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Chapter 1594

[You guys…! You are rats who live in hiding and always disturb us at every important moment…!!}

The eyes of the top dragon Cubatros was colored a bright red.

It was reminiscent of a blazing flame, but the expression that he was shedding tears of blood was more appropriate.

Cubatros held more of a grudge than killing intent.

The level of the tower members was too high to be angry and have a desire to kill.

To be exact, he was reluctant to stimulate Hayate.

Dragon Slayer—he had already killed a dragon once, yet in a contradictory manner, he was excluded from any killing intent.

This was the case even when the concept of thoughts were directly linked to strength.

He showed no willingness to hurt Cubatros.

Thus, he came off even more threatening.

He was like a bomb on the verge of exploding.

[Get out of my way!]

Not long ago, Cubatros thought he was very lucky.

He was awake just in time and his lair was located in the center of the continent.

He sensed the turmoil of five dragons and regarded it as an opportunity to eat.

The willpower of the cloaked dragon, which was divided into hundreds, distorted the area and delayed the time it took to arrive at the scene, but Cubatros was the same rank as the cloaked dragon.

He had the potential to break through the maze installed by the cloaked dragon.

It was just a matter of time.

The moment the willpower of the cloaked dragon faded and the distortions that spread everywhere were erased, Cubatros succeeded in identifying the coordinates of the scene.

It was enough to teleport there.

At the moment of jubilation, the tower members appeared and interfered.

It was quite intimidating.

Sword Saint Biban and martial artist Ken, who made the scales meaningless, were quite annoying.

Additionally, Fronzaltz, who had restored the treasure of the giants, clearly reminded him why the giants of the past had to perish.

Hayate… he was the sun among inferior lights.

Cubatros felt tremendous pressure just because Hayate was supporting them from behind.

“We also want to get out of the way,” Hayate opened his mouth.

His blond hair fluttered in the howling atmosphere as he was pressured by a Dragon Fear.

His clearly revealed face had a deep expression.

“How can we dare to block a dragons path However, we cant withdraw because we are concerned about a situation where you become much powerful than you are now.”

[…Detestable fellow.]

Cubatros was fortunate to have outstanding discerning eyes.

If his hierarchy had been a bit lower, he wouldnt have recognized Hayates humility and wouldve caused an irreversible situation.

He wouldve made the mistake of entering a life or death battle.

Hayates blue eyes suddenly subsided calmly.

“It seems that the blood queen has opened her eyes.

Wouldnt it be better for you to give up at this point”


Then something amazing happened.

The dragon, who covered the moon with his mountain-like body, started to turn around.

Light relief passed over the faces of the tower members, who were holding their breath with great tension.

[You guys… one day, you will definitely pay for your sins.]

It was a curse that would surely come true.

Cubatross Dragon Words wrapped around the fate of the tower members.

This was until it was erased by Hayates sword light.

“Thank you for your decision.”

[Hayate…! You will die the most cruelly.]

Cubatros glared at Hayata like he wanted to kill Hayate before eventually leaving.

The tower members cheered with relief while Hayate was quiet.

His two hands concealed behind his back were trembling.

An absolute—Hayate was an immortal who could not die of his own will.

Therefore, his end will surely be achieved one day by the dragons and it would take the most horrible form in the world…

“I didnt know that Cubatros would retreat so easily.”

“In the end, it went as Hayate said.

Im really glad.”

The tower members only opened their mouths properly after returning to the tower.

A great incident where as many as five dragons collided—the incident couldve become the biggest disaster in history, but it ended safely without another new dragon appearing.

The opportunity that Hayate mentioned—it was thanks to the performance of Dragon Knight Grid.

They hadnt expected him to join forces with four dragons to make the top dragon back down… it exceeded their expectations.

It was right to say it was something that could only be done by Grid in the world.

“Grid is the blessing of humanity,” Biban said.

It was while stroking Gujels Sword.

A treasured sword that physically embodied Hayates Dragon Killing Sword—it was sufficiently satisfying compared to Hayatas real swordsmanship.

When combined with the Matchless Sword, the power was enough to easily cut a dragons scales.

Biban was very proud of Grid.

This must be how he would feel about his child if he had a child.

“Grid is the best,” Betty also agreed.

She even had the illusion that her stopped heart was beating again.

“If it wasnt for Grid… a huge monster mightve been born today.”

All the tower members, including Fronzaltz and Redwolf, smiled happily.

The members of the Tower of Wisdom—heroes who fought for the peace of the world for many years trusted and relied on Grid.

