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Chapter 147

‘I did it!

Grid was successful and felt greater joy than ever.

All the legendary items he had made so far.

The Sword of Self-transcendence, Divine Shield, and Thorn of Deep Grievance were clearly excellent, but not enough to be called the best.

They werent a match for the unique rated Dainsleif made by Albatino.

But Failure was different.

The item was directly created by Grid and was an undeniably superior weapon.

Dainsleif It was enough to throw Dainsleif to the dogs.

“Its different.” Grid was convinced.

“Now I am the best.”

He had the strongest armor set and now he was holding the strongest weapon.

Wasnt he invincible

‘Oh my god… Who wouldve imagined the day would come when a talent-less gamer like me would be like this

It was new.

Before becoming Pagmas Descendant, he had played hard for a year and only reached level 80.

“In the end…”


Grid formed two fists! All of the emotions he had suppressed started to emerge as he shouted.

“Im a winner!”

Top rankers Game geniuses They were all destined to be helpless in front of the power of items.

“Hahahahat! Arent I raising my level too quickly The system isnt as good as items.


If they found out why Grid was laughing, the rankers who were hunting would become angry.

“Blood Witch Yura Our next encounter will be different! Now I am better than her Puhahat! Kek! Kek! Huh”

Grid was laughing like crazy when he confirmed the notification windows in front of him.

[You have proven your potential by making five legendary items.]


The explanation of the Legendary Blacksmiths Craftsmanship said that something special would occur when five legendary rated items were made.

The notification windows in front of Grid kept updating.

[You have grown enough.

You are no longer a nameless blacksmith.]

[All future items you make will be engraved with your initialG.]

[It will become known all over the world that Pagmas Descendant has been born.]

[Your potential is blooming.]

[The penalty that occurs when an items usage conditions isnt met is reduced by 15% per rating.]

[The penalty of an items options being reduced by 50% when an items usage conditions isnt met will disappear.]

[The speed of item understanding will become two times faster.]

It was good thus far.

The fact that the penalties when wearing items that he didnt meet the usage conditions were reduced was tremendous.

Grid felt like he would have a heart attack from the joy.


[Your growth has deteriorated due to the blossoming of your potential.]

[The amount of stats acquired when making items will drop.]

[You wont acquire any additional stats in the future when making items with a rare rating.]

[You wont acquire any additional stats in the future when making items with an epic rating.]

[When unique rated items are produced, all stats will permanently rise by 4.]

[When legendary rated items are produced, all stats will permanently rise by 10.]


So far, Grid was awarded 2 to all stats when making a rare rated item, 4 to all stats for an epic item, 12 to all stats for a unique item and 25 to all stats when making a legendary item.

But what was this His potential blossoming(he read it as depleted), caused the amount of additional stats obtained from making items to drop significantly.


It caused damage in the long-term.

It wasnt just damage, but huge damage.

“Ahhhhhhh! These damn operators!”

Why were they making the boundaries of a legendary class so blatant This was a balance patch for Grid, but he couldnt help screaming.

Meanwhile, the notification windows were being renewed.

[The class of Pagmas Descendant will be revealed to the world.

Do you want to register for the rankings and announce that you are Pagmas Descendant]

If it was the Grid in the past, he wouldve said YES because he wanted to be a celebrity.

But now it was different.

“I dont want to.”

The famous people in the Tzedakah Guild, including Jishuka, suffered from huge crowds wherever they went.

Grid witnessed it several times and now he had no desire to be a celebrity.

‘In the first place, its more profitable to make money from items than from the broadcasting fees.

[You wont be registered in the rankings.]

[The information for the Legendary Blacksmiths Craftsmanship skill has been updated.]

[(Witness of Gods Weapon) Legendary Blacksmiths Craftsmanship Skill]

Lv.3 (87.1%)

Produce equipment items that you know how to make.

You can create the production methods for a new item with theLegendary Blacksmiths Creation skill.

You can produce myth rated items.

There is a high probability of producing rare~ epic rated items.

There is a certain probability of creating unique rated items.

There is a rare probability of creating legendary rated items.

There is a very rare probability of making myth grade items.

* All stats of a production items will increase by 17%.

* When unique rated items are produced, all stats will permanently rise by 4 and reputation throughout the continent will rise by 150.

* When legendary rated items are produced, all stats will permanently rise by 10 and reputation throughout the continent will rise by 500.

* When myth rated items are produced, your reputation throughout the continent will rise by 1,000.

* Something special will occur with every five legendary items created.

(Currently 5/10)

“… This is real.

It really isnt a joke…”

The skill description was miserable compared to before.

Grid noted that special effects would occur every time he made five legendary items.

“Legendary items I wont make them.”

The special events seemed to be a balance patch.

‘In fact, it isnt quite rotten.

There were advantages, such as the reduced item penalties.

The next special effect might be even better.

As he was trying to think positively, the final notification windows appeared.

[You currently have 11,830 reputation throughout the continent.

You can use the Reputation Store when your reputation reaches over 3,000.]

[Reputation Store]

A special store for all users.

It is possible to purchase goods with reputation.

There are many rare items, so please be sure to use it.

The stores location will periodically change.

The system notified him of the existence of the reputation store only after the reputation that could be obtained from making an item dropped Wasnt this deliberately making fun of people

Grids face turned red, “These operators @$&*(!~$#@#


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