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Chapter 1579

“Ahh… I was worried about what they were doing while construction was going on but once it is completed, it is spectacular.”

“It is much nicer than when I watched it on the videos or screenshots.”

“Right It is said they recruited a lot of world-class architects.”

Exclamations burst out nonstop from the endless procession.

They admired the high-rise buildings that lined the city walls.

As a player-ruled city, the capital of the Overgeared Empire, Reinhardt, had a modern atmosphere.

The most striking thing was the high-rise buildings and large geometric architecture.

Buildings in styles that were hard to see in Satisfy pleased the modern peoples aesthetics and convenience.

At the same time, the traces of the effort that was put in to not harm Satisfys times raised praise.

Color, composition, topography, arrangement, and even lighting were used to create harmony between the Middle Ages and modern times.

There was no sense of incompatibility at all.

“It is the feeling of coexistence between the past and the future.”

“There are many directors trying to get it as the filming location for sci-fi movies.”


Lauel felt very good.

From the start until the city became what it was today, how hard had he been working for so long He raised a large amount of capital, recruited the best architects in reality, and nurtured engineers in each field to actually implement the form of the city he had designed…

Reinhardts current form hadnt been achieved in just a year or two.

From the founding of the kingdom to now, it was more than five years in real time.

It was a project that Lauel planned and implemented by selling his own assets and investing at his own expense.

It was only recently when the level of Satisfys engineers rose that the project could enter the implementation stage.

He was already satisfied when he saw the reaction of the people.

It felt like he was being rewarded for all his efforts.

The amazing thing was—

“It is even more spectacular from a high place.

Youve worked hard so far.

Really.” Grids short praise and encouragement was more rewarding than the praise from tens of millions of people.

Lauel felt the trembling of his soul.

“Indeed… I think the vessel called you is really good.

It is probably because it is a vessel that I dont have to worry about overflowing.”

“Uh… In any case, congratulations and thank you.”

“I also want to congratulate and thank you.”

They rejoiced that they met each other.

The two men leaned against the railing and bumped their fists together lightly.


『 Do you see the crowds on the streets For the last three days, the number of visitors to Reinhardt has surpassed 100 million.

Todays captain selection competition, which unveiled the updated city, has attracted peoples attention.

The new buildings that were covered in tents are all revealed, impressing countless people… 』

『 The citys scenery is different.

In a direct way, it feels like a mix of European tourist cities and New York.

It also came together very naturally.

Today, we have Michelangelo Stilioni as a guest.

He is an Italian master who has participated in the Reinhardt renewal project.

『 It was five years ago when I received this request.

I thought it was too much at first.

They wanted me to design a city that exists in a game.

As you know, I am over 80 years old.

I hadnt experienced Satisfy directly, so I was very unfamiliar with the request.

But this… Hehe, I have the spirit of challenge.

I purchased the capsule that day and accessed Satisfy.

Geological features, environments, materials, etc.

I had to check the conditions in the game itself, which would be different from reality, to determine if it was a commission that could be done or not.


『 Have you been working on the project since then and playing Satisfy all the time 』

『 Thats right.

I worked in reality based on the information I got from Satisfy.

It was a fresh and enjoyable experience.

The biggest attraction is that things impossible in reality are possible in Satisfy.

The resources and environments that I could use are completely different.

It was a lot of fun to design the city structure and architecture that was beyond my imagination.

『 You must have a very high understanding of Satisfy.

Have you become an architect ranker already 』

『 I am a warrior in Satisfy.

『 Haha, I see… Huh A warrior 』

『 I went on adventures in all types of places to find available resources and this was quite dangerous.

The client gave me powerful escorts, but there were sometimes monsters that overshadowed the escorts.

For example, mimics disguised as children or trees.

『 Ah… You fell into traps.

『 Thats right.

If I have to make an excuse, it couldnt be helped because I was in a position where I had to investigate this and that.

There is a mysterious tree.

How can I just pass by it Dont I have to look at it myself to see if it could be used as wood 』

『 You wouldnt have needed to open the treasure chests.

『 Cough… In any case, the client was flustered when hearing that I kept ignoring the escorts warning and dying.

Then after hearing my explanation, he fully understood my position and supported me with items.

As you know, my client is the famous Grid.

『 Ah…! The performance of the support items must be huge 』

『 Thats right.

I smashed the monster that suddenly popped out of the earthen pot.

Ah, earthen pot is slang for the head.

The origin is Korean.

In any case,the pleasure was immense.

Thus, I changed to a warrior.

『 …… 』

『 Do you see that pillar going through the ground It is the rumored interdimensional movement gate known as thehell elevator. Using this facility, you can freely travel between the surface and hell.

The travel time is only 37 minutes… 』

『 Doesnt the freedom to come and go between the surface and hell mean that demons can use the elevator to go to the surface in reverse 』

『 You dont have to worry about that part.

According to the announcement by the empires spokesman, Huroi, the hell elevator is connected to the Overgeared Empires hell headquarters, the Crystal Castle.

