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Grids ceremonial clothing was very gorgeous. The new silver crown made ahead of the merger ceremony was different. It was very mysterious and beautiful, shining like it was moonlight. It was in harmony even with the maidens of the forest who appeared in the human world on a rare occasion. The eyes of those mesmerized by the beauty of the elves naturally turned to Grid. 

Just as they thought that the gold robe that didnt seem to touch the ground was moving slowly, Grid had already reached the throne. 

“Your Majesty.” Lauel politely bowed his head.

He held a large glass of wine carefully in both hands, like he was worried about it spilling. 

Grid lightly grabbed the glass.

His wide sleeves fluttered slightly, but the glass didnt shake.

There wasnt even the slightest ripple in the transparent liquor filling the glass. It was a spectacle that spread on thousands of cameras. The eyes of the viewers became wide. They looked at Grid, who showed majesty even in his small actions, and recalled the gap between themselves and Grid. 

Certainly, Grid was a figure of another world. The moment he held the glass, the noble empress came over and knelt down. 

“Your subject, Basara—I pledge to give my body, heart, and soul to the new emperor.

My immortal loyalty will support Your Majesty and Your Majestys descendants.” 

It was the largest and most sacred event in the history of the continent. There shouldnt be any mistakes, so there was naturally a script. However, Basaras oath was different from the script. The oath of loyalty shouldve had the premiseas long as the emperor and imperial family dont betray me, but it was changed to an unconditional oath. 


Basaras slender, long eyes slowly rose as she was raised by the flustered Grid. Her bewitching eyes first captured Grids appearance, followed by Piaro, who was standing behind Grid. 

“Your subject, Basara, wont doubt His Majesty and His Majestys loyal ministers.” 


Piaros eyes twitched. The suspicions of the former emperor, Juander—it had irreversible consequences toward Piaro. It was the foreshadowing of the decline of the millennium empire. At this moment, Basara was insisting that such a thing wouldnt happen in the future empire. 

“I wont be jealous.” 

Basaras gaze captured Asmophels appearance this time. A man who led the golden age of the empire along with Piaro. However, his current position was different from Piaros.

He was even lower than Mercedes. He stood a long way back while these two people guarded Grids side. Nevertheless, he wasnt jealous. He was devout because he already committed a painful sin once. 

On the other hand, he silently affirmed Basaras words that he should be taken as a negative textbook example. 

Singuled, Amelda, and Dante, who suffered direct damage from Asmophel, looked at Asmophel. The sight caused a smile to spread on Basaras face. 

“I will give you a chance to make up for it even if I am betrayed.

I will remember and prioritize todays oath over the pain and anger of the moment.

I will stand by Your Majestys side.” 

Basara made a variation of the script rather than changing it. It was so those who would lead the new era together could sympathize and remember clearly. This intention was reliably conveyed to Grid. 

“I wont disappoint you.” 

Was there a need for long words Grid got rid of the lengthy speech carefully made by Lauel and Huroi. He also wanted to convey emotions, not reason. 

“I exist for all of you.

You just have to remember that.” 

Existing for others It was hard to believe.

It was close to impossible. Yet even the viewers who were a third party knew that Grids words werent a pretense. If Grid was one of the common people living for himself, it wouldnt match the actions he showed so far. 

They didnt know what he was like at the beginning, but it was undeniable that the current Grid fought for the Overgeared Guild, the Overgeared Kingdom, and many others. Even the reason for punishing hell was for others, not for himself. He wasnt a hypocrite. It was hard to understand the reason, but at least inthis world, he was definitely a hero. 

Everyone acknowledged it. 

[The Saharan Empire has become subordinated by the Overgeared Kingdom.] 

[A new empire is born.] 

[The founder of the new empire isGrid.] 

This world message appeared when Grid and Basara shared a drink.

[You are the first player to become an emperor!] 

[TheFirst King title has evolved intoFirst Emperor.] 

Separate notification windows popped up in Grids vision. The wordevolution was appropriate. The effect of the First King title was greatly enhanced. An example of a change was that the shield that occured when70% of the maximum health was lost was changed to50% of the maximum health. Furthermore, the additional stat points earned with every level up was sharply increased from 2 to 6. 

[Overgeared God Grid is writing the 16th epic.] 

[The birth of a great empire was recorded.] 

An epic followed. 

[Those who experienced loss and are wandering the streets should be sad, but not frustrated.] 

[Look at your emperor who was like you.] 

[Wash away the hearts stained with wounds and anger with responsibility and justice.] 

[Look at your emperor who was like you.] 

[Recognize that all trials and hardships were destined from the moment your umbilical cord was cut.

Unhappiness is inevitable, but happiness follows effort.] 

[Look at the emperor who was like you but who cares for you.] 

[See, listen, and learn from him, and spread it.] 

[Unhappiness is inevitable, but happiness follows effort...] 

Grids epics were written in prose. It took the form of an epic, but it was freely used without a specific format according to the situation every time. This time, it was a song. It was a hymn of hope that people in the empire would sing when having hard times, and it was also the hymn of the emperor. Therefore, it was a narrative that wouldnt be extinguished forever. 


[The 16th page of the epic has been completed.] 

[Along with the completion of the epic, your people have courage and hope.

Your people are determined to emulate you and wont tire easily or give up.] 

[The growth rate of NPCs belonging to the Overgeared Empire will be permanently increased by 20%.] 

[Once all the stats of NPcs belonging to the Overgeared Empire grow to the maximum, there is a low probability of breaking through the limit.] 

[The loyalty of the NPCs belonging to the Overgeared Empire will always be maintained at a high state.] 

[The chances of named NPCs being born in the Overgeared Empire will increase.] 

