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Chapter 296

[All resources will be restored to the maximum in commemoration of reaching level 300.]

It happened at level 100 and level 200.

Health, mana and even stamina were completely restored, encouraging the partys morale.

“Very good.”

Grid stretched and stood upright.

As his wounds were restored by the level up, he declared to the vampires.

“Youve been waiting.”

The aftermath of the various stats awakening was abnormally high.

It was beyond imagination.

Even Grid was surprised.

Jjejeong! Jjejejeok!


The vampires were shocked.

The person who was dying just a moment ago now swiftly attacked, showing ridiculous attack power.

“What is this… Kyaack!”

The 20 vampires surrounding Grid immediately collapsed.

The blue and jade lights flashed all over the place, while blood and flesh scattered.

Death with one blow! Reign supreme! The words that could represent the present Grid were exaggerated.

He was truly overwhelming!

“Oh my, look at this.”

A mere mortal couldnt grasp who they were going against, it was unpleasant.

A True Blood vampire about to bite Vantner stood up.

Her name was Lexi.

She had exceptional magic power and skill in blood magic.

“Give me a handful of blood.

Blood Chain.”


The blood emitted by Lexi split into dozens of stems and surrounded Grid.

It was a wide area magic that bound and attacked the target, and was difficult to avoid.

However, it wasnt a threat to the current Grid.

His enhanced agility and insight allowed Grid to use more sophisticated movements.

He avoided the first two blood flows and used Revolve.

The blood streams that shouldve wrapped around Grid reversed directions and covered Lexi.


Who wouldve thought that she would be hit by her own attack Lexi became an unexpected victim and screamed in pain.

Grid neared where she was trapped and swung Failure towards her chest.

There was no such thing as mercy to women.



Lexis eyes widened with surprise.

This human could damage the body of a True Blood vampire that was harder than steel She looked at the huge wound on her chest and used a spell.

“Blood Shield!”

Using the blood spurting from her chest, Lexi unfolded multiple shields in the air and tried to open the distance.

But it was useless.


The red shields were smashed by the jade greatsword.

Pagmas Swordsmanship, Kill, aimed at Lexi.

“What is this…”

Lexi tried to prevent it.

She turned to smoke to prevent the dreadful greatsword precisely aiming at her pretty face.



Lifaels Spear flew around Grid, defending against the vampires attacks before aiming at Lexis chest.

The smoke was lost and Lexis body was clearly revealed again.


Lexi raised her arms and covered her face.

Her appearance was pitiful, but her arms could exert a defense superior to steel shields.

However, it was mere paper in front of the damage of Kill that came from the Doppelgangers Greatsword.


There was a sound like a watermelon cracking.


A True Blood vampire might have eternal life, but even they were bound to die if they lost their heads.

Lexi collapsed like a broken doll and turned into a grey light.

[The True Blood vampire, Lexi has been destroyed.]

[56,901,500 experience has been acquired.]

[The Sixth Piece of has been acquired.]

[An Intermediate Vampires Ring has been acquired.]

He didnt know exactly what the Piece was yet.

He could only infer that it was a fragment of something made by the same mineral as Iyarugt.

He wasnt sure if it was a jackpot, but the Intermediate Vampires Ring was different.

[Intermediate Vampires Ring]

Rating: Unique

* During normal attacks, 10% of the damage done to the target will be restored to you as health.

* This effect is only invoked once every 12 seconds.

A unique magic power dwells in the vampires ring.

It greatly elevates the wearers survival skills.

User Restriction: Level 320 or higher.

Weight: 1

It was able to absorb 5% more health than the Junior Vampires Ring, and the cooldown time was three seconds shorter.

Grid wore the ring without any hesitation.

Unfortunately, its function didnt overlap with the Junior Vampires Ring.

“Im grateful for this.”

Vampire items were very rare, so the Intermediate Vampires Ring would be worth hundreds of gold.

Step, step.

Grid ran through the remnants of vampires and stood in front of the party members, as if protecting them.

“Everyone has suffered.

Now you can rest.”


The Overgeared members looked shocked.

Grids strength was more than they imagined, so they were speechless.

