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Chapter 380

“One of my men came across you in a hunting ground… The weapon you used at that time looks exactly like one of Grids weapons.”

He was probably referring to Grids Greatsword.

In this chilly atmosphere, Chris responded nervously.

“I will say it again.

In this world, arent there one or two items that resemble each other”

Chris tried to leave as planned, but Zibal grabbed his shoulder.

“This isnt like you, Chris.

Originally, wouldnt you be angry when receiving an unfair accusation like this Are you just laughing because what I said was the truth”

“Ive only ever responded in a gentlemanly manner.”


Chris firmly shoved at Zibals hand on his shoulder.

Chris had high strength due to all his labor, so Zibal wasnt able to cope with it.

“Dont push people with unfounded rumors.”

Chris spat out.

He didnt shrink back, despite knowing that no one was on his side.

This was the dignity of the third ranked user.

But the opponent was Zibal.

He mightve been killed in one blow by a crazy farmer, but his strength and influence among the users was absolute.

No matter how high Chris charisma, Zibal wasnt affected at all.

“If youre so confident, why dont you share the details of your weapon with us”


Zibal suggested with a bright smile.

He didnt have anything to lose in this situation.

If the weapon information was revealed and it was related to Grid, Zibal would be right.

Otherwise, he could apologize if it was unrelated to Grid.

Chris faltered for a moment before acting wisely.

“Please dont go overboard, Zibal.

Who would reveal the information of their item”

Items could be a persons strength or weakness, so it was always a variable.

Disclosing a weapons information was no different from revealing a private part.

The masters of the seven guilds knew this better than anyone else.

They tried to deter Zibal.

“Zibal, please act moderately.

Dont make trouble when you are already struggling with Overgeared and the Blood Carnival.”

“Yes, why are you suddenly doing this to Chris”

The flow started to change.

It happened when Chris was feeling relieved.

“Do you use the same weapon as Grid”

The master of the Golden Guild, Seuron, stood up.

A combat specialized unique class, Soul Predator.

He mightve been defeated by the crazy farmer during the Reidan invasion, but Seuron hadnt fully adapted to his class at the time.

But now it was different.

Now Seuron would be able to fight the temporary and full-time farmers.

“I dont want to obediently send away a person who might be the enemy of our alliance.”

Seuron spoke meaningful words and raised his Brutal Heavy Sword.

After being defeated by the temporary farmer, he invested more than 10 million gold to increase it to a 9 weapon.

His finances suffered quite a blow, but Seuron was satisfied.

The gap between a 9 and a 8 weapon was large.

“Hey, Chris.

Take out your weapon.”

Seurons goal was to be number one.

By default, he was aggressive so he didnt want to miss a chance to kill a competitor.

“You dont intend to bring it out obediently Then I will make you take it out.”

Pa pa pa pat!

Four spears appeared in thin air on Seurons left and right.

It was the manifestation of the Soul Spears, which required a human or monster soul to be summoned.

Sueron accumulated the maximum number of souls through continuous hunting, so he was in the best condition.


The soul spears shone as they shot forward.

It was a very fast attack that was hard for Chris to deal with, because he invested most of his points in strength instead of agility.


Two spears pierced Chris body.

Seuron used this time to approach Chris with the Brutal Heavy Sword while using Soul Shackles.

Chris stood at the crossroads of choice.

Should he take out Grids Greatsword, or take out a second weapon to block it

‘I have no choice.

Chris had no intention of deepening the false accusation that he had an alliance with Grid.

His guild would be damaged if he became hostile to these people.

In the end, Chris pulled out his secondary weapon.



Seurons eyes widened.

He admired the fact that Chris struck the Soul Shackles and blocked his sword the moment he took out his weapon.

‘Chris control is greater than rumored.

They were slow and efficient movements.

It allowed for the maximum effect with minimal movements.

Chris greatsword technique was truly brilliant.


He wasnt Seurons opponent.


The sword that was engaged with Chris greatsword was reinforced with the effect of Soul Transference.

At that moment.



Chris strength became meaningless.

As the weapons attack power was enhanced, Chris started to be pushed back.

This game was truly about items.

