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[How far will the Comet Groups share prices go up] 

The model with the name DN941 connector, also known as ‘Grids capsule, is being sold out early.

It is an unprecedented record for a high priced model.

Overseas orders are also flooding in... 

[(Column) Preparing for transcendence.] 

[It felt like I was watching the main character in a hero movie. 

Gamigin, Baal, and Raphael—I watched as Grid defeated the disaster-like enemies and forgot the word limit for a while. 

Our future, presented by the present Grid, is close to transcendent. 

Now this is the problem. Can we really adapt to transcendence The movement shown by Grid during the battle isnt at the level of ordinary athletic ability.

It is also difficult to apply the theory of the mind. Some experts have assessed that it is impossible to reproduce Grids movements unless trained at the minimum of the air force pilot level...] 

[All players are shining.]

[The most impressive scenes after the opening of the war is definitely Grids performance. 

However, we shouldnt forget the performance of the players who protected the battlefields without Grid. From the Overgeared members that the world is familiar with, to Ares army and the other rankers.

Even the infamous dark players and you who will be reading this article... 

We are all someones heroes.]

[Is hell and heaven in collusion] 

[Michael already hinted at it when he pretended to be the pope. 

Asgard isnt unconditionally good.

It is far from what humanity should rely on. This incident has proven it once again. When humanity was in a crisis, the tip of the angels spear pointed at Grid, not the demons. It adds credibility to the Overgeared Guilds assertion that God Judar is behind the demons. 

The enemy of humanity might not only be hell.] 

[(Breaking News) Mirs true identity.] 

[What is the identity of the person who appeared and helped Grid 

Many people are curious about this and reports are pouring in from anonymous players who claim they have long been active on the East Continent. 

Mirs true identity is a yangban. The yangbans are known to persecute the players active in the East Continent in many ways. There is the history of the large-scale blacksmith quest hurting many players and causing a big stir... 


Therefore, it is correct to say that the relationship between yangbans and Grid is originally that of enemies. Mirs participation can be interpreted as the formation of a new relationship. There is also the possibility that he did it to keep the suspicious actions of hell and Asgard in check.] 

[Shin Youngwoo has been selected as the number one most influential person in the world for four consecutive years.] 

[Grids value is soaring...

the worlds top companies are offering him blank checks.] 

[A miracle created by the combination of the SA Group and Grid.

Overseas capital is pouring into South Korea.) 

[The government of South Korea has awarded Grid (Shin Youngwoo) the Order of Cultural Merit, the Order of Industrial Service Merit, and even the Mugunghwa Medal of the Order of Civil Merit.

“We gave everything we could.”] 

[Public opinion is cold.

Why ask the busy Grid to come and go There are protests at the Blue House.] 

[The issue of the Order of Merit award is igniting again.

What is the point of a worthless medal] 

[The president who is aware of public opinion The words “If Youngwoo-ssi has a wish, I will make it come true” has become a hot topic.] 

[The opposition also agrees...

a political system that is in harmony in front of Grid.] 

The enthusiasm in South Korea was extraordinary. It would be such an atmosphere if there was a peaceful reunification or they won the World Cup. The titleRepublic of Grid started to be used by several media outlets and it was naturally accepted by the people. 

It was a different reaction from when he won the National Competition, but it was inevitable. Grid was proving his eligibility to be the representative and guardian of another world called Satisfy. The weight and influence he spread all over the world was overwhelming compared to simply raising the status of South Korea. 

All of the worlds media wrote about Grids active performance. There were positive responses regardless of country, race, culture, etc. 

The photo of Grid covering his wounded face with a God Hand and his wounded body with the cloak. Grids noble spirit as he hid his wound to reassure people became an example for everyone.

He was compared to several great people. 

South Korea prospered just because it had Grid. National awareness and economic growth rose vertically. This was a natural phenomenon as influential people from each country tried to interact with Grid. It wasnt just one or two factors that made people intoxicated with Grid. 


