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Chapter 257

The task of the Yatan Church was to create chaos in the world.

It was to create an environment where dark magic was activated by drawing out the pain and despair in peoples hearts, then bringing the 33 great demons to the earth.

It was the will of God Yatan.


Three years ago.

Emperor Juander recruited top healers and priests from all over the continent.

It was to save Empress Aria, who was on her deathbed.

But nobody could heal Aria.

The healers and priests said it was impossible unless the legendary Saintess appeared.

The gold piled up like a mountain and the imperial treasures didnt help.

Aria, the mother of the imperial princes and princesses.

Juander had to watch as his dear wife died.

After Aria died.

Juander truly loved her, so he fell into a deep sorrow.

He neglected the affairs of the empire, drank every night, and became ill.

It was his 2nd Empress, Marie, who comforted him.

She was the mother of the 4th Imperial Prince and had an intense beauty.

Thanks to her devotion, Juander managed to overcome his grief.

From then on, Maries world opened.

Juander overcame his sense of loss thanks to Marie.

Therefore, he favored Marie and her power skyrocketed into the sky.

It was the prelude to a common story.

Marie did all types of things in order to make her son the next in line.

Using her beauty, power, and the black magicians under her, she did all types of wicked things, including dissolving the Red Knights and nobles who supported the 1st Imperial Prince.

Now three years had passed.

Marie had an incomparably strong support base compared to the past.

Numerous nobles supported her and the 4th Prince, while the reorganized Red Knights were loyal to her.

Marie was satisfied.

She had no doubt that her son would be the next emperor.

However, the one who laughed at her was her closest black magician, Dive.


A black magician who served Maries family before she became an empress.

In fact, he had died in the past.

It was at the hand of the 7th Servant, Dark Bus.

Thats right.

Dark Bus was currently pretending to be Dive.

He was the best at curses in the Yatan Church, and his mission was to confuse the Saharan Empire.

“It wont be long now.”

Once the 4th Prince, who lacked adaptability, became their heir, the forces supporting the 1st Prince wouldnt be able to endure it and a bloody battle would take place in the empire.

What would happen if the empire fell into chaos

Many people would feel despair or die, and the black magic would come to life.

It would be enough magic power to call up a great demon!

“I will soon be compensated for my hard work over the last three years.”

It was a really hard three years.

The empires magicians and sages were powerful, so he had to pay extra attention to avoid being noticed.

He could never relax.

But now the hardships were over.


It was the moment when the old mans laughter echoed in the dark room…


The extensive ward that he installed around Asmophels mansion was destroyed.

Dark Bus perceived this and panicked.


Asmophel was a useful tool.

He was once praised for being a pillar of the empire, and his emotional despair was very strong after setting up Piaro as a traitor.

Dark Bus was obliged to maintain Asmophels brainwashing.

Therefore, he stayed in Asmophels mansion to watch and protect him.

For the past several years, he had been careful to prevent any outsider from stepping foot into Asmophels mansion.

But at this moment, his amulet was destroyed and an intruder was allowed.

‘My wards were broken so easily

It was rare for someone to have this power on the continent.

The person would certainly be a great force.

But his magic power detected only one intruder.

He didnt have to be too nervous.

Dark Bus recovered his composure.

He went to the living room and found the knights.

The Red Knights had finished their shift and had swapped with the Black Knights.


It was a crisis so Dark Bus needed those he could trust.

Dark Bus found it hard to direct the Red Knights.

They were too proud.

Dark Bus was accompanied by only the Black Knights and left the mansion.


The soldiers standing on the edge of the gardens found Dark Bus group and saluted.

The soldiers werent yet aware of the presence of an intruder.

‘Its a covert intrusion…

But it was useless in front of Dark Bus.

He could detect the enemys position with his magic power.


Dark Bus smiled and shouted to the Black Knights.

“Intruder! Gather your power and take a defensive posture!”

Once the command was received, the soldiers rushed to the entrance of the mansion.

There were 120 elite soldiers, two Black Knights and Dark Bus; it was a truly spectacular sight.


Dark Bus used his powerful magic power to detect the intruder.

200 meters ahead.

“Reveal yourself!”

Dark Bus shouted and released his magic power, causing the intruder to be revealed.

It was a man wearing a bizarre type of robe and a mask covered his face.


Black hair and red eyes shining in the darkness.

A person he had never seen before.

“Who are you”

The intruder, Grid, answered Dark Bus question.

“What else An enemy.”

Grid didnt speak for long.

It took him three weeks to get here, so he didnt want to waste time when he had reached the quests end point.


Grid gradually narrowed the 200m distance to the soldiers.

The elite soldiers of the empire were calm.

They pulled out their swords and took the posture of the Imperial Swordsmanship.

The soldiers in the rear of the mansion shot fire arrows.

‘Fairly good. Grid admired.

