.

They were at least 40 levels lower than the other players, making it impossible to endure.

“Shit, when is Grid coming”

Park Jonghwa said nervously.

He had a negative impression of this plan from the beginning, so he couldnt help grumbling.

He fired his arrows relentlessly, but there wasnt a single enemy who collapsed.

His weak arrows couldnt penetrate the enemies defenses.


Rather, his wounds increased due to the counterattacks.

His health had already fallen to a risky level.

He wouldve died sooner if it wasnt for the 50% reduced PvP damage patch.

Sumins mana reached the bottom.

“I cant use magic anymore…”

“Shit! Hey, Jinhee! Havent you completed the tent yet”

“I-Im sorry.

I think it will take 3 more minutes.”

“This… Ugh!”

Ku tang tang tang!

Kyunghoon barely blocked an attack with his shield and went flying.

The person who blew him away was Australias leading ranker, Luca.

“Stop the senseless resistance.

Arent you just tiring yourselves out in this attempt to buy time”

Luca was 80th on the unified rankings and had a third advancement class.

The Korean team members couldnt go against him.

He faced them with cold eyes.

‘The end.

Park Jonghwa thought with frustration.

“Our goal is to win, not buy time.”

Yura was handling the targets with her rifle while being protected by her team members.

This time, she was the one protecting her team members.

Luca looked at her and laughed.

“I wondered what type of hidden class you got after disappearing from the rankings, but it was just a gunman”

Gunman, a hidden class.

One of their advantages was that they used a rifle, which had a longer attack distance and more powerful attacks than archers.

They had the highest attack power among physical damage dealers.

But the weakness was clear.

They had low health and defense, and their evasion rate was ridiculously low.

They didnt have as many utility skills as magicians.

It was safe to say that once they allowed the enemies to approach, they would die.

For Luca, a gunman was just good prey.

“I dont like the pretty faces of Asian people, so I will use this opportunity to trample on it.”

Luca grinned and rushed towards Yura.

His speed was very fast.

His defense and evasion was great, so he avoided any fatal blows from the few shots fired by Yura.


The South Korean team was desperate.

It was the same for all Koreans watching the game.

They didnt want to see the goddess of Korea being trampled on.

Did their wish reach the sky

Yura didnt panic.

She avoided Lucas attack and cut at him.

Yes, it was a cut.

From a gunman.

“W-What is this”

Lucas eyes widened as he felt terrible pain.


“Draw Sword.”

The moment that Peak Sword placed his hand on his sheath.

Ten team members jumping at him flinched back.

Peak Sword normally seemed stupid, but his presence was different on the battlefield.



It was well known that Peak Sword had cut apart dozens of enemies during the Silver Knights war with Japans Sakura Guild over Cork Island.

That famous story was now being reproduced in the eyes of the world.


Peak Sword felt the ultimate pleasure at his Draw Sword.

By using the shortest distance from the sheath to the attack point, the enemy couldnt recognize it.



There was a flash and everyone in front of Peak Sword collapsed.

The rankers felt a chill.

[You have suffered 13,520 damage.]

[You have suffered 12,144 damage.]

[You have suffered 9,050 damage.]

[You have suffered 8,600….]



The pain came late.

‘How can a ranged skill do so much damage…

The rankers suffered serious damage from the strikes and couldnt believe it.

However, Peak Sword wasnt satisfied with his own attack.

‘Damn, the effect of the patch is too great.

The only advantage of his class with a long attack delay was the power of his strikes.

It was worth it since one attack could deal a fatal blow to the enemies.

However, in the National Competition, Peak Sword couldnt exert his original strength and the advantage of his class disappeared.

“Hit him!”

“Lets go!”

The wounded rankers of the allied teams rushed towards Peak Sword.

They were aware of the weakness of Peak Swords class.

Peak Sword couldnt link an attack until the sword returned to the sheath, so their aim was this defenseless gap.

But Peak Swords weapon was made by a legendary blacksmith.

[Ideal Longsword]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 308/308 Attack Power: 680

Attack Speed: 21%

* The skillWind Blast is generated.

* The skillQuick Movements is generated.

User Restriction: Level 310 or higher.

Advanced Sword Mastery level 5 or higher.

The durability and attack power was lacking compared to the same unique-rated Iyarugt, but it couldnt be denied that it was one of the best one-handed swords.

Furthermore, it was a longsword that maximized the advantages of Grids Ideal Dagger.

It was a very suitable weapon for Peak Sword, whose attack speed was important.

Furthermore, Grid had prepared another gift for Peak Sword.

The gift was a sheath.

[Peak Swords Sheath]

* 20% increase in sword drawing speed.

* 40% increase in sword recovering speed.

It was a sheath that used one of the Water Clan Kings Tears that Euphemina obtained in the Siren Kingdom to attach Zednos wind magic.

A gust of wind occurred to increase the speed of Draw Sword.

at the same time, a whirlwind would recover the sword.

“God Grid! I will surely become more overgeared!”

Peak Sword tearfully cried out.

The faces of the rankers turned pale at the sight.

‘That recovering speed…

‘Ridiculously fast!

The rankers didnt step back, despite the sight before them exceeding common sense.

To be precise, they couldnt step back.

It was already all or nothing with Peak Sword.


“A country weak in Satisfy, you should collapse quickly!”

All types of weapons stabbed at Peak Sword.


The storm surrounded Peak Sword as there was once again a dazzling light.


Peak Sword was thrilled as he confirmed the enemies screams and collapse.

‘This is the power of items!

Overcoming the limitations of his class with items… Peak Sword was excited and amazed.

At the same time.

“T-The sky above the sky…!”

While South Korea and the allied teams were fighting chaotically on one side of Tira, Kraugel was in full swing elsewhere.


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