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Chapter 1698

[The special statdeity is opened.]

Euphemina defeated the angel army.

She made an achievement that was the first in human history and underwent a definite transformation.

To be exact, it was an evolution.

The direct cause might be that Kyles words and the worship of the magicians intertwined with the growth class called Mumuds Successor.

However, the beginning of this change was naturally the Fruit of Good and Evil.

If she hadnt taken the Fruit of Good and Evil, she wouldnt have been able to combine new spells and she wouldnt have gained the absolute edge in the fight against the angels.

This meant she wouldnt have been worshiped by Kyle and the magicians.

In the end, it should be interpreted as the grace of Piaro, who grew the Fruit of Good and Evil.

“Thank you very much!”

Eupheminas personality was quite bright.

She was originally full of confidence and her positive energy had steadily grown since joining the Overgeared Guild.

Her small worries were gone thanks to her strong captain and colleagues.

Besides, she was in a great mood right now, so she was smiling very broadly.

She almost hugged Piaro.

She was like a girl jumping into her fathers arms.

By this time, the magicians had noticed it.

The reason why Euphemina was a magician greater than the rumors.

It was thanks to the great help of the Fruit of Good and Evil.

The flow of their thoughts naturally led them to the source of the Fruit of Good and Evil.

Farmer Piaro—the look in the eyes of the magicians toward him was filled with greater awe than before.

They recalled Piaros share in the background of Eupheminas evolution, who was like a god of magic, and perceived Piaro as the second greatest being after the Overgeared God.

A farmer who grew nutrients that gave birth to almighty magic.

He was the hope of all the magicians.

Perhaps the expression thata world tree in the shape of a human who was created to help magicians was correct.

“Haha.” Piaro had been a bit hesitant about Eupheminas continued expression of gratitude and affection, but he soon burst out laughing.

He realized that his existence had become noble.

Euphemina, who succeeded in unlocking the deity stat several years after changing to Mumuds Successor—the system understood better than anyone that the person who played a significant role in her growth was none other than Piaro.

Piaro also gained a weak divinity due to his achievements and the worship of the magicians.

He gained the titleGlimpsed the Myths and opened the deity stat.

He resembled Grid.

Unlike Braham, who was on the path of a myth usurper due to overwhelming violence, and Euphemina, who peeked at a myth due to the help of a growth class, Piaro opened up the possibilities of a myth in the purest way.

It was just like the old Grid.

“I should be the one thanking you.”

Piaro smiled widely and lifted Eupheminas small body so she was sitting on his shoulder.

Wasnt she the benefactor who perfectly digested the Fruit of Good and Evil, and made it so he was worshiped Piaro felt grateful and affectionate toward Euphemina, who opened up the possibility of a myth.

He felt like he gained one more older daughter.

He wanted her to establish a relationship of a sworn sister with his daughter, who was doing well in Reinhardt.

...Of course, this was ridiculous.

Unlike her girlish appearance, Euphemina had long become an adult.

She wouldnt form a sworn sister relationship with Piaros daughter.

It was more correct to be a godmother.


[You have repelled the gods of the Hwan Kingdom.]

[The status of the Three Masters was critically damaged.]

[Your level has risen by 27 times.]

[Twilight has absorbed part of the divinity of the Three Masters.]

[In the aftermath of the divinity absorption, the enhancement level ofTwilight is 1.

This enhancement figure wont be reset if the rating of Twilight rises.]

[In the aftermath of the divinity absorption,Twilight is imbued with an ego.

It is still dim and unconscious, but it is on a different dimension from the artificially created self.

On the day the ego wakes up, it will be a great help for you.]

[In the aftermath of the divinity absorption, there are signs that special functions will be opened inTwilight. The special functions will be in the form of maximizing your abilities and you will need to absorb more divinity.]

[Affinity with White Tiger andBlue Dragon of the Four Auspicious Beasts has reached the maximum.]

[The people of the Pa Kingdom and the Kaya Kingdom have regained the true myth and want to express their deep gratitude to you.]

[The current fusion rate between the Overgeared World and the East Continent is 10%...]

It absorbed divinity

It was after defeating the Three Masters.

Grids party moved swiftly.

After leaving the disaster management to Hwang Gildong and the Chivalrous Robbers, they returned to Kaya using the Magpie Bridge.

The Blue Dragon that appeared in Kaya also reminded the people of Kaya about a forgotten myth.

Thanks to this, the comprehensive rewards were tallied and Twilight grew.

Not only was it enhanced, but it also grew its own ego.

It was an ego with a quality that was difficult to obtain through Granting an Ego or the ego sword making.

It was naturally a god-level ego.

He wondered if it was an ego that would give advice, that would become like his own flesh and blood.

Sooner or later, Ill have a friend I can have a normal conversation with.

He hoped it wouldnt be a friend with a screw missing like Noe, Overgeared Corn, and the Overgeared Skeletons...

Randy is so innocent that she feels more like a daughter than a friend.

It happened as Grid was feeling thrilled...

“The more I look at it, the more beautiful the sword becomes,”Mir said as he stared blankly at Twilight, which had an even stronger divinity.

Yeum stood beside him and was openly mesmerized and fascinated by Twilight.

