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Chapter 1391

Birds sitting side by side on branches moved their eyes.

They were bewildered because the hulled millet always sprinkled on top of the snow-covered soy sauce jars couldnt be seen.

Chirp chirp!

The yangban, Mir, watched the birds that started chirping and opened his mouth, “Kayas perpetual snow was created by the blue dragons resentment.”

The reason Kaya was called the Sand Kingdom was because it was surrounded by deserts.

However, it only snowed in the capital.

Since when did it start snowing The people of Kaya, who forgot the blue dragon, didnt remember.

However, Mir and the yangbans remembered it vividly.

The moment the blue dragon was sealed, snow started falling from the cloudy sky.

“This snow hurt many people.”

Kayas people didnt know the cold.

They werent prepared for the cold.

It was difficult to adapt to the cold and snow that suddenly occurred and many people froze to death or abandoned their hometown.

It was the same for the animals.

There were animals who lasted to the end like these birds, while others went extinct or hid in the desert.

“Did the blue dragon really not know that its resentment hurt those it protected” Mir shook his head and whispered as he gazed at the Blue Dragon Dao.

Then he took out a handful of hulled millet and sprinkled it in the yard.

Chirp chirp!

The happy birds gathered around Mir.

Mirs expression was dark as he looked at the birds pecking at the millet and filling up their stomachs.

“The warm consideration of human beings barely saved these hungry little birds in winter.

However, as things became harder for humans, they cared less for the birds and eventually starved again.

I am the only one these birds can rely on now.

They are just like the people of Kaya.”

Mirs gaze turned to Yeum.

Yeum flinched.

Yeum couldnt adapt to the rough scar that covered Mirs beautiful face that wasnt erased by Mir.

“Yeum, I think gods and humans arent very different.”

The blue dragon, the guardian god of Kaya, who always protected and cared for the people.

Behold the great god, who brought lightning and made countless yangbans tremble.

Cursing the gods who sealed it, the blue dragon brought snow all year round in the hopes that people would remember it and serve it again.

It didnt think about how the people it had been protecting were suffering from the cold snow.

No, it wouldnt care even if it knew.

This was selfishness.

The blue dragon also possessed the same lowly emotions as humans, just like the Five Seniors.

“Therefore, Im not surprised that a human has become a god.”

“......” Yeum was silent.

She criticized Grid for leaving the scar on Mirs face and laughed at the human being who was impersonating a god.

Now she could no longer criticize him or ridicule him.

Rather, she felt angry and aggrieved.

Even most of the yangbans became frustrated and gave up on becoming a god.

Then why was a human called a god The personalities of a god and humans might be the same, but the innate power was different...

Yet this was cruel reality.

Mir patted her shoulder.

“Think of it as an experience.”


“Grid is an indication that I can become the Martial God.

He is someone I should respect and learn from, rather than feel envious of.”

He meant it with all his heart.

Mir was thrilled the moment he felt Grids apotheosis.

He couldnt control his overwhelming emotions and stood up while clenching his fists.

The development of Grid, who became a god despite being human, was a great hope for Mir, who was gods creation.

It was an opportunity to be certain that his desire and efforts to be theMartial God special among the gods werent in vain.

‘How far can he climb

Should he leave this scar or erase it due to it being worthless This was something he would only know as he kept watching.

Mirs expression as he sprinkled the millet was brighter than ever.



“I greet My Liege.” The reunion after a few months wasnt spectacular.

Asmopel knelt down and greeted Grid, who entered the dark interrogation room.

“Im glad you have come back.” Grid couldnt hold back his delight.

He was truly happy to reunite with a loyal subordinate, who had been supporting him for over 10 years.

Asmophel smiled at Grid who raised him up.

“Your Majesty has grown stronger while I havent seen you.

I am very proud.”

Asmophel couldnt hide his admiration.

He recognized Grids growth during this time.

It was the same with Grid.

[Name: Asmophel

Age: 52 Gender: Male

Class: Overgeared Magic Knight Commander/ Overgeared Great General (Conditional Soldier)

Title: Fire Sword

* Uses gorgeous and delicate swordsmanship that flutters in full bloom like a flower.

An extremely fast sword that neutralizes the targets defense and doesnt allow any counterattacks.

* There is a 30% chance of blocking the targets defensive behavior when using sword-related skills.

* There is a chance of reducing the targets counterattack chance by 60% when using sword-related skills.

★ Once the petals of sword energy burn brilliantly, all stats will increase by 20% and attack speed by 50%.

Fire damage will also be gained.

Completely block the targets counterattack during the duration.

Title: Eternal Second

* Cant be the number one.

However, this doesnt mean being second-rate.

* All stats are reduced when fighting against the number one person in each field.

* All stats will increase when fighting an opponent other than the number one person in each field.

Level: 523

Strength: 3,859 Stamina: 2,220

Agility: 3,859 Intelligence: 3,180

Leadership: 2,812 Insight: 5,024

Political Power: 2,311

Skills: Imperial Swordsmanship (B), Empire\'s Military Tactics (A ), Reidan-style Spearsmanship (A ), Politics (A ), Agitation (A ), Overgeared Armys Swordsmanship (A ), Highest Grade Sword Mastery (S), Red Sword (S), Fire Flower Sword (SS), Great Talent Matures Late (SS), A Soldier (SS), Magic Insight (), Determination of the Number Two ()

A descendant of a prestigious bloodline in the Saharan Empire, he was born with a natural talent for swordsmanship and military tactics.

After reaching the right age and conditions, he joined the Red Knights and rose to the position of vice-commander after 12 years.

He was later regarded as a pillar of the empire along with Piaro.

He was guilty of betraying Piaro and his colleagues due to Empress Maries schemes and wanted to kill himself.

