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Shin Youngwoo’s biography came out everywhere. The world was flooded with Grid’s name, even if they didn’t turn on the TV or access the Internet. This was why half of Grid’s mind was used to maintain his composure. From a certain point, Grid started to be careful. He was always focused and tried not to be swept away by his emotions. 

It was surprisingly hard work. Wasn’t it the essence of a human to cheer, celebrate, and get excited when there was even a bit of joy It couldn’t be easy to suppress the essence. 

However, Grid managed to do it. As he felt a lot of joy that ordinary people would never experience in their lives, he endured the waves of emotions that pushed like a tsunami every time, or he dispelled it with a single cheer.

It was never buried. It was necessary in his position. There was the fate of so many on his shoulders and he needed to keep calm.

He had to be cautious. 

This was why Grid became polite whenever he encountered an opponent stronger than himself. He was forced to bend his posture because he was worried he would cause harm to others, not because he was cowardly. In any case, such a Grid— 


He couldn’t suppress the feelings that flooded and cheered. 

“Hahat! Hahahahahat!” He cheered and couldn’t shake off his joy. He didn’t think about the past and future, and just enjoyed this moment. He enjoyed himself purely like a child holding his parents’ hands and visiting the amusement park. He hoped this flight would happen one day on an airship made of Greed. He stood on the head of a dragon that was so big and fast, and had this type of wish. 

A god and dragon—the ‘horn’ was continuing the relationship between the two beings who should’ve never been united. 

Ifrit’s horn that was made by Grid—Grid used it as hard and hot rein, and experienced a dragon’s vision and speed.

It was a world he never imagined before. 

Ifrit was thinking about Grid’s memories that were contained in the horn. She clearly remembered how Grid made the horn and how he fought against Mir during the time when Ifrit was trapped in the barrier of the three masters. It was too intense and she was too grateful for it to be considered a minor event. It was also great. A newborn god recreated the horn of a dragon.

Of course, it was incomplete, but this was enough. 

Ifrit, who regarded most of the world’s existences and events as insignificant, felt thrilled for the first time in her life.However, reading the dragon’s expressions and emotions was difficult for Grid. It was in the same context as ants not understanding humans.

They were different in status and species. 

Ifrit’s flight was close to the usage of Shunpo. The surrounding landscape changed with every flap of the wing.

It was a speed that the three masters couldn’t get rid of. Even so, they didn’t get caught easily. 

Ifrit failed to chase the three masters, who completed the spell and returned to the Hwan Kingdom. The Hwan Kingdom was the base of the ancient god, Hanul. He even had Martial God Chiyou with him. It was one of the few forbidden areas for a dragon. 

[I feel good.] 

Ifrit was satisfied just to see the three masters fleeing. The same was true of Grid. A storm belatedly occurred once Ifrit’s flight stopped. It was only after it calmed down that Grid looked back in the direction he came from with a calm mind. 

“I have to destroy Baal’s power fragment.” 

There was no option to take it. Grid didn’t want to be Baal’s Contractor or anything like that. 

[Of course.] 

Ifrit nodded and started to flap her wings again. She quickly crossed a few dozen kilometers and slowly landed on the ground where the black bead was. She was still with Grid. 

The land where the small city used to be—Grid looked bitterly at the empty space where not even an ant was left. 

Ifrit spoke to him, [10 years or 100 years is just a split second.

From the standpoint of a beast without common sense, it is impossible to feel sorry for the death of humans.] 

Beast without common sense. Grid used this saying to represent the dragons. Did Ifrit still keep it in her heart 

Grid felt somewhat uneasy, but he said what he had to say, “Occasionally, there are insects that break into the house.

Among them are insects who create a beneficial environment that doesn’t harm humans at all.

However, there are many people who don’t know about it or who are scared and agitated, causing them to harm the insects.

I think those people will feel guilty for a short time.

I believe they will mourn dead insects for a short time.” 

[I should do the same] 

“Shouldn’t you do this if you are a better existence than human beings” 

[Let’s see...

in the first place, you tend to see humans too positively.] 


[Did they hurt the insects without knowing the beneficial identity Didn’t they hurt the insects out of convenience] 


Imagine Younghee grabbing a spider in the room with a tissue and lowering it into the toilet bowl. [1] 

Younghee knew that the spider wasn’t a pest. However, it was annoying to take the spider out of the house and release it. 

Imagine Chulsoo catching and killing a house centipede with a fly swatter. Chulsoo knew that the house centipede wasn’t a pest. He just felt disgusted by the appearance of the house centipede.

It was dirty to catch and spare it, so he handled it easily. There were many such Younghees and Chulsoos in the world. 

[Even if they actually harmed the insects because they didn’t know the identity, how many humans would feel guilty or mourn them] 


[It is like this.

Insects can’t understand or blame humans.

They simply think of it as a disaster.

Humans have no choice but to see dragons as a disaster.

