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Chapter 249

The Yak Guilds master, Bubat.

He combined bold judgments and powerful CCs to be called Satisfys best initiator.

The battlefield was always favorable to his allies when he was fighting in the lead.

His nickname wasYak who Promises Victory.

But at the time of the National Competition, Bubat was helpless.

He didnt live up to his reputation and disappointed people.

Was it because he was in a bad condition No.

It was because he met Yura and Grid in succession.

In the case of Yura, his CC was destroyed by her excellent physical abilities.

Grid was too bad because he resisted all CCs.

Bubat was frustrated because it couldnt be helped.

Now it was a few months later.

Bubat tried.

He raised his level during hunting, acquired new skills, and maximized his control.

He had the ability to fight against Yura and Grid.

If he were to face them again, he had the confidence to grab hold of their ankles.



Before he met Yura and Grid, he once again experienced helplessness and frustration.

For Bubat, reality was terrible.

Earl Ashur ridiculed him, “Your skills are pathetic.”


Bubat couldnt say anything to the Earls words.

Earl Ashur was really brilliant.

Regardless of his skill, his ability to respond with appropriate magic was beyond the scope of common sense.

In this battle, Bubat was already wounded, while Earl Ashur didnt have a single speck of dirt on his white robes.

One of the continents 10 great magicians.

A monster who deterred war just by being present.

In modern society, he was equivalent to a nuclear warhead.

However, he was more than the rumors.

‘Far stronger than Yura.

It wasnt an exaggeration.

If Earl Ashur and Yura had the same level and stats, Earl Ashur would have the advantage.

There was the named NPC compensation effect.

Named NPCs that had a profound effect on the worldview and story of the game, like Earl Ashur, had all their abilities (attack, defense, magic power, health, mana, skill cooldown, etc) set higher than a user.

This was a type of protection system applied as a fixed effect, regardless of stats.

Earl Ashur and Piaro were both named NPCs, but because it was divided by grade, Earl Ashur was defeated.

“Im not someone that small fries like you can dare to look at.”


In one hand, lightning.


In the other hand, Earl Ashur manifested water vapor.

The destructive power of a magician who mastered various types of attribute magic became more evident when dealing with a large group.

“I will bury your bones in this city.

Your bodies will be fertilizer to help the roses bloom.”


The water vapor spread and a thunderstorm formed.

The Yak and Zeraph Guild members that were in range were electrocuted.

Arrows from the soldiers poured from above them like rain while the knights continued the onslaught.


The top-ranked players, including Bubat, fought desperately.

They overcame the electric shock as soon as possible and smashed the knights.

In particular, Bubats activities were dazzling.

He was like an angry yak as he blew away two knights with his shoulders.

The knight with a blue rose in his mouth, Dio was only able to compete with him for a while.

But Bubat was still insignificant in Earl Ashurs eyes.

“Planning to invade Reidan with such skills, you should reevaluate.

Dont you know There is a monster at Reidan.”


Hwaruruk! Hwaruk! Hwaruk!

Earl Ashur started to generate continuous fire arrows from his fingers.

He proved that C-grade magic could be as overwhelming as A-grade magic with his speed and magic power.



People burned like straw.

The earth shook and a storm appeared.

The unrealistic scene of two of the seven guilds representing Satisfy collapsing was recorded by Bunny Bunny in high definition.

“Amazing…! Amazing! Puhahaha!”

One of the 10 great magicians on the continent was protecting Grid! Bunny Bunny was convinced that he could break his record of maximum viewers with this broadcast.

He would also be inundated with interview requests from various media.

It wouldnt be long before he returned to his days as the worlds best gaming BJ.


“Ku… Kuock…!”

The Ice Flower Guilds last survivor, Reis.

The struggling man eventually collapsed.

One of the seven guilds had been completely wiped out by Faker.

Why did something so ridiculous happen

The timing worked out well for Faker.

This was the time when the difference between the third and second advancement classes was beginning to emerge.

Out of the 30 Ice Flower Guild members, only Bondre had a third advancement class.

In other words, it meant Bondre was the only one able to face Faker.

But Bondre was a magician.

Faker was an assassin, so he perfectly countered Bondre.

It was the difference in classes.

This difference meant that the Ice Flower Guild was easily handled by Faker.

It mightve been different if this moment occurred three months ago.

Or after some more time.

No matter how great Faker was, he wouldnt have been able to smash the Ice Flower Guild then.

[Your stamina is depleted.]

[You wont be able to take any action.]


Faker sat on the ground like a puppet whose strings were cut.