He tried, but was since forgiven by Piaro.

After that, he has been atoning at Grids behest.]


Asmophels appearance after a few months was very different from what Grid expected.

His level had increased a lot and his strength and agility reached the golden ratio.

The development level exceeded Grids expectations, but the direction was a bit different.

‘Why does he have so much intelligence and insight

Asmophels intelligence and insight were originally high.

The stats of the knight class were originally fairly evenly distributed, but these two stats were higher than average due to Asmophels history of using tricks to take down the former Red Knights.

However, it wasnt to this extent.

In particular, insight seemed to have doubled compared to a few months ago.

‘Ah... Grid was dumbfounded before belatedly realizing a new fact.

In Asmophels list of skills, there was one called Magic Insight that hadnt existed before.

[Magic Insight]


The experience of losing to the legendary great magician Braham was great nourishment.

He studied magic in depth and can now easily analyze average level magic.

Magic resistance is increased by 200% and there is a 10% chance to nullify magic.

If the targets level is low, he can see the list of magic the target has.]

It was a sub-compatible skill with the Magic Contemplation possessed by Grid.

The awakening of Magic Insight seemed to have greatly affected Asmophels stats.

‘...It is a bit vague to be called sub-compatible.

Of course, Magic Contemplation was much better than Magic Insight.

[Magic Contemplation Lv.



The knowledge and wisdom of the Duke of Wisdom will penetrate through the providence of all magic.

* Deciphers the magic used by the enemy.

There is a 55% chance of breaking down the magic and a 4.5% chance of replicating or counterattacking the magic.

* Deciphers the magic used by an ally and there is a 35% chance of strengthening it.

* This effect is applied to magic of all attributes.

* It isnt yet possible to contemplate multiple spells at once.

Magic Resource Consumption: None.

Cooldown Time: 3 seconds.]

It was overwhelming.

However, Magic Contemplation didnt have the ability to see the targets magic list, nor did it increase magic resistance.

‘If I can see the targets list of magic then there is a high probability of destroying it...

It seemed much more effective than the stated explanation.

Maybe Asmophel would get the title of Magician Killer sooner or later.

Grid imagined Asmophels future of being a nightmare for all magicians and quickly looked around.

The interrogation room was filled with 37 strangers and all of them were players.

“Are they the suspicious people”

Royman nodded.

“Yes, but as I said earlier, there is no clear basis for doubting them...”

No charges had been placed against the 37 suspicious people Asmophel arrested.

Asmophel just arrested them for being suspicious, which could cause a big controversy.

It was as expected...

“Arent you abusing your power too much”

One of the suspicious people stared at Grid and argued.

It seemed like he would immediately log out and post on the Internet.


How should I deal with them”

“Asmophels claim is that they are magicians who specialize in wide area explosion magic.

The fact that they are disguised as merchants or priests is suspicious, but I think we need to confirm if they are magicians first before starting the interrogation.

Laella is coming from the magic tower.

The moment Laella confirms it...”


“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Are you sure they are magicians”

“I am certain.”

“Then arrest them.”

The situation was chaotic.

It was unclear what type of work the people behind the Orc Kingdom had done behind the scenes.

There was no hesitation on Grids face and the expressions of the players trapped in the interrogation room were rotten.

All of them were terrorists sent by the Chinese government.


The last day of the National Competition.

After several days of focusing on the uprising in the Orc Kingdom, media outlets from different countries turned their attention back to the National Competition.

It was natural since the rebellion had entered the suppression phase.

It was also the day of PvP, the event that distinguished the strongest players of the time, and the Demon Kings Subjugation, which was the finale of the National Competition.

The viewership of broadcasts related to the National Competition was high.

『 This years PvP winner should be Hao.

Hao is an expert in all weapons, has different combat skills, and is even a half-draconian.

After the racial story that happened a few months ago, the power of the half-draconians developed rapidly and Hao literally gained wings.

I cant think of an opponent who can compete with Hao this year.

『 I think Chris has a better chance of winning.

Chris greatsword is perfect for crushing the scales of the half-draconians.

『 Chris cant win.

What can he do to prevent the half-draconians flying ability 』

『 Then what about Jishuka The moment he flies in front of Jishuka, he will be a target straight away.

If you use this logic, wont he lose to Jishuka 』

『 No, how can there be such an extreme...

Many of the programs MCs and panelists pointed to Hao and Chris as the winners.

They were convinced there would be no abnormalities and the viewers agreed.

“I think so too.

Jishukas level is still low and Ares is pretty weak 1v1...”

“Ares normally only competes in team events.

Why is he listed in PvP He has already won two gold medals in the group events.

If he wins one more gold medal, then he will have a Grid or Kraugel level achievement.

Why is he so obsessed with PvP to take this risk”

“Winning PvP is the strongest symbol.

Without both Grid and Kraugel, this is one of the few opportunities to win PvP.

Who would want to miss it”

“I heard that Valhallas growth rate is low these days.

Ares has no choice but to step up and work hard...”

Few people named Damian, who was usually one of the candidates to win PvP every year.

Damians condition was too bad this year.

He might have two gold medals, but the appearance he showed in the process was far below expectations.

In Japan, Damians name was often mentioned.

It wasnt due to expectations of Damians performance.

It was Zelos influence.

『 Depending on the outcome of the first round, Damian and Zelos might fight in the second round.

『 From Japans standpoint, their luck is the worst this year.

Players from their country will compete from the beginning...

『 It seems very unlikely that a confrontation between the two of them can be achieved.

I doubt Damian will be able to get through round 1.

『 Why did Damian have to change religions... Hah, it is really frustrating.


In the midst of peoples expectations and worries, PvP began.

On the stage, Damian took out his new weapon.

[The effect of Grids Sword has activated part of Grids Sword Dance.]

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