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Chapter 1598

Prime Minister Lauel was the highest ranking political officer who supported the emperor.

He enjoyed great authority over internal affairs, diplomacy, and personnel affairs.

It also meant he took on a responsibility proportional to that.

Lauels workload was beyond imagination and there was no distinction between online and offline.

He often collapsed from overworking and had severe hair loss.

Still, it was worthwhile.

Just as Grid leveled up by going around battlefields and his battle-related stats entered the realm of transcendence, Lauels political power and insight as he guarded the political arena, where schemes abounded, also entered the realm of transcendence.

It was a place where he controlled the political board like he was moving go stones and he easily exerted it by monitoring many aspects of the empire in real time.

It was transcendent in another sense.

It was until the Overgeared Kingdom became an empire.

Lauel overcame the internal ordeals that came constantly.

Without him, there would be no empire.

The experiences he accumulated were higher than a great mountain, so it was right and inevitable that he was reborn as a transcendent being.

“Here, here, and here.”

A map of the Overgeared Empire.

On the huge map that wasnt different from the map of the East Continent, Lauel identified exactly three cities.

It was the hand gesture of the god of death.

“Send inspectors within the week.”

“Isnt Serev privately led by Marquis Kaizak There will be many complaints…”

“It depends on the results of the inspection.

I predict that no one will dare to protect him.”

[Insight of the Great Empires Prime Minister]

[Identify the level, stats, skills, talents, potential, inclinations, zodiac sign, and horoscope of the target NPC.

Skill Mana Cost: 5,000

Skill Cooldown Time: 2 hours.]

It was a skill exclusively for Lauel that was upgraded at the same time as the founding of the Overgeared Empire.

The rating was Legendary (Transcendent).

He saw not only the ability of the target person, but also their essence.

It was very useful.

Lauel placed talents in the right place.

If he personally made his own selections, a dream team would be formed that made it easier for him to solve any challenges.

It was possible to predict when the dream team started to creak, when the prime of the dream teams talents would end, and when the talents would neglect their duties or be corrupted.

Due to this, personnel transfers frequently took place in various parts of the empire.

In some areas, criticisms ofcherishing something when needed and throwing it away when no longer needed were boiling over.

Lauel was used to the criticisms.

He used his authority without a single blink.

There were no exceptions even if the other person was from the imperial family of Saharan.

The better the targets lineage or connection, the more thoroughly he supervised them.

He didnt give them a chance by looking away.

It was because there would be a purge if he responded late to a situation.

Thats right.

Lauel tried to avoid seeing blood as much as possible.

It was his own mercy.

It was for the peace of the empire to last.

“P-Prime Minister!”

“What happened”

“T-That… it is said that the inspectors dispatched to the east part of the empire have disappeared from the Chuhaltz area.”


Of course, Lauel wasnt a god.

He could see many aspects of the empire, but he couldnt see all sides.

This was the case even if he mobilized his skills and authority.

In the first place, there were too many bastards in the world.

It was impossible for even a god to control the corruption and sins they committed.

‘This is what I was concerned about.

Those who see the hell expedition as an opportunity have started to show their true colors.

Was there only one gentleman out of a million humans 99.99% of humans were bound to give up their conscience at least once in their lifetime.

It wasnt a prejudice that Lauel distrusted humans.

It was reality without any exaggerations.

Look at your neighbors.

No, look back at yourself right now.

‘Considering the future, I will have to grow the size of the inspection team.

It wasnt easy to find talented people who wouldnt fall for any temptation.

The lords who were committing corruption somewhere right now were also pure at first.

They were people who absolutely respected and were loyal to Grid, their god and emperor.

They had sworn to devote themselves to the nation.

Yet they changed after being exposed to temptation and repeated compromises.

‘There is no one suitable.

Now most of the people Lauel trusted were participating in the hell expedition.

Lauel had fewer knives to wield with confidence and his anxiety deepened.

It was a trial because the size of the Overgeared Empire was so huge.

It was too painful a trial when it was less than a few months after the founding of the empire, but it was a situation that Lauel inflicted on himself.

Most of the lords appointed by Lauel were recognized for their ability rather than their personality.

They were chosen as cards to be used from the beginning.

All he had to do was overcome the immediate trial.

He would prioritize personality over ability when selecting successors to take charge of and managing the land developed by competent people.

They would also lose their original intentions one day, but this would take a long time.


Lauel was deep in thought when his face brightened.

He thought of a person who wouldve become unemployed after the continent was dyed with the color of the Overgeared Empire.

Death God Knight—he was a hidden class assassin known for taking care of things without any problems.


[Haksens sigh is deepening.]


Tzudan, Filewolf, and Haksen—the three of them had something in common.

They were loot obtained from raiding the 4th Great Demon, Gamigin.

Of course, Grid didnt treat them as objects.

He respected them as people.

Thus, he was always sorry.

Out of the three, only Haksen was still hovering around Grid.

Haksen was the same as the beginning, unlike Tzudan, who found a successor after resolving the past (), and Filewolf, who gained the body he was eager () for.

He wandered around as a mere soul without getting anything.

In other words, his situation hadnt improved compared to when he was captured in hell.

“That… Im not discriminating between Filewolf and you.

I just need the moon night iron right now.”

Grid felt a bit guilty and explained to Haksen.

He was sincere.

Grid planned to use the moon night iron to create another form of destruction.

