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Chapter 1631

The world had changed so much.

Grid, who was tilting his teacup, realized it once again.

It was through Hayate, who was sitting facing him.

The dragon killer who had confined himself for over a thousand years now appeared in front of everyone.

It was a new feeling.

“It is all thanks to you.”

Hayate smiled as he happily looked at the people passing by the window.

Until not so long ago, Hayate had been passive in all things.

He feared that the smallest carelessness would provoke the dragons and endanger the world.

This wasnt the case any longer.

He learned from watching Grid fight against enemies stronger than himself.

He learned by watching Grid, who wasnt afraid of defeat.

He learned from watching Grid develop while taking failure as a lesson.

There was no end to avoidance.

Even if he lost, he had to fight, learn, and improve.

“I plan to go on a trip for a while.

I will visit and talk to the top dragons who have maintained their dignity and settled in one place for a long time.”

“A conversation…”

A conversation between a dragon and a Dragon Slayer Grid couldnt imagine it in his head.

Could shooting fire and aiming the sword at the other be called a conversation

Hayate read the mind of the bewildered Grid and explained, “I only recently realized that most of the top dragons, who are inherently threatened by the old dragons, can make rational decisions.”

The vast majority of dragons made decisions and acted based on the awareness that they were a great species.

Therefore, they showed unstoppable and incomprehensible actions.

On the other hand, the small number of top dragons were rational from a human point of view.

Most of them were cautious because they were targeted by the old dragons.

They were clearly different from the low ranking dragons who were full of pride, an intermediate dragon who was obsessed with hunting the low ranking dragons, and the old dragons who were outside of common sense.

Grid taught him.

“Crazy… I learned from your story of becoming a Dragon Knight.”


It was Hayate who couldnt bring up the wordscrazy god and crazy dragon. It was caring that wasnt caring.

The reason why the story associated with the Dragon Knight was given the namecrazy god and crazy dragon was simple.

It was because those who witnessed the secret story at the time were the three masters.

Grid wasnt actually crazy…

There was no need to explain this one by one.

He wondered if he might feel upset.

Grid hesitated for a moment as Hayate continued.

“Ill make sure to invite some human gods to come to you while Im traveling.”


Hayate understood the structure from the moment he entered the Overgeared World.

He knew exactly what Grid needed and looked for ways to help Grid.

He decided to assist in the search and recruitment of human gods.

It was a very grateful thing for Grid.

“According to the research conducted by the tower members, the recent trend isnt bad.

They said that something happened to the Gale of the Great Forest.”

The reason the human gods hid was due to the myth predators.

Among them, the Specter of the No Offspring Tomb [1] and Gale of the Great Forest had a wide range of activities.

Unlike the Mountain King, who took the towering mountain as his domain, their area was overwhelmingly large in scale.

In particular, the servants of the Gale of the Great Forest were calledviolent gales because they freely moved through theforests and roared through them.

It was said to be the most threatening to the human gods.

‘Debirion said he couldve been easily defeated.

Debirion was the god of hunting.

He exercised various powers when he was active in the forest.

Even so, it was just a matter of barely being able to survive.

It was because the minions of the Specter of the No Offspring Tomb were too numerous and the servants of the Gale of the Great Forest moved from east to west.

After all, the myth predators were strong.

Grid had directly experienced it.

There was no way they would be troubled by a normal opponent.

Grid crazily thought up to this point and touched his lips.

He felt a sharp pain.

‘Dont tell me…

“There are quite a few cowards hiding in the world.

It is better for me to reap the power that is rotting away.”

Marie Rose—she chewed on a mans lips and taught him a type of pain and pleasure that had never been felt before.

Then she left these meaningful words before she went on her journey.

Apart from Hayate, she was the only one who could overwhelm the myth predators.

‘…Did she eat a myth predator

Marie Rose snatching the Gales hair and flicking her tongue with a smile…

A chill went down Grids spine as he imagined this terrifying appearance.

However, he didnt show it on the outside as he bowed his head to Hayate.

“Thank you for your help.”

“It is insignificant compared to the grace you have bestowed upon me.”

“Please… take care of yourself.”

“This is a body that has been hiding for over a thousand years.

I can take care of myself even if an old dragon tracks me.”


Grid wanted to advise him to watch out for a beautiful woman, but he thought it was rude.

Marie Rose might be the most beautiful being in the world, but Hayate was an absolute.

The moment he encountered Marie Rose, he would be aware of her identity and be wary.

“Then Ill be going.”

The reason Hayate came to Reinhardt was because he was worried about Grid.

