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Chapter 1471

[(Breaking) E-sports legend, Haster, has joined the Overgeared Guild]

[There have been successive sightings of Haster in Reinhardt of the Overgeared Kingdom.

The video of him jumping over the walls with flying items resembling theGod Hands, famous for being a symbol of Grid, has been a hot topic for days.

An American expert who analyzed the video said, “I think Haster was chosen as Grids successor...” (slander)

He might not be the successor, but the collaboration between the legendary professional gamer, who is considered the all-time number one, and Grid, who wrote a myth in Satisfy, is enough to make everyones hearts flutter.

Some people are concerned that there are too many expectations being placed on Haster, who was the victim of thehidden class hunting and whose heyday has ended...



[Adventurers, please be on guard in small towns.]

[Is the boundary between the human race and hell breaking down as the Yatan Church claims

Players are reporting that they have lost their lives after stopping by small towns and being attacked by the residents.

This is the first incident in a small village in the southeastern part of the empire.

The residents of the village turn into monsters when it becomes dusk and they will attack travelers.

Thorough attention is needed.


These so-calledghost towns are found all over the continent and thousands of victims have been reported in just four days...



As the world was buzzing with new topics every day, Haster was still struggling with the God Hands.

Thanks to the items purchased from Grid, his lacking stats were supplemented to some extent.

Nevertheless, his stats were basically focused on intelligence.

It was hard to handle the eight God Hands armed with divine swords and Mjolnir as they swarmed with swordsmanship and Magic Missiles.

In the first place, the relationship between their attributes placed him at a disadvantage.

The Red Sage had the Weapon Mastery skill that allowed him to handle all weapons and active skills that were useful in close combat, but it was actually more specialized in magic than close combat.

However, he wasnt a magician, thus he didnt have many passive skills related to magic.

One example was the slow magic casting.

One of his greatest strengths, his magic, was sealed against the God Hands, so it was hard to easily gain the advantage.

‘This video...

was it taken when I ran to the walls

Maybe the great human and demon war would start before he even got back to the expedition...

Haster logged out while feeling such anxiety and he laughed when he saw that he had become famous these days.

It was a video of himself running away while the God Hands chased after him in a frightening manner.

The angle in which the video was filmed was exquisite and it seemed like he was leading the God Hands rather than being chased.

The video was taken by chance by a user who was filming the beautiful landscape of Reinhardt (rumored to be a garden that Queen Irene had grown).

Thanks to this, rumors spread that he wasa person whom Grid trusts enough to leave the God Hands to.

The reality was that he was just being beaten up...

“Im embarrassed.”

Haster shook his head and moved to the training room.

His mansion had large facilities such as a golf course, swimming pool, and tennis court.

It even had a spacious indoor training room that was like a playground.


Haster used a real spear reproduced based on the spear in the game and entered a state of concentration with one deep breath.

‘Correct my bad habits.

The past few days had been more precious than gold to Haster.

In the process of recording and watching the videos of him fighting against the God Hands, he realized that he had a very bad habit.

At first, it was hard to perceive it as a bad habit.

It was because it was the form he learned from his respected teacher.

He never dreamed that it would actually be holding him back.

‘Im sure that Master didnt teach me the wrong way.

It is just definitely an area I cant achieve right now. Seal the existing form until the day when his masters intentions were grasped.

The movement of the spear that moved through the air was fierce.

The legend of the past era was regaining his prime and he showed moderation and dignity in every action.


‘I was worried he would give up after a few days.

There is no one who is successful without perseverance.

Youngwoos lifestyle coincidentally matched with Hasters.

He started the day with the sweaty uncle (it was elusive to say this person was a handsome man) at the same time and logged out at the same time, ending the day together.

It was rather unpleasant, but it was also funny when he became conscious of it.

Haster matched his pattern to Youngwoos routine in order to have more time against the God Hands.

There was no other intention.

Youngwoo liked people who worked so hard.

It was true that he felt more affectionate after spending time together.

Just then, the ringtone of his smartwatch rang out.

It was a new song by Laella that had topped the Billboard charts for three consecutive weeks.

It was great to see her consistently releasing albums with the motif of a famous ReadNovelFull protagonist such as,She is a player who is one of the best magicians in Satisfy and a world-class idol in the real world.

~Is this the power of items~

Laella didnt have a regular tenacity and she often held concerts, if not broadcasts.

He thought there was a reason she became a world-class idol and high ranker at such a young age.

“You did a great job today.”

Youngwoo answered the phone and spoke with a big smile.

Yura, who appeared on the holographic screen, responded with a beautiful smile.

“No one left today”

-Yes, everyone is holding on really well.

It was ever since Haster was killed.

Eight days had passed, but the hell expedition team was maintained without a single person dropping out.

In the meantime, Kraugels Space Sword had cut hell five times.

“Is there any chance that hell will perish before the great human and demon war begins”

-Even if it is cut by the Space Sword, the terrain only changes a bit.


Yuras indifference to the fact that the form of the world was changed by a sword was hard for Youngwoo to understand.

He thought that Yuras common sense was different.

He didnt realize that his common sense of creating hundreds of items a day was completely out of touch with ordinary people.

-Jishukas performance is amazing.Every time Lucks group loses their motivation, she will provoke them or encourage them to try again.

“Um...” The three generals of Ares.

Lauel had said that Jishuka seemed to have pretty high expectations for them.

“It seems their personalities fit well.”

-Yes, I think because they were from the LTS days.On the outside, they seem like enemies, but it is more like watching a trainer and dolphins.They get along quite well.

“What dolphins They are monkeys.”

