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Chapter 1652

On the surface, a red night was rare.

Just because it was a red night didnt mean thathe would always appear.

The Great Robber of the Red Night—ever since Satisfy opened, there had been only three sightings of him among the players.

Few people found it strange.

It would be funny if a thief was seen stealing.

People werent conscious of him.

It was even more so because there were very few mentions of the Great Robber of the Red Night in the quests related to the thief profession.

He was someone who had little weight on the worldview due to his profession of a thief.

No, he was dismissed as a title rather than a person.

It was because the name of the Great Robber of the Red Night had been recorded in history from a very long time ago.

Of course, he didnt just appear in the official history, but also in the behind the scenes history that could be glimpsed through hidden quests.

In any case, he was portrayed as existing in almost every era, so they had to accept it as an inherited name like Lantier.

There were many people who didnt acknowledge his existence until rumors started to spread that he was linked to Grid.

At this moment, he appeared in front of everyone.

Additionally —

“You…! Youu…!!”

It was an appearance that left a strong impression.

He took away the heart of the great demon, who had taken away the appearance and power of a Sword Saint.

He seemed to prove it.

It was proof that he was the greatest thief on the surface and in hell.

“You have the same habits as a golden goblin, the petty thieves, so I can take them away.

Tsk tsk.”

The heart in the hands of the Great Robber of the Red Night was different from the normal organ.

It was an open circle like it was a passage to somewhere and the inside was black.

It was a warehouse.

It was a treasure trove full of the items and concepts that Valefor had stolen throughout his life.

Therefore, it could be the target of the Great Robber of the Red Night.

“Give it to me! Give it to me!”

“You are begging without trying to steal it back It is right for you to spread out a mat and beg.”

“Ahh…! Uwaah…!!”

Valefors screams grew louder.

The sharp scream was like the cry of a dying beast.

It was an obvious noise.

The faces of those who closed their eyes and frowned soon relaxed.

It was because Valefors appearance gradually became disgusting again, while Biban regained his original splendor.

A handsome, middle-aged man was eye candy for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

The Great Robber of the Red Night stood beside him and had an expression like he was eating poo.

“Tsk… What guts do you have to face the 6th place alone”

“There is only one case where a swordsman avoids fighting.

We have to keep our beliefs.”

“Your words are showy.”

Biban had plunged Valefor into a crisis in an instant.

It was purely because he opened up his mental world and this was proof to anyone that he was nervous.

Opening up the mental world was an act that revealed the users origin.

It was one of the trump cards that shouldnt be used carelessly.

It was because there was a high possibility the users weakness would be discovered if they didnt kill their opponent.

However, Biban opened up his mental world from the beginning.

It was naturally because he received penalties in hell.

The tower members were affected by the penalties of hell, unlike the apostles who raided Hell Gao several times and bypassed them.

Of course, they resisted it somewhat due to their high status, but they were much weaker than when they were on the surface.

It was the reason why Biban couldnt easily cut Valefor and why he allowed Valefors approach.

Of course, Biban had no intention of making excuses.

Valefors reserve force that allowed him to close his distance with all his might was incredible.

Additionally, he exerted immense pressure.

He was an opponent who couldnt be easily defeated even in a perfect state.

A single digit great demon in hell was that powerful.

“…To be honest, I saw him as easy.”

“There is a big flaw in your judgment, but yes.”

“If you want me to help you and to not be scolded, shut up.

I am holding it in a lot.”

“Im already very troubled trying to resist wanting to steal your sword.”

The Great Robber of the Red Night was an individual, not an inherited name.

He was a legend and a transcendent who had lived for hundreds of years.

Biban vaguely noticed this fact, so he had some respect for the Great Robber of the Red Night, despite this person being the thief who robbed the tower.

It was the same for the Great Robber of the Red Night.

He perceived the tower members as being essential to the world.

He would rob them whenever necessary, but apart from his personal greed, he had no intention of letting them die.

The thing the Great Robber of the Red Night wanted was peace.

It was the development and revival of humanity.

This way, he would have many things to steal.

“Give… it… back…!!”

Valefor started to run rampant.

The treasure trove in the heart that was driven by absurd greed.

The moment he was deprived of the power he had hidden inside it, he relentlessly released pure demonic energy.

The body was transformed back into the shape of a monster.

It was the sight of a giant beast running wild.

It almost felt like he was unable to control his power.

It was clear that he had lost his sense of reason.

“I feel sorry for that hideous thing.”

“He looks like a baby compared to a dragon, but dont take him lightly.”

“How can I take him lightly after seeing how you were beaten”

A great demon—his power was clearly confirmed.

Biban took a deep breath and focused.

He stood side by side with the Great Robber of the Red Night.

He intended to use a pincer attack in response to the movement, but the Great Robber of the Red Night took a step back.

“You want to fight with me”

“Then do you want to fight separately here”

“You have to fight alone.

Isnt it weird to want a thief to fight with you”


“I have nothing to see here any longer, so I will go back.”

“What nonsense is this You cant get out of hell… dont you know about the rule that Baal has established”

“It is a trade secret.”

The Great Robber of the Red Night put his hand into Valefors heart and soon pulled out a bottle of potion.

“This is a debt.

I will come back one day to get it back by several dozen times.”


Biban received the bottle of liquid thrown at him and cocked his head.

A pink potion—it was properly sealed, but a faint scent leaked out.