Just in time, a new epic of the Overgeared God was imprinted on the world.

The content contained a dragon directly confessing his sins to a god and had never been in any myth.

Hayate trembled.



The people of Reidan were astonished.

It was because the city, which had become ashes, was quickly restored to its original form.

Xenon easily understood and remembered the established civilization.

He used magic and Dragon Words to establish laws that easily restored everything he destroyed.

However, even dragons couldnt revive the dead.

Moreover, hell was in a deteriorated state.

It was difficult to induce reincarnation because the river of reincarnation didnt operate properly.

[The lives of the 2,788 people who died because of me… I will pay you back with my scales.

I will also strive to take care of the bereaved family members as much as possible.]

Then something amazing happened.

[A new specialty,Dragon Scales, will be added toReidan, a city of the Overgeared Empire.

It will be maintained for the next 20 years.]

[A new effect,Dragons Sin, will be added toReidan, a city of the Overgeared Empire.

Under certain conditions, several beneficial effects will occur.]


Grids mind was in a very heavy state.

He wrote an epic and enjoyed a sharp rise in status, but he wasnt happy.

It was natural.

He felt guilty toward the dead.

He resented his helplessness for not protecting them and thought it was a harsh reality that he had to forgive the one who harmed them.

Still, it couldnt be helped.

Grid comforted himself like this.

He would push even more people to death if he hurt Xenon to repay the peoples resentment.

Furthermore, Xenon sincerely apologized.

He showed his determination to give his life for Grid.

On top of that, he completely restored Reidan and gave a new blessing.

‘…That is why it is hard to hate him.

Did they see the darker shade on Grids face

“Ive been taught that dragons are like natural disasters.”

The bereaved family members comforted Grid instead.

“Our dead families… Ill think of it as encountering a disaster.”

The bereaved family members also felt Xenons sincerity.

They understood it was practically impossible to resent a dragon and dream of revenge.

There was only one thing they could hope for.

“Your Majesty, please, our families… save those who are suffering in hell.”

Reincarnation—the only way to save the people trapped in the river of reincarnation.

Grid nodded at the bereaved family members who eventually made the request in tears.


This battle had taught Grid a lot.

He clearly realized the strength of the dragons and discovered the strength of Baal, who was comparable to an old dragon.

Nevertheless, he wasnt frustrated.

Cranbels arm, Xenons scales, and the rise in status—Grid gained a lot of loot.

He would be able to become stronger in the future.

In addition—

“Marie Rose.”

He also confirmed again how reliable an ally he had.

“Can you join us on the hell expedition”

“Of course.

However, it is hard right now.”

The hell expedition was the reason why Marie Rose was born.

She had a mission to kill Baal and the demons who cooperated with him in order to return hell to its original state.

She would visit hell of her own accord one day, even if Grid didnt request it.

However, it wasnt time yet.

There werent enough preparations.

The Curse of Sloth was a secondary issue.

Marie Rose discovered it by comparing herself to Cranbel.

She was lacking strength.

In the first place, the timing was too early.

It was only hundreds of years ago that she inherited strength and status from Beriache.

More time was needed for her potential to fully blossom.

The flow of the world that Grid had accelerated was too fast for her.

“I need to meet some people.”


“There are quite a few cowards hiding in the world.

It is better for me to reap the power that is rotting away.”

Marie Rose lightly approached Grid and slightly raised her heel in a tiptoe.

The moment her fine forehead and eyebrows filled the center of Grids field of view, Grids head had already turned blank.

It was the aftermath of feeling something long and damp squeezing between his lips.


Marie Rose grabbed the back of Grids head with a soft touch and seemed like a beast who had been waiting for this day all her life.

She thoroughly violated Grids mouth.

She used her long tongue to draw out and suck all of Grids saliva with the momentum of drying Grid up and killing him.

How much time passed Grid, who had been mesmerized for a while in the midst of endless pleasure and shame, let out a short breath.

He saw that Marie Roses full lips were much redder than before.

Grid belatedly felt a stinging pain.

His lips were slightly torn.

It was by those sharp, white teeth.

“My dear husband tastes more delicious than I thought.”


“I can hold out for a while with this.

Let me taste it again next time.” Marie Rose turned into black ash and scattered, leaving the scene.

‘Crazy… crazy…

Grid stood between Xenon and the people of Reidan, who were holding their breaths, and trembled like a pine tree.

He feared Marie Rose even more.

He thought he would be eaten by her one day.

It was until there was not even a drop of blood left.

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