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Chapter 276

Yura was praised as one of the best beauties in the world.

Her beauty transcended race and peoples tastes.

She was a hundred times more beautiful in reality than on TV or photos.

It felt like they would go blind when they stared at her.

It was so astounding that everyone was silent.


The director was entranced by Yuras beauty and came forward.

He was 45 years old.

He married his first love 20 years ago and hadnt cheated once.

But this was the first time he faced a crisis.

“Hum hum! Hum!” The director regained his senses.

He cleared his throat and smiled brightly.

“It is the most auspicious day for this station thanks to Yura-ssis presence.

But why did you come here”

“I came to claim Youngwoo-ssis fee.”


One man came to mind.


His real name was Shin Youngwoo.

The team members were agitated.

“Did Grid give you permission to broadcast live”

“What permission We didnt know it was Grid in the first place.”

“Huh, you can be in big trouble if you arent careful.”

“Why is Yura coming forward for Grid”

“The rumor that she is close to Grid is true.”

“…Isnt Grid together with Jishuka Wasnt there a scandal last time”

“There was also a scandal with Yura.”


The men trembled.

They really envied Grid.

It was to the point where they wanted to cry.

‘In my next life, I must be born as Grid!

They would hit the ground and wail with regret if they were born as Grid, but they didnt know this fact.

“Lets go somewhere else.”

The director led Yura to his office.

The chief directors office.

Elegance flowed from Yura as she sat on the sofa.

Even the way she held the cup of tea was reminiscent of a noble.

Yura sipped the tea before cutting to the chase.

“Pay Youngwoo-ssi 30% of the ad revenue generated by this broadcast.

Then Youngwoo-ssi will forget that it was broadcasted without his permission.”

“30% of the ad revenue”

It was absurd.

It was enough to break down the broadcasting system.

“This joke is too much.”

Currently, the best star in South Korea was Yura.

Even she wasnt given a proportion of the advertising revenue for a broadcast.

Grid was a popular trend, but Yuras demands were too unrealistic.

“I will give 350 million won.”

It was an amount that put him in the same class as Yura.

This was more than necessary.

But it didnt come close to satisfying Yura.

“You know that you can be held seriously liable if you use the gameplay video of another person for commercial purposes without permission.”


“Many cruel things were shown on this broadcast, so the Communications Commission is likely to come down harshly on you.

It will become bothersome.

Excess greed is just a poison.”

Yura was one of the wealthiest people in South Korea.

She had the best lawyers.

The director wasnt ignorant of this.

He thought carefully and replied, “I know that our position is disadvantageous.

But 30% is too much.”

It was estimated that the advertising revenue of this live broadcast would be close to 15 billion won.

This was an industry record.

But to hand over one-third of it to an individual It was beyond common sense and he couldnt make the decision alone.

“In the first place, we relayed without knowing that the man in the mask was Grid.

There is no reason to believe that we intentionally exploited Grid.

In addition, Grid didnt directly reveal his face, so it doesnt infringe on his image rights.

Besides, the filming stage was a public event.

We have the right to broadcast everything that happens in a public venue…”

In fact, OGC Stations position wasnt disadvantageous.

However, the person holding the sword was Yura.

“Please handle it flexibly.

If you show me your sincerity, I will coordinate my schedule with OGC.

Who knows Youngwoo-ssi might also like OGC because of this work.”


It wasnt time to look at the immediate profit and loss.

Grid and Yura.

Wasnt this an opportunity to build a relationship with the two top stars who represented South Korea If he could plan a broadcast around them, OGC would be able to steadily generate profits like today.

“I will contact you after a meeting.

If were to transfer the advertising revenue, we will need to draw up a few separate contracts that I hope youll review.”

“Okay, now the conversation is good.”

Yura smiled brightly at the directors clever judgment.

Then the director asked her a careful question as she rose from her seat.

“However… You recently disappeared from the rankings.

Is it because you obtained a hidden class like everyone guessed”

“Maybe one day I will explain in an interview with OGC news.”

“Oh my! If this is true… Im happy just imagining it!”

A huge smile.

The directors rising lips were unwilling to go down.

He escorted Yura out of the building.


Yura entered the limousine with a bright expression.

She was very satisfied, because the negotiations proceeded more easily than she had expected.

‘It wouldve been different if this was a major broadcasting station. Fortunately, the opponent was OGC.

As a broadcaster that only dealt with thegames genre, they appreciated Grids value.

‘Wont Youngwoo-ssi be happy

Demon Slayer was a class hostile to the Yatan Church and demonkin.

Therefore, she had no choice but to build up a relationship with the Rebecca Church.

Yura was interested in the pope candidates for this reason.

She watched OGCs live broadcast of the speeches.

But what was this The broadcasts main character changed to Grid.

Yura was worried when she watched the broadcast.

Grid still didnt know about the broadcasting world and this could harm him.

She was concerned and immediately took action.

She visited OGC and made it so that Grid received a huge profit rather than a loss.

