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Chapter 155

“Finally… To hell… By God Yatans side… I can go…”


The decrepit body of the old man fell to the cold floor.

The whole world cheered as soon as they saw him turn to grey light.

『 Oh…! Ohhh! Awesome! The first legendary class, Pagmas Descendant has defeated the Fourth Servant of the Yatan Church! Its truly a remarkable achievement! 』


『 Neberius is level 300.

Hes a third advancement dark magician and a hidden boss.

He defeated that enemy alone The ability of a legendary class is amazing.

North America.

『 I wouldnt say he succeeded in the raid alone.

Didnt the Tzedakah Guild consume Neberiuss health and magic power before he appeared 』


『 If it wasnt for the Tzedakah Guild, would Pagmas Descendant be able to knock down Neberius alone 』

『 We cant be sure.

South America.

『 What are the pros and cons of Pagmas Descendant that could be observed in this battle 』

Oceania, Africa, and so on.

The international media of all continents broadcasted headlines about Pagmas Descendant.

There was an uproar in various communities.


A hidden boss was defeated in a one-man raid.

–I thought he was stupid after being hit by the magic ㅋㅋ Yet he still managed to win ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

–Honestly it is true.

He won due to his items.

-Yes, I agree.

–What are those golden discs Id like to have them.

Where did he get them A quest item

–If we knew, than would we be here Think before posting comments on the message boards;

[A review of Pagmas Descendant by a level 269 ranker]

Hello, I am ranked 15th on the unified rankings.

Proof I dont need it.

Its annoying in many ways.

People can choose to believe me or not.

Then Ill get straight to the point.

Based on what I saw, Pagmas Descendant is just a beginner at combat.

Why is my evaluation so extreme Okay, then Ill change my comment to amagic dictionary.


Pagmas Descendant used skills against a great magician, but was affected by gravity magic, didnt consider the magic built into orbs and received a great deal of damage… He is the worst in many ways.

In particular, he couldnt deal with Reverse Gravity properly, proving that his control skills are bad.

Ah, thisbad is based on the perspective of a ranker.


[PvP expert commentator RIX on Pagmas Descendant]


The bottom line is that Pagma Descendants control skills and fighting abilities are plain, while the power of his items is huge.

His white armor and golden shield have high magic resistance.

The cloak should have a built in taunt ability and the boots give him Fly magic.

The greatsword has overwhelming damage.

More than anything else, there are the two golden discs that defended against the damage of a powerful magic that combined three attributes, Dark Stone Blizzard by 70%.

How big is it It is impossible to measure the value of the discs, but its most likely a legendary rating.

The point we need to note here is that Pagmas Descendant is alegendary blacksmith. Did Pagmas Descendant make these items himself How does he do it I want to commission an item right now.

[Part of an interview with the 3rd ranked Chris.]

Q: It is theorized that Pagmas Descendant is the same as the butcher of Winston who devastated your guild.

What do you think

A: I believe it is correct.

I also believe he is the same person who made the Special Jaffa Arrows that became a hot topic in the past.

Q: Is he a member of the Tzedakah Guild

A: It is natural to think so considering the context.


I will ask you in a straightforward manner.

Who is stronger, you or Pagmas Descendant

A: His raid ability is better than me.

Neberius might have weak defense and health, but he is still a hidden boss.

I dont have enough offensive power to kill him in an instant.

What would happen if I raided Neberius alone Its easy to drive Neberius to the defensive, but he wouldve been able to escape.

However, my PvP ability is several times higher than Pagmas Descendant.

The class itself might be strong, but his control abilities are the worst.

In particular, his skill usage is very simple.

I can avoid or counter his skills.

I think that most of the top 20 rankers will be thinking the same thing as me.

Q: There are many people who are criticizing the control skills of Pagmas Descendant, but I havent seen anyone degrading the class performance itself.

What type of class is Pagmas Descendant

A: It combines other elements but its best aspect is the ability to make items.

Isnt he the only legendary item maker The combat power is also the best.

Attack power, defense, speed, there isnt anything lacking.

His items are good, but I guess that his basic stats are also superior.

I just dont know about the power of his skills.

As everybody knows, didnt the skills of Pagmas Descendant miss (Laughs)

Everyone was enthusiastically paying attention to Pagmas Descendant.

However, Grid himself didnt realize this.

[You have defeated Neberius, the Fourth Servant of Yatan, who had been experimenting with many black magic spells!]

[Reputation throughout the continent will rise by 4,000.]

[Hostility with the Yatan Church has risen to the maximum.]

[Affinity with the Rebecca Church is already at the maximum.

You will be welcomed when visiting a Rebecca Temple.]

[Affinity with the Dominion Church has increased by 2,000.

Visiting a Dominion Temple will give you great blessings.

Your current affinity is 3,500.]

[Affinity with the Judar Church has increased by 1,400.

Visiting a Judar Temple will give you great blessings.

Your current affinity is 2,000.]

[Until a new black magician is appointed, the ability of the Yatan Church to produce black magicians will fall.]

[421 gold has been acquired.]

[Blessed Weapon Enhancement Stones (2) have been acquired.]

[Blessed Armor Enhancement Stones (3) have been acquired.]

[4 deluxe magic stones have been acquired.]

