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Chapter 326

There were less than 400 students enrolled in the Young Ladies HIgh School.

However, the scale of the school was incredibly large.

A total area of 161,150 ㎡.

There were two playgrounds, as well as an indoor and outdoor pool.

It was fully equipped with training rooms, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, and various facilities.

It was similar to the size of a university, so it was remarkable for a high school.

Why was a high school like this created The reason was the ideology of Kim Jeongsook, the founder of the school and chairman of the foundation.

An affluent environment was needed to bring up a great lady!

It was her philosophy.

In fact, the Young Ladies High School was able to become one of the most prestigious schools after 50 years.

Many girls wanted to enter the Young Ladies High School due to the excellent facilities and beautiful landscape.

It meant that the Young Ladies High Schools large grounds was working for them.


The festival of the Young Ladies High School was in full swing.

In this crowd, there were two men.

The people who completely covered their faces with large sunglasses and a mask were none other than Youngwoo and Peak Sword.

“Wow, why is this school so big I heard the rumors, but I didnt expect it to be like this.”

Youngwoo went to a local university.

It was a university that he could afford, and the size was very small.

Compared to that, the Young Ladies High School was three times bigger.

“Isnt this your sisters school But this is your first time seeing it”

“I always waited at the front gate.

This is the first time Ive seen inside.”

“I see… Huh”

Peak Sword frowned while conversing with Grid.

He trembled.

“Takoyaki Okonomiyaki Yakisoba Dammit! This isnt Japan! Why are these dishes being sold at a Korean high school festival”

Peak Sword was angry.

Many of the stalls lined up from the front gate of the school to the inside of the campus had signboards written in Japanese.

It was like walking the streets of Hongdae, only to find a Japanese pub.

It was hard to tell if this was Korea or Japan.

“The Korean people are very kind and generous! Our ancestors suffered during the Japanese occupation, but their descendants have forgiven Japan and accepted their culture! My goodness! Our tolerance is too great!”


Peak Sword was president of the Korean Patriotic Association and loved Korea very much.

He tended to think too positively.

Youngwoo clicked his tongue and looked around.

‘There are too many people.

Youngwoo wasnt interested in whether the street vendors sold Korean, Japanese, or Chinese food.

Youngwoo was only worried about Sehee.

‘Kim Doohyun!

Youngwoo was determined to stop Doohyun from reaching Sehee and using his position of world star on her.

But there was a problem.

It was this great crowd.

It was hard to take a step, because the crowd was much greater than he expected.

It would take him 10 minutes to move 100 meters.

‘Maybe many fans came because they heard Kim Doohyun was coming…

It happened when Youngwoo was busy thinking.

“Hey there, handsome oppa.”

One student approached them with a shy expression.

It was a small student wearing an apron and cooking hat.

She was very cute and pretty.

“Huh, why did you call me”

He was reminded of Sehee when he saw the schoolgirl, so he was very kind and friendly.

It didnt match his usual appearance, so Peak Sword got goosebumps.

“We have a new desert that our dessert club has released for this festival.

Would you like to try it It is only 3,000 won.”

The schoolgirl waved her apron to tempt them.

Thats right.

She was active in soliciting street sales for the stall her club was operating.

Youngwoo didnt want to spend money.

However, this person might be Sehees friend.

Youngwoo finally nodded.

“Yes, give me one.”

“Hehe! Thank you!”

The schoolgirl dragged Youngwoo and Peak Sword to her stall.

But the menu attached to the street stall was strange.

‘Kimchi ice cream Kimchi cake

He got an ominous feeling.

Youngwoo turned pale, while Peak Swords eyes shone like lanterns.

“Ohh! These kids are the only ones! Making kimchi as a dessert so that it is more accessible to foreigners, its really amazing!”

“…It is amazing.”

In the first place, why did they need to force kimchi onto foreigners In addition, wasnt there any other food to represent Korea except for kimchi Youngwoo couldnt understand it at all.

Then he heard the voice of the schoolgirl holding a cup of kimchi ice cream.


Didnt I bring some people I smiled once and they followed right after me.”

“Hehe, it seems like they are suckers for schoolgirls.”


Please make your words more inaudible.

Youngwoo reminded himself of his sister and swallowed down his anger as he reached out for the two ice creams.

“8,000 won!”

“What Didnt you say it was 3,000 won”

“Two of them cost 8,000 won!”

Youngwoo looked at the smiling face of the schoolgirl and his expression darkened.

Kids were truly scary these days.

Youngwoo sighed and flicked the girls forehead.

“Act moderately, you brat.

Who do you think you are”


Tears filled the high school girls eyes.

Youngwoo had a good skeletal frame and his strength was quite good from exercising for a while.

