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Chapter 1423

‘It is really rich for a named person who can roll back the server.

Grid first distributed the stat points.

He discarded the habit of saving his stat points after making the Falling Moon Sword.

The 260 points previously saved had already been invested in strength and agility.

‘Put it in agility.

He gained three levels which was 54 points total.

6 of them were automatically distributed to strength due to Magic Swordsman of the Epics and 25 were automatically distributed to intelligence due to the influence of Duke of Wisdom.

Grid had to maintain the golden ratio of strength and agility so he naturally cared about agility.

The remaining points were all placed in stamina.

The best stat for Grid was stamina because it enhanced various survival numbers.


I want to test other stat combinations.

The golden ratio that was now commonly known was a 1:1 ratio of strength and agility.

The effect was only present when strength and agility were above 2,000 or intelligence and stamina were above 800.

Therefore, people speculated that there were more golden ratios based on this.

‘Maybe three or four stats together can form a golden ratio.

Of course, this was a story of when hidden conditions were met.

Various effects would occur depending on the proportion of stats that reached a certain value.

‘It would be nice if a stats reset was possible.

Grids four basic stats of strength, agility, intelligence, and stamina were very high.

If he could reset these stats, then it would be possible to reveal the hidden golden ratios through various distribution experiments.

Was it impossible to reset his stats Then the unknown golden ratios would only benefit lucky people.

‘Someone mightve already found a golden ratio that I dont know about...

Cant they release the stats reset item instead of useless cash items

Grid trembled as he thought of the paid items that could be purchased after joining the Yatan Church.

The S.A Group that discriminated against religions on the pretext of balance was abominable.

Then his mood soon improved.

He was happy when seeing the items that Dantalion had dropped.

‘First of all, there is Dantalions sword and staff.

Dantalion had also dropped a sword and staff when he died in the human world.

The performance was excellent so he had given them to Mercedes and Braham.

‘I just felt like they were lacking by 2%.

Grid brought up the details of Dantalions staff and sword.

It was great.

It was a perfect compatibility with the sword and staff that dropped in the human world.

‘It is a top tier item.

Considering the utilization, it was even comparable to Grids new sword.

The basic stats didnt fall short of the new sword and the ability to transform was a big advantage.

The sword could become gauntlets and the staff could transform into circlets, both of which had additional functions.

For the gauntlets, defense increased in proportion to the attack power and ejection was possible.

It was like a rocket punch.

It automatically returned and all enemies in its path were attacked.

The circlet maintained a mana shield in proportional to intelligence and passively boosted skill damage.

‘Is this the circlet that Dantalion used First of all, I will give it to my messengers to use.

Then after we go back to Reinhardt, I will break it down.

This would increase his understanding.

So far, the item transformation skill was only for Greed.

Now he might be able to produce items with the transformation function as a default option.

‘It would be fun to transform Talsha.

It was cool when thinking of Talshas reaction who would freak out at the change in form.

That guy had been naughty recently.

Grid smiled with satisfaction and checked the next item.

[Dantalions Knowledge Essence]

[Rating: Legendary

Knowledge that contains the skills or magic information of the former legends.

You can acquire a random skill or magic from a former legend.

* Can only be used once per person.

★ Skills or magic already possessed wont appear.]

‘This is crazy.

The surprised Grids eyes shook because the item was that great.

The moment this old scroll was opened, an ordinary normal class player might learn Pagmas blacksmithing skills.

He expected Dantalion to drop this item but he hadnt expected that four of them would drop.

‘I thought it wouldnt be great because four of them dropped.

He thought the ability to acquire the skills of a past legend would come from Dantalions Damaged Book.

This was much more generous than he expected.

The corners of Grids mouth kept rising into a smile.

The phrase that no skills or magic he already had would appear made him particularly pleased.

In fact, he had been worried that Pagmas skill would appear out of the former legends skills.

