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Chapter 1409

A large golem emitting a blue light rushed forward.

It used its heavy shoulders to easily break through the human formation, breaking in and disrupting them.

However, its momentum didnt last long.

The humans scattered in all directions pulled the rope in their hands and the golem slipped where it was standing, falling backward.

It struggled with its arms and legs like an upside-down tortoise that couldnt get up.

All sorts of skills poured toward it.

“It is a smooth linkage.”

“It is possible because we know where the enemy will appear and we set up traps.

I dont think there is anything to compliment.”

Zibal watched with interest as he watched the Overgeared members raiding the Guardian of the Forest using traps.

In fact, the average level of the raid team deserved praise.

With the exception of Toban, who was standing back and commanding, most of the participants were players in their mid-200s.

It was frankly a good thing for them to raid the Guardian of the Forest without a single casualty.

However, Zibal had witnessed a young boy who hunted theawakened Guardian of the Forest by himself a fortnight ago.

Therefore, he wasnt particularly impressed by the Overgeared Three members despite them doing all types of tricks.

“Toban, why is a person like you managing a raid of this level Cant you leave it to the second group”

“It is normally managed by the third group, but today is the training of new recruits.

Therefore, I visited myself.”

“...New recruits”

Then they werent the third group

‘How wide is their talent pool

No, it must be a bluff.

They didnt want to expose their guild power to outsiders.

Zibal was watching the raid when he reflexively got up from his seat.

It was because Grid arrived at the scene.

‘This damn thing.

Grid had nothing to do with him so why did he stand up without his knowing...

“Have you been well” Grid approached Zibal who was rebuking himself and gave a greeting with a smile.

It was an uncomfortable friendly attitude.

“...I havent been well,” Zibal shook Grids hand and answered honestly.

The last few months since visiting the Hwan Kingdom had been hell.

He could never relax for a moment due to the martial god followers who were constantly narrowing their surveillance network.

“Im sorry.

It wasnt polite to ask if youve been well when youve obviously been struggling.

Youve had a hard time.” Grid patted Zibals shoulder and politely bowed to Zikfrector.

It is reassuring to see that you\'re safe.

By the way, why are you living in the forest instead of the castle”

Grid felt it was ridiculous after finding out that Zibals group had been living in the forest outside Bairan for the past fortnight.

Perhaps it might be possible if this was a great hunting place.

However, why refuse the convenience of the Overgeared Guild and stay in a place where only the Guardian of the Forest respawned

“I received advice from mana that this is the safest place.”

‘Advice from mana

Was it possible to use ancient magic to talk to mana Grid was recalling the ancient magic that Zikfrector used with the runes when Zikfrector spoke strange words, “It must be because you asked your son to destroy the statues of the martial god.”


You don\'t have to look like you don\'t understand.

Im not upset just because you tested me.

It is true that my body weakens every time I go through the Curse of Sloth.

Still, my magic power is in good shape.

You dont have to worry too much.”

‘What does this mean...

“We are going!” Toban picked up the items dropped by the Guardian of the Forest and waved to Grid.

He wanted to remove as many eyes as possible so as to not interfere with Grids time.

“Ah, yes.


Everyone has worked hard.”

Grid waved to Toban and bowed slightly to the other Overgeared members.

The Overgeared members smiled widely and bowed 90 degrees in response.

Then they whispered to each other and left.

Zibal muttered while watching this scene, “They are really new recruits...

It was evident they were new to the kingdom based on the way they were so happy to just exchange greetings with Grid.

For the Overgeared Guild, the Guardian of the Forest was nothing more than educational material for newcomers.

“Can you Become the King of the Dead”

After the Overgeared members left, Grid muttered to himself and two skeletons rose from the ground.

One was a skeleton warrior armed with heavy armor and the other was a skeleton magician with a staff.

Grid also summoned Noe and Randy.

He ordered them to allow no one to approach this place and they scattered in all directions.

Only then did Zikfrector get to the point.

“It is true that you became a god.”

“...Yes, it is a nominal god, but somehow it turned out like this.” Grid looked into Zikfrectors eyes.

He thought there would be disappointment or frustration, but they were surprisingly calm.

Did he have insight into the situation like Hayate

“Looking back on it now, it was inevitable.

Your achievements are so great that few people in history can compare.

It is natural for you to be revered as a god.”

“You arent disappointed”

Zikfrector was a person who had been looking forward to the birth of a god killer.

Gods couldnt kill other gods.

“It would be a lie to say Im not disappointed.

I wanted you to be a god killer, not a god.

However, the water has already been spilled.

Additionally...” Zikfrectors gaze moved to the inside of the forest.

His gaze was on Mercedes, who returned after searching the surroundings for any danger.

“You seem to have come to the conclusion that it is better to raise god killers than to be a god killer.

I think this way could be more effective.

I agree with your way.”


Nurture a god killer

Zikfrector immediately confessed to the confused Grid, “In fact, I already tried it once.

I learned that Mercedes was born with Keen Insight and tried to nurture her as a god killer.

The first thing I did was to make her see Piaro so that she became his attendant...”

Zikfrectors eyes were excellent.

Under Piaro, Mercedes grew at a dazzling rate and eventually became the 1st Knight of the Red Knights.

“However, Mercedes had a fatal flaw.

It is a conviction that never breaks.

It is both a nutrient that developed Mercedes and a poison to her.”

Mercedes was very inflexible.

She valued rules over efficiency and this hindered her development.

