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Chapter 1466

People were misunderstanding one big thing—it was that Grid had already earned a myth class.

It was natural to be mistaken since the system called Grid a god.

Grid was worshipped by many people, but people thought he just changed his class.

It was an interpretation based on common sense—the former was a system that could be assigned to anyone, while the Easter egg of NPCs worshipping on their own...

it was absurd.

How many people in the world could guess what actually happened

Therefore, people were astounded.

[The first myth class has been born.]

The world message that appeared shortly after the end of Grids epic turned the world upside down.

The part that the media focused on was a bit subtle.

『 He wasnt a myth until now Then why was he so strong 』

『 He was originally so strong... 』


[The 13th page of the epic has been completed.]

[Your status has risen significantly as a reward for completing the epic.]

[Your deity has risen by 1.]

[Your titleGlimpsed the Myths has responded to your high status and deity.]

[The titleGlimpsed the Myths has changed toFirst Myth.]

[Viewing and analyzing your past achievements.]




[There are too many achievements!]

[It is impossible to calculate all the traces of your involvement in history.]

[It is impossible to calculate all the lives you have saved.]

[It is understood that you are one of the causes for the present world.]

[Your classes, Pagma\'s Successor, Magic Swordsman of the Epics, and Duke of Wisdom dont bear the existence of you.]

[Your class will be reconfigured to Overgeared God.

You have inherited all existing class attributes.]

[Overgeared God]

[Creator of all things.

Ruler of all things.]

[The myth class effect has doubled your health, mana, and sword energy.]

[The total number of stat points gained when your level rises is increased to 30.

The forced investment of points into a particular stat has disappeared.]

[A god is a near perfect being.

All stat points are redistributed for the application of the golden ratio.

Even if you dont achieve the golden ratio due to a lack of stat points, it will give you a clue about the golden ratio.]




[Your stat points are overflowing!]

[All stats have a beautiful golden ratio.

The power of the stats will increase.]

[The effectiveness of the skill Magic Contemplation has increased.

The skill cooldown time is reduced to 1 second.

After deciphering the magic, the probability of destroying it is increased to 70% and the probability of duplication and counterattacking is increased to 28%.

If the target magic is caused by an item effect, the probability of destroying it is increased to 100% and the probability of duplication and counterattacking is increased to 58%.]

[The skill Blacksmith\'s Rage has changed to Overgeared Gods Rage.]

[The skill Blacksmith\'s Affection has changed to Overgeared Gods Affection.]

[The skillOvergeared Gods Domination is created.]

[The skillPagmas Eyes (Baals Contractor Version will be changed toOvergeared Gods Observation.]

[The titleOne Who Became a Legend will be changed toOne Who Became a Myth.]

[Damage that leads to death will fix your health at 1 point for 10 seconds and you are immortal.

You will be immune to all damage during this time.

Cooldown Time: 16 hours.]

[TheEmergency Return skill will be activated in the immortal state.

Regardless of the concept of time or space, you will return to one of the temples that serves you.

However, it must be used within 7 seconds of entering the immortal state.

After seven seconds, the skill is deactivated.]

[You are more likely to be immune to physical abnormalities.]


There were many signs.

His blacksmithing skill was upgraded to the myth rating and the level of Greed had risen accordingly, so he thought it would be soon.

He just hadnt expected it to happen like this...

A scarlet aura overflowed from Grids body as he was feeling dazed.

It was different from magic power and fighting energy.

It didnt have an effect either.

It was just a symbol of the Overgeared God and was a purely visual effect.

Still, it was very mysterious and wonderful.

It was a unique color that remained as an afterimage from Grids actions and colored the world.

Even if there were no benefits to the myth class, it seemed that people who dreamed of becoming myths would line up purely to get the color.

Grid enjoyed the color by waving his hands several times before suddenly laughing.

‘Is this one of the reasons why a god cant be killed

The Emergency Return system—in the future, there was virtually no way to die.

‘Do the god killers have the skills to block the return system

Grid had his thought and reached out to Braham.

“Lets go back, Braham.”

Your recognition of me as the greatest legend of this time has completed me.If I hadnt met you, my present self wouldnt have existed.

Grids eyes were endlessly warm as he looked at Braham.

The bond level of the two men was at the maximum.

Their stats would increase by 7% when together.


“Overgeared Gods Affection.”

Grid used this skill the moment he returned to Reinhardt and the scarlet aura wrapped around the entire Overgeared Kingdom.

[Your affection has been placed on your territory.]

[If NPCs and players create items in the Overgeared Kingdoms territory, the task will be two times faster.

The amount of skill experience earned will double.

It can overlap with other buff effects.]

[Only NPCs technical experts who have a high affinity with you will have a very slim chance of their skill level rising due to your blessing.]

[A technical expert who has received your affection will give you some of the reputation obtained for completing a work.]

[The sword dance power of the Overgeared God Church has increased significantly.

The amount of sword dance experience gained is doubled.

It can overlap with other buff effects.]

[Only NPC believers who have a high affinity with you will have a very slim chance of raising the skill level of their sword dances due to your blessing.]