He experienced many bad things so he had the habit of always assuming the worst case scenario.

‘The S.A Group finally has a conscience.

Grid confirmed the information of the last item.

[Dantalions Damaged Book]

[Rating: Legendary (Transcendent)

A book that describes all the knowledge that Dantalion built up over thousands of years.

The combination of knowledge sometimes brings the miracle of reading the future.

Currently, 80% of the content is damaged.

All skill levels will increase by 1 when acquired.

Doesnt apply to skills that have already achieved master level.

* Can only be used once per person.

★ The Time Regression skill can be activated.]

“Gasp.” Grid sucked in a breath.

All his skills leveled up.

The rewards he dreamed about really came out.

They were rewards with a value worthy of all the top 10 rewards Grid had earned so far.

There was even a guide saying it could only beused once per person. It was as if it was saying that Dantalion had several books.

‘Does this mean that Dantalion will drop the same rewards later when he respawns

It was super amazing.

In addition, Time Regression was also available.

‘Time Regression...

An operator level permission...

Time Regression caused the time of the server to roll back.

Strictly speaking, it was more than an operators authority.

If he failed while enhancing an item, he could roll back time and succeed.

If he repeated this, he would be able to achieve the ultimate enhancement of all items.

Grid was very excited as he confirmed the information of Time Regression.

[Time Regression]

[It can only be used once.

Time will rewind, returning to anywhere from five seconds to three minutes ago.

The exact time cant be specified and all the knowledge of Dantalion destroyed during the use will disappear.

At this time, theall skills level up effect of Dantalions Damaged Book will be removed.]


Then it was like this.

It was a meaningless skill.

Not only could it only be used once but he would lose a lot of benefits the moment it was used.

‘The person who created this skill...

are they abnormal He could only interpret it as a sadistic hobby considering the person wasted data by making a skill that wouldnt even be used.

Tsk tsk.

Grid clicked his tongue and looked back at the group.

Most of them were satisfied because they had leveled up.

Yura was especially thrilled.

She got rewarded every time she cleansed hell.

It seemed she got something big this time.

‘I can feel that her anti-magic power has become stronger.

Grids insight detected the change in Yura.

Her magic power was described as the only jade color in Satisfy and now it had become darker.

‘Anti-magic power is a force specialized in countering demonic energy. It might seem similar to divine power but the properties and effects were quite different.

The power would gradually be discovered.

Grid grinned and confirmed the contribution of the group.

The contribution rankings for the raid were as followed: 1st place was Grid, 2nd was Braham, 3rd was Mercedes, 4th was Nefelina, 5th was Sariel, 6th was Yura, 7th was Zikfrector, and 8th was Piaro.

The reason Grid got the highest ranking was due to the additional contribution of forcing Dantalion out of the castle.

It was also easy to understand why Braham was second.

If it wasnt for Brahams magic controlling him, Dantalion wouldve been twice as strong.

‘It is surprising that Mercedes is ranked higher than Nefelina...

The best damage dealer in this battle was Nefelina.

She was a hatchling and couldnt use Breath at will, but she breathed out powerful shock waves and separated Dantalions bones and flesh several times.

On the other hand, Mercedess sword didnt reach Dantalion several times.

Her role in the battle was close to a supporter.

The way she fought in the battle was by helping Grid link attacks more easily while blocking Dantalions long-ranged attacks that kept Nefelinas shockwaves in check.

‘Ah. Grid replayed the battle and realized what happened.

Every time the Falling Moon Sword cut Dantalions throat and every time he used the five fusion sword dance, Dantalions movements seemed to have become subtly dull.

‘Mercedes used Gravity Field to assist me.

Mercedes was a treasure.

Grid felt a deeper trust and liking toward Mercedes.

Then he looked at Piaro and felt sorry.

Piaros complexion was dark.

He seemed skeptical that he had the lowest contributions.