Master of Swiftness had a fatal weakness.

It was fast moving, but the stamina consumption rate was unmatched.

It was a difficult challenge to overcome.

Grid was trying to solve it somehow, but the result was still unknown.

Shake shake.

Faker got up with great difficulty.

His stamina was fixed at zero.

Despite finding it difficult to lift even one finger, he attempted to move his feet with the belief that he should protect Reidan.

‘Only me.

Based on the conversation of the Ice Flower Guild members, the fore invading Reidan was the seven guilds.

Faker knew that Reidan was empty due to the Overgeared members being busy with the mine development, so there was no one else able to defend Reidan.



Faker couldnt move a single step and fell to the ground.

Stamina depletion wasnt a problem that could be overcome with mental power.


It wouldve been nice if he was the one here right now.

Faker was sad.

His expressionless face distorted with despair and frustration.

Suddenly, the hiding Ul Clan ran over to him with worried expressions.

At first, they were afraid of Faker.

However, now they trusted him.

On this day.

Faker became a legend.

A living god who exterminated one of the seven guilds alone.

It was extremely natural that having a famous subordinate would increase Grids reputation.


Just before Faker attacked the Ice Flower Guild.

Faker sent a shocking whisper to Lauel.

–The seven guilds are heading to Reidan.

The Ice Flower Guilds currently location is the thorny vine forest.

In addition, I dont know the location of the other six guilds.


There was a massive raid when Reidan was empty It meant that the enemies accurately grasped Reidans situation.

‘I was too relaxed.

He had to be more thorough when it came to blocking spies.

But he didnt, so this was all his fault.

He was incompetent as the lords representative.


He was angry at himself.

Indeed, a lot of people were trying to restrain Reidan, but he couldnt stop this situation anymore.

Lauel didnt want to communicate this to Grid, who trusted him and put everything into his hands.

“Shit…! Shit!”

“Lauel What happened”

Alzar Mountain.

The Overgeared members, who were clearing the monsters around the mine, heading over to Lauel.

Lauel was rarely so agitated, so they felt anxiety.

Lauel took a deep breath and explained the situation.

“The seven guilds are heading to Reidan.”


The Overgeared members cried out with shock.

Among them, Vantner was especially angry.

“Those damn bastards…! Damn! What should we do It will take at least half a day to get to Reidan!”

Lauel turned his attention to Huroi.

“Huroi, how many people can board your drake”

“Three people.”

Given the speed of a drake, they would be able to reach Reidan in three hours.

Lauel examined the Overgeared members.

It was to select two people that would arrive in Reidan first with Huroi.


It was regrettable.

The strongest members of the Overgeared Guild, Pon and Regas were off on the dungeon mission (and incommunicado), while Faker was on a private mission.

Jishuka was all the way in Bairan.

Then the next most powerful…

“Vantner and Toon.

Please move to Reidan first with Huroi.

If the enemies havent invaded yet when you arrive, cooperate with Jude to increase the defense.

If they are already in battle…”

Lauel stopped speaking and closed his eyes.

Then he spoke difficult words.

“Discard Reidan.

Focus on saving Khan, Rabbit, Piaro, and Jude.”

It was a realistic judgment.

It was virtually impossible to resist the seven guilds with a small number of people.

They needed to be prepared for the destruction of the internal facilities.

For now, the priority was saving the people who shouldnt be lost.

“I understand…”

To be honest, Vantner wanted to say, Why should we give up on Reidan He wanted to shout that he would protect Reidan on his own.

But Lauel was acting on behalf of Grid.

Vantner chose to remain silent and obey the command.

It was because Vantner recognized Grid as his leader.

“Lets go!”

Huroi, Vantner, and Toon boarded the drake and began their journey to Reidan.

The remaining members moved with Lauel.

“Lets go.

Dont worry about your stamina and mana.

Our goal is to arrive at Reidan quickly.”

Reidan would already be ashes when they arrived.

“We must kill the invaders.”

Grid would be the first user to become king.

He was off limits.

The enemies dared to aim at him There were no thoughts about forgiveness.



Zibal looked at the vast wheat fields with derision.

“Developing such a large city as an agricultural city, Grid has no talent for internal affairs.”

Indeed, Grid was incompetent.

The only thing he could boast of was that he had a legendary class.

The user who could become the first king Not this guy.

“First of all, shall we turn these fields to ashes”

There were many guilds that hadnt arrived yet, but Zibal didnt care.

He instructed the magicians to burn everything with fire magic.

“Who are you”


Four farmers appeared.


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