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Chapter 1630

A warning literally meant an act ofgiving advance notice. It was the foreshadowing of some type of outcome, but the warning itself was done without any foreshadowing.

This was why a gods warnings were so threatening.

There was absolutely no way to omit the intention of an absolute who omitted the precursor.

Compared to the punishment, a law was established that the goal must be achieved, even if the level was low.

It was why Zik in the distant past couldnt resist the Curse of Sloth.

The warning that Asgard sent before punishing the seven malignant saints was to put Zik to sleep and Zik was helplessly forced to suffer.

It was due to this experience that Zik couldnt believe it even more.

‘How can this be

A spear thrown by the god of war who suddenly appeared.

It was right for it to hit.

It might not be fatal to Grid, but it must hit him.

However, it was returned futilely.

Grids dance, which increased in power along with the sanctuary, struck Dominions spear and warning.

He returned it in reverse.

It was something that shouldnt have happened.

Dominion frowned as he witnessed the collapse of order once again.

‘Mother, why

Dominion couldnt avoid the flying spear because it was a warning from the Overgeared God.

Once a spear that pierced everything and armor that couldnt be pierced collided, the result was a draw.

However, the damage absorbed by the armor was completely delivered to the wearer so the spear didnt necessarily deal no damage.

Blood dripped from Dominions mouth.

It was as red as human blood.

It was the moment when the religious peoples belief that humans resembled the image of the gods was proven.

There were currently many human beings from the three churches at the scene but none of them were thrilled.

‘Sooner or later, you will pay for your sin…

Dominion had earlier declared that he was no longer on the side of humanity.

It was an attitude that made them throw away even their vague remaining faith.

Now the humans of the three churches relied solely on Grid.

They revered Grid who built the Overgeared World as a being as great as the three gods.

Dominion fully felt their hearts, but he didnt feel bad or angry.

He, who had loved humanity since a long time ago, had already experienced great disappointment.

After that, he never had any expectations of human beings.

There was no disappointment or anger because there was no expectation.

Rather, he took their betrayal for granted.

“I think it is a good idea to go back peacefully.”

Zik suddenly approached and pointed his sword at Dominion.

The runes spinning irregularly around him were breaking through the clouds below him.

Wearing the goddess divinity and making the golden clouds inaccessible meant that Zik had completed the language of denying divinity.

-You are the worst traitor.

Dominion declared.

His face was expressionless, but it was almost like a lamentation.

The seven half-gods—he recalled the moment when those known as the seven malignant saints betrayed the gods.

Zik had led their betrayal.

-Sooner or later, you will grab at your new masters ankles.

Some of the clouds were greatly influenced by the runes and lost their color.

It was the loss of divinity.

There seemed to be holes drilled in the golden sky.

“That isnt going to happen.”

-That is something you dont even know yourself.

Dominion turned his head.

He was afraid that if he looked at Zik any longer, then he would recall the ugly memories of the past that he had worked hard to bury.

-Establishing a divine world was an irreversible mistake.

Dominion recovered the spear that had escaped from Grids dominance the moment it hit him.

He spoke while looking down at Grid, who was still standing on the ground.

-You might believe that human beings are dignified, but the truth is different.

Sooner or later, you will be disappointed by humans and feel regret.

Keep in mind that there is no companion in the world who will comfort you and reach out to you at that time.

Mother—Goddess Rebecca had certain expectations for the Overgeared God.

This had been the case since the days when the Overgeared God was human.

Dominion and Judar knew it, but they didnt know the reason.

Even if they knew the reason, they couldnt respect Grid any longer.

The establishment of a new divine world and the weakening of Asgards influence was clearly an act that crossed the line.

Thus, he intended to oppose Grid forever.

This was the responsibility of a chief god.

“You are being needlessly tragic,” the silent Grid opened his mouth.

He was still standing in front of the temple.

This surprisingly clever guy wasnt taking a single step out of the Overgeared World.

The attitude of trusting in and using his strong apostles was very natural.

Grid grinned.

“Let me make one thing clear.

I will never be disappointed by humans.”

It wasnt a vague belief.

Grid had already experienced the worst of human beings.

It was none other than himself.

It was markedly different from the gods of Asgard, who arbitrarily cut humans while feeling expectant, jealous, and disappointed in humans.

“Get lost,” Grid issued an order.

He wanted to undermine Dominions divinity, but the location was too bad.

The Overgeared World referred to some temples, not the whole of Reinhardt.

Dominion was too strong to fight in the middle of Reinhardt.

The aftermath of the battle alone would result in numerous casualties.

‘It is tricky to cut him.

Grid recalled the information of the spear that he had just dominated.

[Dominions Spear]

[Attack power: 41,000 Durability: 21,300/21,300

A divine object made with great care by Hexetia, the god of blacksmiths.



It was an overwhelming attack power, but there was something else to pay attention to.

It had the effect ofpenetrate unconditionally when attacking. Dominions armor was likely to have effects such as absolute immunity to slashes and stabs.

It was an impossible opponent to aim for a short decisive battle.

‘I have to pick the right time when fighting someone like this.

