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Chapter 310

The moment Brahams soul was added to the Vessel of the Soul.


A blue light emerged that brightened the dark cave.

Grids heart shook wildly.

‘With my hand, Im reviving a legendary great magician…!

Braham Eshwald.

He was the person who established the current magic system and was regarded as the father of magic.

The achievements he left behind were so great that he was truly worthy of being called a legend.

Grid would resurrect that person with his hands! He was filled with a strange pride at the thought.

[The soul fragments of Braham scattered all over the continent have gathered in the Vessel of the Soul.]

The moment the notification windows appeared.

Syuong! Syuuong!

Dozens of blue souls shot through the entrance of the space.

It was truly spectacular.

The appearance of the souls flying in the darkness was like looking at the universe.

If there was only one flaw…

‘I shouldve made the bowl more beautiful.

The bowl produced by Grid was too plain.

It had a bright gold color, but the shape was just a rice bowl.

Brahans soul pieces were the rice.

To be precise, it looked like blue rice was being cooked.

‘Cough… Im sorry Braham.

It was a true emotion.

Grid received Brahams soul and shared some emotions and thoughts, so a rapport had developed.

Despite his wariness towards Braham, he felt a sense of kinship with him.

It was complete carelessness.

This was Brahams intention.

Brahams soul asked Grid a question as he started to unite with the Vessel of the Soul.

[Do you remember the words I said on the first day we met]


[History states that Pagma died 100 years ago.

But I told you that Pagma died 300 years ago.

Have you ever wondered why]

“Either you or history, one of you is telling a lie.”

Of course, it was likely that Braham was the one who spoke the lie.

Grid had obtained Wendys diary from the doppelganger raid.

Pagma had appeared before them 140 years ago.

In other words, Braham was a liar when he said that Pagma died 300 years ago.

However, the truth was different.

[No, there is no lie.

Both statements are true.

Pagma died 300 years ago, but he existed 100 years ago.]

‘What are you saying

Grids comprehension wasnt excellent.

He couldnt understand Brahams words.

[I first met Pagma around 300 years ago, and I was amazed beyond admiration.

His blacksmithing skills far exceed human standards, making even me feel awe.]

After that, they became friends.

Braham, looked down on others, including his kin.

This was the first and last time he respected and socialized with others.

[Pagma taught me a lot.

I was able to evolve further thanks to him.]

They spent 10 years together.

Brahams vast knowledge was expressed with Pagmas techniques, greatly contributing to the growth of both.

[Thanks to Pagma, I was able to study the magic of eternal life more deeply and succeeded in designing the Vessel of the Soul.

However, in order to produce the Vessel of the Soul, a special mineral that transcends the god mineral adamantium was required.

The only person who could create that mineral is Pagma.]

The mineral that the two people created was called pavranium.

“But didnt you say that Pagma died of old age after making the pavranium”

[I thought it was like that.]


They were meaningful words.

As Grid wondered this, Brahams soul fragments combined into one.

The blue that was like the clear sea switched to an ominous red color.

[Pagmas Descendant, my soul has become perfect.

Its all thanks to you.]

“Stop making small talk about Pagma.

Give me the rewards that you promised.”

[But isnt it strange]


Brahams words were designed to amplify his curiosity.

Grid frowned with irritation and Braham spat out horrifying words.

[Is it possible to resurrect with just a perfect soul There is no body.]


Grids eyes widened.

He finally noticed that something was wrong.

Brahams soul flew towards Grid as he hurriedly pulled out Failure from his inventory.

[Give me your lowly body!]


Just what was this bull** What type of quest was this Grid couldnt understand the situation at all.

‘The quest clear condition was to produce the Vessel of the Soul!

Grid had already made the Vessel of the Soul.

The Great Magicians Resurrection quest shouldve been completed by now.

But rather than the quest being cleared, Braham was aiming for him.

This was going against the system.

‘Is it a bug I thought this was a bug free game! Dammit!

Would he be the first user to experience a bug in Satisfy

‘Why do I always have to go through this…!

Grid grumbled and complained to the gods, while struggling against Brahams soul.

Brahams soul circled him and evaded Grid, before entering Grids body.

[The Great Magician Braham is trying to take away your body.] [The players body is safely protected.

Brahams attempt has been neutralized.]

‘So its like this…! There isnt a bug in Satisfy!

Grids terrified expression changed to delight as the notification window popped up.

Braham spoke to the relieved Grid.

[Didnt I say it at the Red Sea Be wary of anyone who can threaten you.]