He didnt know how to control his strength.

Youngwoo was confused when he saw the girl crying and stroked her forehead.

It was an effort to relieve the pain.

“D-Dont cry.

Then the price…”


The girl let out a strange sound as she was touched in the forehead.

Her neck, ears and cheeks turned red while her legs loosened.

Youngwoo was horrified when he saw her cloudy eyes.

‘My damn dexterity…!

It was good that it was effective, but there was a time and place! Youngwoo didnt want to be called a sexual harasser, so he hurriedly shouted towards Peak Sword.

“Quickly pay the price!”

“Eh Y-Yes!”

What was the problem Peak Sword couldnt understand the situation.

Wasnt he the one who wanted to buy the ice cream in the first place He paid 8,000 won and followed behind Youngwoo.

After a moment.

“Ohhhhhh!” This is a real delicacy! The sweet kimchi melts on the tongue! Foreigners will love it!”

“…Eat everything.”

Youngwoo passed his ice cream to the thrilled Peak Sword.

Then he opened up his phone.

He checked the text message that he received from Yerim one hour ago.

[At this festival, Sehee and I are working at a haunted house *^0^* I am a sexy ♥ ghost]


A photo was attached to the words.

Yerim was wearing a uniform that revealed her white thighs and part of her chest, not looking suitable for her age.

“This is obviously a virgin ghost.”

There were no male ghosts.

Well, it was still nice to see.

However, he was concerned and uncomfortable when he thought of his sister dressing like this.

Kim Doohyun was sure to target her! Youngwoo nervously tried to find a way through the crowd when he was reminded of something.

‘My dexterity.

He made thousands of items in Satisfy and pleasured Irene, training his dexterity.

It reached the point where he decided to use these techniques in real life.

‘It will turn out okay.

Ive figured out the trick after peeling garlic every night.

It was being used against schoolgirls This wasnt what Youngwoo intended at the time.

Ttuduk! Dduk.

Youngwoo opened his hands and told Peak Sword.

“Follow along well.”


How was he going to make it through the crowd Peak Sword looked puzzled while eating the ice cream.




Whenever Grids hands lightly touched the waist or back of a woman obstructing their way, the woman would make a strange sound and sit down.

‘W-What is this

It was like Moses miracle was being reproduced.

The women sat down and opened the path whenever Youngwoo moved, so this phenomenon could only be described as a miracle.

“T-Truly God Grid…!”

He didnt know the principle behind it, but God Grid was really great.

Peak Sword followed proudly behind Youngwoo.


The festival was held for a total of three days, with an average of 10,000 visitors during the festival.

It went beyond the concept of a high school festival, and also played a large economic role.

It was intentional marketing when the Young Ladies High School festival was often mentioned in the news.

“I am very pleased that Doohyun-ssi has decided to attend our festival.”

The principle of the Young Ladies High School, Lee Cheongsun, welcomed Kim Doohyun enthusiastically.

Every year at the festival, she spent a lot of money to invite idols.

However, Kim Doohyun decided to attend the festival for no attendance fee, despite being a world star.

Thanks to this, Lee Cheongsun was very pleased.

She would be highly evaluated by the board of directors.

“Its nothing.”

Kim Doohyun started to check the festivals schedule.

He only checked the events related to Satisfy.

Satisfy pet contest.

Satisfy swimming competition.

Satisfy fighting competition.

“Did Grid decide to participate in any events”

After the short meeting, Doohyun asked the question he really wanted to know.

Principle Lee Cheongsuns eyes darkened.

“He isnt participating in any events.

I sent him a request to attend the festival, but he rejected it.”

Doohyun was embarrassed.

If he was Grid, he wouldve wanted to raise his sisters status by attending events at the school, so it was surprising that he wasnt.

‘Priorities need to be separated… Indeed, Grids nature is suitable to be Noes master.

I have to learn from him.

Doohyun misunderstood and asked again.

“Ruby… No, did Miss Sehee decide to participate in any events”

“Look here.

The fighting competition.”


It was surprising.

He expected her to participate in the pet contest or swimming competition, but it was the fighting competition Anyway, this was the schedule.

He would naturally approach Sehee and then get to know Grid.

Doohyun made up his mind.

“I also want to participate in the fighting competition.

Ah, the pet contest…”

Doohyun enjoyed Satisfy.

On days when he wasnt busy, it wasnt unusual for him to play with his pet dog or play Satisfy.

He had mentioned it a few times in interviews.

Most people would think he was just doing something he liked.

‘How cute will the kids in the pet contest be

Dugun dugun.

His heart beat in anticipation.

Doohyuns face was much more attractive than usual.

Principle Lee Cheongsun, who was 60 years old this year, couldnt help feeling attracted.


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