‘Ive adapted to this now.

Shin Youngwoos expression was calm as he returned after a fuss and accessed Satisfy. He had passed the stage where he felt excited or burdened by peoples interests and expectations.

It was a stage of detachment. In the first place, reality was peaceful. He didnt need to bear responsibilities every day, so he felt comfortable. Satisfy was the only place where Shin Youngwoo needed to maintain the tension. 

[Overgeared God Grid has appeared.] 


His expression stiffened the moment he connected. The message in the guild window every time he connected was a burden. It seemed to remind him of his duty. It was much heavier than the weight of the Mugunghwa Medal awarded by the president. 

[Unknown Key (1)] 

[It is a key where the usage is unknown. 

The beautiful work that is hard to reproduce with human technique attracts attention. 

It is hard to measure the value.

You can see if you have made a surprise fortune. 

Weight: 0.] 

This was one of the rewards Grid got for repelling Raphael. The remaining rewards were titles, levels, and a rise in status. It was a great list of rewards even though he failed to kill Raphael. The rewards were like raiding several named bosses at once. 

Grid developed too rapidly without any time to be aware of it. In just the dozens of minutes he fought against Raphael, his level had increased by 50. It was to the point where he wondered,Is it okay if there is no hell section The speed of growth was fast enough to worry about. 

‘It is normal to grow quickly. 

The second half of the level 300s. It was a difficult point to pass. From level 400, there was no change in the total amount of experience required to level up. Considering that the hunting speed was several times faster due to a sharp increase in strength after the fourth class advancement, the level up difficulty dropped significantly. 

No matter the reason, Grid knew it for certain now. 

‘It is an extension of the worldview. 

Senior demons and angels—the enemies that started to appear on the surface were in a different dimension than before. It was right to express it as living in a completely different world from the days when the seven dukes of the empire were recognized as the strongest. The players must become strong... 

“Uh, Captain.” 

It happened as he was walking along the stone road soaked in sunlight and feeling the warmth... 


Grid confirmed the face of the person he encountered by chance and welcomed Hurent.

He shook off his many thoughts and smiled. 

Aura Master Hurent—he was a person cherished by Piaro, who said,There is no end to his potential. He mightve been neglecting his class quests and working hard on farming, but he was a very talented person.

It wouldnt be surprising if he became a legend right now. 

“I was told you have finally obtained a rune.


Grid didnt want to rank the performance of his colleagues. It was because every one of them played an important role without exception. The war wouldve been much harder if even one of them had neglected their duty. However, it was hard to deny that Hurent stood out. Lauel speculated that Hurent had single-handedly prevented at least three armies from advancing. Without him, the Abyss and Behen Archipelago wouldve suffered. Besides, Hurent was basically a farmer. 

Lauel had said that a significant amount of the contents of the ancient art of war books, including Sun Tzus The Art of War, was related to supplies. In short, the most important principle of the war was to feed and arm the soldiers well. This was why the Overgeared Kingdom was bound to be strong. The supply of the Overgeared Kingdom had always been smooth since they had Grid and multiple blacksmiths, and Piaro and multiple farmers.

Lauels strategy of always ensuring the supply route first during a war gave them wings. 

In any case, the conclusion was that Grid relied on Hurent.

He felt a very strong liking. He was just admiring Hurent right now. 

Hurent divided aura into particles and wrapped it around his body.

It was as if he used light as a cloak. Up until last year, he had still been obsessed with the shape of aura.

This meant that he had entered a new realm. 

‘An offensive and defensive battle is about the basics and it is impossible to predict. 

Aura that spreads out like light—how many beings in the world could compete head-on against each particle that caused fixed damage In this war, Hurent alone had raided two great demons. He viewed himself as being lucky because they had a low ranking, but...

based on what Grid could see, Hurent was comparable to the great demons in the early 20s. No, it was hard to measure his strength. Didnt he get a rune 

“What congratulations...” 

