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Chapter 1416

[Falling Moon Sword]

[Rating: Myth

Durability: Infinite Attack Power: 1

★ No matter the target, it must be cut.

Ignore effects such as defense, evasion, counterattacks, reflection, damage reduction, ignore damage, and other effects.

The amount of damage applied is calculated by adding up all of the users stats and multiplying it by the targets level.

A critical hit will be dealt unconditionally and all the buff effects of the target will be eliminated, making them unable to use buffs for three minutes.

★ It can be swung once every 10 minutes.

This is a new product made by Overgeared God Grid tempering the moon night iron for 23 days and nights.

A blade emitting cold light that destroys all concepts.

Weight: 500

Conditions of Use: Grid]

Grids total stats was approaching close to 58,000.

Of course, this was when all the non-combat stats such as dexterity, dignity, and political power were added.

Strictly speaking, it meant nothing.

What was the use of having stats at least three times higher than the other rankers

Stats that affected combat were limited and non-combat stats were excessively subdivided.

A typical example was that Grids political power stat was still only 800.

It was very low compared to the average political power stat of a player engaged in political activities, so it didnt exert much power in managing internal affairs.

Although theall stats increase benefit of creating items was the basis for creating the current Grid, recently Grid had been somewhat disappointed by the benefits.

He felt it was a shame and thought it would be better if the points were focused on necessary stats rather than all the useless ones.

Of course, this was greed without a conscience.

He knew there was no possibility it would be realized.

Still, he made the Falling Moon Sword with the obsession that couldnt be abandoned.

It was a weapon that made full use of his surplus stats.

It was perfect for Grid.

It was worth spending 23 days stuck in the smithy.

Of course, it wasnt completely satisfactory.

He could only wield it once every 10 minutes and the name was too shabby.

Considering the beautiful appearance and eerie power, the nameScorched Earth was more appropriate thanFalling Moon.

‘What is this naming sense Tsk.

The S.A Group...

there was really nothing satisfactory about them.

The only thing they did well was creating a virtual reality world that was exactly the same as reality, processing and implementing the world that was wider than Earth as an open field that billions of users could enjoy together, and providing complete freedom...

‘...They are amazing! S.A!

Dammit, he wanted to scold them without mercy, but it wasnt possible.

It was true that many people, including him, were happy due to the virtual reality world they created.

It wasnt that he was saying good things because the Falling Moon Sword was myth rated.

The S.A Group was a great company to be grateful to.

It was a company that had acquired nation-level resources and power for a reason.

“Um...” Grid calmed his excited heart and turned his attention to the sun carriage.

The appearance was like a condensed sun.

It was normal to be unable to look directly at it because it was too dazzling but Grid could see everything in the carriage without discomfort.

[Thank you for visiting the sun carriage, an open market for all the gods in the world ( *˘╰╯˘*).

The markets cutie ❤Venice❤ doesnt discriminate against customers.

It isnt just Asgard.

All the gods in the world can use it! ᑊ ڡ ᑊ]

[Take the reputation gathered by human worship as wealth and buy the goods sold by other gods or sell your own goods.

.(◕ ‿◕✿)]

“...Hah.” It was once again a ridiculous introduction.

Venice—one of the gods of Asgard, she was a potential enemy of Grid, but she felt very different from normal gods.

He wasnt just referring to her tone when speaking.

It was a business for all the gods in the world...

she was unlike other gods who were closed up and did activities in Asgard, the Hwan Kingdom, or the East Continent, and her open mind was amazing.

Of course, Grid didnt trust her.

‘She isnt doing this to get along with the gods.

The introduction pointed out that thereputation gathered by the worship of humans orfaith should be used as wealth.

Meanwhile, the power of a god was directly related to faith.

The more faith that a god had, the stronger they were.

A typical example was the martial god.

All the gods in the world coveted faith.

Venice established and opened this market by using the psychology of such gods.

‘Will all the fees that occur when trading with the sun carriage enter Venices pocket

Grid made this guess and frowned.

He felt that Venice wasnt a simple existence and felt a great sense of caution.

Then his expression gradually changed as he checked the items registered in the sun carriage.

[Anonymous Power]

[Summon a large number of dark clouds to the designated area for heavy rain.

The clouds can be removed at any time and will remain for up to 10 days.

Try sending down heavy rain when the humans who serve you are experiencing a drought! You can build up enough faith to earn back what you spent!

Can be used once.

Seller: Anonymous

Price: 8,000, commission not included]

[Anonymous Power]

[Create a great earthquake in the designated area! It is perfect for punishing humans! Instead, Garion might be scolded! Venice isnt responsible.

( ˘ ᵕ ˘ )

Can be used once.

Seller: Anonymous

Price: 8,000, commission not included]

[Anonymous Power]

[You can send a divine message to certain humans.

The effect also applies to humans who dont serve you.

Isnt it really amazing However, the harder and more complicated the contents of the divine message, the greater the cost! Be careful with the use! ( ͈´ ᵕ ͈` )ノ♡

Can be used once.

