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Chapter 374

[Vampire Baron Mountain has been destroyed.]

[211,555,002 experience has been acquired.]

[Three Blessed Armor Enhancement Stones have been acquired.]

[Nine armor enhancement stones have been acquired.]

[Skillbook: Skin Enhancement has been acquired.]

A vampire baron.

A semi-boss grade monster that could be raided in 10~15 minutes when five of the Overgeared elites were gathered together.

But once the power of Grid and Yura were added, the raid speed was shortened by at least three times.

“Catching a semi-boss monster in 5 minutes…


The power of Grid and Yura was so good that it made Pon, Vantner, and Faker lose their words.

They knew from the beginning that Grid had the trinity of stats, items, and class, but Yuras growth was astonishing and dazzling.

“Its the power of my class and items.”

Yura explained briefly and clearly.

She was also becoming overgeared.


A corridor to the north on the castles first floor.

Jishuka and Zednos were isolated in the middle with enemies on both sides.

It was the aftermath of the teleportation trap that Regas stepped on.

“Multi Shot.”

“Wind Wave.”

Jishuka blocked the vampires in the right corridor, while Zednos blocked the ones in the left corridor.

Arrows and magic poured out and slowed down the vampires momentum.

But of course, there was a limit.The number of vampires was endless, so Jishuka and Zednos mana gradually depleted.

“The respawn speed is ridiculous.”

“Were really isolated in the worst place.”

Their stamina fell to a dangerous level.

Jishuka and Zednos were covered with sweat and breathing roughly.



The vampires took advantage of it with their magic.

One of the blood shots flew through the gap and hit Jishukas shoulder.


Jishukas form collapsed as she was loading a new arrow, Zednos was shocked and dozens of vampires approached the two.

“Wind Cutter! Wind Missile!”

Zednos started to go on a rampage.

He only thought about protecting Jishuka, so he cast magic without considering his mana.

Thanks to that, they could pass the immediate criss.

[You have no mana.]

[Your mana potion cooldown time hasnt returned.]


Zednos face turned white.

Then Jishukas voice was heard.

“Bow down.”

Zednos didnt delay.

He thoroughly trusted Jishuka and immediately followed her words.

“Phoenix Arrow.”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

A giant fire bird flew over Zednos head and turned one of the corridors into fire.

Over 50 vampires were swept away and Jishuka urged.

“Use this gap to escape.”

Zednos didnt easily move.

“What are you doing”

“What Im buying time while you run away.”

Jishuka stood up to secure Zednos retreat.

Despite her noticeable slowed speed after Phoenix Arrow, she stood up to the vampires approaching from the other corridor.

The arrows fired from her hand precisely penetrated the vampires.

The mithril arrows and silver arrows dealt additional damage to the vampires, but Jishuka was already exhausted.

The vampires were shot in the head, but continued to move forward to hit Jishuka.


Why arent you leaving Shouldnt you go and join our colleagues”

“…I understand.”

Jishuka had opened a path, but it was unknown when new vampires would appear.

Zednos didnt want Jishukas sacrifice to be in vain and was about to leave.

“Jishuka, avoid it.”


Between Jishuka and Zednos.

Someone suddenly appeared in a place where nothing had been present.

It was Grid who was wearing a white hooded zip up.

“Pagmas Swordsmanship, Transcended Link.”


As the blue-black energy blades shot out, dozens of vampires in the corridor facing Jishuka disappeared.

New vampires appeared straight afterwards, but the respawn rate couldnt hold up against the overwhelming attack power of Grid.


Jishuka, who was saved by Grid at the moment of crisis, felt thrilled and hugged Grid.

Her sweaty skin and something big gave a huge stimulus to Grid.

‘Ga… Ganadaramabasa…

It was a soft and supple feeling.

Grids nose was affected by the excitement.

Yura, who belatedly arrived, witnessed his appearance and looked down at her chest.

‘Im not small either.

It was significantly larger than the average size of Korean women, but Grids taste was too unrealistic.


Regas had an overwhelming combat sense, Peak Sword had a sword that was hard to read and cope with, Toon could transform into all types of beasts and demonstrated effective combat power, Ibellins talents werent fully developed yet, but he was recognized as a genius by Piaro, Toban was the 1st ranked paladin that acted as a poison to vampires, and Huroi was the 1st ranked orator.

This combination showed the strongest combat power.

Regas and Toon acted behind Huroi and Toban, who attracted the enemys gaze.

Peak Sword and Ibellin struck through any gaps, so the three vampire barons didnt last long.

[A strength elixir has been acquired.]


“Wow, amazing.”

It had been two months since Overgeared started exploring the vampire cities.

They had hunted tens of thousands of vampires so far, but not one elixir had dropped.