Youngwoo unknowingly became irritated.

He didnt seem to realize that his lips were sticking out.

Yura laughed like she found Youngwoo cute and started to talk about what she had experienced today.

It was as if she didnt want this moment to end.

Youngwoo also told his story.

It had long been a daily routine for the two people.

It was to end the day together.


After the failure at the No Offspring Tomb, Agnus challenged Greniers mountain army and felt another big wall.

He was forced to change course.

He visited the East Continent where he was relatively free to work since it wasnt the realm of the Overgeared Guild.

He raided villages and cities, massacring civilians and restoring his power.

He avoided the nations protected by the resurrected Four Gods as much as possible.

He aimed at places still under the rule of the Hwan Kingdom.

Fortunately, his activities were comfortable because no yangbans appeared.

The prestige of the East Continent was different from before.

‘It was smashed by Grid and Kraugel.

Agnus deeply felt the existence of the two men who were ahead of him and looked back on his life.

His days when he was crazy were restored without any denials.

He was able to feel it.

How many failures had he experienced It was a fact that he was too incompetent and powerless to play a role.

“You are cut.”

There was a call from Baal.

It was a call that came when he was eager to grow, thus he was dissatisfied.

If it was his usual self, he wouldnt have responded.

However, that was a situation from before the great human and demon war.

He wanted to receive a quest to kill civilians as he did before.

He wanted to take theopportunity that he had rejected in the past.

Thus, he ran right over.

The situation that flowed was different from his expectations.

Baal wasnt in a normal state.

The ring finger of the hand holding the wine cup showed off a wound.

In fact, it wasnt a wound.

There were only faint traces of the blood that had been spilled.

Baal even seemed ecstatic.

Baal explained to Agnus, who was looking dumbfounded, “I was accidentally cut when the Sword Saint cut through hell.

It is the first time I have suffered such a deep wound.

It is a very fresh and pleasant stimulus, so I am happy.”

His saw blade-like teeth were particularly eye-catching today.

He naturally had a bad smile.

It was unpleasant to see that he didnt think it was a big deal.

“You are bluffing.

You are someone who was killed by Grid in the human world.”

Chepardea shouted after hearing Agnus sarcastic words.

-Theone that was attached to you was just a tiny fragment of His Majesty.Croak!How can you say that to His Majesty!

“Stop speaking nonsense.

Baal, tell me why you called me.”

-T-This impolite guy!

“Stop it, Chepardea.”

Baal waved his hand to the agitated Chepardea like he was a nuisance and stretched out his neck.

The thick neck with blue blood vessels sticking out stretched out.

It stretched like a huge snake waking up from hibernation.

The appearance was so bizarre and disgusting that Agnus couldnt help taking a step back.

Yet it was meaningless as Baals face came right up to his nose.

The neck stretched out by as much as seven meters.

“Do you know why hell exists Oh, you dont know.

It is so trivial that it is hard to predict.”

The red-blooded eyes turned upside down like a tilted crescent moon.

The blurry eyes shook like waves, like dots roughly drawn on a blood-stained photo.

There was no focus.

It didnt contain anything.

There was no way to know what he was seeing even though they were facing each other.

“Go to Marbas.”

Baals long neck rose as it coiled around Agnus upper body.

The chill of his bones freezing and the heat from the evaporation of blood made Agnus feel pained.

Agnus was barely holding onto his dizzy spirit when Baals thin lips touched Agnus ears.

“It is obvious that guy is my fathers loyal servant.

He will be watching for a chance to get in touch with you.

I believe he will tell you the truth of the world and will be on your side.

Be deceitful.

Cheat, trample, and snatch things.

Destroy the world where everything is set and insignificant, along with your enemies.”

A new episode and quest were opened to Agnus.

There was a dark smile on Baals face as he flicked his dark tongue.

“Run as wild as you like and make me happy.”


The force most shaken by the news that Grid had become a myth was the Yatan Church.

The Yatan Church was standing on the side of the great demons, so from their position, Grid would be the biggest difficulty.

He was a type of ultimate boss.

As he grew stronger, so did the tensions of the Yatan Church.

There were many people who were intimidated because this was a really serious problem.

However, the servants who were the pillars of the Yatan Church were calm.

“What is there to be afraid of when the lords of hell are with us”

War wasnt a problem that could be solved with the power of an individual.

Grid was so special that he could handle hundreds or thousands of troops alone.

The forces of his kingdom could take on tens or hundreds of thousands.

However, the scale of the great human and demon war wasnt in the hundreds of thousands.

It would be a massive war withat least tens of millions of troops and the entire continent as the stage.

The number of Yatan followers had risen steadily over the past few years and recently it had grown so rapidly that it was hard to count.

Moreover, there would be great demons who were powerful enough to destroy a kingdom alone.

They would create an environment where the great demons could mobilize their demonic creatures.

The great demons, who had been fighting lonely battles on the surface until now, would lead their armies and prove why they were called monarchs.

“We also have the chimeras.”

The combination of demons and humans.

The experiment of the second species succeeded too easily.

Completely different beings, demonic creatures and humans, had become one to form a powerful demonic human.

Contrary to expectations, they didnt exert magic and force comparable todemons but they were stronger than many knights.

In other words, ordinary people could be used as materials to make senior demonic creatures.

The biggest advantage was that they were easy to mass produce.

At this moment, the demonic humans were growing as they killed and devoured travelers all over the continent.

They were the main offenders behind the ghost town matter.

“It is true that we have always been defeated so far, but we will be the final winners.”

The Yatan followers cheered when the servants confirmed it.

Their fear toward Grid was gradually decreasing.

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