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Chapter 1393

“It is a bloodline with no flaws.”

Duke Grenhal was impressed when he examined Queen Irenes ancestry in detail.

He knew that her ancestor was the hero who founded the Eternal Kingdom with the king of the north, Loran, but it was the first time he discovered her family history that had no blemishes for more than 200 years.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that the territories managed by the Steim family prospered in any era and this was unprecedented in history.

“As the generations passed, their combat ability faded, but their integrity hasnt changed.”

The Steim family could truly be called an example of nobility.

Even Duke Grenhal, one of the highest ranking nobles in the empire, felt respect.

Duke Grenhal hoped that his descendants would emulate the Steim family.

‘He succeeded his mothers character and his fathers talent...

Lord Steim—the only son of Grid would surely be great.

He would become a kind and strong king, leading the Overgeared Kingdom well on behalf of his father, who was praised as a god and might one day leave for Heaven.

It was a blessing not just for the Overgeared Kingdom, but for the empire who had the Overgeared Kingdom as its main ally.

‘Im really looking forward to it.

On the way to the capital of the Overgeared Kingdom, Reinhardt...

A kind smile spread on Duke Grenhals face as he recalled the black-haired boy he once saw.

He felt happy and reassured at the thought of Prince Lords future, who turned 15 years old this year and would slowly blossom his talent.

He was immersed in his thoughts when he suddenly woke up.

It was because the carriage carrying him stopped in place.

“S-Sir, you should come out and see this.” The senior knight ran to the carriage in a hurry while trembling.

“Hmm.” Duke Grenhal was one of the highest powers in Saharan.

This meant he was one of the most powerful people in the West Continent and the most elite army was escorting him.

It meant the knights of Duke Grenhal wouldnt be flustered when encountering a group of bandits.

‘Have unscrupulous forces started to move due to this coming of age ceremony

Duke Grenhal opened the door of the carriage as he recalled the forces that were forced to be wary of the Overgeared Kingdom.

He didnt do a stupid thing like look out the window in a situation where he could be shot at by an enemy.

“......!” Duke Grenhal created a strong defense by raising his aura and stepped out of the carriage, only for his eyes to widen.

He was shocked because the person blocking his way was completely unexpected.

“Y-Your Majesty!”

Flop!Regardless of the dirt, Grenhal knelt down and kneeled deeply.

There was only one person in the world who could make him kneel.

“Get up.”

Empress Basara of the Saharan Empire.

Why was she here when she should be in the capital Basara smiled at Grenhal, who rose with a puzzled expression.

“My friend...

there is a happy event taking place in my benefactors home.

How can I not come”

Originally, he wouldve made a fuss.

It was because the emperor didnt go to events outside.

The emperor didnt even attend the popes crowning ceremony.

Saharan was the center of the world and the master of the world was the emperor, so the emperor only listened to reports about what happened outside.

The emperor was the one who heard and saw everything in the world without needing to come forward.

This might be Lords coming of age ceremony, but Grid should personally visit the empire and report to the emperor that it was completed safely.

This was the majesty of the emperor expected by the empire.

Going to another kingdom far from home...

The knights gulped.

They would worry that Duke Grenhal would once again nag at Basara who was different from the previous emperors.

Surprisingly, Duke Grenhal just smiled happily.

“Thats right.

This is an event in the Overgeared Kingdom, not anywhere else.

It will only shine if Your Majesty lights up the place.

I shouldve had the foresight to bring Your Majesty.

I am very sorry and ashamed to meet you by chance like this.

Please scold your disloyal subordinate.”

“Yes, you didnt notice this time.”


Duke Grenhal, who was famous for his loyalty, and Empress Basara, who wasnt bound by old notions—the two different people who often clashed felt awkward.

Now, little by little, they understood each other more and became more uncomfortable with each other.

“Hey~ old man! Eh! Your Majesty as well!”

“Everyone is here.

It\'s been a long time since the disaster.”

It was the same for Duke Morse and Rachel, who arrived belatedly.

Now there were only three dukes left in the empire and they supported the empire more strongly than when there were seven.

It was the result of cooperating with each other without being jealous and competing.

It was the result of their relationship with Grid.


A blue greatsword in the shape of a shark—as the nameFailure suggested, it couldnt be called a luxury item.

However, the sword had experienced numerous battles with Grid and was considered one of the symbols of the Overgeared King.

Visitors who didnt know the history of the Overgeared Kingdom in detail envied Jude, the security captain.

It wasnt because they knew he was Grids first knight.

It was due to the blue greatsword on his back.

Was it directly given by the Overgeared King If it was directly given by the Oveageared King, then he must be a great swordsman compared to his rank.

Visitors watched Jude with such questions and expectations.

They never even imagined that Judes blue greatsword was a success, not a failure.


[Rating: Legendary

Durability: 2,530/2,530

Attack Power: 1,510~3,266 Defense: 280

* Agility 100.

* There is a certain probability of blocking the enemys attacks.

* There is a high probability of activating the5 Joint Attacks skill.

* There is a high probability of activating theCutting skill.

* The skillBisect will be created.

* There will be a fear effect if the enemy is more than 20 levels lower than the user.

