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Chapter 1684

From the little things to the private details—there were many ways in which a couple checked their compatibility.

In that sense, Grid and Yura were a well-matched couple.

Not only did the two of them like every aspect of each other, but their fates were intertwined, even in Satisfy.

Their final class quest was similar.

Grid had to rescue Pagmas soul from Baal, while Yura had to rescue Alexs soul from Baal.

It wasnt a very good thing to have in common.

Their class quests were impossible for a single player to handle.

It was wise to give up while taking comfort in the fact that there was no guarantee the new skills they would gain from completing the class quest was worth more than a few lives.

Unfortunately, the two people were persistent.

Yura gathered information by interacting with demons, such as Red Demon Glant, and she had been trying to rescue Alexs soul without necessarily having to fight Baal.

Meanwhile, Grid had grown in strength with the idea of getting rid of Baal.

Baal was destined to one day clash with the two of them.

-This isnt a very wise method since it is just accumulating experience for Baal.

-Baal is developing just as much as you are growing.

-Everything that Baal learns during his trials also nourishes that chunk of red flesh.

Pagmas soul and Alexs soul took advantage of Baals weakness to regain their sense of reason and to speak.

Their caution and warnings aroused Grids annoyance.

“Then what do you want me to do Should I not fight and let go”

The attitude of his seniors, who only gave warnings without providing a solution, was unpleasant for Grid.

This was nagging, not advice.

“If you have time for useless words, then you should let me know how to free you.”


You are truly Pagma\'s Successor.

-What do you mean

-His rude and ferocious personality really resembles you, Pagma.

Doesnt the fact that your personalities are so similar even though you dont have a blood relationship mean there is a problem with the sword dances It seems to have the side effect of making the users temperament more domineering...

-Stop the speculation.

-You said that your sword dance comes from a ritual that the yangban used for their ceremonies, right Ultimately, it mustve been a means of contacting Hanul.

Does this side effect mean that God Hanul himself isnt right...

-It is okay to curse Hanul, but I hate that you used it as a means to insult me.

I wouldve made you shut your mouth if I had hands and feet.


Grid and Yuras steps as they headed for the hell gate right in front of their noses slowed down for a moment.

It was because the illusions they secretly had of the predecessors were shattered.

Of course, Grid knew that Pagma had a ruthless personality, but in any case, he was a hero who fought for humanity.

He hadnt expected Pagma to be so blatantly wild and emotional.

In the first place, it didnt match his elegant appearance.

It was also hard to see Alexs personality as good when Alex clearly knew Pagmas personality and provoked him.

Grid felt pure doubts and murmured, “He doesnt have the personality to be friends with Braham...”

To put it bluntly, Braham had a bad personality.

He had improved a lot these days, but in the past, he didnt care about others at all and lived purely according to his own tastes.

A person naturally had to be broad-minded to be friends with Braham.

Like me.

On the other hand, Pagmas personality seemed to resemble Brahams.

It seemed like they would growl just by making eye contact with each other.

Then how did it develop into a relationship where he was Brahams most trusted friend

Pagma answered Grids question.

-As you know, Braham was arrogant and made frequent mistakes.

It was easy to grab a weakness.


Was it a friendship built up by gaslighting Grid was thinking about the crime of grooming with a dismayed expression when Pagmas bitter voice entered his ears.

-Im glad he has a good friend like you, even if it is late.

Pagmas soul and Alexs soul had never actually lost their sense of reason.

Rather, they had always maintained a clear mind and felt Baals despair and pain.

This was why they always screamed.

Pagma had watched in pain the sight of Grid fighting for others at any time and under any circumstances.

Grid was clearly different from him, who sacrificed innocent people under the pretext of a cause.

It was probably the result of the differences in their origin.

It was said that Pagma had experienced the life of the weak when living among the yangbans, but in the end, he was still different from a human.

There were many areas where he wasnt emotionally compatible with them.

Therefore, he often made the wrong choice and repeatedly regretted it over and over.

On the other hand, Grid was a completely normal human being.

He communicated with many people much more easily than Pagma.

-Your existence isnt a blessing just for Braham, but for all of humanity.

I admire and envy you...


Pagmas words abruptly stopped.

His groan, which sounded like he was being mutilated by a sword, hinted at Baals resurrection.

He was still alive and well despite already suffering a few deaths.

Rather, Baal, who became stronger as he learned, resembled a player.

Grid trembled when he realized how great Baal was.

The strongest people in human history, who dominated an era and eventually became legends, were captured by Baal in such an insignificant way.

Pagma and Alex, who trembled in pain without being comfortable for a moment, recalled the fear that they had been trying to suppress.

There was a voice that awakened him.


“...Ah.” Grid reflexively reached out.

At the same time, the demon sword that pierced his abdomen tilted diagonally just before it separated his upper and lower body.

Grid was pulled by Yura and succeeded in escaping to the surface through the hell gate.

“Y-Your Majesty!”


Unfortunately, the place where he landed was bad.

At the temple of the Overgeared God, in the Overgeared World....

The imperial subjects were praying under Damians leadership and they became agitated when they witnessed the seriously injured Grid.

“Look at this! Our god has once again punished the evil demon Baal and returned in a dignified manner!”

Damian and Sariel quickly acted.

Damian took off his uniform and spread it out like a veil, hiding Grids appearance.

