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Before the appearance of the 4th Great Demon, Gamigin... 

“How great is this swordsman that he became the tower master over us Im looking forward to it.” 

“It is what His Liege has decided.

Dont be so rude.” 

Piaro, Asmophel, and the other former Red Knights were climbing the sword tower. They were all of high standing. 

Piaro was a general and the food and agriculture minister, while Asmophel was credited in squashing the terrorist attacks and was the security minister.

Singuled, Amelda, Kentrick, and Dante served as generals, knights, and swordsmanship instructors. They were once prominent figures in the empire and they also played an active role in the Overgeared Kingdom. The sight of them all going to meet one person made even the wordrare feel lacking. 

“Of course, I dont mean to be rude.

Still, shouldnt we check to see if he is qualified” 


No one refuted Singuleds comments. Piaro and Dante were silent when they wouldve normally said the sentenceHow dare you doubt His Lieges eye 

Grid had become a god, but it was due to countless achievements and building up a great deal of strength.

It didnt mean that he had become a perfect being. In the first place, a god wasnt perfect or omnipotent. It was a fact they had learned from the gods. Therefore, Piaro and Dante were worried. 


His Majesty is soft-hearted and believes others will be the same as him.

He trusts people more than necessary.” 

“Right, right.

I said this when he easily accepted Singuled.” 

“Amelda, havent you grown a lot” 

The top of the sword tower was the 30th floor. It was one of the tallest buildings in the Overgeared Kingdom. The steep, spiral staircase continued endlessly. However, it wasnt enough to delay the footsteps of the knights. Their breathing wasnt disturbed at all as they reached the top in no time. 

They stood in front of a tightly closed door and exchanged looks. The unknown sword tower master. If he was taking advantage of King Grids favor...

they would give out a reasonable punishment. 

“Come in.” A strange voice came from beyond the door. It sounded surprisingly young.

It was a middle-aged man like Piaro at most. 

The veins on Singuleds forehead bulged as he smiled through gritted teeth. “Come in Haha, that cheeky guy is using information language to me from the beginning.” 

“Calm down, Singuled.

He hasnt even seen us yet.” 

“Thats right.

This is the sword tower.

He is probably misunderstanding us as trainees.” 

“We need to observe and act more closely.” 

The groups suspicion of the sword tower master wasnt unfounded. There were no talented people outside the Overgeared Kingdom who could become the sword tower master. Even if they listed the names of theswordsmen who were now gaining fame on the continent, was there anyone better than them 

They would concede if it was Kraugel, but this person wasnt Kraugel. They had no choice but to doubt his qualifications. 

Singuled glared and pushed opened the door. 

“Welcome.” The tower master, Biban greeted them. A Sword Saint who had lived for hundreds of years. The atmosphere was ordinary. It was easy to change his attitude. 

“Hey, who are you...!” Singuled was shouting angrily only to shut his mouth.

It was because Piaro restrained him. 

“I greet the elder.” 

Piaro was polite first.

It wasnt because he recognized Bibans identity at first glance.

He showed the minimum of respect because this was the sword tower master appointed by Grid. On the other hand, Bibans attitude was different.

He waved his hand like it was annoying. “Thats enough with the formalities.

Get straight to the point.” 

Bibans time as the tower master was only one week. In that time, Bibans role was to teach as much as possible to those who visited the sword tower.

Grid had personally asked it of him Furthermore, the world was in a chaotic situation due to the invasion of demons. Biban didnt want to waste a single minute or second. He wanted to teach even one more thing to those who visited the tower. 

However, few people knew what he was thinking. His words and actions were misleading.

“Huhu, I like this personality In fact, I didnt come all the way here to say hello to you.” Singuled stepped forward. There was no time for anyone to stop him. To be exact, none of the people in the group had any intention of stopping him. After all, the purpose of the group was to confirm the qualifications of the tower master. There was no reason to stop Singuled from confirming the strength of the tower master. 

Singuleds body shot off from the ground. His movements were naturally rapid and resilient.

It was reminiscent of a flying fish jumping on the sea surface. The waves that spread as sharply as a piece of glass were particularly impressive. It was a tangible wave of killing intent. 

The Killing energy destruction method—influenced by Singuleds temperament, it was an energy that dealt shock and tore at everything. Against this sharp and powerful energy— 

Biban pushed his hand in and disturbed it. It took him less than a second to grab Singuleds neck with his hands. 

“Killing intent from the inside.

You can inflict a critical injury even with an attack that grazes past.


It is a rare talent.

The tough and difficult years of your life have tempered you.” As Biban spoke, Singuleds body spun around and his back touched the ground.

“” Singuleds face was blue as he looked at the ceiling. The virtue of a master was to hide his true emotions, but he showed his shock on his face. How could he not be shocked In the golden age of the former Red Knights, the number of people who could suppress him could only be counted on one hand. 

“......!” Piaro and Asmophels eyes widened. 

Dante murmured in a low voice, “It isnt a fluke.” 

This was a master they had never seen before. It was the moment everyone realized it. 

“...Im actually not good at grappling.” 

Singuled jumped up from the ground and pulled out his sword. His agitation subsided. It was natural. Singuled wasnt a fool.

He noticed that Bibans skills were real.

