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Chapter 1414

They got a huge profit from the Haegak raid.

The value of the skills gained from the secret technique books exceeded the 25 million gold spent on repairing the castle and the consumables.

It was a festive atmosphere but Grids expression was the worst, as if he was facing a rash caused by poop.

“No matter what, this is a rash caused by poop.”

Even if he had to use an analogy, this was too...

Grid sighed as he stared at Vantner, who was talking nonsense.

‘It feels like the odds are changing in real time.

Grid had the hidden stat called good luck.

It even exceeded 850 points.

It was a figure that exercised a significant influence on positive probabilities.

However, Grid always got failures.

No, it was an exaggeration to call it a failure.

The secret techniques that were picked werent bad, but they were too ordinary to meet Grids standards.

It was an unconvincing result for Grid.

He wasnt expecting to only get jackpots, but what did it mean when he couldnt even get a single jackpot Was the good luck stat pointless Of course, it could be interpreted that the worst situation was avoided thanks to the good luck stat.

However, this interpretation made Grid seem too shabby.

Nevertheless, it was acknowledged that Grid really had dirty hands.

‘I dont have dirty hands.

This is manipulation.

So far, Grid had made dozens of myth rated and legendary rated items.

Moreover, as proven against Leraje some time ago, God\'s Command popped up well in every important moment.

He couldnt have such dirty hands...

There were only good memories in the head of Grid, who was in denial.

Memories of the times when he created tens of thousands of normal items just to obtain dozens of legendary items and crises where he almost died because God\'s Command didnt trigger were erased.

He perceived himself as a victim.

It wasnt unreasonable.

It was natural to suspect manipulation when he saw Zibal open several jackpots in front of him.

‘The odds were reduced when I opened the secret techniques while they seemed to increase when Zibal opened them.

This couldnt simply be regarded as bad luck.

It seemed obvious that the different accounts had different odds.

‘Damn S.A bastards, how long are they going to keep me in control

Grid was drinking cold water to cool down the flames soaring in his chest when Lauel asked him a question, “Your Majesty, you really dont want it”

Zibal had opened a total of four secret technique books.

It was one legendary, one unique, and two epic rated secret technique books.

Great skills emerged from all of them.

In particular, the legendary rated skillGravity Formation was particularly overwhelming.

The user could fully control the gravity in a five meter radius around them.

However, the duration was very short and the caster was somewhat affected by the gravity (based on level 1).

It was a skill that required wits and control skills beyond common sense.

Even Zibal, who was called a genius, didnt covet Gravity Formation.

He gave it up even though he had the first choice.

Lauel wished for Grid to take Gravity Formation, but Grid didnt even look at it.

He announced that he would give the messengers the first choice, but he actually wasnt confident that he could perfectly control Gravity Formation.

Eventually, the owner of Gravity Formation became Mercedes.

Braham could use gravity magic so Gravity Formation was meaningless for him.

Meanwhile, Sariel and Piaro guaranteed that Mercedes could use Gravity Formation better than them.

Observing and adapting to gravity that changed in real time...

it would be easy for Mercedes who had Keen Insight.

How far could Mercedes control Gravity Formation Additionally, what about the power of the other messengers and Zibal who learned new skills In order to check it, everyone started to move to the training ground.

Only Grid sat quietly in place.

To borrow Vantners expression, he looked like he seen a rash caused by poop.

“Grid” Lauel was worried.

Lauel understood the emotions that Grid was currently feeling.

To be honest, Lauel wouldve also suspected manipulation if he was in Grids position.

The results of when Grid opened the secret technique books were clearly separated from when Zibal opened them.

If this wasnt the case, would Grid be forced to leave the legendary secret technique book to Zibal to open

‘We can go to the headquarters of the S.A Group.

Grid could publicly denounce them for manipulation of the probabilities and even go to court to reveal evidence of the operation.

It might take a lot of time and power, but Grid had power and influence.

If other players were hurt the same way Grid was, then public opinion would be beneficial toward Grid.

Grid spoke to Lauel, who was planning to hire a law firm, “Im not going to the training ground.

I have something to do.

No matter how I think about it, this was the right timing.”


are you starting”

Fighting against the S.A Group that no one had confronted so far

‘Is he aiming for domination of the real world! Lauel replaced the current situation with the development of an anime he had once seen and his eyes shone.

Grid got up from his seat and nodded.

“Yes, the sacrifices are sufficient.”


“I will go straight to the smithy.”


Did he want to sacrifice the bad luck from opening the secret techniques to aim for a myth rated item It was the consequences of the luck of a dog, no, a player.


“Cut! Perfect! Rea~lly good! Every time Sehee-ssi smiles, the entire shot feels brighter! Im a bit worried about whether I can convey this feeling to the audience intact!”

Kim Jangcheol was excited.

He was one of South Koreas best CF (commercials) directors and had filmed many stars so far.

It was just that this was the first time he felt so excited.

Shin Sehee, the biological sister of the world-class player, Shin Youngwoo—her acting talent was as outstanding as her beauty.

She was filling the gap of Yura, who was reluctant to be on TV these days.

Kim Jangcheol was certain.

The moment the CF filmed today was aired, the best companies in all fields who only used the best top stars so far would be eyeing Shin Sehee.

It was a great opportunity for Yura to reduce her activities.