The urgent task now was to recruit a new god.

He wanted to quickly raise the level of the Overgeared World.

At the very least, it should be raised to the level of covering all of Reinhardt so that he could fully concentrate on the Baal raid.

‘The thing that worries me the most about when I go to hell is my empty house being robbed.

He thought it was a problem he would have to deal with until the birth of the Overgeared World.

He decided that he had no choice but to trust the knights, including Asmophel, and Sariel.

Now things had changed.

There was no need to take risks when there was the Overgeared World.

-You are serious…

Dominion had a strange expression on his face.

Grids conviction that he wouldnt be disappointed by humans didnt sound like a lie.

However, he soon passed over it like it was nothing.

Maybe it was because the years that Grid lived were short.

He will one day go through the same thing as me and he will end up like me.

The golden clouds filling the sky started to recede.

It was spectacular to see them all soaring higher into the sky in unison.

The image of Dominion standing on top of them quickly faded away.

He left without saying anything else.It was shown in the appearance of an absolute.

The unflinching appearance of the Overgeared God and his apostles as he suddenly appeared and disappeared amazed the people.

Of course, Grid, who drove him away, looked even greater.

Soon, Dominions figure disappeared.


Peoples eyes were focused on Grid.

They were envious.

The eyes of the players were shining particularly brilliantly.

A god—he was safe even fighting against Dominion, one of the three gods They had seen the scene of Grids defeat of Martial God Zeratul dozens of times on the news and on the Internet, but it felt completely different to actually see it.

The magnitude of the impression they got couldnt be compared.

‘I thought I was going to die.

There were many people who lost 10 years of their lives.

The holy divinity surrounding the temples of the Overgeared—people who were busy filming the Overgeared World were actually aware of Dominions appearance quite late.

It was only when the world shone like it was covered in golden leaf that they realized that an unusual swarm of clouds had arrived.

Then they looked around and found Dominion on the clouds.

[Dominion, god of war, has descended.]

A world message appeared shortly after there were a few witnesses.

Grid stood with his back to the huge temple and seemed to have come to meet Dominion from the very beginning.

Dominion said something.

It was the moment when people felt it was unusual.

A roar echoed through the sky and the ground exploded.

A blue flash of light cut the sky in half and rushed right in front of Grid.

It was the trajectory of the spear that Dominion threw at him.

However, the people didnt know this.

They just recognized that the flash of light had become darker.

It wasnt until the spear turned in the opposite direction, struck Dominion, and caused a larger explosion, that they started to infer the situation little by little.

Dominion bled.

It seemed that Grid had counterattacked.

There was bound to be a big fight.

The thought that many people would die again sent chills down their spine.

However, no one died.

Grid and his apostles carefully guarded them.


Elnidana—an ordinary member of the Overgeared Guild watched the scene with a satisfied expression.

She was a member of Overgeared Six that was established after the Great Human and Demon War.

She was from the Ryan Merchant Group, which became close to the Overgeared Guild for their contribution to supporting the Overgeared Guild during the Great Human and Demon War.

She was an accountant with a cheerful personality.

Her ranking might not be high, but she was quick at calculations, so she caught Lauels eye.

Lauel appreciated her potential and recruited her personally.

He didnt pay attention to the Ryan Merchant Group.

It was said that their relationship with the Ryan Merchant Group had become closer, but the Overgeared Guild didnt really favor the Ryan Merchant Group.

The Overgeared Guild just put the Ryan Merchant Group as an object of observation and put them aside.

This time, a meaningful smile spread on Elnidanas face as she watched Grid.

“You are slow.” Then Brahams low voice was heard.

It was so beautiful that it entered peoples ears even in the middle of a commotion.

Their eyes naturally focused on Braham and then they looked at the same place that Braham was looking at.

There was a handsome, blond-haired man there.

His neat posture and wrinkle-free collar were impressive.

It was in perfect harmony with his handsome face.

At first glance, they thought he was Brahams brother because he was so dignified.

However, the color of the name was strange.

It was a jade color that had never been seen before.

The name Hayate was even more unfamiliar.

“Do you have a bad sense of direction It turns out that a Dragon Slayer isnt perfect either, but dont be too pretentious.

Ill make up for your flaws.”



The wide-eyed people swallowed down their gasps.

Dragon Slayer.

Yes, the name of the dragon slayer who appeared in the world message the other day was probably Hayate…

The people were shocked when an unexpected person appeared while they were out of their minds.

They were curious and happy but at the same time, they felt anxious.

It felt like something big was going to happen.

“It is fine.

The gods of the Overgeared World will protect you.

Let your anxiety be shaken off through prayer.” As Sariel was calming down the people, Mercedes sent a message to Braham.

-Lord Hayate cant use the return scroll.


-Hayates return point isnt Reinhardt.

It is only natural that he is one step behind us.

Brahams face, which was as white as snow, slowly turned red.

Contrary to his appearance, he was quite agitated when he first met the being who had already achieved the ultimate goal he dreamed of.

‘I cant sleep in a coffin today.

It felt like he was going to break the coffin while he was sleeping.

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