[The speed of all internal development in the Overgeared Empire will permanently increase by 10%.] 

[Your status has risen significantly as a reward for completing the epic. The chances of a beneficial effect triggering will greatly increase.] 


Grid shook with excitement. The passive skill that represented a beneficial effect, God\'s Command. He confirmed that the probability of triggering it had increased by a huge 10% and he once again realized the importance ofstatus. 

Meanwhile, Lauels face was pale. It was due to the world message that occurred a while ago. 

[Emperor Grid has declared the great name of the new empire asOvergeared.] 

This was why the wordsOvergeared Empire were constantly mentioned in Grids notification windows. At the same moment that Grid was crowned emperor, the system demanded that the name be entered and Grid enteredOvergeared. It was natural that the name of the Overgeared Kingdom became the Overgeared Empire. At least, this was what Grid thought. 

The Overgeared members and others thought the same. Only Lauel couldnt abandon his lingering regret and was sad alone. The consolation was that reality was better than his nightmares. He thought that the Overgeared Empire was a very cool name compared to Overgeared Saha Empire, which mixed the namesOvergeared andSaharan. 

‘Yes, it is a great name.

There seems to be a beautiful echo. 

Several cameras captured Lauel shedding tears. The anchors explained how meaningful and happy it would be as the number two player in the Overgeared Empire. His tears would be full of emotions. 


The map of the West Continent changed dramatically. The red color of Saharan was turned blue to match the Overgeared Kingdom. Now more than two-thirds of the continents territory was the territory of the Overgeared Empire and Grid. It happened overnight. There was no conflict or damage in the course of the change. It was literally an ideal unification. It was a situation that every South Korean citizen living in a divided country would have dreamed about once. 

‘If only I was so strong in reality. 

Could he have unified the Korean peninsula A smile slowly spread on Grids mouth as he thought of this. He was relieved after checking the title of One who was Acknowledged by the Founder. 

‘I was worried, but it went well.

The title effect, which greatly increased the probability of finding mines in the Saharan Empire was still intact. The system set it as the former Saharan Empire. It was Saharans territory before it was absorbed into the Overgeared Kingdom. 

‘The role of miners will grow in the future. 

Minor met a good companion a few years ago and got three rabbit-like children.

His old mother was also at peace due to her good daughter-in-law. He was very happy these days, but Grid was worried he wouldnt want to separate from his family. 

‘Lets persuade him well rather than forcing him.

He will be pleased if I say I will let his family move to Titan during his business trip. 

Titans educational infrastructure was great.

In some parts, it was better than Reinhardt and it was perfect for raising children. 

Grid planned to make Minor awild goose father.


It was pure favor, but the slightest carelessess could cause sad results. In any case, the Overgeared Empire was going to be much richer in the future. 

“We wont be struggling with finances,” Lauel neatly spoke the conclusion. 

The value of the territory and people absorbed this time was that great. In the first place, the Saharan Empire reigned for hundreds of years as the number one nation of the West Continent. It had the best foundation and it was completely absorbed. If Lauel and the Overgeared members ruled with the perspective and knowledge of modern people, an unprecedented economic power would be born. 

“His Majesty, the Emperor, is entering.” 

Grid entered the hall under Lauels guidance. The ministers and guests waiting in advance stood up simultaneously and bowed. There were tens of thousands of people. Most of the guests came from foreign kingdoms. In addition to the kings and nobles of all the kingdoms, the orcs, elves, dwarves, half-draconians, and other races were present.

There were even the Twelve Zodiacs who came from the East Continent. 

In fact, all the forces on the surface were gathered. All of them were connections created by Grid. They all acknowledged and blessed Grid. Therefore, they entered todays merger ceremony and wedding as a guest. 

The main characters of the wedding were Grid and Basara. It was natural. The reason why the imperial subjects didnt oppose the merger with the Overgeared Kingdom was on the premise that the Saharan imperial family and Overgeared royal family became one. 

Unification for a better future. Irene naturally agreed. No, she actively recommended it. She understood politics well as the former successor of a noble family. She had long been used to the idea of Grid having multiple wives. 


Grid admired the dressed Basara. Was it the blood of the great Saharan She was so beautiful it was hard to believe she was older than Grid. Her bright expression as she lowered the crown she wore so far further highlighted her beauty. 

[Overgeared GodGrid has marriedBasara.] 

In the midst of the blessing and cheers of their precious people, Grid and Basara kissed. This wasnt the fruit of love, but Grid vowed to cherish and respect her for the rest of his life.

Of course, it was a responsibility he had to bear. 

-This is really crazy. 

-Is there a Korean person with two wives 

ᄂIsnt it an imperial person 

-Basara is really beautiful... 

ᄂ Really.

Rather than saying she is pretty, the wordbeautiful is just right.

She is also wise and kind-hearted. 

-Im envious. Im envious. Im envious. Im envious. Im envious. 

-Everyone, I just imagined something terrifying. For some reason, I think I will see the same scene in real life. 

ᄂMe too ᄏᄏᄏᄏ 


-What are you doing not revising the Korean Marriage Act Revise it before Grid moves to the Middle East. I want to see Grids virtue too. 

ᄂIt isnt because of the marriage law that he doesnt have a wife, right 

ᄂIs Grid going to become a Muslim 

It had been a few years. The number of members of Grids anti-fan cafe increased. Surprisingly, it wasnt a dramatic number. It was evidence that most people were convinced of the marriage between Grid and Basara. 

People were jealous of Grid, but they didnt curse him. Then what if the other person was Mercedes The growth potential of Grids anti-fan cafe was enormous...


Refers to fathers who make seasonal visits to faraway families similar to how geese migrate every year.


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