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Satisfy had revolutionized the broadcasting industry. The shooting methods that utilized skills and magic made it possible to shoot scenes that couldnt be captured in reality. It was one of the reasons why various types of movies and dramas were being produced in Satisfy, rather than reality. 

『 It is really wonderful...

『 I am so moved that Im crying.


The broadcasters from each country were excited. There were many people whose voices were hoarse or their faces were messed up in the process of conveying the situation of the Abyss to viewers. Everyone witnessed it thanks to the sophisticated shooting techniques. 

Immediately after the battle, the ragged Grid tried to hide his wounds. Hundreds of millions of viewers witnessed the consideration of Grid, which wasnt seen by the people in the field, and his sense of responsibility. It was an event that would be talked about in length. 

The video of Grid covering his face with a God Hand was already spreading like wildfire through the community. People at the scene would soon see the video and most of them would probably become fans of Grid. 

『 The reason why Grid is the best player...

it isnt just because he is strong.

It is due to this attitude...

『 Yes, thats right.

I think we definitely know now why so many people want to be with Grid.


Hao, who bent to Grid every time, and Damian, who openly claimed to be Grids subordinate—China and Japan, which had been enraged by their abandonment of pride and engaged in national anti-Grid activities, also became respectful. Grids appearance that shone in an unprecedented crisis drove the unity of humanity. 


Baal only dropped a few gems. Grid checked it over and over for special functions, but they were all ordinary. It was unconscionable to describe a top-grade gem that could change peoples lives as ordinary, but… in any case, there werent any items with Baals modifiers, by-products, or myth rated items. 

It was as expected. The Baal that Grid killed was just a fragment of a specific ego.

It was only an extreme part of Baal. It was surprising that he even gave the gems. 

‘By the way, why did he give so much experience 

Leveling up had become easier after reaching level 400 and breaking through the hell section, but this was the first time he gained over 20 levels at once. Honestly, it was questionable. An ego fragment of Baal gave so much experience 

‘...It is natural. 

It didnt matter what state Baal was in. Despite all the circumstances, Baal had displayed a Biban-grade combat power. A transcendent who could single-handedly destroy or save humanity—Grid defeated such a great figure. 

Dont mention 20 levels.

He wouldve been convinced even if he had risen 30 levels. 

‘It is a pity that a power wasnt added to the rune, but that is understandable. 

The biggest reward for killing Baal wasnt Grids rise in levels, but his rise in status. It had jumped up two stages. First of all, his maximum stamina and recovery amount increased. 

‘This is very big. 

The artificial sensations created by the Magic Power Ejection Machine greatly reduced the burden on Grid. His concentration and unnecessary actions consumed during the battle were dramatically reduced. Thanks to this, stamina consumption itself was noticeably reduced, but his stamina had increased due to the rise in status. 

‘I wont be tired even after fighting for half a day. 

Of course, it varied depending on the opponents level, but for ordinary hunting, he wouldnt be tired even if he hunted all night. Additionally, his mental world had been enhanced. 

‘I need to confirm this directly. 

After making the sword, it seemed appropriate to climb the Tower of Wisdom and check it against Biban. Would Storm of the Fire God break due to a blow from Biban or would it hold out a bit The difference would be very big. 

‘By the way... 

Grid had a new question. The transcendent status. It was a system for transcendents, not gods. Why was he enjoying this effect even after he became a god Of course, he didnt feel it was strange due to the power he enjoyed.

Still, it was objectively a strange event. It was enough to make him wonder if it was a bug. It was natural. 

There was a certain law that gods couldnt kill gods. On the other hand, the ultimate transcendent had the qualification to be a god killer. Was it normal for Grid to be included in both 

‘These S.A guys. 

Perhaps they would increase his transcendence by a lot only to later say it was a bug Then they would take it back... 

‘...No way, it cant be. 

Grid shook his head and brushed off the terrible delusions. So far, Satisfy didnt have a single bug.

How could there be a bug now The coexistence of divinity and transcendence was likely to be some arrangement that was unknown to his present self. 

‘Think positively. 

He felt really good because his transcendent status had risen by two stages. If the basics were high, then it was unconditionally beneficial.

His fighting power would be great even if he faced thedemotion penalty someday. It was enough to preserve a certain extent. 

Level 505—Grid opened his status window and evenly distributed the stat points that had accumulated in a large number.

He took care not to spoil the golden ratio. 


A miracle was unfolding before their eyes. A transparent light surrounded Ziks severely damaged body that was lying down with a peaceful expression. The wounds carved all over the body disappeared without a trace and the cut off limbs were restored again. It was the miracle created by the Saintess with the operation of Prayer. 

The hundreds of thousands of allied troops were thrilled as if they had witnessed a god. Duke Morse shed tears. He seemed to be impressed by Ruby again.

There was a dangerous manner to the way his eyes turned.

There was a temperament of fanaticism. 

‘At this rate, Sehee might become a real god... 

It happened as Grid was thinking too early about things... 


Zikfrector stood facing his own body that had regained its intact appearance. “As expected...

there must be some confusion with the memories of my past life.” 

“Is there a problem” 

“Rather, it is the opposite.

According to my memories, my body wasnt this great.

Now it is almost perfect.” 


Grid and the Overgeared members didnt think much. They thought Zikfrector was mistaken out of excitement. Only Faker knew the truth and had doubts. ‘Baal enhanced Ziks body.

Does that mean it is possible for him to plant poison inside 

Faker was concerned. 