It put her in all types of danger.

To put it bluntly, she was short-lived.

“I saw that Mercedes was destined to not live long.

Rather than going beyond her limits and becoming a transcendent, I was sure that she would die before realizing her potential.”

Zikfrectors gaze was still fixed on Mercedes.

Zikfrector had fought against numerous enemies as an apostle of god.

He had already grasped her abilities a long time ago.

“Then you twisted Mercedes beliefs and developed them until she is like this.

You really deserve to be a god.”

‘Although Im not a complete god...

Hayate had told Grid that there was still room for him to become a god killer, but Zikfrector didnt know this fact.

It could be seen from this that Hayate was one level higher than Zikfrector.

Hayate was the only Absolute at present and he deserved to be called the pinnacle of humanity.

‘The story might be different if Zikfrector regains his half-god body, but...

in any case, Im proud that he is acknowledging Mercedes growth.

To be sure, the present Mercedes was incomparable to the days when she was a Red Knight.

She had become a legendary knight and had written a few chivalric codes.

‘It isnt just her.

The other messengers are also incredibly strong.

Additionally, the unique characteristics of the Overgeared Gods messengers was to maximize the use of items.

Zikfrectors opinion of raising them as god killers was very valid.

It was an approach Grid had never thought of.

‘An army of god killers...

Grid had a different advantage than others.

He could create items to make his colleagues stronger.

He didnt think it would be impossible to raise god killers if he armed all the messengers and Overgeared members with items, making them stronger and transcendent.

This was the moment when a new goal was made.

Grid was convinced and reached out to Zikfrector.

“You noticed my plan, so you must know what I am going to ask.”

“Of course.” Zikfrector held Grids hand.

“I, Zik, am willing to become a messenger of the Overgeared God.”

It was the moment when the sixth messenger was born.

There was no epic.

It was expected that a new epic would be written the moment Grid filled up all seven messenger positions.


Grid brought Zikfrector and Zibal to Bairan Castle.

He wanted to serve a warm meal to the people who struggled.

“The seven malignant saints...

their role was to condemn those who doubted the gods, right”

There, he raised a question, “Didnt the gods already have apostles called angels Why did they choose seven human beings to share their power and give this role”

Perhaps it was to empower humanity.

Just because they were a god didnt mean they considered humans to be insignificant.

Grid expected there would be gods on the side of humans like Hexetia.

However, the answer he received was terrible.

“There are too many conditions for angels to use their power in the human world and in hell.

The gods needed the help of humans to easily control the world beyond heaven.”

”Is that so...” Grid was convinced at this moment.

The purpose of all players was to prevent the destruction of the world.

In other words, it was to fight and win against the gods.

He was confident that he would be in the center.

‘Did the system give me the feeling of being a god because it wants me to lead people

It was a glorious position, but the burden was high.

Zikfrector spoke to the troubled Grid, “For the time being, you...

there are two things you need to do.

First, bring humanity together.

It is a natural process to unify the earth in preparation for a war against heaven.

Second, persuade Marie Rose to join your side.

Marie Roses combat power is the strongest on earth.

You must convince her before you can gain enough power.

Both things wont be easy, but Ill actively help you.”

“Marie Rose has already joined me as an ally and you can see humanity as virtually united.

The orcs and vampires are under my control and most of the human nations have a cooperative relationship with the Overgeared Kingdom.”

“......” Zikfrectors knife stopped cutting the meat.

He stared at Grid with a sharp gaze.

Then he soon realized it wasnt a lie and laughed.

“You have already finished all the preparations.

How far have you been looking ahead It\'s especially amazing that you convinced Marie Rose.

Did you use the power of a god”

“There is no such thing.”

“I see...

I dont dare think of what a great sacrifice you mustve made to persuade Marie Rose.”


The unity of humanity was achieved with the help of Basara and no sacrifices were made to persuade Marie Rose.

Still, there was no need to explain it one by one.

“The two most important conditions are met, so the remaining tasks are relatively easy.

Use Marie Roses help to destroy the great demons in hell and grow our strength.”

Grid wondered, First of all, isnt it better to rescue God Hexetia He is my only ally in heaven and I think there is a lot to be gained by rescuing him.”

“A god cant kill other gods.

Hexetia is safe.

We need to fight hell before fighting the gods because there is precedent for the gods and great demons to join forces.”

Grid was worried as he remembered the past where Hexetia commissioned the great demons to invade the human world.

“What if the great demons ask heaven for support”

That wont happen.

Gods can come and go between hell and heaven, but the great demons dont have that authority.

Yatan is the only one who can call for support from heaven, but Yatan is only active just before he destroys the world.”

“I dont know what bull** those who are about to die are talking about.”

It happened as the time was ripe...

The restaurant window was broken and a group of people entered.

The name of the guy who had his eyes covered and moved upside down on one hand was Haegak.

Dozens of additional followers of the martial god appeared behind him.

“You have been hiding for a fortnight.”

“This son of a bitch...!”

Zibal cursed as he jumped up.

He was confronting the enemy who killed his allies, so it was hard for him to control his emotions.

Two martial god followers stopped him from rushing over in an agitated manner.

However, they both vomited blood and died at the same time.



All eyes focused on Grid.

Grid stared at Haegak with cold eyes that overwhelmed those who saw it.

“Do you know what place it is that you crawled into”

A sword that dripped blood and created a blood fog.

The sword held in Grids hand shot forward like a thunderbolt, pierced Haegak, and exploded.

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