The party were thrilled by the unexpected benefit and then realized.

“Theres no time to be idle.

Lets go save our colleagues.”

The vampire expedition was strong.

But without Toban and Huroi, the stability of the party would fall.

Peak Sword knew this point and urged the party.

At this moment…

“How have you been”


Their boss came.


“Damn Regas, I had to suffer because of you.”

“Please never go in front again.”

“…Im sorry.”

Pon and Vantner scolded Regas.

Regas behavior put his colleagues at risk, so he was deserving of criticism.

“I will be careful about becoming too excited.”

Regas regretted his mistake and showed repentance.

Pon and Vantner closed their mouths with satisfaction, and Jishuka asked Grid.

“How did you get here”

A vampire citys entrance was blocked after someone entered.

It meant it was impossible to enter the city while the dungeon raid was going on.

Grid explained, “This is his power.”

Everybody looked at Sticks.

Elves, the noble race that was called the incarnation of beauty and who fought for the pace of the world.

Among them, the well known high elf Sticks introduced himself to everyone.

“Hello, I am Sticks.

I owe Grid my life.”

‘Another named NPC…

Grids network expanded every day, causing the Overgeared members to feel surprised.

It was an unique ability to become friendly with named NPCs.

Grid suggested to the excited and happy guild members.

“Lets leave here.

If we borrow Sticks power, we can escape from this place.”


The Overgeared members were alarmed.

“Grid, is it okay to leave when we can capture this place”

“The 1st floor has been cleared, so why do we have to run away”

Some of the party members werent convinced.

“Im in favor at Grids suggestion.

There are many baron grade vampires on the 1st floor.

In the worst case scenario, the 2nd floor might be filled with viscounts.”

“The 1st floors boss was a viscount called Tiramet.

It is likely that marquis grade vampires will emerge on the 2nd and 3rd floor.”

“In the worst case, Marie Rose might appear and I dont think we can go against her with our strength.”

There were some members who agreed with Grid.

It was those who had fallen into danger and needed to be rescued by Grid.

In this bad atmosphere, Grid gave them a meaningful smile.

“Lets do special training.”

“Special training”

“There is a place called the Behen Archipelago.

The entry is limited to one person, but since its an instant dungeon, you can enter separately and proceed at the same time.”

What was the Behen Archipelago and what could they get from there Grid started to explain what he had experienced.

The faces of the Overgeared members turned rosy as they listened to the story.


The Sword Grave.

Hundreds of thousands of weapons were embedded in the hill, and it was known as the place where the legendary blacksmith Pagma spent his last years.

But Agnus reason for finding it was unrelated to Pagma.

The legendary magician Braham.

It was to secure his body.

“I dont know.”

He heard that there was an ice wall somewhere in the Sword Grave, and Brahams body was sealed there.

But despite searching for nearly a month, Agnus couldnt find any ice walls.

“At that time, I shouldve secured the soul.”

One month ago.

Agnus had encountered Brahams soul here, but missed it.

He still trembled when he thought about that time.

“I didnt think his soul could use magic.”


Takak takak!

As Agnus leaned back against a greatsword, hundreds of his summoned skeletons were thoroughly searching the hill.

They touched the swords embedded in the hill, searched the ground and tried to find Brahams body.

However, finding the body was impossible.

“…I cant stay here forever.”

Fortunately, there were a lot of monsters in the vicinity so his level up speed didnt lag behind.

But due to staying in one place for one month, his various quests didnt progress.

In the end, Agnus confirmed the Rune of Death.

[Rune of Death]

Bound Item

It is permanently preserved in your inventory.

Trading, dropping or destroying it is impossible.

-Usage Effect: Increases the abilities of your summons in exchange for some leadership stats.

* There is a 20% increase in the stats of all summons.

Unique Lasting Effect: When you take the body of a named person or monster and make it your own, you can absorb their unique characteristics.

* Blue Knights Faith: Creates a shield that absorbs 10,000 damage.

Cooldown Time: 1 hour.

* Bentaos Talisman: Exchange your health with the targets health.

Cooldown Time: 12 hours.

* Tarants Swordsmanship: The Advanced Sword Mastery skill is created.

You can useBloodless when wearing a sword type weapon.

It is a unique and lasting effect.

* Mumuds Knowledge: Magic casting speed will increase by 15%.

Mana regeneration rate will increase by 30%.

It is a unique and lasting effect.

If it went as originally planned, Brahams trait should also belong to the Rune of Death.

‘I wanted a legendary lich.

Agnus sent a whisper to Veradin.

–Where is the nest of the great demon, Furfu

Time was equal to everyone.

As Grid and the Overgeared Guild were growing, the other players were equally growing.


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