He felt the need to be composed. 

“Should we do it again” 

There were few knights who werent competitive. Among them, Singuled was a person who enjoyed battle itself. He was happy to realize how wide the world was through this unknown master.

He thought it was an opportunity to see how far his skills would go. 

Biban nodded and he also drew his sword. “Come.” 

No further words were necessary. Singuled attacked immediately and Biban easily defeated him. Biban didnt hold back.

He revealed his power. The Overgeared Sword Tower Master—he had no intention of damaging the reputation of his position, even if it was only for one week. This was a place to discuss swords. No Sword Saint wielded the sword lightly. 

“Cough! Cough, cough!” Singuled had his Adams apple struck and coughed in pain. He couldnt even hold on for five blows. 

Biban gave him advice, “For you, killing intent is a weapon.

Therefore, you show your killing intent, but it is too one-dimensional.

It is better to tidy it up.

The more you refine your flesh, the more reliable your weapon will be.

Then sharpen your soft sword.

The more you become familiar with it, the stronger you will become.” 

“Cough... Keuk... Thank you for the advice.” Singuled barely managed to answer with his hurting throat.

He could stand up and challenge again immediately, but he didnt do so. It was an extremely polite attitude.

He wasnt aware of it.

It was naturally like this. It was because he glimpsed the depths of profound truth and years in Bibans swordsmanship. 

“M-Me too! Fight me!” Amelda blinked her large eyes and raised her hands. She was a knight and a geographer, so she had already grasped the terrain of this huge, circular room. She calculated how to use it to limit the movements of the target and benefit herself. 

“Come.” Biban allowed it.

The posture of putting his hand on the sword handle was unusual. 

‘Draw Sword 

A smile spread across Ameldas face. She tried to make the most of the terrain to move.

She didnt give the other party a chance to draw the sword.

She hid behind a pillar and threw her shield. Unlike Singuled, she wasnt straightforward.

The other side was a swordsman, so she had no intention of just fighting with the sword.

She would mobilize all the weapons and skills she had... 


Amelda moved along the scheduled route while the shield caught Bibans eye, only for her to collapse.

The pose resembled a dead frog. It was the aftermath of the shield returning like a boomerang and striking her in the back of the head. 

Kentrick murmured to himself, “Doing a movement like that with the sword...” 

Just a little while ago, Biban hadnt taken one step out of place.

He lifted the sheath slightly, exposing a very small portion of the blade that collided with the flying shield. The rebound of the collision forced the shield to return and hit Amelda in the back of the head... Ameldas aura was in the shield, yet he bounced the shield like it was a ball.

It was even in the desired direction. 

“Huh Ehh Did I faint just now Is it real” 

“The heart technique you have mastered doesnt fit your personality.

The energy didnt accumulate well.

Thus, the attack is light.” 

“Ah... This is a heart method that was handed down from generation to generation since my great great grandfather...” 

“It isnt just about inheriting the techniques of those before you.

The previous generation cant pass on both talent and physique to you.” 


“You should go and visit the magic tower.

Your mana compatibility is good.

If you apply the principles of mana accumulation, then you might go further.” 

“Yes...!” Amelda was polite as well. 

“Please teach me as well.” Kentrick stepped out. He was the vanguard of the Red Knights during the golden era. His specialty was to break through the enemy line alone, cut the enemy generals neck, and give the Red Knights the advantage in the war. 

“Come.” Biban didnt rest and took on Kentrick. He immediately narrowed the distance and saw the essence behind Kentricks bravery.


“There are traces of a dark sword on your swordsmanship.

Were you an assassin” 


it is correct.

I was kidnapped as a child and trained as an assassin throughout my childhood.

Fortunately, I was rescued and didnt actually carry out any assassination activities.

How did you know...” 

Kentrick was dumbfounded. The swordsmanship he used today was nothing like the assassination methods he learned in his childhood.

It was a completely different concept.

It had been so long that he had even forgotten the swordsmanship he learned in his childhood. How did this person find the traces The traces he didnt even know about... 

“It is fine as a habit.

Perhaps youve been in many one-on-one and short term battles.

You have a lot of experience fighting and winning against opponents stronger than you.” 

“T-Thats right.” 

“Use it as a weapon.

Im not asking you to learn the dark swordsmanship again.

That is putting the cart before the horse.

Just approach the technique still remaining and bring them to the surface.

Then it will naturally evolve along with your swordsmanship.” 

“Yes, thank you!” 

Biban fulfilled his duty as the tower master. He also exchanged blows with Asmophel and Dante. Asmophel endured exactly 16 blows, while Dante endured 17. It wasnt because Dante was stronger than Asmophel. Despite building up divinity, his overall combat power was still below that of Asmophel and Singuled. 

However, Dante had experience.

Putting aside the power of the swordsmanship, he was the best when it came to technique. It meant he could fight overwhelmingly strong opponents. He was the person who laid the foundation of the Empire\'s Swordsmanship and taught swordsmanship to the Red Knights. 

“Um... Then you...” Biban advised Dante to focus on building up stamina and strength, even teaching him how to put more power into his sword.

Then Bibans gaze shifted to and stayed on Asmophel. For a long time, he just stared silently. 

Asmophel was nervous.


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