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[Do you really want to leave the Judar Church] 

The forces of the Judar Church were greatly reduced. Many players left even though they received a big penalty because they failed to meet the apostasy conditions. It was due to the rumors that God Judar was supporting the demons.

It was a horrible rumor. If this was confirmed, the entire Judar Church would suffer losses.

It wasnt a situation for them to be reluctant to face penalties. 

‘The rumors are probably true. 

The players didnt trust God Judar.

They accepted Judars betrayal as a fact. The emergence of Raphael was too great. The attitude of the 1st ranked archangel, who appeared and indiscriminately attacked Grid and all the players at the Abyss...

it became an opportunity to lose even the remaining faith. 

From the perspective of Asgard, the angels should be trolls. The angels actions were bizarre enough to create such doubts.

It was dangerous because there was no ordinary side and it actually caused several storms in the aftermath. 

In any case, a change came to the world as the forces of the Judar Church weakened. Peoples condition had improved over the past two days.

Many people remembered how to use tools again. Judging from the situation, Judar seemed conscious of public opinion. Or perhaps it was simply the end of the duration of his power. 

Unfortunately, it was likely the latter. It was because the invincible state of the demonic creatures remained. They didnt receive damage unless their weak points were attacked. 

Judars power was still persisting in some parts. However, people didnt feel much of a threat. They became accustomed to looking for and targeting the weaknesses.

The less intelligent the demonic creatures, the more prone they were to protect their weak spots.

This made it all the easier to target it. 

[Your level has risen.] 

Across the continent, pillars of light symbolizing level ups continued to rise. The people who recently gained the most levels were Grid and his parents. 

“Ive broken through level 100! Am I finally out of the newbie zone” 


Now weve graduated from the double digit level.” 


This was originally a hunting ground popular with players in the level 180 range. After the great human and demon war started, it was recommended for players above level 200, and after Judars intervention, for players above level 230. Many people thought it was suspicious that a middle-aged couple, covered in luxurious equipment, were pretending to be newbies. 

Of course, the parties involved werent aware of it. It was because they were telling the truth.

The idea that it might seem suspicious was impossible for them. 

“Shall we take a rest” 


Our daughter-in-law must be bored.” 

They had a fate-like love in university, married early, and had children.

In order to eat and live, they focused on work rather than discipline. Due to that, their first child wandered a lot.

Every time they looked back on it, they felt apologetic and regretful.

They were thankful that their son found success on his own after he finished wandering. 

Grids parents had no choice but to adore Irene. She was the woman their proud son chose. Of course, she wasnt a real human...

this was why they tried to suppress their interest.

However, they realized it recently. Irene was also a living being. She had a clear warmth that made people around her happy due to her good heart and thoughtful actions. 

At the main temple of the Overgeared God Church... 


Grids parents picked wildflowers and returned to visit Irene, who they thought would be lonely, only to feel a strange sensation. The atmosphere of the temple was different than usual. 

First of all, a farmer was plowing a field. 

“What That man doesnt know the occasion” Grids father revealed his displeasure.

He immediately approached and tried to talk to the person who was digging at the flowerbeds that his daughter-in-law cherished. 

His wife stopped him.

“Dont get too agitated and look carefully.

He is planting pumpkins.” 

“...Um, it is basic.

He is wrapping it without harming the trees.” 

“The gap is very good.

Im looking forward to the flowers blooming.

The yellow pumpkin flowers will make the colors of the flowers planted by our daughter-in-law even prettier.” 

“Is he a landscaper, not a farmer” 

Grids parents had been engaged in agriculture for decades. They worked hard to make sure their house, with their two children, was always warm in winter and cool in summer.

At the very least, there was no need to worry about heating and cooling costs. 

Therefore, they had a discerning eye. They inferred the identity of the man with a straw hat on and working in the field. 

‘Is he perhaps Piaro 

They heard that their son liked Piaro a lot. The farmer looked up as they approached to say hello.

He was too young to be Piaro.

He was in his mid-30s. 

“Outsiders arent allowed in this place.

If you have come to pray, why dont you go back the way you came” The short words were spoken by the farmer in a very free-spirited manner, giving off a subtly Western way of talking.

The expression of Grids father cooled down as he responded, “Pumpkins arent planted like that.” 

He was a man who was a troublemaker until he became a father.

He had a tendency to lose his temper.

If he hadnt met a good girl and got married young, he wouldve been a headache in his neighborhood. 


Farmer Hurent smiled, revealing his white teeth.

However, his eyes were blazing as he embraced aura. Farmers had the pride of farmers... 

In the midst of this unusual atmosphere— 


Mercedes—after briefly returning to Reinhardt for some reason, she ran over and knocked down Grids father.

It wasnt an excessive suppression.

She just pressed down lightly on his neck and twisted his arm. However, Grids father fell down with a snort. He was equipped with legendary items, but they were low level items.

It had little effect against an apostle. 

Kyaaak! Father!” 


Irenes scream caused Mercedes to pale.

“...I didnt know.” 

Hurent roughly grasped the atmosphere and hid behind a tree. 


“Im sorry! Im really sorry!” 

The temple of the Overgeared God Church was in a very sensitive state. It had become the residence of the highest ranked person in the Overgeared Kingdom—Irene. If suspicious people appeared then immediately subduing them was correct. The problem was that Grids parents werent suspicious. In the first place, their identity verification was completed if they could enter the garden in the middle of the day.Mercedes and Hurent had just returned from the battlefield and were more vigilant than they needed to be. 

“Oh my...

Its fine.” 

Grids father had a kind smile on his face.