Even if a dragon harms humans, it is inappropriate and meaningless to criticize the act.] 

“...What if I had made the comparison to an animal, not an insect” 

[I wouldn't have been sympathetic.

It is because humans are too small for dragons.

Think simply.

Don’t expect there to be any dragons that understand humans.] 

“Aren’t you understanding me now Isn’t that why you’re talking about this” 

[Are you human] 


A chill went down Grid’s spine. It was because Ifrit’s attitude when asking this question was so pure. It was a simple question that had no intentions behind it. 

That’s right. Grid himself wasn’t properly aware of it, but in this world, he was a god, not a human. He was once a human, but that was only in the past. His attitude of continuing to speak on behalf of humanity was hard to understand from Ifrit’s perspective. 

[I hope you don’t waste time answering the questions,] Ifrit urged. 

She seemed very annoyed by the fragment of Baal’s power that repeatedly amplified its energy to seduce her. 

Grid didn’t delay. 


Gujel’s Dao penetrated the fragment of power. This was the end. Hundreds or thousands of cracks appeared on the bead, which Old Sword Demon couldn’t penetrate despite using all his strength, and it shattered. 

-Overgeared God...! 

A disgusting voice filled with strange excitement entered his ears. 


[The Pioneer quest ‘Destroy Baal’s Power Fragment’ has been cleared.] 


The notification window that was stopped at ‘analyzing the situation’ was updated. 


[Return to the Tower of Wisdom for the rewards.] 



[We are working on analyzing the situation...] 


‘Why did those stupid people leave’ 

Grid didn’t know why the three masters retreated. He simply interpreted it as them being afraid of Ifrit, who had regained her horn and her strength.

He didn’t think that his action of riding Ifrit was the problem. He didn’t know what a special and meaningful event it was just based on Ifrit’s words. He needed someone’s detailed explanation but the system that was supposed to explain it wasn't working. 

[Is there anything else to see here] 

“Not right now.

I am going back to the West Continent.” 

[Get on.] 

Ifrit lowered her neck again. Grid got on it without hesitation. He was flustered the first time, but he became familiar with it the second time. 

Ifrit laughed. [You are a pleasant guy.] 


He got on because Ifrit said so.

Did he make a mistake 

It happened the moment Grid cocked his head... 

Ifrit flapped her wings, left the East Continent, and crossed the Red Sea. 


“W-What is that” 

On that day, a red dragon was seen throughout the East Continent. It was too fast, so it only appeared for a moment.

However, the huge size meant it left a distinct impression on people. A man was standing on the head of the dragons.

Rumors circulated that he looked like the Overgeared God. 




“It is my fault.” 


“Will he be okay” 


“What if he fails” 


At the Tower of Wisdom... 

Biban was feeling the limits of his patience. After cleaning the hallway, he was waxing it, but Betty kept interrupting him. 

The highlight of wax lay in the polishing. After it was applied, it had to be rubbed evenly to create the shiny gloss. However, Betty kept stepping on the wax and ruining the gloss.

The condensed wax looked like filth. 

“Who is the granny who is going too far in worrying about someone else’s welfare Grid has already left.

What is the point of worrying about it here Go out and meet him in advance if you have time to worry unnecessarily.” 

“Your voice is so fierce.

You are worried about Grid too.

That is why you are angry.” 

“Have you lived for so long that you died first Sigh, really.

This granny should clean up before you can know my position.”

“The person who did the wrong thing should clean up.” 

“Ah, right.

So Granny, you’ll be in charge of cleaning next time.

You stood by until Baal’s Contractor became like that.

Sir Fronzaltz won’t let it go.” 

“I am going out to meet Grid.” 

“You won’t go when I tell you to go, yet look at you running away when it is disadvantageous.” 

It happened the moment Biban had an absurd expression on his face as he watched Betty disappearing beyond the corridor... 

[A fire dragon has appeared.

The rating is top.]


Ifrit’s movement has been detected near the Red Sea.] 

[The Breath is accumulating in large quantities.

The momentum seems like she is going to cause a war.] 

[All tower members, quickly gather in Hayate’s office.] 

The magic power loudspeakers installed throughout the tower rang loudly. 

Out of all things, Biban was cleaning the top floor corridor. This was the floor where Hayate’s office was located. It took the most effort, so Biban had no choice but to clean it. 

“Is it a territory war” 

“The lair that a fire dragon wants the most is Trauka’s lair, right” 

“Even Ifrit can’t fight Trauka.” 

“You don’t know that.

Don’t try to understand them.”

“Talima is in danger.

Hurry if you don’t want to see the dwarves annihilated.” 


The rough steps of the quickly running tower members dirtied the hallway. It was the moment when Biban’s half a day of hard work went down the drain...


There is a boy and girl who often appear in Korean school textbooks.

Younghee is the name of the girl.

Hint, if you watched Squid Game then you might know this character.

Chulsoo is the name of the boy. ☜


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