Her reasoning was simple: Yura wanted to look good to Grid.

As the former 5th ranked user, she was well aware of Overgeareds importance and wished to join them.

She needed a place to rely on until her level was restored.

A few private emotions were also mixed in.


The Vatican.

“Such a pathetic person.”

Kamiyan might be inexperienced, but Fulito never thought he would be killed by a fist.

He was the shame of the Red Knights.

Fulito didnt mourn Kamiyans death.

Rather, he cursed Kamiyan.

“Im in this embarrassing situation because of that jerk.”

After Piaro betrayed the empire.

The new Red Knights developed by Sword Duke Limit were reputed to be black-hearted.

They sneered at the residents of the empire, calling anyone not part of the Red Knights weak.

In such a situation, a Red Knight was killed by a mans bare fists The dignity of the Red Knights was shaken to its roots.

Fulito was obliged to prevent this situation.

“Wait until the end of the event.” Grid would be able to use weapons once the event was over.

“At that time, I will beat you up and regain the dignity of the Red Knights.”


This was good news for Grid.

Fulitos combat power couldnt be measured.

He was much stronger compared to Kamiyan.

He wasnt someone that could be beaten just by relying on Lifaels Spear.

Grid hadnt been sure how to deal with him, so it was good that Fulito was giving him a chance.

The viewers cheered.

–Wow, Fulito of the Red Knights is a little scary.

He gave Grid time to beat his colleague to death.

–His confidence is incredible.

Is he a single number

-No, single number knights have gold epaulettes on their shoulders.

–Hrmm… Then he must be in the 10s.

–Even the 20th knight is several times stronger than the 30th knight.

The illegal gambling sites were booming with all types of speculations.

[Grid vs.

Red Knight Fulito]

The gamblers started betting on who would win the match.

Surprisingly, many gamblers bet on Fulitos victory.

He had leisurely watched while Kamiyan was killed by Grid.

Considering that he also gave Grid time to use weapons, Fulito must be much stronger.

In any case, Fulito seemed certain that he was stronger than Grid, so the winner of the battle would naturally be Fulito.

–Its time for my chicken to come.

–My chicken arrived 5 minutes ago and Ive already eaten two chicken legs.

–Sigh… When will this start I will drink a bottle of soju while waiting.

–There are many boring pope candidates.

-Ahㅋㅋㅋㅋ I just remembered that this broadcast was originally a speech event for the pope candidates ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

As Grid waited for the end of the event, OGCs audience ratings surpassed 43%.

Rumors that the confrontation between Grid and the Red Knight would be started soon began to spread.

Millions of foreign viewers flooded to the OGC web channel, almost paralyzing the server.

As the whole world was watching,

[The pope candidates speech event has ended.]

[The weapons that have been disabled for safety are released.]

[The 9 Failure has been equipped.]

[The 8 Doppelgangers Greatsword has been equipped.

Only 50% of the weapons attack power will be applied due to the penalty.]

Grid held the two greatswords in both hands.

The users were excited.

-Two sword style

–Is he a rookie How can Two Sword Style be used with greatswords Really stupid;;

–It should be very restrictive to swing two large weapons at the same time.

His posture will easily crumble.

–Aish, you should only use one greatsword while fighting.

This is just to look cool.

The community of the gambling sites fell into chaos.

The gamblers who bet on Grid started complaining.

–Ah, this sucks.

–I stupidly believed in him.


–I was mistaken when I thought he was better than before.

–The nightmare is starting again…

-Does he know hes being ridiculed

Grid attacked Fulito without saying a single word.


When the attack from the Doppelgangers Greatsword was blocked…


Failure was swung.

Unlike Kamiyans Keen Senses which was an active skill, Fulitos movements were affected by a passive skill, so it was hard to hit him.

Fulito avoided Grids counterattack and used a skill.

“Light Sword.”

The power of this skill was incomparable to what Kamiyan used before.

It was obvious that Grid would take a lot of damage when defending, and the orbit was too exquisite to avoid.

Then what should Grid do The maturing Grid knew how to cope with this.

“Pagmas Swordsmanship, Revolve.”


A counterattack triggered at the perfect timing.

The power of the skill also rose due to the Doppelgangers Greatsword.

Blood spurted from Fulitos chest.


Fulito was shocked.

Grid was much stronger than when he defeated Kamiyan.

It was natural.

Pagmas Swordsmanship increased attack power, critical attack chance, and critical attack damage, as well as generating all types of passive skills.

But this was only applied when a sword type weapon was equipped.

When armed with a greatsword, Grid was strong enough to exceed the extent that Fulito had assumed.

–Wow, Two Sword Style really appeared.

–Kyah~ truly God Grid.

As always, the viewers switch in opinion was fast.

The people who were ignoring Grid just a minute ago were now praising him.

Currently, OGCs audience rating was 45%.

Reaching 50% wasnt a dream.

It was a record in the decades of Korean broadcasting.

Grid was once again writing a new legend.


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