It was a fragrance that cleared and calmed the mind.

“This is a stimulant made by Judar.”

The god of health and wisdom—Judar was one of Rebeccas two sons and a chief god.

If it was the vitality agent he made, then it must be an all-rounder elixir.

“It isnt a big deal.

It simply makes you feel like you are back in perfect condition.

It clears the mind and helps you make the right judgment.”

“It doesnt have the effect of overcoming the pressures of hell”

“It is just a stimulant.”


Biban frowned.

It was a potion made by the god of health and wisdom, yet the effect was insignificant No, why give him something like this in the first place He thought it was too cheap after this person stole all the treasures that Valefor had collected throughout his life.

“You could easily steal his heart thanks to this, but I owe you a debt with just this Arent you an evil-minded thief”

“It is like you are asking me to give you a package after I saved you.

I am going now.”

The Great Robber of the Red Night clicked his tongue and turned around.

This was the end.

He disappeared from the scene.

This time, Biban dimly read the traces.

‘Thats right.

Was it secretive because he operated magic power in that way… Next time, I wont easily allow access.

Biban nodded and drank the potion.

It was surprisingly sticky and didnt match its transparent appearance.

The texture that swept through his esophagus made him feel like he was swallowing saliva.


Biban was imagining terrible things when Valefor rushed right in front of his nose.

“Give it back!!”

There was an overwhelming momentum, unlike just a while ago.

Valefor had nothing more to lose and cut off his own path.

He concentrated all his strength and skills into breaking through and killing the target.

In response, his frenzied demonic energy crushed everything it could touch and eroded it into darkness.

It was like a black sun.

The moment the orbit was the same as the hell moon, the red light disappeared from the world.

It was completely dark.

It caused an eclipse.

The collection of physical strength, magical strength, and demonic energy had the momentum to extinguish everything.

People were surprised by the fierce momentum of the ferocious demonic energy that eroded Bibans cloak as soon as it touched it and they lamented.

“Hmm.” On the other hand, Biban was calm.

He swung his sword at a distance that he thought was sufficient.

It just seemed like a flash of light in peoples eyes.


It was already at its destination by the time the sound of the sword was heard.


Valefors huge body was split apart along with the demonic energy.

A sword that cut anything—the sword of Sword Saint Biban overcame the penalties of hell and slashed the 6th Great Demon with one blow.

Judars spit… no, the stimulant helped.

After taking the stimulant and awakening his consciousness, Biban showed hisclose to perfect ability by calming his mind that was shaken due to the lack of wisdom.

That was simply it.

It wasnt that he overcame the penalties of hell or received any buffs.

Biban simply showed off his original skills.

In the distance, the Great Robber of the Red Night read the energy and sighed.

“He is destined not to live…”

Biban was using sword energy to the limit.

Not only was it the sharpest energy in the world, but it constantly maintained the non-stop vibrating energy both inside and outside his body.

This made it impossible to keep his mind intact.

Biban himself was probably most aware that his judgment and memory were fading day by day.

No, maybe it had reached a point where he wasnt aware of it.

What made the hero so obsessed and sick It was naturally the dragons.

It was clear that achieving the dragon killing sword was behind the choice in Biban making himself sick.

At this moment, the formidable swordsmanship that was developed was integrated with the wisdom that had awakened at some point.

A dragons head would fall and Biban would face his end…

“Dont die until you pay off your debt.”

The eclipse lifted with Valefors death.

A dark shadow was cast over the wrinkled face of the great robber as he looked at the scenery of hell that regained the red night.


“It is a dilemma.”

Agnus frowned as he was caught in the random teleportation and separated from the group.

He was concerned about the group that wouldnt be free from the penalties of hell.

He wasnt worried because he liked them.

He just determined that all their power was needed to destroy the dimensional magic operating through the hell moon.

Step, step.

Agnus walked relentlessly through hell.

The stench, heat, and nightmarish scenes spread endlessly, but he was familiar with it like it was his own home.


The demonic creatures encountered along the way passed by Agnus with uncertain expressions.

Ironically, this was the advantage of the undead.

The method that demonic creatures with no intelligence used to determine enemies was the presence or absence of demonic energy.

Therefore, they didnt recognize Agnus as an enemy unless he showed a special reaction.


The memphis—they were the demonic creatures that Baal raised.

They were tied up by magical chains and abused repeatedly, so that poison accumulated and they grew properly.

Perhaps it was due to this influence, but there were several of them who grew up very viciously.

One of their cages was in his vicinity.

He had to kill them before they were released from the chains.

Agnus was moving forward while revisiting his memories with such thoughts, only to stop in place with surprise.

Hundreds of huge eyes were clinging to the barren canyon.

They were wriggling horribly… upon closer inspection, they were eggs, not eyes.

The epidermis, which he thought were the whites of the eyes, glistened with mucus.

They were like a frogs eggs…

Just then, a girls voice was heard behind the puzzled Agnus.

“Those things.

They are Chepardeas eggs.”

It was the tower member, Betty.

The strange girl who had been watching Agnus from the moment they met.

“I dont know how many times Chepardea has died.”


Chepardea didnt die easily.

Baals closer subordinate was so tenacious that it was said even Demon Slayer Alex couldnt kill him.

Who could kill such a being over and over again Only one person came to mind…

Agnus understood what she meant and closed his mouth.

It was to suppress the urge to vomit.

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