The form was a mace.

There was a high probability it would share a cooldown with the Falling Moon Sword, but he needed a weapon that could be used in a different situation from the Falling Moon Sword.

There were already the innovated Mjolnirs, but they were far lacking.

The stiffness effect of the Mjolnirs was meaningless against a target with high status.

It wasnt comparable to the moon night iron, which was theonly one in the world that ignored status.

Additionally, the reason why Grid was obsessed with a blunt weapon was the limitation of the God Hands.

Like the Mjolnirs, the God Hands had little effect on beings with high status.

It was the essential limit of Greed itself and wasnt anything new.

The limit of speed.

He realized it this time when he fought Cranbel.

The meteor, or mass of Greed that Grid dropped every time he glimpsed an opportunity, never reached Cranbel.

It was doubtful if it wouldve pierced the absolute defense even if it reached Cranbel, but in the first place, Cranbel escaped too easily.

It was purely a difference in speed.

This meant it was meaningless to let the God Hands swing them just because he needed blunt weapons.

It was a weakness that became more prominent the stronger the enemy was.

‘It is much better to use the God Hands for the artificial senses.

If I am fighting an opponent who is so powerful that I need a blunt weapon while giving up the benefits of the sword dances, I need to wield it myself.

There were a lot of worries.

He thought it would be better to make around 200 God Hands with the Greed he had gathered so far to expand the area of the artificial senses further.

‘…It is exciting.

No matter how strong he became, he would meet new strong rivals and repeat these worries.

He couldnt get tired.

Satisfy was a god-like game.


[The 2nd option slot of Gujels Dao will be updated with a 3% increase in skill power.]

‘It is a ruined game.

Grid didnt waste even a second.

Throughout the trip, he consumed the prayer stat to rotate the slot while thinking of the dragon armor set.

He was going to use the Item Creation skill when creating the dragon armor set.

It was from head to toe.

He planned to make a new appearance like never before.

To be honest, he felt it was more urgent to increase his attack power than defense, but… there would definitely be inspiration in the process of making the armor.

The order to craft the weapon using Cranbels arm was postponed as it was more important.

‘I wonder if it is possible to kill Baal even when armed with new overgeared items.

He couldnt scratch Cranbels health gauge no matter how much power he poured out, so how could he raid Baal Grids worries were deepening because he didnt know the truth.

Then it happened around this time…

“This is it.”

Filewolf landed on the ground.

It was a small island on the sea.

“Arent you mistaken”

“No, Im sure it is here.”

“…It is buried in the sea.”

“It is because it was one of the giant cities.”

Bellitori—it was said to be Filewolfs hometown.

Filewolf remembered that the moon night iron was buried in that land.

“It is a city that sank a thousand years ago, so it is hard to find it easily.

Furthermore, the location of the city mightve changed some time ago due to the twists in the crust from Ifrits actions.”

“I will actively help as well.”

“You dont have to go out on your own.

Ill lend you the skeletons.

As we explore, you can focus on gambling and new research as you are now.”

“Im not gambling, Im enhancing my items.

Anyhow, I understand.”

Grid pulled out a blank blueprint.

He planned to start working on it in earnest.

‘At the time I made the armor using the Breaths of the Four Auspicious Beasts, I thought that armor set was graduation.

He didnt expect the day would come when he would make a dragon armor set.

Grid reflected on the past when the dragons were perceived as beings from another world and was filled with emotion.

He increased his concentration.

Meanwhile, Filewolf was taking a deep breath.

He was metal so he naturally moved his stiff body and released it.

Would he be able to find a city that sank in the sea a thousand years ago He was already worried.

Nevertheless, he was determined to find it.

He had recovered his body thanks to Grid.

He wanted to use it to help Grid and repay the favor.

‘This body is perfect.

There is no need to breathe so I can withstand the water pressure of the deep sea.

I will never rise to the surface until I find the city…

It was with a reverent determination.


Filewolf threw himself into the sea.

He gave instructions to the Overgeared Skeletons and dived deeply.

Around an hour passed.

“Pfu! Pfuu!”

Filewolf emerged above the surface with a glow of light.

Due to his large and heavy body, he made a commotion every time he struggled, and it caused a wave to rush in and subsequently make Grid look like a wet mouse.

“…What is this”

The Overgeared Skeletons wouldve sent a sound transmission first if the city was found.

It was easy for Filewolfs group to handle even if a kraken appeared.

Why was he making a fuss


Grid was doubting Filewolf when his eyes became half-closed before soon widening.


“Overgeared God!”

A number of voices could be heard among the fluctuating waves.

They were the voices of the people of the water clan.

Why were they in this distant place when they should be in Siren The people of the water clan soon explained to the somewhat startled Grid.

“I heard about Your Majesty from the mouths of the fish.”

“I swam over because I thought you would need our help.”

“…Thank you.”

There were people in the world who didnt change.

Not everyone was corrupt.

In particular, there were many such people around Grid.

They were trying to repay the trust of Grid, whom they believed in silently.

Lauel, who easily suspected people and sharpened a knife in advance, couldnt be blamed for being wrong.

Grid and Lauel were different, but they werent wrong.

Due to the two people, the balance of the empire was right.

On this day…

[Overgeared GodGrid has discovered an ancient, forgotten city.]

Bellitori appeared for the first time in a thousand years.

Unlike Filewolfs worries, it was a quick find.

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