[A believer who has received your affection will give you some of the experience obtained from hunting monsters.]

[You will lose 900 mana per second while Overgeared Gods Affection is maintained.]

[You must remain in the territory to maintain the Overgeared Gods Affection.]

It said 900, but the actual mana consumed was 300.

That was enough for him to afford it.

It was thanks to the innovated Ring of Absurdity.

[Ring of Absurdity]

[Rating: Legendary (Transcendent)

Durability: 400/400

* Reduces the resources consumed by magic or a skill by two-thirds.

* Mana recovery rate is five times faster.

The artifact created by great magician Pauld that was innovated by Overgeared God Grid.

Conditions of Use: None.]

In addition to a further decrease in resources consumption, his mana recovery rate had increased from two times to five times.

‘It wouldve been better if the recovery speed of all resources, not just mana, had increased, but...

I have to look forward to 100 days from now.

The focus right now was whether the effect ofdouble the speed of item production was also applied to the one who used the skill.

Grid chose the production method of the level 300 longsword that would be given to Valhallas 1st Corps soldiers.

Then he proceeded with the automatic production.

The result was done in a snap.

In less than four minutes, a longsword was completed.


It also applies to me

At this point, he was becoming anxious.

What was wrong with the S.A Group these days Why did the guys, who were so desperate for balance and kept nerfing him, suddenly give him things

‘Perhaps those bastards...

Were they trying to raise the difficulty level of the game

“Im worried.”

Grid didnt know that the great human and demon war itself was designed to deprive him of the qualifications he had proven and won.

The reason Chepardea planned the great human and demon war was because he was wary of Grid.

Grid must win by all means.


Lim Cheolho was a lucky man.

He was born in a well off family and studied without any care.

Thanks to his extraordinary mind, he gained various knowledge and made numerous achievements.

There was no sorrow so he didnt become tainted and his relationships were good.

He walked a path of success.

He didnt know about misfortune.

Therefore, he wasnt resistant to pain and sadness.

He was shocked when he went through grief.

He didnt adapt easily and wandered for a long time.

He learned why people looked for gods.

It was at a moment when he personally experienced misfortune...

He suddenly had a thought—maybe there were few people in the world that were happy, and someone should create a paradise for the many that were unhappy.


Life was a series of choices.

The great human and demon war was increasing the players choices.

Satisfy, his paradise, showed signs of collapse.

It was sad.

The reason Chairman Lim Cheolho was so obsessed with balance was to maintain paradise.

The collapse of paradise was never the result he wanted.

Did misfortune always follow where humans went It happened when he was realizing it again...

Ahead of the crisis, Grid wrote the 13th epic.

Based on his achievements, he grew and completed the proof of his skills and class-specific item.

He was the first person in Satisfy to become a myth class.

It was the moment when the balance collapsed, but Chairman Lim Cheolho felt he had met the savior.

A meeting was soon called.

There was another debate over Grids myth class.

Chairman Lim Cheolho closed his eyes.

He wanted to avoid the cold opinions of the businessmen.

Chairman Lim Cheolho was a scientist before he was a businessman and a good man who wanted to protect paradise before he was a scientist.

It bothered him to hear some executives who simply thought of Satisfy as a business.

It was all the more so because they were people essential to the company.

“...What did you say just now” Chairman Lim Cheolho, who had been silent for a while, opened his eyes.

He asked this question while staring at Director Yoon Sangmin.

In a rare manner, his eyes widened.

He seemed quite surprised.

“Say it again.”


Director Yoon Sangmin couldnt easily speak.

Silence filled the room.

The executives expected Director Yoon Sangmin had broken under the severe blows.

Wanting to create theme songs for a player He provided reasonable justifications likeit is honoring the achievements that Grid has made andlets show people how much we respect players and encourage them, but it was full of selfishness no matter how they looked at it.

Giving special favors to a particular player would antagonize the absolute majority and this had to be avoided.

It was natural for Chairman Lim to be angry at Director Yoon Sangmin, who had forgotten even the basics.

“Did you ask to create a theme song for Grid It is also five” Chairman Lim Cheolho asked again.

Director Yoon Sangmin couldnt stand it anymore and replied in a weak voice, “Yes...

it will provide players with a driving force to immerse themselves in Satisfy...”

“This is ridiculous.”


Director Yoon Sangmin had his words cut off by Chairman Lim Cheolho and he bowed his head.

A bang entered his ears! It was the sound of the table being struck.

Chairman Lim Cheolho seemed to be very angry.

‘Was it indeed too much

It was the moment when Director Yoon Sangmin belatedly felt regret...

“We have to make a minimum of 10 songs.”



Director Yoon Sangmin slowly raised his head.

All the executives in the room were looking at Chairman Lim Cheolho like it was absurd.

A deep smile spread on Chairman Lim Cheolhos face.

“Dont you think we should do it correctly Five songs are too few for the first myth rated class.”


“Creating a theme song to boost the morale of players...

it is a very interesting approach.

Our Director Yoon is improving every day.

The future of the group and the future of Satisfy is very bright.”

On this day, the worlds greatest musicians got a call from the S.A Group.

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