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The moon night iron—Grids reward was small in size compared to the outstanding achievement.

To be honest, if he knew from the beginning that fusion between the moon night iron and Greed (insane dragon iron) was impossible, then he wouldve asked to receive at least three moon night irons.

However, the deal was already over.

It was too late.

He would be rejected even if he asked for it.

‘Unfortunately, it cant be helped.

He tried to soothe his heart, but it hurt.

One lump of moon night iron weighed 800 grams.

Once smelted, it would be reduced to 600 grams.

Grids favorite type of weapon was a longsword, but it would be hard to make a longsword out of 600 grams of metal.

The volume and center of gravity of the sword would be disappointing.

In other words, it couldnt be a luxurious product.

‘I also have to ask Braham to forge it separately.

Since fusion of the moon night iron and Greed was impossible, the magic forging had to be done on the moon night iron separately.

This would take away a large amount of Brahams time.

He couldnt help asking Braham for a favor, but he felt very sorry.

“Hrmm...” Grid thought for a while before holding an intangible sword in his hand.

It was a virtual sword that was the exact same shape and size as Hexetias Short Sword.

‘Link, Kill, Wave.

He grabbed the sword.

Grid performed the sword dance on this assumption and his movements were magnificent.

The thousands of tens of thousands of repetitions of movements formed a unity with his body and soul.

It was a beautiful and flowing sight that anyone would see and be fascinated with.

The mouth of the 3rd Seat, Radwolf, twitched.

‘It has gone beyond Pagmas level.

It was Pagma before signing a contract with Baal.

He used the yangbans as a negative example and took on the mission of protecting the weak, but he gathered strength using any means and methods.

He was a strong man who remained a legend.

However, compared to Grid, his level as a blacksmith and swordsman were low.

The difference wasnt the so-called talent.

It was unreasonable to evaluate Grid as a genius when Pagma was born a yangban.

Of course, Pagmas talent was above Grids talent.

The only reason why Grid could surpass Pagma...

‘It is the difference of being alone or together.

The heart of the red phoenix, the shell of the black tortoise, and powerful magic—the materials and abilities that Grid integrated were difficult to obtain without someone elses favor and help.

It was a glimpse of what Grid had been doing so far.

Unlike Pagma, who distrusted others and was alone, Grid achieved symbiosis by trusting others.

Therefore, he was able to get help from others.

It was just like helping Radwolf and receiving the gift of the moon night iron.

As Radwolf was thinking this, Grid analyzed the problems of the short sword.

‘The attack distance of a short sword is too short.

The range of the sword dance is reduced.

The range of Link and Kill was shortened.

Compared to when he was using the longsword, he needed to take one or two steps forward to make it easier to hit the target.

However, Grid didnt favor such close-quarter combat.

Since he could use magic and the God Hands, it was naturally more advantageous and efficient to secure an appropriate distance to fight.


this isnt necessarily the case any longer

Grid had learned Lee Jeongs fists and grappling techniques.

Mixed Throw Strikes and Turning the World Upside Down.

These two skills could only be used by approaching the target and they caused stiffness and stuns.

In particular, in the case of Mixed Throw Strikes, the next linked skill could be activated without any movements.

Of course, this was on the premise that the target was stiffened due to Mixed Throw Strikes, but if this condition was achieved, the five fusion sword dances could be linked without any preliminary actions.

Grid could pull out the highest DPS in close combat.


in the future, I should prefer close range combat.

In close range combat, the effectiveness of a short sword was higher than a longsword.

He needed to get used to short weapons.

Grid made this judgment and eliminated his regrets.

He pledged to create the strongest short sword that was close to Hexetias Short Sword using the moon night iron.

‘Then someday, surely—

He would save Hexetia.

It was impossible to do right now, but it was a goal that must be achieved.

He couldnt turn away from the benefactor who was in a crisis from saving him and his precious people.

“Radwolf, thank you for presenting me with the precious legacy of the giants.

I will use this treasure without shame.”

Grid had a firm heart as he stared straight at Radwolf.

Radwolf was astonished by his gaze.

Grid, like Saharan, the founder of the empire, was a person who had the power and force to dominate the earth at any time.

However, there had never been such violent ambition in his eyes.

It was clear that he harbored an ideal high enough to put Saharan to shame.

‘There is a reason why Sir Hayate is attached to him.

Radwolf smiled and nodded.


I hope the moon night iron will help you.”

Radwolf was speaking in a gentle tone without even knowing it.

His brother, the 2nd Seat, Fronzaltz, would be surprised to see it.


“Congratulations on becoming a god.”