It was a particular shock that he was lower than Zikfrector, who gave up dealing damage from beginning to end and solely focused on blocking Dantalions recovery.

‘Piaros stats are lower compared to the other messengers...

Piaro was 100% pure human and he wasnt born with a special power like Mercedes.

The most important thing people always forgot was that he was a farmer.

It was a non-combat class.

It was natural that his abilities were lower compared to the other messengers.

‘In addition, this fight was particularly disadvantageous toward Piaro.

The 25th Hell had lava running through the ground.

Most seeds burned and disappeared before they even sprouted.

The same was true for Rapid Growth.

In addition, after confirming that Dantalion was good at long-ranged attacks, Piaro focused on protecting Yuras personal safety.

Unlike Mercedes, who was only loyal to and dedicated to Grid, Piaro tended to look at Grids surroundings.

‘Considering this, it is true that Piaros strength has declined.

He needs a buff.

Originally, Grid intended to divide the compensation according to the order of achievements.

Yet at this moment, he changed his mind and decided to give priority to Piaro.

The reason behind the change in his thoughts was the peculiarities of the messengers.

Braham, Nefelina and Sariel.

First of all, these three wouldnt be interested in the skills of a former legend.

‘They wont learn it even if it was given.

It was natural.

Braham was a magician.

The efficiency was low if he learned skills other than magic.

What was the use if he learned the Sword Saints swordsmanship Swinging the sword with low strength and agility wouldnt produce any power.

In addition, Braham didnt have the Sword Mastery skill.

Meanwhile, Nefelina was a dragon.

Human techniques were useless from her perspective.

As she grew, she would naturally gain dragon magic and skills.

Their power transcended the skills of the former legends.

‘Sariels case is similar.

There is an archangels inherent skills and there is no reason to be obsessed with human skills.

Grid thought about it before saying, “Yura and I will own two knowledge essences.

The remaining two will be divided after a discussion between Mercedes, Piaro, and Zikfrector.”

The startled Yura waved her hand.

“Dont worry about me.

It is much more efficient for the other messengers to learn it.

The reason I was able to contribute so much in the first place was purely thanks to Piaros help.”

Zikfrector opened his mouth before Grid could respond.

“You dont need to concede anything.

I dont need the knowledge essence.”

“Eh You dont need it”

This body is nothing more than my incarnation.

It is Zikfrector who is the incarnation of Zik of the seven malignant saints, not Zik of the seven malignant saints.

In the end, it is just a consumable to be used up.

It is too luxurious for it to learn the skills of a former legend.”

“Ah...” Grid was convinced and Yura couldnt raise any more objections.

Grid, Yura, Mercedes, and Piaro.

These four people were decided as the owners of the knowledge essences.

Of course, the owner of Dantalions Damaged Book was Grid.

Grid said he decided fairly based on contribution but he wouldve insisted on having it if he was lower in the rankings.

In any case, the messengers wouldve offered it to him without making any claims.

“First of all, we should enter the castle.”

The completion of a conquest was the triumphant entry.

The loot obtained by Grid naturally included the black crystal castle.


Under the guidance of Mercedes, Grid approached the castle and frowned.

It was because the gates were firmly closed and the elevated bridge didnt descend.

Nefelina shrugged.

“It seems that it wont recognize its new master.”

Piaro felt resentment.

“I will plant a bean tree right now to cross the walls.”


Wasnt this too much He was a king so he should spread out the dragon wings...

It happened when Grid was feeling distressed.

Step.Yura stepped in front of Grid.

A brilliant jade light stretched out around the black crystal castle and covered all of the 25th Hell.

It was the purification ritual of the Demon Slayer that worked on a hell that lost its master.

The elevated bridge descended and the gate was opened.

The black crystals that made up the gates and walls were all clear.

The demonic energy imprinted on them were purified and only the pure magic arts remained.

A wide smile spread on Grids face.

“This deserves to be the new headquarters of the hell branch.”

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