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Chapter 1740


“Then I’ll see you next time.”

The No Offspring Tomb was the realm of the Specter.

The Specter was in a perfect state, unlike Zeratul, who left the heavens and wasn’t complete.

Rather, Grid resembled Zeratul at the time of the holy war.

It meant he was fighting against the odds.

Marie Rose wanted to give Grid enough caution.

However, she suppressed her heart and didn’t say it.

She had faith that Grid would do well.



The sight of Grid shaking while promising a reunion made Marie Rose smile.

It was cute.

It felt like he was seeing a child whining for nothing.

She was looking forward to the child she would give birth to one day after mating with Grid.

She wondered if the feeling when she sent her child on their first errand would be similar to now.

Of course, it was just a vain delusion.

Marie Rose was actually skeptical about childbirth.

How could she give birth to a child when she knew that her child would have to bear the curse and vengeance caused by her mother It was grossly irresponsible.

It was the reason why she didn’t urge Grid, who refused to play the role of Blood King, and at the same time, she doubted her mother.

The more she thought about it, the more suspicious Marie Rose became of Beriache.

Did she really love them

“Marie Rose…”

If you are done, then please hurry up and go.

Grid glanced at Marie Rose with awkward eyes and slowly raised his gaze.

For a moment, a pained face crossed Marie Rose’s beautiful face, which made him dizzy every time he saw it.

A woman who was an Absolute from the moment she was born—a being who had no choice but to remain detached from the affairs of the world expressed her true feelings for a moment.

It was hard to believe.

“The cause is the sleeping magic.”

They had truly reached the same eye level.

Marie Rose was surprised by the fact that the momentary traces were read, before smiling as usual.

It was a relaxed, bewitching smile.

It showed relaxation.

Grid thought for the first time that relaxation could actually be embellished.

“…Keep in mind that the Specter is an old monster.”

This was the end.

Marie Rose’s body turned to fog and left the scene.

She gave him advice while inwardly rebuking herself.

It couldn’t be helped.

The moment Grid read her thoughts, she realized that Grid was worried about her.

It was a really unexpected reaction so her heart was pounding.

To her surprise, her heart skipped a beat.

The moment she became aware of him, her crush on Grid deepened into something more.

It was something she was feeling for the first time.

It was very embarrassing.

She momentarily forgot her desire for Grid’s blood, so the sight of Marie Rose hurrying away was more like she was running away.

“An old monster…”

It was after Marie Rose finally left.

The Divine Wood Coffin crept up to Grid as he reflected on Marie Rose’s advice.

He was the strongest pope of all time and one of the greatest heroes in human history, Chreshler.

-It has been a while.

“Yes… I’m sorry for the late greetings.” Grid greeted him with a trembling face.

He knew this person wasn’t normal, but even so, Chreshler’s performance today was shocking.

Chreshler read Grid’s inner thoughts and coughed.

-It is hard to maintain a sense of reason in front of Marie Rose.

Like water flowing down, it is natural to be fascinated.

It is inevitable, so you don’t have to think deeply about my ugliness.

His voice was heavy.

It blended nicely with his old-fashioned manner of speaking.

Grid thought he was indeed a pope of a past era.

‘That is Chreshler…’

A great hero who locked his soul in a coffin to prevent disaster.

Skunk was thrilled to face the legendary divine wooden coffin that was known to only those in the know.

He forgot about Chreshler’s ugliness that he had just seen, and respected him.

It was pure belief in the words of a great hero.

He accepted Chreshler as a victim of Marie Rose’s bewitchment.

Grid was naturally different.

‘He is surprisingly naive.’

Grid knew Chreshler’s essence.

He knew that the reason why Chreshler became a coffin was purely to satisfy his own desires, so Grid looked pitifully at Skunk, who had been deceived.

He knew for sure that the shock would be great when Skunk was disappointed sooner or later.

-Um… You have a great status.

Grid, you have grown to the point of threatening the heavenly gods and deserve to be a close associate.

What is your name

Chreshler felt burdened by Grid’s bleary gaze and turned his attention to Skunk.

“Yes, Your Holiness.

My name is Explorer Skunk.

I became a cheeky legend with the help of Grid.”

-Skunk Is your name Skunk

“Haha, yes…”


Why did your parents name their child after an animal

“It is a name I gave myself…”

-Were you an orphan What a crazy nickname given when you were a child.

“…That is how it is…”


There was a reason why Eat Spicy Jokbal wanted the right to change his nickname.

It happened as Grid looked pitifully at Skunk, who was tired every time he introduced himself to someone…

“”I will bury your great myth in this land…”” Chreshler’s corpse, in the Divine Wood Coffin, spoke again.

The part of his body that was torn off had regenerated because the Divine Wood Coffin slightly changed its position while Chreshler was talking to Grid’s group.

The corpse’s vocal organs were restored.

Thanks to this, Grid, Chreshler, and Skunk, who were tired for their own reasons, were able to naturally change the topic.

-As you can see, the undead seem to live forever in the No Offspring Tomb.

The spirit, aspirations, and imagery of the ghosts who make this place their home and prey on myths have recreated this place as a completely separate dimension from the world.