“Im flattered.

Then Im going now.

Youve worked hard.”

“Right away The advertiser said they wanted to treat you to a meal...”

“It is a day of volunteering.”

“Aha! Yes, I understand! I hope to see you next time!”

Sehees good deeds had become a topic a few days ago.

She had been doing good deeds for a long time and it seemed to be fate that she had become the Saintess in Satisfy.

The donation amount increased every year and the volunteer work was steady.

It was even a hot topic once it became known that she had been visiting an orphanage since middle school.

It seemed that she was greatly influenced by her parents.

“Its great.

Really excellent!”

Beauty, ability, awareness, and character.

It was the birth of a new star in all aspects.

Director Kim Jangcheol felt great pride that he could capture her most beautiful moments and show her to the world.


“Sehee!” Her old friend, Yerim, welcomed Sehee outside the studio.

The sports car parked in the parking lot was very conspicuous.

All the money gained from being the Saintess Knight was poured into this car.

Every time Sehee saw Yerim, her brothers old self came to mind.

“I didnt expect you to come with me again,” Sehee got into the car in a relaxed manner and responded to Yerim.

She didnt know what was going on, but Yerim had been participating in volunteer activities these days.

It had been like this for three consecutive weeks.

It was a new record.

The unidentified meteor that was gradually approaching Earth kept appearing and disappearing and she was worried that the sun would rise from the west tomorrow.

Yerim laughed meaningfully.

“Hoyoon oppa.”

“Hoyoon...” Who was this Sehee cocked her head in confusion and Yerim added, “The oppa who volunteers with you at the orphanage.”


It should be a volunteer.

In particular, there were many young people at the facility that Sehee regularly visited.

Sehee went to such a place.

They werent girls.

She was chased to every facility she visited by male volunteers.

The information was too easy to leak.

Perhaps it was for this reason that Toon oppas nerves were very sharp recently.

Even now, he was following behind the car with a motorcycle.

That thing protruding from the leather bag...

it couldnt be a gun, could it

“That oppa, he just needs to exercise for three months, reduce his body fat, and take off his glasses and he will become extremely handsome.

My handsome detector is telling me this.”

“So that is why you are eagerly doing volunteer activities recently.”

“Yes, Im going to make him fall for me.

Then he will start exercising and work hard to look good.”

“I know your heart, but your skirt is too short.

It will be hard for you to clean up and play with the kids.”

“Really ~ this is why it is so short.”


“Dont worry too much.

All of this is just practice before I finally get with Youngwoo oppa.

Im a single-minded dandelion.”

“Stop being a reed now.”

“I dont~ want to”

Yerim reapplied her lipstick at the traffic lights.

Looking at the color, she was going to make a decisive move today.

However, he would look at her thighs instead of her lips.

The director would end up giving her a tracksuit...

Sehee shook her head as she anticipated that Yerims victory would face a bigger crisis than expected.

Once the signal turned green, Yerim stepped on the accelerator.

She wanted to show off the exhaust sound of the expensive Italian supercar in the middle of Gangnam.

This caused Sehees upper body to be pushed back and she felt great fatigue.

Her schedule had been busy since morning so fatigue had accumulated.

Still, Sehee didnt show it.

She would become a more diligent and good person for the sake of her brother, who was solely focused on Satisfy.

Her activities were helping her brothers external image.


‘It is finally the day to use this.

The moon night iron—a mineral that formed in the lands of the ancient giants, it temporarily blocked the other persons status.

It was perfect as the material for his new sword.

‘The Blood Sword is impossible to use as a main weapon.

He realized it when fighting Haegak.

The time the Blood Sword maintained its form was too short.

The Magic Power Ejection Device made it practical, but it was impossible to rely on just the Blood Sword.

He needed more strong weapons.

Of course, it would be a tough fight.

He needed to break through two probabilities to create a new sword.

First of all, the tempering success of the moon night iron.

The same tempering process might have different results.

General tempering would only make the target minerals harder, while the ultimate tempering unlocked the maximum potential of the target minerals.

A typical example was the strengthened breaths of the four gods.

In order for Grid to target a myth rated item, he had to make the best moon night iron and apply the result.

This wasnt the end.

Even if he tempered the best moon night iron, he had to break the odds again when making a weapon using the moon night iron.

The use of high rated materials wouldnt necessarily lead to a myth rated item.

If he was unlucky, then he could create a legendary rated item.

Therefore, he had to break through two probabilities.

“The sacrifices are sufficient,” Grid deliberately spoke to himself in a loud voice.

He hoped his voice would be transferred to those who were monitoring him.

“If you do manipulation again this time...

I can only openly publicize the serious probability manipulation problem...”

This was an obvious threat.

The S.A Group could only feel aggrieved from their perspective of complying with regulations.

Probability manipulation Each account had a different probability They werent a junk game company from the early 21st century.

The leading S.A Group wouldnt do such inferior things.

The operations team monitoring Grid prayed that Grid would make a great item.

They didnt want to be falsely accused.

They had an ominous feeling.

The Grid they had seen was the type of person who had good luck only after enough misfortune.

This seemed to be the fate of a person called Grid and it had nothing to do with the system.

‘I dont think there are enough sacrifices yet.

The moment the operations team was thinking this—


Grid started hammering.

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