At the top of the Tower of Wisdom...

Hayate, whom he met after a long time, greeted Grid with a smile as always.

Grids expression was uncomfortable at the polite greeting.

“I wonder if it is something worth being congratulated on.”

Grid hadnt wanted to become a god.

The desires of the people and Sariel made him a god.

“I am afraid.” In the past, the reason why Grid didnt evolve into a half-god was because he didnt want to be hostile to the gods.

Now he became a god instead of a half-god and he was destined to one day be hostile to the gods.

“Some people wont like it.”

“Is it Chiyou” Hayate also knew Chiyou.

Among all human beings, Hayate was the one who received the most attention from Chiyou.

A god who wished to be destroyed so he prayed for the birth of a god killer.


“Come, have a cup of tea.” Hayate sat down with Grid and poured a cup of warm tea.

A refreshing scent entered through Grids nose and cleared his mind.

Hayate watched Grid drinking tea and opened his mouth a moment later, “I understand the fear you feel, but you dont have to regret becoming a god.

You know that a true god comes from the aspirations of human beings.

It isnt something that can be achieved just because you want it.

What is the point of regretting becoming a god naturally Additionally, it was Asgards decision to treat you as an enemy, not yours.

It would be better to become a god with greater potential.”


It made a lot of sense.

Asgard was already hostile to humanity even before Grid became a god.

It forced Grid to treat Asgard as an enemy.

Grid didnt become hostile to Asgard because he became a god.

They were destined to be hostile in the first place.

It was a good thing that people worshipped Grid enough to make him a god.

“Additionally, you are still qualified to be a god killer.”

Grids eyes widened.

“I see...

is it because I only have the status of a god”


You havent evolved into the race called a god yet.

If the peoples aspirations pile up and accumulate, you will become a god killer before becoming a complete god...

you will evolve into an absolute being with divine status.

You arent at a stage to worry about your relationship with Chiyou.”

“I see...” Grid recalled Chiyous lonely eyes and sighed with relief.

Grid wanted to help Chiyou even if it meant killing him.

It was because the favor he received from Chiyou was too great.

Hayate smiled when he saw Grids heart.


are really beautiful.”

“Huh” Grid doubted his ears.

Grid felt a crisis to his chastity and moved back while Hayate added, “Your heart.”

“...I just have a personality where I cant stand debts.”

A beautiful heart—it was an embarrassing compliment for Grid, who had been twisted for more than half his life.

He couldnt raise his red face.

Then Hayate added something else, “If you need strength someday, then tell me.

I will help you.”

“...Huh” Grid once again doubted his ears and was so shocked he dropped his teacup.

The 1st Seat of the Tower of Wisdom.

The only Absolute human in existence.

Dragon Slayer, the dragon killer Hayate.

He would help Grid after being away from the world for so long...

“Arent you someone who wont get involved in worldly affairs”

“Of course, I wont get involved in the work of the world.”

Hayate stopped the teacup and tea that Grid dropped in the air and returned them to their original position.

It was the state of moving objects through the air.

“However, is Asgard part of the world”


Grid got goosebumps.

He felt a huge pressure from Hayates eyes which were normally always mild.

It felt like he was facing a great mountain covering the sky because the sky wasnt very high.

“The reason why the tower has been fighting dragons for so long is to defend the world.

We have been guarding humanity with the conviction that dragons are the greatest danger to the world.

Yet this time, it is the gods threatening humanity, not a dragon...”

Grid felt distinct emotions from Hayate—it was an unquestionable outrage.

“I, the tower, am disappointed in the gods.

I have no intention of letting them go.”


Grids heart thumped.

The tower members—he was extremely excited at the thought of rescuing Hexetia right now with them.

However, he soon calmed his heart.

Asgard was a territory that couldnt be invaded withoutpermission.It wasnt a place to barge in even if he had enough strength right now.

Additionally, he hadnt figured out the strength of Goddess Rebecca and Martial God Zeratul.

It wasnt time yet.

Hayates thoughts were the same.

“First, build your strength.

For the time being, it would be better to live the same life as before while looking for opportunities.”

“...Is there no way to get stronger faster” Grid raised a pure question.

It was his honest heart that he wanted to become stronger quickly as a larger battlefield approached.

Hayate shook his head.

“It is enough if you are the same as you are now.”

They were words that acknowledged and respected the path Grid had walked on.

These short words warmed Grids heart.

Grid abandoned his anxiety, rose from his seat, and bowed respectfully.

“Thank you very much.”

“Thanks to you, the gourmet cycle went well.

I should be thanking you.

I look forward to seeing you again.”

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