It is only a world for the dead.

Asgard, hell, the Elemental World, the Peach Blossom Spring, and the Overgeared World—the world was divided into several dimensions and the No Offspring Tomb was one of them.

-A world for the dead.

Was this what hell was like before it was distorted Marie Rose, who saw through the essence of the No Offspring Tomb from the beginning and sent me to you, is truly incredible.

I can’t help but respect and love her… Hum…

Chreshler was naturally in ecstasy when remembering Marie Rose, only to control his mental state.

He captured the suspicion in Skunk’s eyes.

-In any case, if it is the divine wood, then it can go against the essence of this world.

No world was perfect.

The surface, heaven, hell, the Overgeared World, etcetera—it was clear that each world was born through the willpower of the gods, but in the first place, the existence of a god was far from perfect.

Each god and dimension had weaknesses.

One of the weaknesses of the No Offspring Tomb was the divine wood.

-The power of the divine wood is very good.

The reason why I overwhelmed my corpse in this manner is purely because I can borrow the immense divinity contained in the divine wood.

As far as the divine power is concerned, it is comparable to when I was alive.


Chreshler opened the lid of the coffin.

The spacious and plush interior were revealed.

It could be guessed from the size of the coffin, but the inside was large enough to fit three adult men.

It could be seen that he tried to provide Marie Rose with a comfortable place to sleep.

-Make sure that all the undead you hunt in the future are put inside.

The powerful divinity that suppressed even some of Marie Rose’s power will crush and purify the miscellaneous things.

[A hidden quest has occurred!]

[No Offspring Tomb Purification Work]

[★ Hidden Quest ★

This massive tomb is home to an evil group that are loyal to the myth predators and have hunted down human gods.

The more you purify them, the more you can contribute to peace on the surface.

* Purify the undead you hunt with the ‘Divine Wood Coffin.’

Current number of purifications: 0.

* As the number of purifications increases, the divine power of the ‘Divine Wood Coffin’ is strengthened.

* You can view the hidden story of the No Offspring Tomb every time the number of purifications exceeds a certain number.]

‘Does the No Offspring Tomb have a big connection with the vampire clan’

Marie Rose previously stated that it was difficult for her to be active in the No Offspring Tomb.

There was something in the No Offspring Tomb that made her blood rampage.

That was why she cautioned him against trusting the direct descendants.

Additionally, judging from the contents of the hidden quest that just opened, the Divine Wood Coffin was an important key.

Marie Rose was the only being in the world who could carry the Divine Wood Coffin to this point.

‘If I hadn’t become the Blood King, it might’ve taken a long time to uncover the secret of the No Offspring Tomb.’

He got Marie Rose’s attention thanks to being the Blood King.

Then, thanks to Marie Rose’s attention, he got the Divine Wood Coffin.

This was conclusive evidence that the No Offspring Tomb had a connection with the vampires.

‘Is this perhaps Beriache’s tomb… No, it is impossible based on the timing.’

The birth of the No Offspring Tomb was much earlier than Beriache’s death.

Grid suppressed the random questions and called the God Hands.

Then the God Hands recovered Chreshler’s body and threw it into the Divine Wood Coffin.

-Be sure to clean it later.

Chreshler treated his own corpse as filth.

It was a seat purely reserved for Marie Rose.

He lamented that the reality of having to put rotten meat ‘inside him’ was terrible.


[The divine power of the Divine Wood Coffin has become a bit stronger after purifying the undead of the No Offspring Tomb.]

[The current purification count is 1.]

“That… is it really okay”

Grid witnessed the disappearance of Chreshler’s body in the coffin without a trace and was quite shocked.

Right now—

The body of the great hero disappeared from the world.

This meant that the possibility of Chreshler being resurrected as a human was completely gone.

-Of course, it is okay.

Isn’t it a body that has already been abandoned once It is stupid to be obsessed with it now.


Of course, Grid knew that Chreshler abandoned humanity of his own choice.

Everyone was bound to have lingering feelings about their lives.

However, Chreshler never had none of that.

It was as if he had no regrets about the path he took.

Skunk paid tribute to Chreshler, “These are words of enlightenment from a religious person… as expected of the greatest pope in history.”

Grid was tired in many ways.

‘Don’t think too much and do what I have to do.’

It was futile for a normal person to try for a hundred days to understand an abnormal person…

Grid was well aware that most transcendents other than himself were crazy and controlled his mind without difficulty.

‘By the way, the others will grow a lot today.’

The Overgeared members scattered in different places in the labyrinth—those who were still fighting against the evil gods would soon face that undead that didn’t die.

They might be worse than Chreshler, but they were probably hero-level undead.

If they killed and killed, they would increase their character experience and skill level against enemies that kept respawning.

“Did you have an interesting idea” Skunk carefully asked Grid, who was smiling happily.

“Soon, our other companions will face the undead as well,” Grid replied to him.

Skunk’s face became gloomy.

“I see… they don’t have the help of the divine wood, so they might have to fight for days and days…”

“That’s right.”


So why was he smiling Skunk became a bit scared of Grid.


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