I just received what you got years ago. 

Hurent was going to say this, only to shut his mouth. Comparing himself to the person in front of him would just bring inconvenience to each other. 

“...In any case, youve worked hard.” 

The war hadnt ended yet. Right now, the invasion of the demonic creatures was continuing all over the continent. It was just that the size was greatly reduced and the momentum weakened compared to the beginning. 

Humanity adapted. For people, the invasion of demonic creatures became routine.

They hunted demonic creatures like they hunted animals on the back mountain.

They shook off their fear and established a system.

They got the hang of it. It was highly likely that Grid would no longer have to go out in person. Perhaps by the end of the war, all the people would be stronger. 

It was reported that a fifth of humanity had already died, but...

those who remained would overcome the trials, so that their sacrifices werent in vain. 

“It might be hard for me, but youve had it much harder.

I am preparing a gift for you these days.

I hope you like it.” 

Grid had done nothing special for Hurent. In the first place, Hurent had many restrictions. He used aura as a weapon and armor.

Perhaps due to this setting, the types of weapons and armor he could equip were quite limited. Thus, Grid was always sorry. Every time he heard about Hurents performance, he felt like he had become a bad business owner who was using Hurent. This was why he was carefully crafting leather armor and boots that would help Hurent. 

“What gift...” 

Hurent scratched his head in an embarrassed manner.

Grid felt a sense of distance. Sure enough, he shouldve done better in normal times... 

Grid was feeling regret when Hurent walked ahead of him and muttered to himself, “Will I finally get a new set of farming equipment I will be very thankful for one hand plow...” 


Lets make a new set of farming equipment. 

Grid made up his mind when he suddenly had a question. He was currently on his way to see Irene. His destination was the main temple of the Overgeared God Church. It was in a completely different direction from the agricultural fields that were Hurents base. Yet Hurent was still walking in the same direction as Grid. 

“Where are you going” 

Hurent, who was repeatedly muttering about the hand plow, came to his senses and replied, “Captains temple.” 

Grid asked, “Are you going to join the Overgeared God Church” 

They were two awkward people. If there wasnt the bridge called Piaro in the middle, they might have never walked side by side like this. Grid hadnt persuaded Hurent to join the church.

He believed it wasnt bad even if Hurent didnt join the Overgeared God Church. He was just a bit disappointed. If Hurent had joined the Overgeared God Church, he wouldve enjoyed many benefits.

His stats alone wouldve risen tremendously... 

“Huh Ive signed up since day one.

I didnt have a religion, so I was able to join the Overgeared God Church right away.” 



It is one of the things that Im confident I did well in the game.

Ive seen Captains virtue a lot.” 

“Haha...” Grid smiled brightly.

He felt like the distance was narrowed. 

Hurent explained the situation to him, “The reason Im going to the temple right now is because of your wife.

Lauel asked me to protect her.” 

Kasim, Faker, and other skilled members of the Overgeared Shadows were absent in order to hunt the mirror demons. The mission of Irenes protection was naturally handed over to Sariel, but Lauel still felt uneasy. 

‘Sariel and Hurent... 

Irene would be safe with the two of them. Grid believed so and spoke solemnly to Hurent, “You must be busy, so I really appreciate it.” 

“What... The fortress I made blocked the enemy, so I can afford this time.

I am also being allowed to build fields in the temple.” 

Hurents awkward expression also became sincere.

These bright eyes reminded him of the past. 

The United States—he was full of confidence, like the days when he represented the worlds greatest power. He finally regained his original appearance. Through the war, he realized that he wasnt weak. 

“I know your wife is a precious person to you.

Even if Baal comes in, I will protect her until you arrive.” 


Accumulated time and events would form a new bond. Thanks to the great human and demon war, the Overgeared Guilds unity became stronger. 

Grid also found it safe to leave. His first goal was to secure the class change books of the former legends.


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