[Neberius Flute has been acquired.]

[Neberius Bracelet has been acquired.]

[67,131,050 experience has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level…]

[Neberius Flute]

Rating: Legendary

It is a treasure that has been preserved for many years by the Yatan Church and influences the minds of those who hear it.

The appearance is old but that doesnt affect the ability to produce sound.

When a member of God Yatan plays this flute, it reduces the enemys evasion rate by 50%, their accuracy by 30% and magic casting time by 1.5 times.

When a member of the three other gods plays this flute, it will increase allys evasion and accuracy by 20% and reduce casting time by 1.5 times.

When a neutral person plays this flute, a random effect will be created.

* You must play it for at least five seconds.

* The duration of the effect is 30 seconds.

Conditions of Use: None.

Skill Cooldown Time: 10 minutes.

Effect Range: A radius of 20 metres.

[Neberius Bracelet]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 14/20 Defense: 5

Intelligence 30

* Reduces magic casting time by 20%.

A bracelet that Neberius treasured.

It doesnt have much effect, but it is an artifact that is very helpful to a magician.

User Restriction: Level 250 or higher.

Weight: 1

[A hidden function doesnt exist.]



‘In particular, Neberius flute is a big hit!

Classes that could use buff and debuff magic were very limited, such as black magicians and paladins.

Among them, there were very few classes that could use wide area debuff or buff magic.

However, if he had Neberius Flute, he could use wide area debuff or buff magic regardless of class.

‘I cant imagine how much it will sell for if I register it at auction… Should I try it out once

Grid wondered about the random effects.

He started playing the flute.




Grid hadnt even played a recorder, so it was impossible for him to play the old flute well.

However, the tone of the flute itself was so good that it didnt disturb his ears.

‘What is he doing all of a sudden

The Tzedakah Guild members who were cheering after Grid defeated Neberius! Those who were still attacking Balak became affected when Grid suddenly started playing the flute.

Then their faces turned pale.

[You have heard a bad flute sound.

All stats will drop by 30%, making it easier for you to be affected by a status condition.

This effect will last for 30 seconds.]

All members of the Tzedakah Guild weakened.

On the other hand, the jade flames around Balaks body started to burn more fiercely.

“I feel stronger!”

“Y-You crazy person!”

“Hey Grid! What are you doing”

Kwaang! Kwaang!

The blazing sword started to attack the weakened Tzedakah Guild members.

Pon and Regas, who almost killed all the elders, suddenly faced a crisis.

“Pant… Pant… My stamina is suddenly depleted…”

“The elders are becoming stronger…”

[A random effect has occurred.

Decrease the stats of all allies and increase the stats of all enemies.]

“…Wow.” Grid belatedly confirmed the notification windows and scratched his head like he was embarrassed.


“This is **!”

Vantner cursed as he defended against Balaks swords with his twin axes, then rolled far away.

It wasnt just him.

Most of the guild members fell down because they couldnt endure the power of the strengthened Balak.

“It cant be helped.

I have to get rid of this cheap thing.”

Grid blamed the item and looked at Balak.

He started approaching Balak and Balak hurriedly flew into the sky.

Then he created a door to move between dimensions.

“Neberius is dead, so I will step aside today.

But I will be better prepared next time.”

The magician Neberius had to chant a long spell to use Teleport, but the demonkin Balak could create a dimensional movement door at will.

The Tzedakah Guild trembled when they saw him running away so easily.

“We missed our prey…”

“Damn! It was an amazing chance!”

“Dammit Grid… Did you do this on purpose”

“…Im sorry.” Grid was sincere.

Unlike the past, he had a conscience and was truly sorry.

In the end, the Tzedakah Guild members couldnt say anything more and just sighed.

“Now, lets restore the village quickly.”

The Tzedakah Guild combined forces to defeat the remaining followers, rescued the NPCs and began to restore the village under Jishukas direction.

It was annoying for Grid, but he let Balak escape, so he joined in the recovery efforts.

The Tzedakah Guild members were shocked when they saw him working hard.

“Hasnt Grid changed too much”

“That… He is a little too good-natured.”

“I thought I was looking at the wrong person…”

Toban listened to the words of the guild members and trembled, “Dont talk nonsense.

Im sure he is better than before, but he still isnt good.”

At the same time, a super luxurious mansion in Miami, USA.

A blond man watching Grid turned off the TV.

Then he turned to the long-haired young man standing beside him.

“You were defeated by that guy”

The youth with the ID of Box in Satisfy, hid his face with embarrassment.

“Im sorry.”

The blond man raised his body from the chair.

Then he headed towards the gold ultra-high tech capsule that was located in the centre of the living room.

“Asuka and Black Teddy are also trash.

I shouldnt have offered them the executive positions.”

“But Asukas wealth is required.

We cant let her go.”

“I know.”

The blond man who gave off a sharp impression like a serpent was Zibal.

He was second on Satisfys unified rankings and the head of the Snake Guild.

He invited talented people from different fields and his Snake Guild occupied the strongest territories of Satisfy one by one.

He had ambitions to become a king and evaluated Grid.

“Hes a dunce.

The fact that he is the only legendary item maker is irritating, but if we can occupy territories and monopolize the secret dungeons of various places, we can also get a supply of legendary items.”


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