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Chapter 1449

Baals Contractor was a class with many strengths, but it wasnt an all-rounder.

There was a flaw in the most basic part: the failure to be able to specify a resurrection point.

Once he died, he was resurrected in hell.

From the time he achieved a legendary rating, his demonic energy became so strong that it was a huge constraint.

It was very troublesome.

It often took a month to get back to his destination.

Additionally, the fact that he couldnt open the hell gate on his own was another major limitation.

Just look at what happened now.

He told Chepardea to open the hell gate but that son of a bitch Chepardea refused.

Thus, he had to be stuck in hell.

-Pagmas Successor is too strong.You shouldve let me know this quickly.Croak.I already knew he was a transcendent who built up his divinity, but I thought he was similar to Muller.

I was wrong.

“That XX guy Muller, Muller.

Why do you always compare and use Muller as a standard of what is good when he didnt leave behind any achievements”

Humanity praised Muller, who sealed many great demons, as the greatest hero in history.

It was ridiculous.

Most of the great demons sealed by Muller were ranked low.

Hell Gao was the only high ranked one and it was only done in thehuman world. Besides that, Mullers only achievements were boring things like protecting cities or saving people from demonic creatures.

He was a complete idiot compared to Grid.

Agnus was annoyed whenever Chepardea, Baals subordinate, praised Muller like he was great.

Chepardea stabbed the key part.

-Hasnt it been less than 20 years since Pagma\'s Successor appearedOn the other hand, the former legends were around for an average of 100 years and Muller was the strongest among them as far as I know.It was natural to compare using his standards.Croak.It is abnormal to think that Pagma\'s Successor is already comparable to Muller.

“What is abnormal He isnt just a legend.

He is a god.”

-Croak gol gol gol!Are you seriousGods are just one of the common human gods.There has been a flood of human gods since ancient times.

In the era where people worshiplong-lived things, what is so great about human godsDivinity isnt an absolute concept.Youre unexpectedly naive.


The frog wentcroak gol gol gol when he laughed...

Agnus was intrigued by something he was learning for the first time and gave up on his anger.

He was upset about losing three times the experience when killed by Faker, but there was no guarantee he could get revenge even if he went to the human world immediately.

He started walking obediently along with Chepardea.

“What is this place”

He thought they were going to meet Baal to go through the procedures and report.

Chepardea was Baals subordinate.

However, the place where Chepardea led him to wasnt Baals tower, but a place he was seeing for the first time.

The area itself wasnt a different place from the 1st Hell and it felt strange.

It was still, unlike other hells where demonic energy and flesh fluctuated and screams of demonic creatures were heard incessantly.

It was a peaceful place that didnt fit with hell.

“Is it a neutral area”

-Thats right.Croak.

“How can a single mansion on the cliff of a beach be treated as a neutral area The other demons wont just stand by.”

Other neutral areas were full of Yatan statues.

It was an unwritten rule among demons that they couldnt harm each other where Yatan was watching.

It was ridiculous.

Those who made violence their law and honor would avoid violence due to Yatan.

This made Yatan seem like the god of peace rather than the god of evil and it didnt make sense.

Yet there was no statue of Yatan here.

How did it exist as a neutral region

Chepardea explained to Agnus who had reasonable questions.

-It is the result of strength.The owner of this mansion is so strong that no one rushes at him.

Thus, it naturally became a neutral area.


Even the great demons would be challenged by demons.

Meanwhile, someone who wasnt a great demon had enough strength to suppress challenges

“Dont tell me...


He might be from a low-ranked demonkin family, not a demon, but he sharpened and polished his natural gift with the sword and cut off the heads of various great demons.

He had all sorts of titles such as Sword Demon, Sword Ghost, Sword with no Thoughts, etc.

Agnus heard a particularly famous story several times about his week-long bloody fight against another Sword Demon called Iyarugt.

-Thats right, croak.Perhaps it is because he has so little demonic energy that he can act in the human world without restrictions.He is even free from the Abyss because he has reached the realm offreedom from all ideas and thoughts.

Chepardeas bulging eyes curved like crescent moons.

-He is the one who can cut the damn door of the Abyss.


Agnus was smiling from ear to ear.

The Abyss was the center of the world.

It was the beginning and the end.

