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Chapter 1507

“Why did you turn around all of a sudden”

Was he being chased by the underworld

Hao asked after catching up with Bunsdel, who ran away without looking back.

The other person’s status was very high but the words didn’t come out beautifully.

He made a quick detour to turn away when he almost arrived at Reinhardt.

Hao was flustered because he just reported to Lauel that he would be arriving soon with the lord of the half-draconians.

Bunsdel’ complexion was white due to exhaustion from using Shunpo several times in a row.

“The Overgeared Kingdom will perish today.

No, it could’ve already been destroyed by the waves a little while ago.”

“Huh” Hao asked back in an absurd manner.

He suspected that Bunsdel had suddenly become senile.

This only lasted for a moment.

He recognized the seriousness of the situation when he saw Bunsdel’s body trembling like an aspen tree.

“...What is going on”

“I feel the killing intent of the martial god in Reinhardt.”

Martial God Zeratul.

It was hard for a high quality transcendent to not know him.

It wasn’t just known conceptually.

Bunsdel actually experienced it.

Bunsdel had been tempted by the martial god several times.

It was very divine when he appeared in a dream and offered a secret technique, but Bunsdel refused every time because he felt something sinister.

The disappointment, anger and killing intent that the martial god showed at that time were so terrible that they were still vividly imprinted in his mind.

Then a little while ago, he felt more killing intent than before at the entrance of Reinhardt.

“There is no way to know the inside story in detail but it is clear that the Overgeared King has touched the reverse scale of the martial god.

 Dammit, **.

What on earth did he do to provoke the wrath of the martial god when the demons are invading He truly isn’t prudent.”

Bunsdel was prejudiced against Grid.

He saw Grid as far from common sense and uncontrollable.

He had chosen to believe in Hao’s words and came to take a look at Grid.

Now he felt like he stepped on **.

Hao, who had been silent with a serious expression, soon opened his mouth.

“Reinhardt is fine.”

He had been whispering with Lauel.

Bunsdel snorted.

“I don’t know who your source is so I don’t know how trustworthy they are, but don’t contact them again in the future.

I assure you, the person who sent the communication is definitely a fool.”

“It is the prime minister of the Overgeared Kingdom...”

“He intends to draw me in to avoid the impending destruction.

The trick is so shallow that I can see his level.

Tsk tsk, it is absurd.”

“It really is fine.

Martial God Zeratul has been defeated.”

“What Puhahat! Do you believe that You are perfect to be swindled on the street.”

The martial god was invincible.

No matter whether it was the Overgeared Kingdom who spread false information without knowing common sense or Hao who fell for the cheap trick—

They both seemed like fools to Bunsdel.

“Tsk, let’s go have a drink to relax.”

“Drinking alcohol while the demons are running rampant across the continent Come on, let’s go back to Reinhardt.”

“The war is already over.

It isn’t normal just based on the fact that the martial god appeared out of the blue to destroy the Overgeared Kingdom rather than helping humanity.

Humanity will inevitably lose.

I’m just glad it won’t have a great impact on us no matter who wins.”

“The Overgeared Kingdom is fine...”


Bunsdel grabbed his belly and laughed.

After a long time, he made a pledge.

“Did the Overgeared Kingdom say they wanted the cooperation of the half-draconians Okay.

If it is confirmed that the Overgeared Kingdom is fine tomorrow, our half-draconians will go beyond cooperating with the Overgeared Kingdom and will become their dogs.”


“Now you know reality, right Let’s go and have a drink.”


This was the perfect man to gamble with on the streets.

Hao thought about it and looked forward to tomorrow coming.


“R-Really The Overgeared Guild will listen to our demands”



The Black and White sisters.

They were named ranker sisters.

Even a decent high ranker couldn’t give out their business card in front of the sisters.

To be exact, they couldn’t even breathe properly.

Every time there was an encounter on the hunting grounds or on the road, the rankers would sneak back or lower their eyes.

Skills were skills but their personality was very bad.