He became so much stronger just from reaching level 300 It was difficult to tell how high Grids total stats were.

“This guyyyy!”

The aggro of the vampires instantly focused on Grid after Lexi died.

The two True Blood vampires were also mixed in.

The Overgeared members were worried, but Grid was pleased.

He was grateful that the prey came to him.

Just as Elfin Stone saw hunting humans as entertainment, Grid had reached a point where hunting vampires could be viewed as entertainment.

“Pagmas Swordsmanship, Wave.”


The waves of energy! The vampires were swept away by a terrible pain and realized something.

Humans werent a subspecies.

Their potential was even greater than the vampires.

They werent a species to be ignored and treated like cattle.


A black magician was more difficult to solo than attack classes because they specialized in debuff magic.

Black magicians hunting alone was considered a penance.

Most black magicians focused on party-oriented play.

But with the exception of special circumstances, more parties preferred buffers over debuffers.

Black magicians couldnt easily find parties, making it difficult to find them in the rankings.

Except of course for Yura.

She was a mythical figure who maintained her fifth spot in the unified rankings despite being a black magician.

She was special.

A genius among genii.

She was evaluated like this, and many users yearned for her.

This precious talent suddenly visited Reidan.

Lauel and the Overgeared members couldnt help being excited.

“What brings a person like you to this humble city” Lauel asked her.

Lauel also admired Yura.

What guy wouldnt have a crush on a world-class beauty who was good at games Yura smiled brightly at Lauel and the Overgeared members, whose eyes were shining like lanterns.

Ahh, so beautiful and brilliant.

They were convinced that her presence contributed to world peace.

“I want to join Overgeared.

Youngwoo-ssi… No, Grid has already agreed, so please check with him.”


Yuras smile captivated Lauel and the Overgeared members.

They let out surprised yelps.

One of the solo rankers, apart from Kraugel and Agnbus, was asking to join Overgeared! It was shocking but joyful.

“Welcome!” Lauel shouted.

Yura thought that his words and phrases resembled Grid.

Lauel would probably be shocked if she knew what she was thinking.

But it was the truth.

The longer he spent with Grid, the more Lauel resembled Grid.

Lauel liked Grid from the bottom of his heart.

But he didnt want to be similar to Grid.


The epic battle ended.


“Grid, you were cool.”

“Kyah! Truly God Grid! Do you know God Grid”

“Are those the only English words you know…”

The Overgeared members were able to escape from the crisis and praised Grid.

But the good atmosphere didnt last long.

It was true that Grid was stronger than expected, but could he take down Elfin Stone

Grid spoke to the worried party.

“Dont waste time on worrying.

There is one hour left until Elfin Stone appears.

In order to increase the odds, we need to recover as much stamina as possible.”

Grids state was the worst.

The Overgeared members constantly supported him, but he fought against almost 100 vampires alone.

His whole body was wounded and his items durability was low.

He wondered if he could fully recover his stamina before Elfin Stone appeared.

However, Grid had a trump card.

[Item Combination]

Two items with a 100% understanding can be combined to enhance the performance.

The performance of the combined items will depend on the compatibility between the items.

* The combination retention time is limited to two minutes.

Once this time limit is over, the items will return to their original appearance.

At this time, the durability of the items will decrease by 50.

This is consumed on a fixed basis.

* The time it takes for the combination to occur will depend on the structure of the item.

Skill Mana Cost: 1,000

Skill Cooldown Time: 6 hours.

What if he combined Failure and Lifaels Spear

‘It will be a great weapon if the advantages are maximized.

Grid believed that he could create the strongest weapon that would defeat Elfin Stone.

But he kept in mind that the combination time was only two minutes.

In addition, he was anxious since the time it took to combine items wasnt precisely specified.

‘I wish I could experiment with it.

Newly acquired skills always made people excited.

Grid shared the sentiment and wanted to try out Item Combination.

But there was the cooldown time.

He needed it when dealing with Elfin Stone, so he had to restrain himself.

‘Well, it will be okay.

I have a strong style.

Grid evaluated himself and relaxed.

Then he started repairing his items.

There wasnt much time left before Elfin Stones emergence.


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