“Why are you preaching after trying to strike me in the back of the head You bastard! You were trying to take the pavranium and get out of teaching me magic, werent you”

[Its a misunderstanding.

As you know, only you and Pagma can control the pavranium.

Apart from the Vessel of the Soul, the pavranium is just a simple mineral in my hands.

Its also very easy for me to teach you magic.

I will fulfill my promise.]


Wasnt this the person trying to kill him a moment ago

‘A personality disorder

For example, multiple personalities.

Then a notification window popped up in front of the suspicious Grid.

[The questGreat Magicians Resurrection has been cleared.] [17 pieces of pavranium have been acquired.] [You have acquired the spellMagic Missile.]


It was very encouraging that he cleared the quest safely.

He was also happy at acquiring a large number of pavranium.

But he actually learnt Magic Missile

Joy and anger.

“You… You!”

A legendary great magician taught him basic magic Grids face turned red as Braham spoke.

[Know and understand the subject.

You committed a crime by stealing the pavranium for one and a half years, but now I feel good and will forgive you.]

Brahams soul was arrogant to the end as he faded away.

“Dammit…! Dammit!”

Grid yelled as he was left alone.

Amoracts soul carefully looked at Grid from the alter.

‘The Yatan Servants Slaughterer.

He has gained Brahams favor.


Amoracts soul disappeared from the cave.

He failed to turn Yura into a demon, but he succeeded in setting up a way to keep Marie Rose in check, so his role in the human world was complete.


“In the end, it went as planned.”

The chairmans office in S.A.

Groups headquarters.

Lim Cheolho smiled bitterly as he monitored Ludhadan Cave.


This was a mysterious existence.

He was captivated by the irresistible instinct for knowledge and ended up experimenting on his clan.

Braham envied his disciple Mumud, but never harmed him, despite intercepting his achievements.

He also hated and missed the friend who betrayed him.


‘He tried to kill Grid, but also feels favorable towards him.

Just as Grid felt close to Braham through their souls assimilating, Braham also felt close to Grid.

‘Or he mightve judged that Grid is worthy after inheriting Pagmas skill.

It was hard to judge Braham.

He was an imperfect existence that felt a conflict before his instincts and the humanity he acquired.

Lim Cheolho had always been interested in Braham, whose personality changed drastically after losing eternal life and living as a human.

“Living a life where he lies to himself and others, turning a blind eye to his changing self… Its lonely.”

No matter how tragic, Satisfys story was going through the planned sequence.

It might not change much for the users who were playing the game, but the progress of the story was fun to watch as an observer.



Grid sighed as he remained alone in the cave.

“Magic Missile… I am a Magic Missile magician…”

Magic Missile was a basic spell that magicians acquired at level 10.

It was a basic spell, so the magic power efficiency was terrible.

It was hard to inflict a scratch against someone with a certain level of magic resistance.

The only advantage was its fast casting speed.

‘If I can use it properly, I can use it to disperse the enemys gaze or to restrict their movements.

Of course, it wouldnt do any damage if the enemys magic resistance was high.

‘I can only use it to hunt slimes…

Now that he was level 301, he wouldnt be hunting slimes anytime soon.

“Hah, really.”

Grid grumbled and confirmed the information of Magic Missile.

[Magic Missile (Enhanced) Lv.


A magic missile developed by the legendary great magician who has completely overturned the activation formula.

It boasts tremendous power, but consumes a lot of resources.

It deals damage equal to twice your current magic power to the target.

It also ignores the enemys magic resistance.

Resource Consumption: 400 Mana.

Skill Casting Time: 1 second.

Skill Cooldown Time: 5 seconds.

“What type of Magic Missile uses 400 mana”

It consumed more mana than Pagmas Swordsmanship, Link.

A beginner level spell consumed mana that was equal to a legendary skill

‘What is this… Heok”

Grid skimmed through the spells explanation and was belatedly shocked.

‘Deals damage that is double my magic power Ignores magic resistance

What about a regular Magic Missile

{Does anyone have the information on Magic Missile}

Grid asked in the guild chat window, and a few magicians shared their skill.

[Magic Missile Lv.

10 (Master)]

It is one of the most basic spells.

Deals damage equivalent to 5% of your current magic power to the target.

Resource consumption: 20 Mana.

Skill Casting Time: 1 second.

Skill Cooldown Time: 2 seconds.


It turned out that it wasnt an ordinary Magic Missile.

The Magic Missile that Braham gave him was a legendary magic.

Grids magic power was low compared to magicians, but it wasnt bad to use it as a trump card.

“…I cant hate you.”

Grids opinion of Braham was becoming better.

The relationship with him, it might end here.


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