Not only did it connect hell to the human world, but it was also a door to Heaven.

The moment the door opened, relatively free beings like Agnus could go back and forth between the human world at will.

It was the same for demonic creatures.

-I intend to recreate the human and demon great war that took place on the Behen Archipelago in the distant past.Croak.If I can persuade Zepar to be the sword of the great war and Gamigin, the king of souls, King Baal will naturally grant his permission.Croak.

In fact, Chepardea was wary not only of Grid but also Faker.

He sensed a great danger from the power of shadows that killed those who couldnt die.

Thus, he concluded that a human and demon war was necessary.

It was based on the judgment that it would be a headache if he didnt kill the legends of this time, including Grid and Faker, to weaken humanity.

“Gamigin Who the hell is he”

-The 4th ruler.He turns the souls of the dead into his servants.He has a different power than you, who uses the dead as servants.Croak.

“Souls...” There was only one person who passed through Agnus brain.


It came to mind that his soul was within Baals grasp.

“Dont tell me...

Pagmas power will be available...”

A legendary blacksmith and Baals Contractor.

He fought against the great forces of hell by creating an undead army and arming them with his weapons and armor.

In his later years, he was a true strong person and he was acknowledged by Agnus.

Chepardea laughed.

-Of course.The other monarchs didnt understand King Baal signing a contract with Pagma.

They called it a spiteful whim.

However, I understood.King Baal had a bigger picture in mind when he signed with Pagma and took his soul.Croak croak croak!

“Is this real” Baal surprisingly had such a thorough personality

Chepardea responded to Agnus who was having doubts.

He avoided Agnus eyes while doing so.

-I dont know if it is true...it is just my feeling.Croak.


-In any case, it is worth seeing.The legendary souls accumulated in hell over the years aren\'t just Pagmas soul.


It had been three months since he visited the Hemilton principality.

Sticks and the magicians of the tower, as well as Reidans alchemists, worked to establish a warp gate between the Overgeared Kingdom and the principality.

As expected, it was a pretty tough task.

There were repeated frequent accidents and failures, causing the investment cost to increase.

Nevertheless, things were clearly progressing and good news arrived along the way.

The Zednos and Laella couple (who were in a secret relationship and only started a public relationship after being caught by Vantner) gained hidden skills while assisting with an ancient magical ceremony.

It was said that it was possible to change their classes, but they maintained the normal class on purpose.

The potential of the normal classes was revealed after the fourth class advancement and it was no worse than hidden classes.

No, it could be considered better from a certain perspective.

In particular, magicians who specialized in one attribute like Zednos and Laella were greatly influenced by theEnhanced Attributes passive that they received and the Zednos Laella couple were convinced they would exert immense power from the fifth advancement onward.

The Overgeared Shadows were becoming more elite.

The members were led around the continent by Faker, armed with the growth type weapon and myth rated armor that Grid worked hard on.

Thanks to Lauel assigning many missions to the Overgeared Shadows at Fakers request, they were able to constantly accumulate practical experience based on training.

Grid used the Strange Magic Power Stone to create Fakers armor.

The reason why he used the stone for armor, not weapons, was because Faker was an assassin.

Assassins had a high evasion rate and received a significantly smaller number of hits compared to other damage dealers.

This meant it would take a few years to raise growth type armor to the legendary rating or higher.

On the other hand, weapons could be raised relatively quickly.

Fakers weapons and armor were the growth type, so Grid naturally used the stone on the armor.

He spent a full two weeks making the growth type weapons and armor, but...

it wasnt a waste of Grids time.

The 10 meritorious retainers were stimulated after hearing about Fakers performance and were also active in various areas.

Among them, Jishuka and Euphemina stood out.

The two of them happened to meet and team up at the Galgunos Temple.

Then they succeeded in raiding Galgunos.

Euphemina had inherited the power of Mumud and linked great magic into combos, splitting up the undead army.

Meanwhile, Jishukas Breaking Evil Arrow reportedly gave Galgunos rest.

Their achievement was very large—Grid had been worried that Agnus would target Galgunos after losing Pauld, and now that worry had been completely extinguished.

It was somewhat difficult because the very good hunting ground, the Galgunos Temple, had disappeared, but it wasnt a problem because the 10 meritorious retainers were discovering new hunting grounds.