They would use a quest or life as collateral to rob people and those who didn’t fall for the threat would naturally be killed.

They were like psychopathic serial killers.

It was evaluated that a huge band of bandits would be created if the sisters preferred to lead a group.

People were extremely disgusted with the sisters.

They were blatantly avoided.

The sisters had committed so many sins that it was hard for them to act openly.

Almost every nation on the continent had put out a wanted order on the sisters.

In particular, the empire was hostile to the sisters.

The moment they crossed the border, troops were dispatched to chase them and persistently pursued them.

The system correction to maintain the laws was fraudulent so the strength of the chasing team was too good.

The sisters didn’t care much.

They didn’t have to go to the empire.

Then the great human and demon war started and the circumstances changed.

The most delicious rice bowl called the Abyss was in the empire.

They were killing on the outskirts but the level of the demonic creatures appearing on the outskirts wasn’t enough to satisfy them.

It was ironic that the chasing system worked well even when the empire was at risk of destruction.

The sisters sought a solution and naturally turned to the Overgeared Guild.

The influence of the empire couldn’t reach the Overgeared Kingdom.

Strictly speaking, the Overgeared Kingdom was in a higher position than the empire.

If they could work with the Overgeared Kingdom, it would be difficult for the empire to persecute them.

The sisters identified that the war was extremely unfavorable to humanity and asked for negotiations with the Overgeared Guild.

We will be helpful in the war so use us.

They were thinking of bending over.

They really wanted to go to the great hunting ground called the Abyss.

However, their personality was the problem.

White forgot her position as she wrote a letter to convey her intentions to the Overgeared Kingdom.

[We are willing to fight on your side.

Don’t we have a pretty good combat power You are thankful, right You want us, right Then sell to us the legendary items made by Grid.

We will fight on your side during the war.]


What’s wrong with your tone Aren’t we in the asking position”

Black tackled her from the side but White had already pressed the send button.


It is over.”

This stupid pride.

White belatedly came to her senses and laughed in despair.

A white carrier pigeon was flying in the sky.

It was the end.

The appearance of the white carrier pigeon meant that the letter had arrived at the other party.

She couldn’t stop it.

The system was like this.

...It was over.

The Overgeared Guild wouldn’t respond to this attitude.

She was just crying and giving up when she received a reply that said ‘Okay.’

The sisters were filled with joy and ran straight to the Overgeared Kingdom.

They didn’t have a wanted order in the Overgeared Kingdom.

It was natural since they didn’t want to cause any incidents in the Overgeared Kingdom.

The sisters’ hostility against the Overgeared Kingdom was now a story of a distant past.

After being educated several times, they surrendered unconditionally to the Overgeared Kingdom and lived with their eyes lowered.

“Lauel! Accepting our offer is a great choice! I like it! The rumor that you are smart is true after all!”

Lauel told them, “Do you want to play in the Abyss I have high expectations for the two of you.

I will handle the procedures so don’t worry.

Go ahead and fight.”

“R-Right now What about the items”

“Of course, you will have to show results first before we can proceed with the transaction.”

“We won’t scam the Overgeared Guild unless we are crazy.

We need to buy items in order to show a better performance...”

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do by changing the sequence of things.

It is suspicious.”

“Changing the sequence...

N-No! You are right! Uh, yes! We have to prove ourselves first! We will go to the battlefield right now!”

“U-Unni, go with me...”

The Black and White sisters.

The tens of thousands of dark players represented by the sisters.

Those who were active only for their own interests belatedly boarded the express train to hell.

Most of them tried to make deals with the Overgeared Guild.

They pulled the aggro with great firepower and became an arrowhead.


“Zikfrector! What are you doing Wake up!”

Cokro Island.

Nefelina shouted urgently during a fierce battle with Hell Gao, who ran out of the dungeon.

It was because Zikfrector’s runes, used to create magic to assist them, stopped working.

She shifted her gaze and saw a ridiculous scene.

Zikfrector had stopped and was sleeping while standing up.