Zikfrector was also wary of Baal. He used runes for checking, purification, and security to review his body again and again. The result 


It wasnt an illusion. Ziks main body, which was temporarily loaned to Baal, was more developed than before.

His physical disadvantages had disappeared and it was perfectly trained.

Other than that, there was nothing suspicious. Zikfrector came to one conclusion. ‘Baal induced the war between heaven and humanity. 

Maybe this was why he indirectly helped them. No, the statement of helping wasnt right.

The expression offalling into a trap was appropriate. From the time he destroyed the Abyss to find and strengthen Ziks body, heaven and humanity were forced to be hostile. 

‘The great human and demon war is just a springboard.

What does he want The ruin of the gods The fall of humanity 

...Well, it didnt matter. 

Grid had long been planning to confront Heaven and a war against Heaven was Ziks long desire. The trap that Baal dug was to help them... The deeply smiling Zikfrector placed his hand on the forehead of his sleeping main body. Dozens of runes came up. The bodies of Zikfrector and Zik faced each other and started to gradually spin. Soon— 

[The 6th evil, Zik, has been revived.] 

The transfer of souls caused this world message to appear. It was a long-awaited moment for Grid, Zibal and the Overgeared members, but it was a big shock to ordinary people who didnt know Zikfrectors identity. During the entire process... 


Bunsdel and the warriors of the half-draconians were watching from the sky. They had crossed the warp gate with Grid to the Abyss. They didnt receive any orders, so they just watched Grid from beginning to end. The conclusion they came to after a long period of observation was: 

“He is indeed our god. Bark!” 

“Woof woof!” 

It was to be ardently loyal. The combat power that single-handedly brought down Baal, the power that virtually kept the empire and other nations at his feet, the charisma to have not only legends and archangels as apostles, but also one of the seven evils... 

For the half-draconians, there was no reason not to serve Grid. 

‘Based on the way they are always barking, I feel like they are misunderstanding something. 

They mistakenly thought that barking like a dog was an act of serving god. Bunsdel covered his face and sighed deeply. He was worried that if this continued, they would be stigmatized as half-dogs, not half-draconians. Still, what could he do The half-draconians had vowed to be dogs.

He could only accept it. 


“I will cure you.” 

The Curse of Sloth, which had plagued Zik for years, was engraved on his soul, not his body. It wasnt a problem that could be overcome just by regaining his body. Braham, who just woke up, easily broke it. The result of the research obtained at the expense of his kin could be given to others thanks to his recovered strength as a direct descendant. 

Did he have mixed feelings 

Zik closed his eyes and quietly wept. Zibal, who had witnessed his hardships, also sniffled.

Grid was also crying...

he cried the most.

It was a side effect of easily understanding and empathizing with other peoples feelings and thoughts. Grid stopped crying after he felt Zibals gaze, only to suddenly become curious about something. 

A body was left behind after Ziks soul transferred. In other words, what would happen to Grandmaster Zikfrectors vacant body in the future 

“That is now just a corpse.

It is enough to burn it.” Zik spoke politely.

It was after he kept thanking Braham. 

“...Can I have it” Grid thought of a possibility and carefully asked for it.

Zik agreed with pleasure. 

Clack! Clack clack clack! 

Overgeared Skeleton One danced excitedly. Iyarugt, who hung from Peak Swords waist, also cried out. 


In the war at the Behen Archipelago, humanity had the advantage. 

The firepower of the Overgeared Fleet, which relied on the hundreds of Overgeared Cannons, was extremely strong.

Additionally, Bow Saint Jishuka and African Leopard Kujarak were greater than rumored. There was the artillery fire from the sea in the back and the barrier of the allied forces blocking the front. The hell army trapped in this gap continued to falter and failed to break through the difficulties. 

‘Now it is the limit. 

The 13th Great Demon, Beleth—he fought for three days and nights with the lich while blocking the fleets bombardment.

Thus, his condition wasnt intact. 

Now he felt that there was no answer other than to retreat. Still, he held on without rushing. 

Gamigin and Barbatos—he was expecting a victory from the Abyss where two single digit great demons were present. Yes, in the first place, the main force was at the Abyss. After occupying the Abyss, the troops sent by the main army would slowly arrive and hit the enemy in the rear. They would soon severely beat up the skull of this fly-like skeleton, who kept distorting space, and the merpeople guarding the powerful cannons... 

Beleth patiently endured the humiliation for the joy at that time.

He endured persistently. This was why his despair was even greater. 


The troops he was waiting for didnt come.

Rather, the enemy reinforcements arrived. The scale was over 100,000. In particular, there was a tremendous guy as the leader. Blond hair fell down to his waist while the red waves of power spreading from bizarre letters was unusual.

Every time he stepped, he used his transcendence to narrow the distance by kilometers. 


Beleth sensed it and immediately flew up.

It was toward the portal in the sky that he had been aware of since the beginning. Just then, red rays turned Beleths lower body into powder. The entire upper body disappeared through the portal that narrowly swallowed it.

The momentum that soared through the clouds seemed to reach the stars. 

The rays that reached the horizon exploded and created a red glow. It was a sight that would dye Heaven that was beyond the sky. 



The demons froze.

Even the demonic creatures trembled and stepped back. The allied soldiers were also astonished. The results were obvious. The drums of humanitys victory rang even in the Behen Archipelago. 

[Your apostleZik has resolved the first regret.

All of Ziks stats will increase slightly and the usage of the runes will be faster.] 

The strongest person who witnessed the end of humanity in the previous world—he protected the humans of the current world and relieved a bit of his burden.


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