The soldiers seemed to have a very high level compared to those he had previously seen.

‘But so what


He used the Divine Shield to defend against the arrows, then he swapped the shield with Failure.



Five soldiers groaned and were thrown into the air as the blue-white Failure moved.

Grids strength transcended an ogre, and was at a level that the soldiers couldnt afford to go against.


The other soldiers moved forward, trampling on their colleagues.

Then Grid used a skill.

“Blacksmiths Rage.”

Blacksmiths Rage Lv.

4 increased Grids attack power by 25% and his attack speed by 40%.

There was also Failures option thatincreased attack power by 20% in the dark.

Seokeok! Kwajijik!

Under the moonlight, the sword sliced through the armour and shields, damaging the bodies of the soldiers.

It was an overwhelming dance.

The fatalities would keep increasing if they attacked in ones or twos.

There was no chance of victory.

The soldiers surrounded Grid and exchanged signals to attack from all sides.

Grid laughed as the soldiers prepared a circular formation to isolate him.

‘I can break through with power.

The concept of tactics was different in the face of a clear difference in power.

He could kill more than half of them if he used Transcended Link.

However, Grid knew it was a foolish thing to waste skills against these minor opponents.

But he also didnt want to waste stamina fighting them one by one.

‘Lets take it easy.

During the past three weeks, Grids experience had increased from constant hunting and levelling.

Grids vision expanded and he now looked at the entire battlefield.

There were flower beds, trees and fountains all over the garden.

Grid moved towards the most complex terrain, in order to make it difficult for the opponent to pass.

The formation of the soldiers following him slowly collapsed.

The two or three soldiers chasing after him They died from the greatsword before they could approach Grid.



The soldiers were unable to take advantage of their superior numbers as Grid ran through the garden.

The soldiers shrank back as the flesh and blood of their colleagues scattered.

They no longer tried to chase Grid.

The Black Knights determined the flow and asked Dark Bus.

“Sir Dive, please use curse magic.”


Dark Bus replied and quickly drew a red magic circle.

It was the appearance of a magic circle that dramatically increased black magic casting speed.

Dark Bus completed the magic circle and started successively casting curses.

“Amplify Damage! Lower Resist! Lower Blessing!”

It was the moment when curse magic that had tremendous power, such as increasing the damage received, reducing resistance and reducing stats all hit Grid.

“Lets go.”

The Black Knights moved.

They were confident that they could destroy the weakened intruder in 10 seconds.

Dark Bus hurriedly exclaimed.

“W-Wait a minute…!”

The curse magic didnt work! However, he had no time to say this.

The Black Knights who transcended human physical abilities were already close to Grid.

Grid faced them and sent them a disturbing smile.

“Pagmas Swordsmanship, Restraint.”

An unknown fear dominated the Black Knights.


“What is this”

The Black Knights were confused and backed away.

Grid stepped away from the fountain and narrowed the distance to them using the footwork of Kill.



The Black Knight pierced by the blue greatsword couldnt even scream.

A large amount of blood spilled out as the black knight flopped down.


The other Black Knight cried out as he saw his colleague hit.

He barely escaped from the influence of Restraint.

“You! What type of black magic did you use”

“Black magic”

Grid contemplated the Black Knights.

The Vital Spot Detection of the Slaughterers Eye Patch was activated, and the red light became darker.

“This is a technique, not black magic.”

Seven golden blades appeared behind Grid.


It was a perfect accuracy and speed that was hard to respond to.

The golden blades persistently aimed at the seams of the Black Knights armor.

The movements of the Black Knight slowed down as blades were inserted in the joints, then Grid used Link.

Chaaeng! Chaaeng!

The Black Knight tried his best.

He swung the sword in his hand.

Resistance was hopeless.

Link was currently level 5.

The ability of the level 255 Black Knight couldnt resist it.

10, 15, 20, 25, 30 times.

Dozens of energy blades sliced apart the body of the Black Knight in an instant.



The ragged Black Knight stumbled and fell into the fountain.

The soldiers were at a loss for words as they saw the blood spreading.

Two of the Black Knights that represented the empire had died in the blink of an eye Was it an impossible dream

The soldiers thought they were having a nightmare.

Dark Bus had been baffled that his curse magic didnt work.

Now he belatedly noticed Grids identity.

‘Resisting curses, that blue greatsword and the golden blades…! Yes! Hes the one Balak told me about!

The Fifth Servant of the Yatan Church, Balak.

He invaded Bairan along with the Fourth Servant, Neberius, and was defeated.

At that time, Balak had said.

In Bairan, there is a monster that users a blue greatsword and golden artifact.

He killed Malacus and Neberius.

He called himself…




Why was this person here He should be in the Eternal Kingdom, so why did he come to the empire to interfere with Dark Bus

“Do you intend to waste my three years of hard work”

Dark Bus was frustrated.

He wondered if God Yatan had abandoned him.


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