It was a look where it wouldnt be strange if she drooled.

Considering that the yangbans appearance was basically very outstanding, it meant a worldly beauty was making a foolish expression.

It was a sight that was hard to see and Grid couldnt help laughing.

“Do you want it”

Originally, Grid spoke to Mir using a mixture of honorifics and informality.

Then he naturally stopped the honorifics when he misunderstood Mir as a fake.

He shouted that he was going to kill Mir, so it was too embarrassing to belatedly change his attitude...

it wasnt such a trivial reason.

In any case, Mir liked it.

It was natural considering the hierarchy.

“It is improper.” Mir waved his hands.

There was no exaggeration, so it wasnt frivolous.

“How could I covet your things Besides, I dont have the ability to handle it.”

“Ah...” Yeum sighed.

Just ask for it.

It was a sigh with this type of feeling.

The more she looked at this friend, the more he had the temperament of a foolish person who lacked thinking.

Yeum smirked due to him being different from his first impression.

Meanwhile, Grid started the full-fledged attempt to win Mir over.


You are full of qualifications to use the swords I make.”

“You\'re overpraising me.”

Mir lowered his gaze.

Anxiety flashed in his deep eyes.

Now he wasnt being humble.

A sword bearing the Overgeared Gods divinity—Mir didnt have the ability to handle what was literally a divine sword.

Who could bear this sword other than the Overgeared God The trust of the Overgeared God reached the point of being burdensome.

“You are qualified.” Grids voice entered his ears.

For a moment, his energetic voice created the image of a big tree in Mirs mind.

“I will give it to you.”


“Mir, be my apostle.”

“What...” Mir was flustered.

He was a yangban.

He was made only for the gods of the Hwan Kingdom.

Putting aside Mirs grand dream, he was just a tool.

Wasnt his memories erased by the gods according to their tastes He was being used without even noticing.

Now he was going to become an apostle of the Overgeared God He would just be a nuisance.

How dare someone like him, who was impure since birth, take up one of only seven positions.

“I wont interfere with your desire to become a god.”

Mir, whose mouth was shut out of panic, slowly raised his head.

A God Hand was lifting his chin.

Their eyes met.

Mirs faltering eyes met Grids eyes and were fixed there.

He was fascinated.

“An apostle can be a god.”

Notification windows appeared in Grids vision as he asserted this.

[Your apostle,Piaro, is harboring a faint divinity.]

[Your knight,Euphemina, is harboring a faint divinity.]

The position of a gods apostle wasnt the end.

Like humans, an apostle had no limits.

Braham had already proved a long time ago that the apostle of a god could also become a god.

Grid was obliged to become a higher ranking god in order to embrace them, and he was determined to do so.

Therefore, he made this suggestion to Mir without hesitation.

“Please join me, Mir.

The reason why Ive left the last apostle spot empty so far is purely because of you.”

It wasnt a lie.

Mir was a perfect fit for the ideal last apostle that Grid had hoped for.

A transcendent with a personality that was capable of normal thinking and who was trustworthy.

Entrusting the position of the last apostle to someone other than Mir...

now he didnt even want to think about it.

“Mir...” Yeums slender hands grabbed Mirs collar.

She wasnt holding him because she was afraid that a brother she had been with for a long time and the teacher she was following would go away.

Her hands didnt tremble.

Rather, they were powerful.

“I want you to be understood and respected.”

Mir was the only one of the yangbans who had no sense of choice.

He respected and cherished all beings on the surface like they were equal to himself.

He wasnt understood by anyone, even humans.

Humans couldnt purely accept Mirs favor and shunned him as being strange.

Yeum also sometimes wondered about Mir, but she didnt care.

The thing she wanted from Mir was the techniques that Mir had accumulated.

There was a time when she thought that with Mirs personality, it was enough to pick up and eat a bean that fell to the side.

However, it hadnt been like that for some time.

She started to sympathize with Mir, who was always alone and lonely.

It was a compassion that was separate from understanding.

Then her compassion reached the limit when she recently saw him have his memories erased, becoming an empty doll.

She came to wish that Mir would stop and be happy.

Of course, this could be her backlash against the gods.

It was because the image of the Three Masters using her brothers as arrowheads just now couldnt leave her mind.



Mir regained the memories he had lost.

To be precise, it was just a part of his memory.

The excitement of meeting Chiyou, whom he had long been envious of, and the excitement of meeting Muller and gaining inspiration from him.

They were memories imprinted on his heart rather than in his mind.

His heart that started to thump due to Grid reminded him.



A blue dopo fluttered.

It soared upward before landing on the dirt ground along with Mirs knees.

“Give me a chance.” Mir bowed politely.

“That is what I should say.” Grid lifted him up.

This time, it wasnt with a God Hand, but with his own hands.

[The last apostle has been recruited.]

[The seven apostles will make you more complete.]

[The more special and competent your seven apostles are, the more your value will increase.]

[Analyzing the aspects of your apostles...]






What did this mean Grid cocked his head before pinching his cheek.

It was because he noticed a word that he shouldnt have seen.

He was happy enough to fly away at the fact that he had recruited Mir, but he wondered if it was a dream when the system went away.

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