Meanwhile, Sariel used that short gap to restore Grid with magic.

Then with Damians next shout—

Ta da! Grid reappeared with the feeling ofaha! and was unscathed without a single wound.

It happened in an instant.

People were confused, but they had no choice but to think the Grid they saw a moment ago was their illusion.

Isnt this the leader of a pseudo-religion

Grid clicked his tongue as he watched Damian secretly smiling.

Then he waved toward the cheering people as a response.

After a while, he arrived at the smithy and told Yura his honest feelings.

“Is there no answer”


In fact, he had noticed it little by little.

Just as Grids level got higher the more he fought Baal, Baal had also learned combat skills.

The number of times that Grids six fusion sword dance missed in vain gradually increased.

Still, it was okay.

If he killed Baal a few more times, then Baals status would be undermined at some point.

From then on, Grid would gradually gain an advantage...

he used this thought as consolation, but there were no signs that Baals status was being undermined.

Additionally, he learned the shocking truth that the red chunk of flesh was learning from Baals experience.

He didnt show it on his face in front of Pagmas soul, but honestly, he felt his vision darken.

Grid lowered his head with a sense of loss.

Yura quietly stroked his head and spoke cautiously, “How about not giving Baal a chance to learn”

“...Through what means”

“Fight in a different way every time.

For example, equip an item with a different function every time you challenge Baal.

Then Baal wont have a chance to adapt...

Im sorry.”

Yura was eagerly explaining only to hurriedly close her mouth.

It was because she knew the pain of creation.

How easy could it be to create new and different items every time She felt guilty when she realized that she had almost imposed too much responsibility on Grid.

Grid grabbed her hands.

“Thank you.”

Creating something out of nothing and forcing a new attack strategy on the target—it was a method that could only be used by Overgeared God Grid and the blacksmithing god Hexetia.

Of course, it was true that the burden was high.

It required infinite deliberation.

Even so, Grid didnt mind.

“Thats right.

I forgot the most basic thing.”

He should actively utilize his strengths.

Was it because he relied on Request to Stand With Me through the fight against Baal He became accustomed to borrowing the power of the apostles and tower members and didnt consider using items.

It could be a side effect of perceiving the items he was currently armed with as endgame items.

Grid stood up.

Yura was shocked to see him preparing to leave even though the immortality cooldown hadnt ended.

Grid reassured her, “I am going to the East Continent, not hell.”

There were still two of the Four Auspicious Beasts that Grid hadnt saved.

Among them, Grid coveted the Blue Dragon.

It was judged that the Blue Dragons lightning was the most suitable attribute to hurt Baals mental image that harbored a cold chill.

Another method is to ask Braham to attribute lightning magic to Twilight.

However, there wasnt the lightning attribute among the great magic that Braham used.

It meant he would have to receive an insignificant magic if he wanted Brahams help to attach the lightning attribute to Twilight.

This was very regrettable.

On the other hand, the Blue Dragon was the god of lightning.

There was a limit to the lightning power gained from the Blue Dragons Boots, so it didnt have much power against Baal.

However, he was sure that the lightning power he obtained from the Blue Dragon would be different.

“Reinhardts defense”

“There is Sticks, so it is fine.

I can come and go at any time.”


The transportation vehicle...

After a long and peaceful time at the Overgeared Academy, Sticks would once again be used as a tool.


“Request to Stand With Me.”

Grid arrived in Kaya on the East Continent with the help of Sticks and didnt delay for even a moment.

“Keen Insight.”

He immediately borrowed Mercedes power to search for the exact location of the Blue Dragon.

To be precise, it was the location of the Blue Dragon Dao where the Blue Dragon was sealed.

He naturally felt a familiar aura.


A person he was unintentionally deeply connected with.

Maybe he had been putting off saving the Blue Dragon because he didnt want to fight Mir—Grid had this thought and moved toward the center of the desert that was covered with snow.


At the same time...

“It has been a while since Ive given you my greetings.”

Mercedes returned to her home after decades and bowed her head like a criminal while giving her greetings.

It was a habit that arose from an early age due to the attitudes of her family, who hated making eye contact with her.

The days when hereyes were weak.

They were the days when she couldnt control it, so she unintentionally peeked into the secrets and innermost thoughts of her precious family, to their displeasure.

This was why they felt reluctant and fearful toward each other.

“What brings you here...” They didnt even welcome her or ask her how she had been.

The elderly couple treated their one remaining daughter like she was a complete stranger.

Mercedes status as a knight and the new emperors concubine give justification to the couples indifferent attitude.

“I would like to take the head of the familys test.” Mercedes mustered up the courage to speak.

It happened shortly after she was asked to lend Keen Insight to Grid.

This allowed her to temporarily overcome her trauma and raise her head.

For the first time, she could see her parents old and dwarfed appearance, who flinched when they made eye contact with her.

“...Now I can bear the sins of our family.”

Most people didnt know the truth, but the Vaintz familys two swords actually meant slaughter.

Back in her childhood, it was something that was difficult to understand and handle for Mercedes, who was taken by Piaro after being abandoned by her parents and raised to be a knight that protected the emperor and the nation.

Her Vaintz Swordsmanship differed greatly in form from the original.

However, this time she saw real demons in hell.

She had a mission to destroy them, and she achieved the sword energy of dramatic victory.

She was ready to accept her familys slaughter.

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