Dominion was too strong to fight while defending against the people, so he thought he would help.

Yet by the time he arrived, things had already been sorted out.

There was no reason to stay for long.


Hayate stood up from his seat and suddenly smiled.

He made eye contact with Irene, who was looking over here with an anxious expression.

He also saw Lord standing by her side.

Grids family and his people.

There were many precious beings in the world that he had turned away from using all types of reasons.

Most of them were built and protected by Grid.

‘I wont turn away again.

Hayates expression was determined.

Irene and Lord, who were still looking at him cautiously, reflexively stiffened and bowed their heads.

Just then, Grid grabbed Hayates wrist.

In an unhurried and polite manner, he stared into Hayates eyes.

“I will ask you again.

Please value your life the most.”

The value of your life is the greatest in this world.

This is even when compared to the lives of those who are precious to me.

Who can bear the collapse of the tower that has supported the world beyond the world

Hayates heart became bitter when he read the thoughts in Grids eyes.

A body that shouldnt be sacrificed.

His unchanging condition for over a thousand years suffocated him.

However, he nodded without showing any signs of it.

“I will keep that in mind.”

It was also a promise to remind himself.


In the distance, Lord tightly gripped his mothers hand.

The young man who was a human but also the son of a god was feeling many things.

He felt the solitude and responsibility of the pillars who sustained the world and was greatly stimulated.

He reflected on his journey of chasing after his fathers footsteps.

He had gained a lot of experience and was moved.

He just didnt build a special connection with people.

The path that his father took was already firmly completed, so there was no room for Lord to intervene.

Most of the impressions he got during his trip were merely a confirmation and admiration of his fathers achievements.

It was less intense and lacked some desperation.

Yet he felt fulfilled at this moment.

Lord enjoyed being in the same space as Grid and Hayate and gave up the relaxation that had been holding him back.

He desperately recalled the teachings he had learned from many great teachers.

His rapidly expanded thinking helped him understand.

Of course, the divinity of the Overgeared World was also favorable to Lord.

‘He looks just like his father.

Hayates steps as he moved away from the temple became lighter.

He felt Lords potential and some of the burden in his heart was lightened.


The players active in hell frequently sent good news.

The reason they werent happy was because they knew the surface was in danger.

The descent of the angels and Martial God Zeratul raised the alarm.

Dominion, who suddenly appeared, drove the wedge in.

Once Asgard started to be openly hostile to the surface, questions rose in various places about whether it was right to cling to hell.

There were even some people who criticized Grid for being wrongly stubborn.

The presence of the Dragon Slayer who appeared at this time was very great.

His distinctive character trivialized Dominion, who caused a natural disaster not long ago.

It was even more so because he was the opposite of Dominion, who was equipped with large armor and a spear.

He wore light clothes and walked leisurely.

It was like he was out on a walk.

Only Dominion, who faced Grid with a serious attitude the entire time, became funny.

The most surprising thing was Brahams attitude.

Brahams arrogance was a fact that everyone knew, but he was especially humble in front of Hayate.

What type of monster was Hayate… Additionally, his attitude toward Grid was very polite.

They sat next to the window of the temple while drinking tea.

Hayate, the guest, personally made the tea and poured it for Grid.

Everyone saw it.

The reporters who took photographs and videos wrote headlines and spread it all over the world.

Thanks to this, the suspicions and dissatisfaction of those who found out Grid had something to firmly believe in were dispelled.

The tea ceremony was simply Hayates hobby, but people didnt know this.

“Is this the power of the Dragon Slayer” Braham felt the mood of the people change as well as Lords development and trembled.

He was shocked beyond admiration by Hayates ripple effect, who changed the world without even saying anything.

He beckoned to Lord while rekindling his dream that he would one day achieve killing a dragon.

“You will stay with me for the time being.

I must educate you before you forget the enlightenment you have gained from Hayate.”

“It is an honor!”

“It is at the level that gives enlightenment and stabilizes the world through meaningless actions such as a tea ceremony… I wonder if it is a realm that will be achieved naturally after killing a dragon…”



The apostles looked at Braham like he was absurd, but in any case, the atmosphere was good.

“The Gale of the Great Forest had an accident… certainly, the human gods must be quite free right now.

I have a few guesses about where they mightve settled.”

“Then lets go right away.”

Grid was accompanied by Garion and Debirion and was ready to embark on a journey.

Grid was reminded of the class game Three Kingdoms that he had once played.

He searched all over the continent to recruit the hiding generals, but he felt that the current situation was much better than back then.


Changing childless specter to Specter of the No Offspring Tomb since I named it before the tomb appeared.

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