The impression he gave off was completely different from when he faced off with Hurent.

His sharp eyes that resembled Grids eyes curved in a smile and it was like his previous expression was a lie. 

“You are called Miss Mercedes Im grateful that you always take care of our son.”

“Ahh...! I-I am...! T-To His Majesty...!!” 

Mercedes wide eyes spun around. She didnt know what to do when the father of her liege bowed politely and thanked her.

She seemed like she was about to kneel on the ground and bow. It was truly shocking for those who had known Mercedes for years. With a noble and upright personality, and an expression that was said to be like a blade—it was rare to see her so fidgety and apologetic.

There was no sense of reality. 

After that, Mercedes chatted with Grids parents while not knowing whether to drink the tea with her mouth or her nose. Obviously, the conversation went well.

She didnt remember the conversation at all, but her face kept smiling. She succeeded in maintaining an awkward smile out of her desire to show a good appearance.



Mercedes belatedly came to her senses and stiffened like a stone statue. 

Why was the door to her room in front of her 

Her trembling eyes looked back toward Queen Irene, Prince Lord, and her lieges parents, all of them who were having a warm conversation. 

“Is showing each others rooms what kids do these days” 

“It isnt that.

It is a popular game among nobles.

Our grandchild is a prince, so no one is intervening.” 

“There are many interesting games...

indeed, this will be fun.

It is no wonder why there are so many shows that let you see a celebritys house.” 

“Sir Mercedes room will have a bunch of swords and armor on display, right I think it is really cool to feel a knights ethos.

I am really looking forward to it!” 

“Prince, your dignity...” 


Mercedes face turned red as she grasped the situation.

She couldnt open the door. It was because her room was full of evidence explaining why Picasso, the artist, was rich. Prince Lords expectations of a knights ethos...

there were no traces of it. 

“Sir Mercedes” Lord urged her.

His eyes were so pure that it brought her a greater burden. There was added pressure because her lieges parents were looking forward to it. Mercedes would rather die than see that expectation turn into disappointment. 


they will misunderstand me as a pervert... 

The most important problem was that it might not be a misunderstanding. Mercedess hand on the doorknob trembled. 

“Lets stop.” Just then, Irene spoke.

“I think this is wrong.

Do nobles show each other their rooms with pure intentions Isnt it a means used by a handful of nobles to satisfy their low desire to show off” 

Surprisingly, there was no backlash. Grids parents immediately nodded. 

“Yes, absolutely.” 

“As expected, our daughter-in-law is thoughtful.

We are adults, but we are learning from you.

I feel reassured that you are next to Grid.” 

Prince Lord was also convinced. 

The relieved Mercedes suddenly met Irenes eyes. She noticed consideration in the way Irene smiled and nodded. Mercedes felt deep respect. 

‘The legal wife is different. 

Her senior was worthy of respect. This was a fact that she had felt for a long time. Someday, when they became a family, she was confident that they would get along well without envy. It was a day when Mercedes secrets were kept... 


It was before leaving to go on an adventure. 

Grid came back after meeting Irene and stood in front of a huge coffin. 

Ziks body—to be precise, thebody of the grandmaster lay in the coffin. The grandmasters body didnt decay at all.

The skin was elastic and full of vitality. He seemed alive so it was strange to see him lying in a coffin. 

[Haksen is intrigued by the remnants of high magic.] 

[Filewolf is informing you that this is an ancient spell using runes.] 

The souls of the legends and heroes who treated Grid as a haven were unexpectedly helpful. They provided old history and information that Grid didnt know, or gave advice based on their specialties. Of course, the souls of the heroes didnt have distinct egos, unlike the souls of the legends.

The quality of their information was poor. Still, it was better than nothing. 

Grid told them his worries, “I cant decide whether to give this body to Overgeared Skeleton One or Iyarugt.

Ive already been worrying over it for 10 days.” 

[Tzudan understands your worries.

Both Overgeared Skeleton One and Iyarugt are excellent swordsmen.

Of course, when looking at technique alone, Iyarugts swordsmanship is much better.

However, an undead has its own potential.] 

[Haksen is advising you.

Since ancient times, aliving dead has had a unique status.

The childless specter is an example.] 

[Filewolf agrees with Haksens advice.

Death knights made of white bone and death knights made of an entire body are said to show off a different dimension of strength.

He confesses that they were one of the enemies the wise giants feared most.] 

“What about one of you occupying this body” 

[Tzudan is waving his hand.] 

[Haksen says it is theoretically impossible.] 

[Filewolf says with all his heart that he wants to be one with a magic machine.] 

It might be different for a necromancer, but generally, corpses werent usually judged as items. It wasnt possible. In the first place, Grids Granting an Ego skill only grants an ego to a targetitem. He could only give authority to use the body to Iyarugt, who parasitized other peoples bodies using the power of a demon, or Overgeared Skeleton One, who had a talent for remodeling its body. Of course, it was possible to make a soulless jiangshi using the jiangshi manufacturing method, but this was too inefficient. 


After the conversation with the souls and thinking about it. 

“Yes, Ive decided it will be you.” 

Grid summoned Overgeared Skeleton One. The one who had been completely pushed out of the ranking fight ever since Overgeared Skeleton Two became a lich. The pitiful thing had a lost expression as its shoulders drooped.

Well, it was a natural consequence of its own actions. 

“Be reborn.” 

Grid didnt speak long words. He showed Overgeared Skeleton One the grandmasters body and gave a brief order. This was enough. 

A dark wave of light rose. It was a wave of power that broke the ceiling of the smithy and pierced the sky.


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