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Chapter 312

Following the Magic Missile test, Grid headed to Khans smithy.

Thanks to Grid, Khan was able to achieve Advanced Blacksmithing level 7.

He was a more capable blacksmith than he was in Winston.

He supervised and taught over 80 young blacksmiths, while producing the supplies that Rabbit and the army commissioned.

“Dont you look younger”

Grids face brightened after not seeing Khan for a long time.

Khan looked much better than before.

Khan chuckled.

“Interacting with young people, isnt it natural to become younger and healthier This is all due to you.

Im so happy that I could meet you at the end of my life and enjoy such blessings.”

“Im happy that youre happy.”

Grid had known Khan since the days when he was invisible.

Grids affection for Khan was endless, and Khan was the same.

“For the rest of my life, I will always work hard for you.

I will raise the blacksmiths of Reidan until I die.”

“No, youre still young and healthy, so you have a lot of time left.

Dont say that even as a joke.


Grid belatedly looked around the castle.

The other blacksmiths were watching him nervously.

Work had stopped since the duke came and they were also restless.

“You worked hard.

Dont mind me and continue what you were doing.”


The blacksmiths bowed deeply and returned to their place.

Grid stood next to Khan and observed them.

“There are already two blacksmiths who have risen to the intermediate rank.”

It had only been half a year since Reidan started training blacksmiths.

The fact that intermediate blacksmiths were already born was an incredible growth.

“The environment is good.

They can often see the work of a legendary blacksmith, so their talent can bloom faster.”

Thats right.

It was useless to have excellent talent if the environment didnt support them.

The reason why the blacksmiths of Reidan could develop rapidly was because they received teachings from Grid and Khan, and had a good space to work.

“Until the day that they all become craftsmen, please continue to work for a long time Khan.”

Khan was the first friend in Grids life, so he was more important than anyone else.

Grid was eager for Khan to live a long time.

“I understand.

I will persistently survive and raise 10,000 craftsmen.”

It was a joke, but Grid wanted it to be reality.

“Im looking forward to it.”

“Hah, truly.

You want this old man to overdo it.”

“You wont grow old.

You will still be in full swing even when youre 70.”

“So I will be in a cage”

“Oh, thats a good idea”

Duke Grid and the commoner Khan, it was a strange relationship.

The difference between the two people was greater than the heavens and earth.

Yet they were on such friendly terms…

‘Indeed, our teacher is great!

The young blacksmiths felt more respect towards Khan and were brimming with enthusiasm.

Ttang! Ttang!

The hammering sounds in Reidan didnt stop today.


Grid confirmed that there were promising and talented blacksmiths.

He was filled with joy as Irene greeted him.

“Dear husband~”

Irene ran into Grids arms with a large smile.

As always, she freely expressed her affection towards Grid.

Irenes love was delightful and precious for Grid, who had little experience with being loved by someone.

“Im glad you have returned safely.”

Irene buried her face in Grids wide chest.

A pleasant smell exuded from her soft and clean skin.

“Ive missed you so much.”

“I also wanted to see you.”

Grid kissed Irenes forehead.

The words were great.

It was an an unimaginable appearance for the normal Grid.


Lauel saw Grid and Irene and gave a meaningful smile.

He covered half his face with one hand and sent a provocative gaze towards Grid.

“I saw it on the news, but I am convinced at this moment.”


Grid was confused by the words and looked at Lauel in a questioning manner.

Kukuk, Lauels shoulders shook as he laughed.

“You mustve been my only friend and rival in a past life, Angel Sylvanus.”


Lauels chunnibyou symptom was in full bloom after witnessing the white haired Grid.

He recognized Grid as similar to himself and included Grid in his delusional worldview.

‘When will this sickness be healed…

Tsk, Grid ignored Lauel and touched Irenes belly.

“In the next two months, I can meet Gold.”

“Huhut, thats right.

I wish that day will come quickly.”

“…Gold” Lauels face was disturbed as he regained his reason.

“Grid, are you planning to call your child Gold”

Surely he wouldnt name his child Gold It was something that shouldnt happen.

The possibility of it being called Grid II was also too big.

“You have to consider the position of the child when naming it!”

Grid looked sharply at Lauel.

“What are you saying Im not crazy enough to call my child Gold Its just a temporary name.”


He was glad.

Grids naming sense was too bad.

Then Lauel asked again.

“What will you name the child when it is born”

Grid replied with a confident expression, “I was thinking of Grene after Irene.”




Was this a joke

‘Of course its a joke.

Lauel wanted to believe that.

But Grids proud expression and Irenes reaction were terrible.

“Oh my, dear husband.

The name Grene is too pretty.

It is a pretty and cute name that will suit a boy or a girl.”

