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Chapter 148

By the end of February.

The spring vacation of the Young Ladies High School was also ending.

Sehees new semester of her second year in high school would start in a few days, so she was studying hard today.

Hobbies Travel Dating She had no interest at all.

She simply enjoyed leisurely activities like jogging in the morning and yoga in the evening.

Even that was just to maintain her condition for studying.

Sehee only devoted herself to studying.

Why was she so obsessed with studying

It was because of her brother, Youngwoo.

Her brother didnt have any talent in studying and he didnt stand out in any particular field.

His only advantage was his patience, but after he went to university, she became worried about his future because he became lazy.

She expected him to improve after going to the army, but he actually worsened.

Rather than going back to study, he fell into a game called Satisfy and got into debt.

Their parents were worried.

The two of them sighed because her brothers future was becoming dimmer every day.

‘I have to take care of Oppa.

Was it because she grew up watching her pitiful and useless brother Sehee grew up at an early age because of her brother.

In middle school, she became determined to look after her parents and brother.

‘Ill study hard on behalf of Oppa.

I will succeed and become responsible for my parents and Oppa.

Unlike her brother, Sehee was talented.

She was a good student, went to the prestigious Young Ladies High School and had top grades in the nation.

Her ultimate goal was simple.

She planned to graduate from the best university, get a good job, earn a high salary, and support her parents and brother.

‘Oppa can believe in me.

She continued studying while thinking so.

However, a problem occurred not long ago.

Her brother changed.

Her brother suddenly become economically self-sustaining in a certain area.

Thats right, it was Satisfy.

Ironically, it was the game that ate some of her brothers youth.

Her brother succeeded in the game and cleared his debt.

He repaid not only his debt, but their fathers debt as well.

Then he gave their parents hundreds of millions of allowance for their comfort.

One day, her brother said to her, “In one year, I will buy a 10 billion won building.

We can rent it out and our family can live happily for the rest of our lives.”

Sehee was proud of her brother who succeeded in changing.

She was delighted.

On the other hand, she was also worried.

‘It isnt a bluff…

He had the ability to afford it, but her brother had bought a 800 million won foreign car as soon as he made money.

She knew that rich people often lost their wealth due to a lack of economic sense.

Sehee was worried that her brother would quickly lose his wealth.

In addition, she was also concerned about his relationship with girls.

‘If he is too ostentatious…

There were many women who would be attracted to a man driving a 800 million won foreign car.

But wasnt her brother someone with no dating experience He would be easy to fool.

“Sigh… I would feel more comfortable if I am with Oppa.”

She wanted to watch over her brother 24 hours a day.

Sehee had an unusual obsession with her brother, probably because she had been taking responsibility for him for several years already.


She was sitting at her desk when she turned her gaze towards the window.

It was noisy outside.

‘Is it a celebrity

Men, women and children were making a fuss on the street.

Sehee approached the window to see what the fuss was about.

Then she frowned.

‘Why is she here…”

She had a bad feeling.


000-0 Street, XX Neighbourhood, Geumcheon-gu.

The neighbourhood consisted of ordinary people, but it had been noisy lately.

It was because an expensive foreign car appeared in front of the Shin house, whose occupants operated a vegetable store.

The residents of the area were interested in the car and examined it.

“That is the 13th model from B Company.

It is 800 million won.”

“Wow, Im shaking.

Shin ahjussi, did he sell a lot of cabbages How did he afford this car”

“It looks like his son is driving it, not Shin ahjussi…”

“Eh Doesnt he usually dress in sweats like an unemployed bum Where did he get the money to drive a car like this”

“He mustve won the lotto.”

“Kung… He paid off his debt and bought a car like that, I think he really did win the lotto.”

“I wont be able to afford it even if I die working~ Life is unfair.”

“Well… I buy five lotto tickets every week, but I never win… Perhaps I should buy 10 tickets every week.”

The weekend.

The residents were walking in front of the Shin familys house.

There were many people enjoying the spring weather, and they continued commenting on Youngwoos car.

Then a vehicle entered the neighborhood.

The eyes of the residents widened.

“What is this…”

It was a large limousine that was 8.5m long.

The ordinary people stared as the gorgeous white car stopped in front of the Shin house.

It was the moment when the locals forgot about B Companys 13 series.


Three burly men descended from the vehicle.

Two of them looked around, while the other one ran to the back seat and opened the door.

Then a woman appeared.

The woman boasted such overwhelming beauty that the flowers lining the street faded at once.

It was like she was the only thing shining in the world.

The scenery seemed grey beside her.


“That woman”

The residents captivated by her unrealistic beauty belatedly realized her identity.

She was Yura, who was praised as theJewel of South Korea.

A frenzy occurred.

“Wow! I cant believe it! Yura! Yura!”

“Yura unni! Please sign this!”

“A photo! Can I have a photo”

“Yura! Will you marry me”

“Ahh… I never thought the day would come when I can see Yura in real life… I dont care if I die right now…”

“She is even prettier than her photos.

Truly a goddess.”

It was the level of a riot.

People started to rapidly gather after hearing the noise.

But the three bodyguards that came with Yura were the aces of the industry.

They efficiently occupied the space, allowing three people to control dozens of people.

Thanks to this, Yura was able to ring the doorbell of the Shin home without being disturbed.

“Heok… Why is Yura at the Shin house”

“D-Dont tell me…”

The peoples imaginations ran wild.