Meanwhile, Grids messengers easily succeeded in the second Hell Gao raid.

This time, Braham was said to have cooperated.

The reason he used was that he wanted to test a magic he created that could cool the fire.

It was inspired by the Heart of the Frost Queen.

In any case, the messengers received theRecognition of the 9th Great Demon title as Grid intended.

It was relatively effective against the penalties of hell.

The only unfortunate part was Sariel.

The new title she () received couldnt stop her berserk phenomenon.

She still had the potential to go berserk in hell, so this was a matter that needed to be handled carefully.

“...I am sleepy.”

Grid didnt resume the hell expedition.

He dragged the training chains and climbed remote mountains while constantly making underwear.

Armed with the Triad Lee Jeongs training tools that increased the experience acquisition rate, he focused on polishing his Tailoring skills using the power of the 24th Great Demon, Nebiros, that he obtained from the last expedition to hell.

[Nebiross Power]

[In some parts of nature, your concentration will increase.

If the location is a forest, mountain, field, or mine, the skill usage speed will increase slightly and the skill cooldown time will decrease slightly.]

The great demon who used rocks and plants for various purposes.

Nebiros Power, that had been useless due to Piaros counter, was attached to the Rune of Gluttony and this improved the efficiency of Grids work.

Grid felt like he had become a hermit deep in the mountains.

He listened to the constant rattling of the chains and made underwear all day long, so it felt like he was going to suffer from a mental illness.

The fortunate thing was that it wasnt quiet because Noe kept talking and the Overgeared Skeletons and Randy were growing by hunting.

“...Eh” How many pieces of underwear had he made He had made so much underwear that he thought he would get a reputation as an underwear designer if this was in real life.

Grids eyes had lost their light and looked like the eyes of a dead fish.

Suddenly, they regained their light.

[The production ofBeautiful Mens Underwear that Shows Skin Between Gorgeous Flower Patterns is successful.]

An underwear with a very long name was born.

[This work presents a new paradigm to the uniform mens underwear market.]

[It is a remarkable achievement.

Countless tailors will look up to your achievements.]

[TheAdvanced Tailoring Skill has reached master level.]

His Tailoring skill that had accumulated a lot of experience immediately responded.

It was the moment when the class quest that had held Grid back for many years was finally solved.

[You have cleared the class questTailoring Skill Training.]

[As a reward for clearing the quest, theCraftsman Tailoring Skill will be opened up.]

[You have gained six levels from the quest clearance reward.]

[The Legendary Blacksmithing Skill and Craftsman Tailoring Skill have combined to evolve into a new technique...]



[Your blacksmithing skills are beyond the level of Pagma and are a match for a god!]

[The combination of god-like blacksmithing skill and the craftsman-level tailoring skill has evolved intoOvergeared God Grids Techniques.]

[Overgeared God Grid\'s Techniques]

[A combination of the ultimate blacksmithing technique and tailoring technique.

All types of metal, leather, and cloth can be handled perfectly.

You can do anything in moderation as long as it ismade by hand. It is possible to even describe it as a gods power.

* The production button is enabled and the time it takes to make an item is greatly reduced.

The effect rises in proportion to the dexterity stat.

* A minimum of epic rated items will be produced.

* There is a very high probability of producing unique rated items.

* There is a certain probability of producing legendary rated items.

* There is an unconditionally low probability of creating myth rated items.

* All stats of a production item will increase by 30%.

* When myth rated items are produced, all stats will permanently rise by 20 and reputation throughout the continent will rise by 1,000.

★ The resources and time required to create the next item are reduced when items are made consecutively.

It stacks up to 10 times.

★There is no limit to the number of times Granting an Ego can be used.

★ Growth type items can intentionally be produced.

★ Magic can be assigned to production items without any additional materials.

It is only possible for magic you have learned.

★ If an attribute is given to an item using specific materials, the power of the attribute is maximized.

★ Exercise certain rights over the items made using a gods power.

Not bound by the owner.

★ This is a complete skill without further development.

Open Potential cant be applied to it.]


It was finished.

The short sentences explaining Overgeared God Grids Techniques made Grid excited.

He felt rewarded for all his past efforts.

Then a new quest appeared in front of the thrilled Grid.

[Pagmas Rest]

It was the last class quest.

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