‘What on earth…

It was scary.

Irene thought any suggestion from Grid was good.

Nobody knew that this absolute love and faith came from Grids dexterity.


Grids office.

Grid called Piaro and asked him.

“What do you know about the 3rd Prince of the Saharan Empire”

“Hes the third son of the deceased Empress Aria and has an introverted personality, unlike his siblings.

I only saw him a few times and dont know any details.

Why are you suddenly asking about him”


Grid pulled the Amethyst Shield out of his inventory.

Piaros eyes widened with surprise.

“How do you have this…”

“A monster called the Guardian of the Forest dropped it.

It was originally an object of honor”

“It is a symbol that has been inherited from generation to generation by the captain of the Red Knights.”

“Is there anything special about it”

“Yes, it is just a shield with a gorgeous appearance.

The performance itself isnt very good.”

“Then why is the 3rd Prince looking for this”

“3rd Prince…”

“It seems like he is looking for several things.”

“Hrmm.” Piaro suddenly recalled one fact.

“That reminds me, there was a time when the 3rd Prince was interested in some ritual.

His hobby is rituals, so he might be collecting the items necessary for it.”

“Ritual What ritual”

“I dont know.

It is just likely that the Amethyst Shield is useful as a tool for the ritual.”


Was it a black magic ritual

‘It is a shame. It might be better not to hand these things over to the 3rd Prince.

‘But it could be a quest related to an episode, so I cant ignore it completely… Well, Ill look at the situation and act accordingly.

In the first place, it wasnt urgent.

Grid had separate priorities.

At that time, Lauel sent a whisper to Grid.

–A guest has come.


The guest wouldnt be normal if they could arrive in Reidan.

In particular, the person must be big if Lauel was talking to him about it.



–Chris 3rd on the unified rankings


Chris was the head of the Giant Guild, the largest of the seven guilds.

Grid hadnt heard about him since the First National Competition and the Reinhardt golem invasion.

‘But Chris has a hostile relationship with the Tzedakah Guild.

Why would he take the risk to come here Grid was interested and immediately rose from his spot.

–Bring him to the drawing room.


The Giant Guild lost their territory after the golem invasion and had a hard time for half a year.

In particular, Chris reputation was hit hard because he was defeated by Regas in the National Competition.

But Chris and the Giant Guild didnt get frustrated.

They overcame the trials! Their power became bigger than before.

In particular, Chris obtained a very useful second class.

He was several times stronger than before.

However, there was a problem.

He couldnt find a satisfactory weapon.

Despite watching the item trading sites and in-game auction site for 24 hours a day, a suitable weapon didnt show up.

Chris gradually became nervous because he knew how important items were to the game.

Thus, he looked for Grid.

“Make me the strongest weapon.”

This was the first time Grid met Chris.

He only saw the 3rd ranking user on the news or from far away.

In the past, the Giant Guild had a conflict with the Tzedakah Guild, but Grid had no personal grudge against Chris.

However, the other members of the Tzedakah Guild were a problem.

“I remember that Jishuka hates you quite a bit.

Why should I ignore my guild members to make you an item”

Grid had the advantage.

Grid was currently in a much higher position.

Of course, Grid didnt intend this, but it worked out excellently.

Chris was in a bad position and had to bow to Grid.

“I will give you a lot of money.

In addition, the Tzedakah Guild doesnt have a big grudge towards me.”

“Then why was there a feud”

“It was due to my one-sided competition, and the Tzedakah Guild didnt avoid the fight.”

When playing the game called L.T.S., Chris and the Giant Guild had always been defeated by the Tzedakah Guild.

The grudge was deeply rooted and this sense of competitiveness carried over to Satisfy.

On the other hand, the Tzedakah Guild didnt even look at the Giant Guild.

It was the victim who clung onto the relationship.

“I will check it out.

In any case, how much will you pay me if I make you an item”

“I will give you something more precious than money.”

Chris pulled a potion out of his inventory.

Grids eyes widened as he examined the details.


It was a rare potion that was hard to obtain, even after clearing five vampire cities.

Companies with huge assets and rankers aiming for the top wanted them, but the supply was scarce and the price soared.

Elixirs were also necessary for Grid.

To be precise, it was the agility elixir.

In order for his swordsmanship to become more powerful, it was necessary to make his agility equal to his strength.

Coincidentally, the elixir that Chris presented was the agility elixir.

Grids brain started to rotate quickly.

‘It is a deal that must be unconditionally accepted.

However, there was a problem.

Chris might become the enemy of Overgeared.

Obviously, he should avoid the act of making his enemies stronger.

‘But it is too good to decline… Aha.


A wicked smile appeared on Grids face as he contemplated the elixir in front of him.


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