Chris realized again as he was pushed back a few steps.

Soul Arrows flew towards his head.

Chris sensed it.

‘Its a combo!

If he was hit by continuous attacks, the probability of falling into a stiffened state was very high.

And top rankers were able to fully take advantage of that moment of stiffness.

Chris prepared for pain and suffering.

Suddenly, the arrows pouring down on him were shattered by a chain.

Hao intervened in the battle.

“Seuron, dont just do whatever you like.”

There were many crazy people in the world.

It wasnt unusual for someone to enjoy fighting like Seuron.

But there was an appropriate line.

Hao didnt understand Zibal and Sueron, who were trying to make someone big like Chris into an enemy.

“Hey Hao.

Isnt Chris suspicious Look at the weapon that he brought out.

Its complete rubbish! Do you think that is his real weapon Hes hiding his weapon!”

“Lets say Chris weapon and Grids weapon are the same.

Is that solid proof that the two are colluding”


Hao asked logically and Seuron fell silent.

Bubat also started to help Hao.

He shook a hand towards Seuron and Chris.

“Let them play.

It isnt bad to experience each others ability ahead of the National Competition.

Isnt it beneficial”

Seuron shook.

He already concluded that Chris was below him.

That wasnt all.

Everyone in this place thought so.

It was a very short fight, but it was true that Seuron completely overwhelmed Chris.

“…Im going if there isnt anything else.”

Chris stepped back.

It felt like he was a dog retreating with his tail down.

“To think that he is 3rd in the rankings.

How pathetic.”

Seuron laughed at Chris.

Seuron and everyone in this room couldnt imagine it.

Chris actually hid his skills.

‘There will be many opportunities in the future.

And the best stage was only 40 days away.

Chris eyes filled with fighting spirit.


Weapons Mastery.

It was the ultimate mastery skill that gave extra damage no matter what weapon was equipped.

But it wasnt a miracle.

The extra damage that Weapons Mastery gave was low compared to the mastery skills optimized for only one weapon.

Therefore, Grid was obsessed with the level of Bow Mastery.

If Weapons Mastery added 10% additional damage and Bow Mastery added 11% additional damage, the effect that Grid would gain when he was using a bow was Bow Mastery, not Weapons Mastery.

In other words, even if Grid later learned Weapons Mastery, Bow Mastery could be used to the end.

‘If I can give items an option that quickly increases the experience of the mastery skills…

How good would it be He didnt intend to use the alchemy facility.

Alchemy gave random options and the success rate was low, so he couldnt rely on it.


In this situation, Grid tried to get Khans advice.

Khans was an advanced level 8 blacksmith.

As well as being excellent in daily life, he had accumulated experience for decades, making him very knowledgeable.

“Have you ever heard of an item that can quickly increase the experience of mastery skills”


Khans family had been in the blacksmithing business for generations.

Among his ancestors was Albatino, who inspired the legendary blacksmith Pagma.

Khan looked through his decades of knowledge and finally shook his head.

“Im sorry… I dont know…”

Grid had always been a big help to Khan.

He wanted to pay Grid back if he ever got the chance.

But now he couldnt help Grid when he needed it, making Khan feel depressed.

His shoulders were sagging when he had a thought.

“Perhaps you should ask Piaro.”


“Yes, shouldnt he know how to train in weapons more efficiently If you listen to him, you might gain an idea about how to add it to an item.”

It was the power of infinite favorability.

Khan freely gave Grid advice.

Grid gained great enlightenment and hugged Khan.

“Thank you!”

“Haha! Im happy to help!”

The sight of the two people hugging was familiar to the blacksmiths of Reidan.

The blacksmiths just looked away, trying not to interfere in the relationship between Grid and Khan.

On the other hand, Lord was shocked.


Lord was hammering in a corner of the smithy.

He was happy to hear his fathers voice, only to get question marks above his head.

Lord couldnt understand why his father was hugging someone other than his mother.

In the darkness, Kasim whispered to him.

“This is the friendship between men.”


He liked the sound of the wordfriendship. Lord vowed.

Someday, he would find himself wonderful friends.

Later, Lord would have the strongest colleagues.


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