The Crystal Castle doesnt allow enemy intrusions.

『 Um… Most viewers, including me, are imagining the hell elevator like the name.

Isnt the hell elevator literally an elevator that connects hells to the surface It might be safe to be installed in the Crystal Castle, but isnt the passageway exposed to the outside and will be targeted by demons 』

『 Are you imagining the elevator standing like a pillar in the center of hell For example, a long pipe that extends from the ground of hell to the sky Haha, that is possible, but it is actually different in reality.

The hell elevator is just a name set for convenience.

As mentioned earlier, the official name of the hell elevator is the interdimensional movement gate.

『 So it isnt an actual elevator 』

『 Yes, the pillar buried underground is the entrance to the gate.

It isnt hundreds of kilometers long and connected to the actual hell.

In the first place, hell is another dimension.

It isnt a place you can get to just by digging a tunnel.


Satisfy-related broadcasts had high viewership.

The new Reinhardt, the hell elevator, the hell expeditions captain selection and events to match it—it was due to the variety of contents provided by the Overgeared Empire.

It was just when public interest in Satisfy was high due to the upcoming National Competition so drawing peoples attention was easier.

『 The apostles arent participating in the captain selection 』

『 Yes, the apostles cant leave the main base for too long.

Braham, Mercedes, Nefelina, and Sariel almost always stayed at Reinhardt.

Braham was keen on magic tempering, Mercedes had to focus on escort missions, Nefelina was easily exposed to danger, and Sariel needed to be wary of going berserk.

There were reasons for each person.

However, the public didnt know the exact circumstances and speculated that the apostles were constrained.

They were so powerful that they had limits to the time they could be active.

It was to consider balance.

Grids apostles were that powerful.

『 Then the strongest winning candidate is the lord of the half-draconians.

『 Yes, he will be one of the 12 captains.

The half-draconians.

It was a top species that many players hadnt even seen.

Very few people witnessed them despite them being active in earnest from the Great Human and Demon War.

It was because they were deployed to the most dangerous areas of operation during the war.


People were enthusiastic about the emergence of dozens of half-draconians.

A species that helped defend the surface by fighting the demons alongside humanity.

People felt a great liking for them who showed completely different actions from the rumors of them being vicious.

The last hundreds of years.

Could it be that thecost of the Saharan Empire in isolating and confronting the dangerous half-draconians was actually false rumors

More people had such doubts.

It was natural that many people doubted Saharan, which persecuted minorities and immigrants under all types of unknown reasons.

It was unfair to the people of Saharan.

The Saharan Empires confrontation with the half-draconians was really for the peace of the continent.

“Captain… I feel strange.”


The half-draconians were fidgeting anxiously.

It was an unfamiliar feeling they were experiencing for the first time in their lives.

The cheers of the humans, whom they always ignored as inferior, created some changes in their hearts.

“I dont think it is bad to help the weak…”

The half-draconians didnt suddenly become nice, but they had the same emotions as humans.

As proven by barking like a dog in front of Grid, they also knew how to feel fear.

It was during the Great Human and Demon War.

The half-draconians saw the endlessly invading demons and realized the need for other species.

They realized that the inevitable crisis of the half-draconians could only be overcome by joining forces with everyone.

It meant they had learned the concept of cooperation.

They came to develop the idea that living together wasnt too bad.

Then the cheers of the humans pouring into their ears started to drastically change their perceptions.

『 Many people are speculation that the Half-Draconian Lord Bunsdel might be comparable to the Overgeared Gods apostles.

Unlike Orc Lord Teruchan, he didnt succumb to Grid through force.

Rather, they worked together for the peace of the world.

『 Look at the wonderful scales, tail, and sharp nails.

Arent they really good as warriors defending humanity from demons 』

The moment the half-draconians emerged, the viewership of broadcasts in each country started to soar dramatically.

By this point, the expressioneve of the National Competition was awkward.

It was an interest comparable to the National Competition.

It was ridiculous that the influence of the Overgeared Guild had grown to be as much as the influence of the S.A Group.

『 As many people expected, Chris isnt participating in this competition.

『 I think it is true that he changed to a hidden class and his level was reset.

『 He played a tremendous role in the Great Human and Demon War so he got a hidden class.

『 Then players who can be candidates for the 12 captains are Jishuka, Pon, Regas, Peak Sword, Katz, Vantner, Faker, Damian, and Euphemina.

Yura wasnt included.

She was the Demon Slayer and would serve as the commander-in-chief of the captains.

『 Uh… 』

People were looking at the faces of the participants, who gathered one by one, only to doubt their ears.

It was because they heard the sound of barking.

It came from Bunsdels direction.

Contrary to peoples expectations, Bunsdel was politely prostrating himself in front of Grid.

It was more than just politeness.

Reverence could be felt.

‘Did I hear it incorrectly

It happened as people were trying to deny this unrealistic situation…

“The captain selection competition will start now.”

The competition started.

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