“Ik! Disgraceful! It isn’t enough to die standing up.

Why are you sleeping standing up!”

The Curse of Sloth was triggered at this timing.

It was a bit difficult to bear the strength of Hell Gao, who descended into a great demon-grade body.

Therefore, she felt urgent.

“Leave the grandmaster to me and focus on the battle!”

Zibal responded quickly.

He stepped off Raiders, set it up as a barrier and shook ZIkfrector’s shoulder.


Normally, Zikfrector would retreat first if he was about to fall asleep during battle.

Now he fell asleep without showing any signs

This had never happened before...


Zibal had an ominous feeling only to be surprised.

"W-What is it"

Zikfrector, who he thought was asleep, had both eyes wide open.

“Is an ant passing by”

What was he doing

Zibal saw Zikfrector gazing at the ground and suddenly remembered the world message.

[There is news that the ‘Sealed Body of one of the Seven Evils’ has been found in the Abyss.

Wrath is added to the ‘mixed worlds.’ The concentration of demonic energy has increased and the penalty for demons is reduced by 20%.]

...These were the contents.

He had been so focused on fighting Hell Gao that he had forgotten the importance.

“No way.

Is it your body”

The sealed body of one of the seven evils.

If the seven evils here meant one of the seven malignant saints, it meant that it could be the body of Zik, the 6th evil.

“I don’t know.”

The expression on Zikfrector’s face was distressed.

“The connection is so weak that I’m uncertain if it is my body or the body of my colleague.

I would’ve judged that it was a colleague’s body if there was no connection at all.

However, this is very difficult.

It is ominous.

Am I not Zik”


The reason he stopped fighting was due to self-reflection

Zibal thought it was absurd only to remember the identity of the person called Zikfrector.

He was the ‘reincarnation’ of the 6th evil, Zik.

After several reincarnations with memories of his previous life, he became the current Zikfrector.

It had been so long that it wasn’t strange for him to wonder if he was really the same person as the 6th evil Zik.

He had experienced so many different lives.

“If the body found in the Abyss is mine...

It is a very big problem.

I can’t communicate properly with my body...

It is proof that I am different from myself in my previous life...”

It happened as Zikfrector’s complexion became darker.

“Hey, you idiot!” Nefelina screamed.

“Has your brain melted because you’ve been sleeping for so long Hell Gao’s magic power surrounds the island.

If you can feel a connection with the body in the Abyss then it is naturally your body.

Whose body can it be! Ugh Ack! Q-Quickly! Come and help me quickly!”

As the situation became harder, Nefelina even became teary.

The hatchling who was just born had little dignity.

Zibal looked like he had seen something he shouldn’t have seen.


I was too badly shaken.”

Zikfrector’s eyes that had lost their light came back to life.

It was the discovery of his body after thousands of years.

It would’ve been strange if he had been composed.

Zikfrector pulled out Sakharan’s Sword.

Zikfrector had been wary of the Curse of Sloth deepening as his body became burdened so he had been playing only a supporting role using runic magic.

However, he was praised as the grandmaster due to his greatness.

Now he took out the power that he used to help Saharan establish the empire.

It was a power with no consideration for the aftermath.

It was a manifestation of his will to calm the situation and recover his body.

Red energy rose from the red sword and Zikfrector’s magic power, sword energy and willpower mixed together with it to form a pattern.


Seven runes made with colorful energy started to float around him.

Every time the runes crossed, certain words were combined.

AS the words were combined, the energy became stronger and expanded.

The mixture of attributes and magic overheated.

The entire island shook from the wave of power.

The volcano erupted and there was a tsunami in the sea.

The strongest of the seven malignant saints who rebelled against Asgard and who was cursed by the gods.

The aftermath of the previous world’s strongest showing his true abilities was beyond imagination.

Zibal was dumbfounded.

‘Why did he keep running away when he had these skills’

To be precise, it was ‘I ran away with him while he was asleep.’

Zibal wanted to say goodbye to those sad days soon.


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