Seller: Anonymous

Price: 45,000, commission not included]

[Zeratuls Secret Technique Box]

[A box containing Zeratuls secret technique~ Zeratul claims that it contains one of the best rated ones he has ever made...

┐(─ ‸ ─)┌ Is it necessary for those who cant fight ◔ᴗ◔ The pricing is set by the seller himself.

Dont swear at Venice!

Seller: Zeratul

Price: 150,000, commission not included]

[Anonymous Item]

[A hypnotic, scented tobacco.

A human who smells this scent for more than five minutes will become a puppet! Doesnt it seem like something made by a demon Surprisingly, no! The sun carriage doesnt handle the objects of great demons.

( ˘ ᵕ ˘ )

Hypnosis Duration: 20 minutes.

Can be used once.

Seller: Anonymous

Price: 30,000, commission not included]

Various gods were selling their power or things.

All of them except for Zeratul were anonymous.

‘Why is Zeratul using this place

He might be a fake but the martial god was the martial god.

It was much easier for Zeratul to build up faith than any other god.

He just had to sit still and faith would accumulate.

Grid didnt understand why he was selling things on the market.

‘Dont tell me...

he just wants to brag...

Even Venice said that Zeratuls selling price was a rip-off.

It was highly likely that he was just showing off seeing that he was a god with no need to put things up for sale to gain faith.

‘Dont look at what Zeratul has posted.

The secret techniques were items with a source.

It wasnt worth buying with reputation points that were extremely difficult to collect.

The problem was that the Secret Technique Box was a random draw.

“......!” Grids appearance stiffened as he looked down at the list of items.

[Hexetias Hammer & Anvil]

[These items were confiscated when the traitor, Hexetia, was imprisoned.

I bought it on impulse because it came at a low price at auction, but there is no place to use it ( •́ ̯ •̀ ).

Seller: Venice

Price: 35,000, commission not included]


The blacksmithing god who was imprisoned for helping Grid.

The things he had cherished all his life were being treated as nuisance in this place.

The price was 35,000.

The price was very cheap considering they were the symbols of Hexetia.

It was simply shabby compared to one-time items or goods registered for tens of thousands of points.

Of course, it wasnt cheap from Grids standpoint.

Perhaps it might be different if the faith of the Overgeared God Church could be used as wealth like reputation one day, but Grid could currently only build up reputation by making myth rated items or raids.

Nevertheless, Grid didnt hesitate.

He willingly paid the reputation points to purchase Hexetias hammer and anvil.

The divine objects of the blacksmithing god would be of great help to him.

It didnt matter even if they couldnt help.

They were items to be returned to Hexetia anyway.

‘I will take care of your things.

Ill give them back to you after rescuing you.

[35,000 reputation points have been paid to purchase Hexetias Hammer & Anvil.]

The two items were delivered to Grids inventory along with the notification window.

He was about to confirm the item information when he heard someones voice.

-Oh my, oh myI was wondering what type of thankful customer you are.

It turns out it is you

It was easy to infer who the owner of the voice was.


The god of money.

The god most merchants served.

The buff effect that occurred when serving her was known to be advantageous during item trading.

In particular, the effect of reducing fees was excellent.

“Do you know me”

-Of course!A god born from the desires of humanity!Grid, you are famous among us.Huhu, there is no need to look nervous.The sun carriage is open to all the gods in the world.Even if it is a god hostile to Asgard, I wont leak information or apply poison as long as you are a customer of the sun carriage.

“Ill believe you.”

-Use the sun carriage often.If you want to sell things, then dont you think Im pretty good

I understand.”

Grid didnt want the conversation to last long.

Gods were good at concealing their hearts so it was hard to expect a useful conversation.

Rather, it was possible that he might be the only one to leak information.

Grid wasnt very interested in conversation and Venice noticed it.

-Then see you later~~


Venice left.

Grid confirmed the information of Hexetias hammer and anvil and was relieved.

It was because the performance was much better than Grids hammer and anvil.

It was natural since it was used by the blacksmithing god.

‘It is different from the hammer I saw before.

Is it new

It was very good.

In particular, the effect of doubling the speed of item production was the best.

If he had this hammer then he wouldnt have needed to use 23 days to make the Falling Moon Sword.

However, it wasnt at the level to be called fraudulent.

In the first place, a limit was set for production items.

The production probability of high ranked items couldnt be increased infinitely.


Grid immediately started production.

This time he was making a belt that would help him use the Magic Power Ejection Machine more quickly.

The completion was very fast thanks to Hexetias hammer and anvil.

‘Shall I go

Grid finished his work in the smithy and summoned the messengers.

It was time to go to war with hell, which could potentially collude with heaven.

The goal of this itinerary was to capture the hells in the 20s.

Grid believed it would be possible.

After all, the grandmaster and Nefelina were on his side this time.

Moreover, Leraje was more cooperative than expected.

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