* Attack power 30% in dark places.

A greatsword made by the Overgeared King Grid by improving Failure.

It is a work that eliminates the shortcomings of Failure and highlights its strength, so it isnt an exaggeration to call it a masterpiece of the times.



A work created with great care by Grid after using Open Potential.

It is a luxurious product that overcame the inherent limitations of Failure that had structural defects.

There were two reasons why Grid devoted himself to making this work.

First, it was because he knew the power of symbols.

Secondly, Jude wanted to have Failure.

Grid had handed Failure over with gratitude and affection to Prince Shining, who risked his life to protect Lord during the Yatan Churchs invasion of the Vatican.

Then he had to face Judes gloomy gaze for months afterward.

Compared to the past where he forgot everything quickly, Jude had become quite smart and sulked for a while.

Grid couldnt turn a blind eye to it and created a new Failure.

It was even one that was twice as good as the original.

Jude didnt seem very satisfied, but...

“How beautiful and safe is it”

1st Prince Shining of the Fold Kingdom—he traveled to attend Lords coming of age ceremony and was as nervous as always.

His kingdom was constantly haunted by thieves and monsters.

Most other kingdoms also had poor security, so he paid particular attention to the escort when moving.

However, this tension disappeared after entering the Overgeared Kingdom.

Unlike his barren kingdom, he had time to enjoy the green and peaceful scenery of the Overgeared Kingdom.

The Overgeared Kingdom was such a safe country.

The soldiers in all regions were well-trained and diligent, so no monsters reached the roadside.

The people were well-off and there was no need to become bandits.

‘The wordpeace is probably coined in the Overgeared Kingdom... Prince Shining lived a life far from peace as a native of the Fold Kingdom and he even had such a thought.

“This isnt the level of management.

It is the level of purification.

I cant feel the presence of any monsters.

At this point, it is okay to say it has dried up.”

The knights clicked their tongues when they entered the vicinity near Reinhardt.

They couldnt feel the presence of monsters in the fields, forests, and mountains.

They had the illusion of being in a different world.

“Is this the power of the Saintess”

The Saintess of the Overgeared Kingdom was famous.

A being that could destroy unclean things with power different from existing divine power.

Monsters disappeared without a trace due to her stay in Reinhardt.

Prince Shining and the knights made logical inferences, but it was completely different from the truth.

The Saintess didnt have the ability to cleanly wipe out monsters or suppress their appearance.

The reason there were no monsters near Reinhardt was purely due to Nefelina.

She set up her own domain, or lair, so the monsters didnt dare approach.

Still, who would dare to imagine that a hatchling was staying in Reinhardt

[He made a high status, aloof, and noble race, who insisted on being alone since she was perfect, become his servant.]

No one knew the identity of thehigh status, aloof, and noble race, who insisted on being alone that appeared during the Overgeared Gods 11th epic.

It was due to thebecome his servant part.

What type of dragon would become the servant of a human It wasnt possible in common sense to infer that the subject of the 11th epic was a dragon.

“I am seeing so many people for the first time...”

The knights who finally arrived in Reinhardt were mesmerized.

There was an endless stream of people.

The constant procession of people was familiar to those born in the Fold Kingdom.

“The same is true for me.”

Prince Shining was also amazed.

Even he was shocked by the size of the crowd, despite attending one of the top events of the continent—the popes crowning ceremony.

‘There werent so many people gathered at the founding of the Overgeared Kingdom.

Now the princes coming of age ceremony had gathered such a large group of people...

It was clear how much the statue of the Overgeared Kingdom had risen in just 10 years.

“Gasp...” Prince Shining and his knights looked around like country bumpkins coming to a big city for the first time.

Then they were shocked.

It was due to the long wave-like procession that passed through the city gates.

The center of the process was the empress and imperial dukes.

It was already amazing that the empire sent a delegation to celebrate the coming of age ceremony of a prince, yet the empress and dukes personally visited.

“That.” Someone approached Prince Shining, who was shocked beyond admiration.

It was a big bear-like man.

“Handle it”

Prince Shining recognized his identity immediately.

“Sir Jude, it has been a while.”


Overgeared King Grids first knight.

Prince Shining had met him several times.

Unfortunately, the other person didnt remember Prince Shining.

It wasnt because Prince Shining didnt have much of a presence.

It was just because he had a bad memory.

However, Prince Shining didnt know Judes level of intelligence.

He misunderstood the way Jude treated him like someone he didnt know at all.

‘Im too lacking.

Jude didnt even remember him.

It stimulated him.

Prince Shining pulled out Failure and squeezed it.

“As you can see, I can handle it.”

Judes eyes flashed.



“Jude, Prince Shining.


Come here, come.”


Prince Shining was guided by the Overgeared Kings first knight, Jude.

It could be called the best VIP treatment.

His eyes widened the moment he entered the splendid palace selected as the stage of the coming of age ceremony.

It was because it wasnt just the empress and dukes of the empire and the pro-Overgeared people such as the water clan king and the Orc Lord present.

There were also royalty from remote area kingdoms who didnt usually engage in external activities.

Among them was an amazingly beautiful woman.

Even Grid was uncomfortable due to her identity.

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