The Shin familys unemployed son! Could he have a special relationship with Yura Was it due to Yuras financial power that the Shin familys useless son could drive an expensive car There were all types of speculation, but it didnt last long.

“Yura wouldnt like such an ugly person…”

“Of course.

If Shin-ssis son and Yura were on an uninhabited island alone, Yura still wont look at Shin-ssis son.”

“Then what is Yura doing at the Shin house”

The gates of the Shin house opened.

“What are you doing at my house”

An irritated voice was heard.

Peoples eyes focused on the owner of the voice.

It was the Shin familys daughter.

People admired her.

“Wow… Shes acting like that towards Yura.”

“That… Even entertainers on TV seem ugly next to Yura…”

“The two people look like a picture.”

“Maybe Yura is here to see her.

Is it strange for beautiful people to hang out together”

“Thats right.”

No one was thinking calmly.

They were half out of their mind as they spoke.


They attempted to take photos.

Sehee felt burdened and brought Yura into the house.

“Come in.”

“Thank you.”

“Now, what is your purpose for coming here” Sehee asked with curiosity as she locked the gate.

Yura looked at the small garden planted with camellias and replied with a smile.

“I came to see Youngwoo-ssi.”


Sehee didnt feel good.

She didnt hide her hostility.

“Why is a great person like you trying to meet Oppa In the first place, how do you know him What is your relationship”

Yura was a genius.

But that didnt apply to relationships.

She responded without realizing the meaning behind Sehees questions.

“I met Youngwoo-ssi while playing Satisfy.

I got friendly with him while playing lovers.”

“Playing lovers”

“It was a very short, but fun game.”

Sehee no longer heard Yuras voice.

Only the wordlovers went through her mind.

‘Oppa said he was playing hard to make money, but he is actually flirting inside a game I have been busy studying for his sake and never even held a mans hand.

Sehees complexion changed.

She was so irritated that tears filled her eyes.


“I originally planned to enhance Failure and my armor but…”

Grid knew what he had to do.

He had no intention of relying on his existing items.

He learned from the Awakened Guardian of the Forest that his defense wasnt sufficient, even if he was wearing a legendary armor set.

Grid was planning to use his class effect ofincreased probability of item enhancement in order to strengthen Failure and his armor.

‘I want to use these items for as long as possible… Even if it costs a lot of money, its better to take the risk.

I have to buy all the enhancement stones in the auction house.

But before that, he needed to make Vantners armor.

“I cant postpone it any longer…”

Thanks to his quest, the marriage ceremony, and the Guardian of the Forest raid, the armor had been delayed for nearly two months.

Grid didnt have the heart to delay it any longer.

He looked at the method to make the Wave Armor.

“Good good.”

The Wave Armor was indeed a great item.

In particular, the first option gave an excellent defense effect.

‘Its less than the Holy Light Armor.

The default defense of the Holy Light Armor was better than Wave Armor.

The Holy Light Armor also reduced physical damage by 40% and magic damage by 50%.

Considering the other options and set item effects, the Holy Light Armor was actually a few times better than the Wave Armor.

However, the Holy Light Armor was limited toFranz, so it was like an exclusive item for Grid.

‘If I want to sell armor, the Wave Armor is better.

Once all the guild members had their items, he would produce a large amount of Wave Armor and sell them to rankers.

Grid was excited about acquiring the Wave Armor production method for free.

Ttang! Ttang!

The hammering sound was light.

Grid was enthusiastic about producing it and worked with a high degree of concentration.

After approximately three hours.

Vantner came looking for him.

Grid felt his presence but kept hammering.

“What, Mister Didnt you say you were going to pray”

Vantner scratched his head.

“I want to watch my armor being finished… Heheh, is it okay if I watch”

Vantner had been waiting for almost two months, so he was very excited.

Grid understood Vantners anticipation.

“Its fine if you are quiet.

Sit over there and watch.”

“Thank you.

Ill be praying to the gods that its a legendary item.”

Vantner fell to his knees.

Then he joined both hands together and really started to pray.

It reminded Grid of Cassus when he made the Divine Shield.

‘The Vatican is stable…

There was no news that a new pope had been elected.

‘Didnt I forget to seal Isabels spear Perhaps Isabel will die and its my fault Im sorry… Well, one day she will come for it to be sealed.

Grid started concentrating on hammering again.

Ttang! Ttang!

The tempered black iron and mithril steel plates on the anvil were gradually assembled in the shape of armor.

Vantners excitement soared as he prayed.

‘Please…! Please let it be finished with a legendary rating…! Im praying to all the gods in the world! Please please please let it be a legendary rating!

As his prayer was reaching its peak…

“This… My sister is calling.”

Then Grids hammering suddenly stopped

“Huh What”

Vantner was confused as he failed to identify the new situation.

Grid put his hammer and the armor he was making back into his inventory.

“Im sorry.

My sister is calling me, so I have to go.”

Grid thought it sounded urgent.


Vantner doubted his ears.

He thought Grid was playing around.

But it wasnt a joke.

[The guild memberGrid has closed his connection.]


Grid disappeared from in front of him.

Vantner stared at the flames in the furnace for a long time before screaming.

“You bastard! You are deliberately playing with meeee!”

“Its noisy, so get out.”

“Ugh… Uwaaaack!”

Vantner was kicked out by Khan and ran to the hunting grounds.

Then he swung his axes at monsters while thinking about Grid.


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